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Name:Reasons for why a food item was not consumed

This value set represents codes for types of edible substances and is provided as a suggestive example. It include codes from SNOMED CT where concept is-a 762766007 Edible Substance (substance).

Committee:Orders and Observations Work Group
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.1519 (for OID based terminology systems)

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Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 31-Jan 2020

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302188001 Bad taste in mouth
11193009 Metallic taste
26440003 Franklinic taste
38175008 Garlic taste
346138009 Neurologic unpleasant taste
228018009 Food temperature
228019001 Cold food
228020007 Hot food
228021006 Warm food
386617003 Digestive system finding (finding)
140004 Chronic pharyngitis
168000 Typhlolithiasis
171008 Injury of ascending right colon without open wound into abdominal cavity
192008 Congenital syphilitic hepatomegaly
242004 Noninfectious jejunitis
303002 Apoplectic pancreatitis
317006 Reactive hypoglycemia
335002 Pylorospasm
407000 Congenital hepatomegaly
408005 Tooth chattering
450005 Ulcerative stomatitis
517007 Foreign body in hypopharynx
536002 Glissonian cirrhosis
643001 Hypertrophy of lip
652005 Gangrenous tonsillitis
658009 Injury of colon without open wound into abdominal cavity
675003 Torsion of intestine
685002 Acquired telangiectasia of small AND/OR large intestines
703000 Congenital adhesions of tongue
755004 Postgastrectomy phytobezoar
799008 Sigmoid colon ulcer
845006 Injury of inferior mesenteric artery
964004 Open wound of pharynx without complication
981008 Hemorrhagic proctitis
1027000 Alkaline reflux disease
1034003 Mesenteric-portal fistula
1045000 Colonospasm
1051005 Hyperplasia of islet alpha cells with gastrin excess
1059007 Opisthorchiasis
1116000 Chronic aggressive type B viral hepatitis
1150009 Congenital microcheilia
1208004 Gastroptosis
1264004 Injury of descending left colon without open wound into abdominal cavity
1287007 Congenital absence of bile duct
1356007 Calculus of common duct with obstruction
1367008 Injury of superior mesenteric artery
1475003 Herpes labialis
1488000 Postoperative nausea and vomiting
1492007 Congenital anomaly of large intestine
1512006 Congenital stricture of bile duct
1532007 Viral pharyngitis
1567007 Chronic gastric ulcer without hemorrhage, without perforation AND without obstruction
1698001 Ulcer of bile duct
1744008 Fusion of teeth
1761006 Biliary cirrhosis
1771008 Insulin biosynthesis defect
1778002 Malocclusion due to abnormal swallowing
1779005 Mohr syndrome
1824008 Allergic gastritis
1826005 Granuloma of lip
1835003 Necrosis of pancreas
1865008 Impaired intestinal protein absorption
2043009 Alcoholic gastritis
2066005 Gastric ulcer with hemorrhage AND perforation but without obstruction
2091005 Pharyngeal diverticulitis
2128005 Disease of pharyngeal tonsil
2129002 Edema of pharynx
2245007 Foreign body in nasopharynx
2307008 Fat necrosis of pancreas
2365002 Chronic granular pharyngitis
2367005 Acute hemorrhagic gastritis
2435008 Ascariasis
2556008 Periodontal disease
2624008 Prepubertal periodontitis
2707005 Necrotizing enterocolitis in fetus OR newborn
2783007 Gastrojejunal ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation
2807004 Chronic gastrojejunal ulcer with perforation
2825006 Abrasion AND/OR friction burn of gum without infection
2831009 Pyloric antral vascular ectasia
2901004 Melena
2919008 Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
2946003 Osmotic diarrhea
2955000 Chronic ulcerative pulpitis
3004001 Congenital dilatation of esophagus
3021005 Normal gastric acidity
3023008 Acute peptic ulcer without hemorrhage, without perforation AND without obstruction
3084004 Nonvenomous insect bite of gum without infection
3094009 Vomiting in infants AND/OR children
3097002 Superficial injury of lip with infection
3308008 Atrophic-hyperplastic gastritis
3376008 Pseudoptyalism
3419005 Faucial diphtheria
3464007 Infection by Oesophagostomum dentatum
3482005 Postoperative esophagitis
3483000 Chronic peptic ulcer with perforation
3549009 Pancreatic acinar atrophy
3558002 Mesenteric infarction
3590007 Enteroenteric fistula
3639002 Glossoptosis
3650004 Congenital absence of liver
3696007 Nonulcer dyspepsia
3738000 Viral hepatitis
3752003 Trichuriasis
3783004 Enamel pearls
3797007 Periodontal cyst
