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Orders and Observations icon Work Group Maturity Level: 1Draft Use Context: Country: World, Not Intended for Production use
Official URL: http://hl7.org/fhir/ValueSet/prepare-patient-prior-specimen-collection Version: 6.0.0-cibuild
draft as of 2024-05-14 Computable Name: PreparePatient
Flags: Experimental OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.1399

This value set is used in the following places:

Checks on the patient prior specimen collection. All SNOMED CT concepts descendants of 703763000 |Precondition value (qualifier value)|


This expansion generated 14 May 2024

Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 31-Jan 2023

This value set expansion contains 134 concepts.

  703763000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPrecondition value (qualifier value)Precondition value
  2546009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNight timeAt night
  3658006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctInfancyInfancy - period
  41847000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAdulthoodAdult period of life
  115499008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPre-dialysisPre-dialysis (qualifier value)
  115500004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPost-dialysisPost-dialysis (qualifier value)
  255214003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAfter exercisePost exercise
  255226008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRandomRandom (qualifier value)
  255240009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct15 minutes post-dose15 minutes post-dose (qualifier value)
  255241008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct30 minutes post-dose30 minutes post-dose (qualifier value)
  255242001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct1 hour post-dose1 hour post-dose (qualifier value)
  255243006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct2 hours post-dose2 hours post-dose (qualifier value)
  255244000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct3 hours post-dose3 hours post-dose (qualifier value)
  255245004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct4 hours post-dose4 hours post-dose (qualifier value)
  255246003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFirst trimesterFirst trimester (qualifier value)
  255247007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct2nd trimesterSecond trimester (qualifier value)
  255248002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctThird trimesterThird trimester (qualifier value)
  255270004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOvernightOvernight (qualifier value)
  255398004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChildhoodChildhood - period
  255399007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCongenitalCongenital (qualifier value)
  255407002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNeonatalNeonatal (qualifier value)
  255410009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPostpartumPuerperium
  255566006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPost-dosePost-dose (qualifier value)
  255614006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAt delivery of anterior shoulderAt delivery of anterior shoulder (qualifier value)
  255615007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAt crowning of headAt crowning of head (qualifier value)
  255616008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBefore full dilatation of cervixBefore full dilatation of cervix (qualifier value)
  255617004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAfter full dilatation of cervixAfter full dilatation of cervix (qualifier value)
  261829003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHigh doseHigh dose (qualifier value)
  262459003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLow doseLow dose (qualifier value)
  263659003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAdolescenceAdolescence - period
  263675000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAntenatalAntenatal (qualifier value)
  263678003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAt restAt rest (qualifier value)
  263844007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPostnatalMaternal postnatal period
  271872005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOld ageOld age - period
  276986009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAntepartumAntepartum (qualifier value)
  276987000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctIntrapartumIntrapartum (qualifier value)
  282032007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPeriods of lifePeriods of life (qualifier value)
  303111005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDuring menopauseDuring menopause (qualifier value)
  303112003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFetal periodFoetal period
  303113008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPostmortem periodPostmortem period (qualifier value)
  303114002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEarly neonatal periodEarly neonatal period (qualifier value)
  303115001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLate neonatal periodLate neonatal period (qualifier value)
  307159006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPregnancy time periodPregnancy time period (qualifier value)
  307166007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBefore exerciseBefore exercise (qualifier value)
  307429007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAfter menopauseAfter menopause (qualifier value)
  309601007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTemporal periods relating to exerciseTemporal periods relating to exercise (qualifier value)
  309604004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDuring exerciseDuring exercise (qualifier value)
  309605003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTemporal periods relating to menopauseTemporal periods relating to menopause (qualifier value)
  309606002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBefore menopauseBefore menopause (qualifier value)
  371578004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPerinatal period (qualifier value)Perinatal period
  450426006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFetal or neonatal periodFetal or neonatal period (qualifier value)
  703760002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct1H post 50 g glucose POOne hour after fifty grams of glucose by mouth (qualifier value)
  703761003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct2H post 75 g glucose POTwo hours after seventy five grams of glucose by mouth
  703762005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct1H post 100 g glucose POOne hour after one hundred grams of glucose by mouth
  703764006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAt time of peak level (qualifier value)Near the time of peak substance concentration after administration of a substance.
  703765007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAt time of trough level (qualifier value)Near the time of trough substance concentration after administration of a substance.
  703766008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct1H post 75 g glucose POOne hour after seventy five grams of glucose by mouth
  703767004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOne hour after a meal1H post meal
  703768009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTwo hours after a meal (qualifier value)2H post meal
  703769001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOne hour after glucose dose (qualifier value)One hour after glucose dose
  703770000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTwo hours after glucose doseTwo hours after glucose dose (qualifier value)
  703771001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctpre 100 g glucose POBefore one hundred grams of glucose by mouth
  703772008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct2H post 100 g glucose POTwo hours after one hundred grams of glucose by mouth
  703773003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctThree hours after glucose dose3H post dose glucose
  703774009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct3H post 100 g glucose POThree hours after one hundred grams of glucose by mouth (qualifier value)
  703775005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct30M post 75 g glucose POThirty minutes after seventy five grams of glucose by mouth (qualifier value)
  707707000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctThirty minutes after resting (qualifier value)30M post resting
  707708005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOne hour after resting (qualifier value)1H post resting