3815005 Crohn's disease of rectum
3845008 Congenital duplication of intestine
3855007 Disorder of pancreas
3873005 Failed attempted abortion with acute yellow atrophy of liver
3886001 Congenital fecaliths
3899003 Neutropenic typhlitis
3913002 Injury of gastrointestinal tract with open wound into abdominal cavity
3951002 Proctitis
4195003 Congenital duplication of anus
4237001 Suppurative pulpitis
4264000 Chronic pericoronitis
4269005 Chronic gastrojejunal ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation
4283007 Mirizzi's syndrome
4356008 Gingival recession
4397001 Partial congenital duodenal obstruction
4399003 Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis
4416007 Heerfordt's syndrome
4481007 Abnormal gastric secretion regulation
4494009 Diverticulitis of large intestine
4522001 Dental plaque
4556007 Gastritis
4637005 Intrahepatic cholestasis
4654002 Posteruptive color change of tooth
4661003 Calculus of bile duct with obstruction
4711003 Congenital anomaly of bile ducts
4834000 Typhoid fever
4846001 Anicteric viral hepatitis
4896000 Acute toxic hepatitis
4998000 Acute obstructive appendicitis
5033003 Absent excretory function
5126000 Hypertrophy of foliate papillae
5144008 Acquired pulsion diverticulum of esophagus
5153001 Ectopic anus
5201002 Ulcerated hemorrhoids
5258001 Pharyngeal gag reflex negative
5432003 Transposition of appendix
5492000 Chronic peptic ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation
5494004 Acute pulpitis
5562006 Endometriosis of intestine
5577003 Legal abortion with laceration of bowel
5596004 Atypical appendicitis
5631002 Abnormal gastric motility
5639000 Late tooth eruption
5667009 Hunter's syndrome, mild form
5689008 Chronic periodontitis
5791006 Cicatrix of adenoid
5792004 Legal abortion with acute yellow atrophy of liver
5805002 Bolus impaction
5820008 Acute ischemic enterocolitis
5920007 Raspberry tongue
5964004 Rectal disorder
5985004 Superficial foreign body of anus without major open wound but with infection
6045004 Superficial foreign body of lip without major open wound AND without infection
6066007 Carbuncle of anus
6072007 Bleeding from anus
6075009 Glycogen storage disease, hepatic form
6087002 Calculus of hepatic duct with obstruction
6121001 Focal epithelial hyperplasia of mouth
6124009 Primary intestinal lymphangiectasia
6137007 Mucinous histiocytosis of the colon
6183001 Indian childhood cirrhosis
6214005 Normal small intestine secretion
6215006 Acute cholangitis
6241000 Lipohyperplasia of ileocecal valve
6288001 Accretion on teeth
6382002 Chronic inflammatory small bowel disease
6441003 Volvulus of colon
6461009 Amygdalolith
6477005 Malrotation of colon
6503008 Relapsing appendicitis
6528000 Cholesterol crystal nucleation in bile
6548007 Rectal tenesmus
6659005 Megaloblastic anemia due to nontropical sprue
6724001 Ectopic pancreas in duodenum
6761005 Familial hypergastrinemic duodenal ulcer
6762003 Impaired intestinal epithelial cell transport of amino acids
6838000 Mesenteric arteriovenous fistula
6913006 Decreased exocrine gland secretion
6936002 Cleft lip sequence
6971002 Hypertrophy of tongue papillae
7021009 Gastrointestinal eosinophilic granuloma
7024001 Lymphocytic-plasmacytic enteritis
7037003 XTE syndrome
7265005 Glycogen storage disease, type I
7290007 Impacted gallstone of cystic duct
7346000 Injury of inferior mesenteric vein
7371002 Nonvenomous insect bite of anus without infection
7399006 Emphysematous gastritis
7407001 Open wound of buccal mucosa with complication
7425008 Hereditary coproporphyria
7444001 Tuberculosis of rectum
7475005 Postgastrectomy gastritis
7491008 Superficial foreign body of anus without major open wound AND without infection
7493006 Infection by Plagiorchis
7522008 Persistent tuberculum impar
7538002 Drug-induced intrahepatic cholestasis
7620006 Crohn's disease of large bowel
7731005 Autosomal dominant hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia syndrome
7780000 Duodenal fistula
7826003 Mikulicz's disease
7847004 Cheilitis
7877005 Infection by Diphyllobothrium latum
7881005 Acute necrotizing pancreatitis
7899002 Feeling of throat tightness
7903009 Hallermann-Streiff syndrome
7920008 Gingival food impaction
7926002 Irradiated enamel
7941002 Cecal hernia
8004003 Teething syndrome
8071005 Spontaneous abortion with perforation of bowel
8090002 Eosinophilic granuloma of oral mucosa
8114009 Diverticulosis of small intestine
8262006 Extrahepatic obstructive biliary disease
8410006 Dicrocoeliasis
8421002 Endometriosis of appendix
8466006 Rapid gastric emptying
8493009 Chronic gastritis
8543007 Stricture of colon
8579004 Projectile vomiting
8587003 Congenital diverticulum of colon
8622001 Normal gallbladder function
8666004 Supernumerary teeth
8744003 Catarrhal appendicitis
8765009 Hematemesis
8771003 Cellulitis of oral soft tissues
8832006 Tuberculosis orificialis of anus
8933000 Crigler-Najjar syndrome, type I
8986002 Transposition of colon
9053006 Impaired gastric mucosal defense
9058002 Duodenoaortic fistula
9067002 Edema of oral soft tissues
9124008 Subacute appendicitis
9168005 Abnormal gastric electrical activity
9245008 Dentigerous cyst
9272000 Passes stool completely
9273005 Juvenile polyposis syndrome
9366002 Palatal myoclonus
9368001 Circumoral rhytides
9391002 Open wound of multiple sites of mouth without complication
9473008 Tobacco deposit on teeth
9484001 Cyst of bile duct
9491003 Atrophy of tongue papillae
9551004 Hepatic amyloidosis
9563009 Endometriosis of rectum
9665009 Occupational friction injury of tooth (disorder)
9707006 Intestinal volvulus
9733003 Duodenogastric reflux
9785001 Small stomach syndrome
9814003 Violent retching
9815002 Diverticulosis of ileum without diverticulitis
9829001 Gastric ulcer with perforation
9843006 Chronic lymphocytic cholangitis-cholangiohepatitis
9866007 Infection by Trichuris vulpis
9914004 Toxic dilatation of intestine
9936001 Perinatal jaundice due to fetal OR neonatal hepatitis
9953008 Acute alcoholic liver disease
9984005 Exfoliation of teeth due to systemic disease
10017004 Occlusal wear of teeth
10078003 Turner's tooth
10184002 Recurrent cholangitis
10217006 Third degree perineal laceration
10295004 Chronic viral hepatitis
10297007 Pancreatic pleural effusion
10345003 Primary syphilis of tonsils
10351008 Suppurative tonsillitis
10389003 Acute gastrojejunal ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation but with obstruction
10480003 Extravasation cyst of salivary gland
10665004 Mumps pancreatitis
10679007 Infection by Giardia lamblia
10699001 Esophagogastric ulcer
10743008 Irritable colon
10816007 Posterior lingual occlusion of mandibular teeth
10825001 Perforation of rectum
10866001 Congenital pancreatic enterokinase deficiency
10877007 Perinatal jaundice due to hepatocellular damage
10883005 Gingival cyst of adult
10890000 Disorder of salivary gland
10897002 Chronic gastrojejunal ulcer with perforation AND with obstruction
10920005 Abrasion AND/OR friction burn of lip with infection
10998006 Injury of sigmoid colon with open wound into abdominal cavity
11003002 Nervous diarrhea
11033009 Courvoisier's sign
11102005 Congenital fistula of lip
11114002 Gingival pain
11178005 Abnormality of secretion of glucagon
11179002 Glycogen storage disease, type IV
11194003 Congenital anomaly of anus
11223009 Congenital anomaly of pharynx
11256005 Melanosis coli
11266002 Upper esophageal web
11350001 Diffuse hepatic necrosis
11426004 Gingival amyloidosis
11461005 Staphylococcal tonsillitis
11552008 Complete congenital duodenal obstruction
11578004 Intussusception of rectum
11619008 Gastric dilatation-volvulus-torsion syndrome
11672007 Organoaxial gastric volvulus
11683003 Malakoplakia of colon
11767005 Bilious vomiting following gastrointestinal surgery
11818002 Gastrojejunal ulcer with perforation but without obstruction
11840006 Traveler's diarrhea
11938002 Clonorchiasis
11949008 Erosion of teeth due to medicine
12002009 Functional hyperinsulinism
12063002 Rectorrhagia
12104008 Congenital rectocloacal fistula
12137005 Tuberculous enteritis
12245007 Intestinovaginal fistula
12264001 Mesio-occlusion of teeth
12269006 Postinfective gingival recession
12270007 Supernumerary roots
12274003 Acute peptic ulcer with hemorrhage
12351004 Crowding of teeth
12355008 Duodenal ulcer with hemorrhage, with perforation AND with obstruction
12368000 Secondary biliary cirrhosis
12384004 Chronic peptic ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation but with obstruction
12435008 Abrasion AND/OR friction burn of anus with infection
12463005 Infectious gastroenteritis
12516006 Normal bile secretion
12574004 Noninfectious gastroenteritis
12625009 Peptic ulcer with perforation but without obstruction
12721007 Trifid tongue
12776000 Foreign body in colon
12777009 Pill esophagitis due to tetracycline
12779007 Traumatic ulceration of tongue
12847006 Acute duodenal ulcer with hemorrhage