  707709002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNinety minutes after resting (qualifier value)90M post resting
  707710007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTwenty minutes after incubation (qualifier value)20M post incubation
  707712004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctThirty minutes after incubation (qualifier value)30M post incubation
  707714003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOne hour after incubation (qualifier value)1H post incubation
  707715002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTwo hours after incubation (qualifier value)2H post incubation
  707716001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctThree hours after incubation (qualifier value)3H post incubation
  707717005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFour hours after incubation (qualifier value)4H post incubation
  707718000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOne day after incubation (qualifier value)Twenty four hours after incubation
  707719008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSeven days after incubation (qualifier value)7D post incubation
  707720002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTwo hours after peritoneal dialysis (qualifier value)2H post peritoneal dialysis
  707721003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFour hours after peritoneal dialysis (qualifier value)4H post peritoneal dialysis
  707722005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTwelve hours after peritoneal dialysis (qualifier value)12H post peritoneal dialysis
  707723000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTwenty four hours after peritoneal dialysisOne day after peritoneal dialysis
  707757008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctThirty minutes after corticotropin dose (qualifier value)Thirty minutes after corticotropin dose
  707758003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct1H post dose corticotropinOne hour after corticotropin dose
  707759006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFifteen minutes before ornithine dose (qualifier value)Fifteen minutes before ornithine dose
  707760001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAfter urea dosePost dose urea
  707761002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPre contrastBefore contrast medium
  707762009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPre washingBefore washing (qualifier value)
  707763004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAfter precipitation (qualifier value)Post precipitation
  707764005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPost transfusion reactionAfter transfusion reaction (qualifier value)
  707765006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOn ventilatorOn ventilator (qualifier value)
  707815009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctImmediately after addition of normal plasma (qualifier value)Immediately after addition of normal plasma
  707816005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctImmediately after addition of protamine sulfate (qualifier value)Immediately after addition of protamine sulphate
  707817001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOn menstrual cycle day 10 (qualifier value)On menstrual cycle day 10
  707818006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOn menstrual cycle day 11 (qualifier value)On menstrual cycle day 11
  707819003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOn menstrual cycle day 21 (qualifier value)On menstrual cycle day 21
  707820009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOn menstrual cycle day 3 (qualifier value)On menstrual cycle day 3
  713152004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEarly childhood (qualifier value)Early childhood
  713153009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctToddlerToddler (qualifier value)
  723238007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPost hyperemic (qualifier value)Post hyperaemic
  723279008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPost vasodilatation (qualifier value)Post vasodilation
  726054005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAfter fasting (qualifier value)Post fasting
  726055006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAfter calorie fasting (qualifier value)After calorie fasting
  726056007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAfter fluid fasting (qualifier value)After fluid fasting
  733986001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFirst specimen (qualifier value)1st specimen
  733987005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSecond specimen (qualifier value)2nd specimen
  733988000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctThird specimen (qualifier value)3rd specimen
  737382006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPost addition of known amount of thyroglobulinPost addition of known amount of thyroglobulin (qualifier value)
  739029001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFour hours specimen (qualifier value)4H specimen
  739030006 iconhttp://snomed.info/scta.m. peak specimen (qualifier value)a.m. peak specimen
  739031005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctp.m. trough specimen (qualifier value)p.m. trough specimen
  762642007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAt time of measurement (qualifier value)At time of measurement
  762643002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAt time of procedureAt time of procedure (qualifier value)
  764868004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMiddle age (qualifier value)Middle age
  767023003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPeriod of life beginning after birth and ending before death (qualifier value)Any period of life commencing after birth, but before death.
  1156670009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMaternal pregnancy period (qualifier value)Maternal pregnancy period
  1156671008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMaternal perinatal period (qualifier value)Maternal perinatal period
  1156672001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMaternal antenatal periodMaternal antenatal period (qualifier value)
  1156673006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFetal antenatal periodFoetal antenatal period
  1156674000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFetal first stage intrapartum periodFoetal first stage intrapartum period
  1156675004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFetal antepartum period (qualifier value)Fetal antepartum period
  1156676003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFoetal and/or neonatal periodFetal and/or neonatal period (qualifier value)
  1156677007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFoetal intrapartum periodFetal intrapartum period
  1156678002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFetal second stage intrapartum periodFoetal second stage intrapartum period
  1156679005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMaternal antepartum period (qualifier value)Maternal antepartum period
  1156680008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMaternal second stage of labor period (qualifier value)Maternal second stage of labour period
  1156681007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMaternal first stage of labor periodMaternal first stage of labor period (qualifier value)
  1156682000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMaternal intrapartum periodMaternal intrapartum period (qualifier value)
  1156683005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMaternal third stage of labor period (qualifier value)Maternal third stage of labor period
  1156684004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPerinatal period of fetus and/or neonate (qualifier value)Perinatal period of fetus and/or neonate
  1157245009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFlat doseFlat-fixed dosing
  1179769002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFetal and/or neonatal peripartum period (qualifier value)Fetal and/or neonatal peripartum period
  1179770001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFetal prelabor period (qualifier value)Fetal prelabour period
  1186727009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFetal intrapartum and/or early neonatal period (qualifier value)Fetal intrapartum and/or early neonatal period
  1193538001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFetal intrapartum second stage and/or early neonatal periodFetal intrapartum second stage and/or early neonatal period (qualifier value)


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