12932003 Calculus of common bile duct with chronic cholecystitis with obstruction
13025001 Pseudopolyposis of colon
13026000 Ischemic stricture of intestine
13114007 Blister of lip with infection
13140001 Burn of gastrointestinal tract
13160009 Complication of transplanted intestines
13177009 Cellulitis of nasopharynx
13200003 Peptic ulcer
13265006 Acute fulminating type B viral hepatitis
13267003 Gastric motor function disorder
13286006 Foreign body in rectosigmoid junction
13457005 Foreign body in anus
13466009 Dynamic ileus
13468005 Sensitive dentin
13470001 Chronic ulcerative ileocolitis
13471002 Infection by Trichuris ovis
13483000 Acquired hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
13504006 Pill esophagitis
13516000 Adhesion of gallbladder
13538003 Fistula of lip
13568007 Congenital duplication of stomach
13630003 Congenital absence of lobe of liver
13771001 Mesenteric saponification
13883009 Lead breath
13891000 Major laceration of liver without open wound into abdominal cavity
13923006 Centrilobular hepatic necrosis
13959000 Ulcerative gingivitis
14066009 Noninfectious colitis
14094001 Excessive vomiting in pregnancy
14220008 Nonvenomous insect bite of lip without infection
14311001 Severe chronic ulcerative colitis
14380007 Foreign body in mouth
14384003 Postprandial diarrhea
14430002 Congenital stenosis of small intestine
14448006 Swallowed foreign body
14465002 Ulcerative tonsillitis
14508001 Digestive gland sign or symptom
14582003 Microstomia
14725002 Idiopathic postprandial hypoglycemia
14756005 Parotitis
14760008 Constipation
14808008 Cementoclasia
14901003 Ankylosis of tooth
14911005 Subphrenic interposition syndrome
14919007 Ranula
15033003 Peritonsillar abscess
15082003 Calculus of bile duct with chronic cholecystitis with obstruction
15115006 Duodenal ulcer with hemorrhage AND with perforation but without obstruction
15135007 Congenital transposition of stomach
15151004 Injury of liver with open wound into abdominal cavity
15165002 Urethrorectal fistula
15230009 Liver disorder in pregnancy
15238002 Hemorrhage of esophagus
15270002 Obturation obstruction of intestine
15284007 Tuberculosis of esophagus
15342002 Chronic ulcerative enterocolitis
15402006 Calculus of pancreas
15419008 Congenital pyloric membrane
15423000 Superficial injury of anus without infection
15445004 Atrophic nonerosive nonspecific gastritis
15492000 Atrophy of edentulous maxillary alveolar ridge
15510009 Increased frequency of defecation
15528006 Acute necrosis of pancreas
15699003 Secretory diarrhea
15720001 Hemorrhagic enteropathy of terminal ileum (disorder)
15733007 Incipient enamel caries
15770003 Acute cholestatic jaundice syndrome
15899001 Increased pancreatic secretion
15902003 Gastric ulcer with hemorrhage
15970005 Intramural esophageal hematoma
15999000 Mixed micro and macronodular cirrhosis
16000003 Premature tooth eruption
16010007 Duodenocolic fistula
16069000 Toxic noninfectious hepatitis
16070004 Syphilitic cirrhosis
16101002 Ulcer of cecum
16121001 Gastrojejunal ulcer
16331000 Heartburn
16358007 Chronic disease of tonsils AND/OR adenoids
16376000 Congenital duodenal stenosis
16459000 Cheilosis
16485001 Ulcer of tonsil
16516008 Familial duodenal ulcer associated with rapid gastric emptying
16694003 Gastric ulcer with hemorrhage but without obstruction
16714009 Spontaneous abortion with laceration of bowel
16761005 Esophagitis
16763008 Hemorrhage of liver
16816002 Leukedema of tongue
16932000 Nausea and vomiting
16950007 Fourth degree perineal laceration involving anal mucosa
16957005 Fistula of gallbladder
16958000 Complete congenital absence of teeth
17067009 Acute gastric ulcer with hemorrhage AND with perforation but without obstruction
17110002 Fasciola gigantica infection
17186003 Ileocolic intussusception
17206008 Gastroduodenal fistula
17266006 Primary cholangitis
17335003 Illegal abortion with laceration of bowel
17346000 Disorder of endocrine pancreas
17349007 Portal triaditis
17355002 Aorto-esophageal fistula
17440005 Anal spasm
17442002 Uterorectal fistula
17465007 Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis
17531008 Leukoplakia of lips
17551007 Chronic diarrhea of unknown origin
17552000 Dental calculus
17565009 Hypoesthesia of tongue
17593008 Gastric ulcer with hemorrhage, with perforation and with obstruction (disorder)
17681007 Hepatitis due to acquired toxoplasmosis
17741008 Acute tonsillitis
17755000 Acquired megaduodenum
17783003 Car sickness
17802000 Mesiodens
17890003 Hepatic infarction
17920008 Portal vein thrombosis
17960009 Piulachs-Hederich syndrome
17970006 Stricture of gallbladder
18028001 Secondary cholangitis
18081009 Enteric campylobacteriosis
18116006 Cancrum oris
18139000 Fracture of fissure of tooth
18147000 Injury of colon with open wound into abdominal cavity
18168004 Raw-milk associated diarrhea
18169007 Duodenal ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation but with obstruction
18229003 Suppurative colitis
18269002 Congenital duodenal obstruction
18317005 Rectovulval fistula
18342001 Algid malaria
18367003 Duodenal ulcer with hemorrhage AND obstruction
18389004 Microcolon
18425006 Passage of rice water stools
18526009 Disorder of appendix
18530007 Sea sickness
18644006 Increased gastric tonus
18645007 Increased gastric electrical activity
18665000 Acute gastric mucosal erosion
18718003 Gingival disease
18755003 Supragingival dental calculus
18773000 Cyclical vomiting syndrome
18792003 H-type congenital tracheoesophageal fistula
18805001 Congenital secretory diarrhea, sodium type
18846006 Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting
18849004 Infection by Trichostrongylus axei
18899000 Schinzel-Giedion syndrome
18910001 Cleft uvula
18917003 Acute fulminating type A viral hepatitis
18935007 Isolated idiopathic granuloma of stomach
19132000 Stenosis of colon
19213003 Infectious diarrheal disease
19216006 Esophageal web
19263008 Glossocele
19286001 Cyst of gallbladder
19311003 Collagenous colitis
19335008 Calculus of cystic duct with acute cholecystitis
19345005 Avulsion of lip
19387007 Ectopic pancreas
19523008 Hypertaurodontism
19547001 Food poisoning due to streptococcus
19569008 Mild hyperemesis gravidarum
19597002 Intermittent dysphagia
19640007 Enterostomy malfunction
19682006 Lupus hepatitis
19742005 Relapsing pancreatic necrosis
19850005 Acute gastric ulcer with perforation
19881001 Primary chronic pseudo-obstruction of small intestine
19894004 Food poisoning due to Bacillus cereus
19936001 Injury of gallbladder without open wound into abdominal cavity
19943007 Cirrhosis of liver
19968009 Cholecystitis without calculus
19995004 Spontaneous rupture of esophagus
20239009 Bile duct proliferation
20306009 Cholecystoenteric fistula
20335001 Fulminant enterocolitis
20402005 Moderate laceration of liver with open wound into abdominal cavity
20474007 Injury of multiple sites of pancreas without open wound into abdominal cavity
20509003 Open wound of lip with complication
20528005 Complete rectal prolapse with no displacement of anal muscles
20547008 Ill-defined intestinal infection
20570000 Sentinel tag
20607006 Gingivostomatitis
20639004 Candidiasis of the esophagus
20674003 Oral fistula
20678000 Extreme insulin resistance with acanthosis nigricans, hirsutism AND autoantibodies to the insulin receptors
20719006 Extrahepatic cholestasis
20725005 Familial visceral neuropathy
20754004 Achylia gastrica
20759009 Dietetic jejunitis
20790006 Echinococcus granulosus infection of liver
20813000 Afferent loop syndrome
20815007 Exstrophy of cloaca sequence
20824003 Chronic cholecystitis
20860008 Intestinal myiasis
20915006 Gastric dysplasia
20919000 Congenital liver grooves
20926000 Adhesion of mesentery
20928004 Ulcer of anus
21162009 Outer space sickness (finding)
21366000 Soft tissue impingement on teeth
21459002 Loss of teeth due to local periodontal disease
21580006 Hematoma AND contusion of liver with open wound into abdominal cavity
21638000 Acute periodontitis
21692001 Diverticulum of appendix
21759003 Gastrojejunal ulcer with perforation AND obstruction
21763005 Injury of teeth
21782001 Drug-induced constipation
21809000 Abrasion AND/OR friction burn of anus without infection
21861000 Micronodular cirrhosis
21863002 Irritative hyperplasia of oral mucosa
21995002 Natal tooth
22114000 Absent peristalsis
22149007 Aschoff-Rokitansky sinuses
22157005 Acute peptic ulcer with hemorrhage but without obstruction
22169002 Intestinal disaccharidase deficiency
22207007 Chronic proliferative enteritis
22208002 Desquamative gingivitis
22231002 Allergic enteritis
22240003 Pericoronitis
22304002 Superficial gastritis
22323009 Acute bowel infarction
22361007 Pulp degeneration
22395006 Esophageal body web
22490002 Bleeding from mouth
22500005 Oesophagostomiasis
22508003 Hepatic failure due to a procedure
22511002 Acute duodenal ulcer with perforation but without obstruction
22542007 Exudative enteropathy
22589009 Congenital absence of salivary gland
22620000 Prepyloric ulcer
22711000 Adhesion of cystic duct
22788004 Rupture of gallbladder
22845004 Congenital septation of gallbladder
22846003 Hepatorenal syndrome following delivery
22883003 Arterial-enteric fistula
22905009 Infection by Heterophyes heterophyes
22922006 Infection by Physaloptera
22949006 Mesenteric varices
22974009 Erythroplakia of tongue
23023009 Disorder of tonsil
23034007 Fruity breath
23062000 Passive congestion of stomach
23065003 Stenosis of intestine
23080009 Chronic gastric volvulus
23144006 Continuous salivary secretion
23166004 Cellulitis of pharynx
23202007 Strangulated internal hemorrhoids
23234003 Vertical overbite
23298002 Acquired megacolon in adults
23387001 Perforation of esophagus
23401002 Illegal abortion with perforation of bowel
23509002 Caustic esophageal injury
23512004 Atresia of salivary duct
23587002 Phlegmon of pancreas
23649000 Cushing's ulcers
23678004 Congenital pyloric antral membrane
23688003 Hematemesis AND/OR melena due to swallowed maternal blood
23693000 Acute duodenal ulcer without hemorrhage, without perforation AND without obstruction
23740006 Bilateral paralysis of tongue
23812009 Duodenal ulcer with hemorrhage AND perforation
23874000 Chronic amebiasis
23913003 External hemorrhoids
23916006 Pyogranulomatous enteritis
23949002 Capillaria philippinensis infection
23971007 Acute vomiting
23997001 Anomaly of dental arch
24001002 Chronic gastrojejunal ulcer with hemorrhage, with perforation and with obstruction
24029004 Fecal continence
24060004 Gastrocolic ulcer
24078009 Gangosa of yaws
24087000 Burn of gum
24179004 Hematoma AND contusion of liver without open wound into abdominal cavity
24194000 Complete bilateral cleft palate
24203005 Extreme insulin resistance with acanthosis nigricans, hirsutism AND abnormal insulin receptors
24291004 Congenital dilatation of colon
24339001 Sigmoidovaginal fistula
24407009 Suppurative pancreatitis
24412005 Congenital secretory diarrhea, chloride type
24436009 Gurgling
24526004 Inflammatory bowel disease
24557004 Abscess of intestine
24610009 Sigmoidorectal intussusception
24617007 Posterior open bite
24754009 Isolated familial intestinal hypomagnesemia
24764000 Concretion of appendix
24789006 Small round structured virus gastroenteritis
24807004 Bleeding gastric varices
24810006 Tuberculosis orificialis of mouth
24813008 Gastrointestinal complication
24829000 Eosinophilic ulcerative colitis
25102003 Acute type A viral hepatitis
25110002 Injury of multiple sites in colon AND/OR rectum with open wound into abdominal cavity
25148007 Congenital absence of uvula
25273001 Enlargement of tongue
25299008 Abnormal excretory function
25319005 Chronic diarrhea of infants AND/OR young children
25335003 Gastrojejunocolic fistula
25345001 Perforation of gallbladder
25349007 Chronic upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage
25374005 Gastroenteritis
25418001 Primordial cyst
25420003 Injury of multiple sites of pancreas with open wound into abdominal cavity
25458004 Acute gastritis
25479004 Foreign body in pharynx
25507003 Idiopathic erosion of teeth
25540007 Tooth loss
25552000 Acute cecitis
25554004 Major laceration of liver with open wound into abdominal cavity
25598004 Retrocecal appendicitis
25617003 Congenital duodenal obstruction due to malrotation of intestine
25730006 Stricture of rectum
25744000 Hereditary gastrogenic lactose intolerance
25803005 Pancreatic fistula
25887009 Allergic sigmoiditis
25896009 Congenital atresia of ileum
25898005 Congenital secretory diarrhea
25924004 Calculus of gallbladder with cholecystitis
25933002 Betel deposit on teeth
25942009 Fibrosis of pancreas
25948008 Pyloric antral stenosis
25959004 Endemic colic
25972003 Congenital absence of rectum
26006005 Allergic gastroenteritis
26103000 Echinococcosis of liver
26179002 Congenital atresia of esophagus
26185009 Increased exocrine gland secretion
26221006 Peptic ulcer with hemorrhage, with perforation AND with obstruction
26249004 Intestinal helminthiasis
26284000 Ulcer of mouth
26289005 Low-output external gastrointestinal fistula
26315009 Congenital obstruction of small intestine
26316005 Internal complete rectal prolapse with intussusception of rectosigmoid
26373009 Thrombosed external hemorrhoids
26374003 Cheilitis glandularis
26421009 Bleeding external hemorrhoids
26422002 Open wound of buccal mucosa without complication
26485002 Sawdust liver
26558007 Toxic parotitis
26597004 Enamel hypoplasia
26624006 Anodontia
26629001 Short bowel syndrome
26718008 Robinson nail dystrophy-deafness syndrome
26748006 Hypocalcification of teeth
26826005 Amebic appendicitis
26828006 Rectocele affecting pregnancy
26838001 Fibrinous enteritis
26874005 Hypertrophy of bile duct
26884006 Posteruptive tooth staining due to pulpal bleeding
26918003 Ascending cholangitis
26975007 Compensatory lobar hyperplasia of liver
27002002 Anterior crossbite
27025001 Autosomal recessive hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia syndrome
27123005 Biliary sludge
27152008 Hyperemesis gravidarum before end of 22 week gestation with carbohydrate depletion
27156006 Posthepatitic cirrhosis
27160009 Habitual friction injury of tooth (disorder)
27203001 Decreased digestive peristalsis
27235001 Echinococcus multilocularis infection of liver
27241008 Chronic ischemic colitis
27281001 Duodenal ulcer with hemorrhage
27355003 Toothache
27409004 Congenital macrocheilia
27576009 Normal exocrine gland secretion
27673007 Intussusception of colon
27680009 Congenital hyperplasia of sebaceous glands of lip
27697003 Calculus of hepatic duct without obstruction
27719009 Acute gastrointestinal hemorrhage
27729002 Pyloric atresia
27829006 Plant awn stomatitis
27858009 Clostridial gastroenteritis
27868004 Chronic steatorrhea
27878001 Follicular tonsillitis
27902000 Decreased pancreatic secretion
27916005 Abscess of liver
27943000 Congenital glucose-galactose malabsorption
27970007 Mesenteric cyst
28016005 Jackson's membrane
28041003 Congenital lip pits
28045007 Smell of alcohol on breath
28082003 Chronic duodenal ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation but with obstruction
28132005 Spasm of sphincter of Oddi
28175004 Lymphoid hyperplasia of stomach
28198007 Primary syphilis of lip
28212002 Intestinal lipofuscinosis
28358004 Acute obstructive appendicitis with perforation AND peritonitis
28401004 Hypertrophy of submaxillary gland
28412004 Nonfamilial multiple polyposis syndrome
28536002 Toxic megacolon
28599006 Ascher's syndrome
28626004 Vesicocolic fistula
28682004 Congenital duplication of colon
28698006 Torsion of liver lobe
28756003 Gastrocolic fistula
28766006 Posttransfusion viral hepatitis
28826002 Sialolithiasis
28828001 Gastric atresia
28845006 Acute appendicitis with generalized peritonitis
28945005 Acute peptic ulcer with hemorrhage, with perforation AND with obstruction
28951000 Infection by Trichuris suis
29110005 Congenital absence of small intestine
29120000 Eosinophilic colitis
29162007 Fecal impaction of colon
29256009 Open wound of lip without complication
29291001 Glycogen storage disease, type VI
29330004 Salivary colic
29384001 Disorder of stomach
29451002 Intestinal gangrene
29479008 Atony of colon
29484002 Cholelithiasis AND cholecystitis without obstruction
29553002 Peg-shaped teeth
29604006 Infection by Trichostrongylus colubriformis
29632002 Congenital atresia of pharynx
29691006 Injury of multiple sites in colon AND/OR rectum without open wound into abdominal cavity
29748005 Hypertrophy of parotid gland
29755007 Duodenal ulcer with increased serum pepsinogen I
29874009 Appendiceal colic
29880001 Injury of rectum with open wound into abdominal cavity
29886007 Adhesion of intestine
29927001 Fistula of intestine to abdominal wall
29979000 Infection by Enteromonas hominis
29980002 Congenital malrotation of intestine
30037006 Anal fissure
30074005 Strangulation obstruction of intestine
30093007 Calculus of bile duct
30102006 Glucose-6-phosphate transport defect
30126008 Acquired supradiaphragmatic diverticulum of esophagus
30140009 Enteritis presumed infectious
30144000 Obstruction of bile duct
30183003 Gastrojejunal ulcer with perforation
30188007 alpha-1-Proteinase inhibitor deficiency
30233002 Odynophagia
30265004 Dental fluorosis
30276000 Garlic breath
30304000 Allergic colitis
30464003 Squamous metaplasia of rectal mucosa
30468000 Dolichocolon
30493003 Intestinal infection due to Proteus mirabilis
30512007 Cementum caries
30514008 Acute gastrojejunal ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation
30588004 Ischemic colitis
30657009 Cheilitis glandularis, deep suppurative type
30677002 Choanal polyp
30693006 Aerophagy
30715007 Burn of tongue
30716008 Infection by Oesophagostomum columbianum
30719001 Dietetic enteritis
30731004 Glossodynia
30736009 Dysphonia of palatopharyngolaryngeal myoclonus
30755009 Isolated idiopathic granuloma of stomach, foreign body type
30811009 Ulcer of esophagus
30873000 Esophageal fistula
30874006 Chronic hypertrophic pyloric gastropathy
30877004 Atrophy of edentulous mandibular alveolar ridge
30888005 Blister of gum with infection
30993009 Enterospasm
31005002 Hepatorenal syndrome due to a procedure
31015008 Primary anal syphilis
31155007 Benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis
31258000 Cyst of pancreas
31301004 Chronic gastric ulcer with perforation
31309002 Respiratory syncytial virus pharyngitis
31437008 Lymphocytic-plasmacytic colitis
31452001 Gastric ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation but with obstruction
31499008 Spurious diarrhea
31595004 Malakoplakia of rectum
31607006 Open wound of alveolar process without complication
31642005 Acute gingivitis
31686000 Congenital anomaly of lower alimentary tract
31704005 Residual hemorrhoidal skin tags
31712002 Primary biliary cirrhosis
31742004 Arteriohepatic dysplasia
31783001 Radiation stomatitis
31841001 Hemorrhagic necrosis of intestine
32038009 Abscess of gallbladder
32067005 Acute emphysematous cholecystitis
32084004 Retroileal appendicitis
32097002 Necrotic enteritis
32110003 Anal disorder
32141002 Mesenteric abscess
32161008 Internal gastrointestinal fistula
32194006 Anomalous pulmonary venous drainage to hepatic veins
32200003 Superficial foreign body of gum without major open wound AND without infection
32230006 Malabsorption syndrome
32236000 Leukoplakia of gingiva
32295003 Allergic ileitis
32298001 Intestinal infection by Trichomonas vaginalis
32337007 Microdontia
32490005 Acute duodenal ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation
32527003 Staphylococcal enterocolitis
32580004 Enterovirus enteritis
32614006 Microglossia
32620007 Pulpitis
32883009 Oral submucosal fibrosis
32891000 Rotor syndrome
32900008 Superficial injury of gum without infection
33020000 Retained antrum syndrome
33144001 Parasitic cirrhosis
33167004 Complication of transplanted liver
33243000 Increased gallbladder contraction
33257003 Congenital duplication of digestive organs
33261009 Abscess of tonsil
33334006 Foreign body in alimentary tract
33361006 Impaction of cecum
33370009 Hyperemesis gravidarum before end of 22 week gestation with electrolyte imbalance
33410002 Marshall syndrome
33504000 Concrescence of teeth
33505004 Malocclusion due to mouth breathing
33687004 Dietetic gastroenteritis
33688009 Cholestasis
33710003 Trichostrongyliasis
33727006 Friction injury of tooth due to dentifrice
33812003 Stricture of duodenum
33838003 Diverticulitis of duodenum
33841007 Decreased nausea and vomiting
33902006 Air sickness
33906009 Acute ischemic enteritis
33931005 Injury of lip
33983003 Soft deposit on teeth
33990008 Ectopic parotid gland tissue
33995003 Megacolon, not Hirschsprung's
33997006 Aneurysm of gastroduodenal artery
34000006 Crohn's disease
34021006 Chronic duodenal ulcer with hemorrhage AND obstruction
34231006 Pseudodiarrhea
34240005 Infection by Diphyllobothrium pacificum
34255001 Superficial gingival ulcer
34262005 Fourth degree perineal laceration involving rectal mucosa
34282009 Periradicular disease
34286007 Empyema with hepatopleural fistula
34346002 Acute cholecystitis without calculus
34367002 Failed attempted abortion with perforation of bowel
34570004 Loosening of tooth
34580000 Duodenal ulcer without hemorrhage, without perforation AND without obstruction
34589004 Sharp tooth
34602004 Chronic duodenal ulcer with perforation but without obstruction
34736002 Chronic passive congestion of liver
34786008 Candidal proctitis
34798003 Injury of liver without open wound into abdominal cavity
34821005 Congenital stenosis of choanae
34903006 Burn of rectum
34921009 Acute peptic ulcer with perforation but without obstruction
34923007 Self-induced vomiting
35023000 Gastroesophagitis
35065006 Primary chronic pseudo-obstruction of colon
35074008 Chronic idiopathic anal pain
35095003 Injury of ileocolic artery
35156002 Hypoplasia of cementum
35217003 Gross' disease
35223008 Superficial nonerosive nonspecific gastritis
35246005 Anorectal cellulitis
35265002 Mallory-Weiss syndrome
35266001 Congenital duplication of appendix
35298007 Colonic constipation
35447004 Burn of pharynx
35452009 Dilaceration of tooth
35517004 Gastrojejunal ulcer without hemorrhage, without perforation AND without obstruction
35541001 Postoperative gingival recession
35560008 Duodenal ulcer with hemorrhage but without obstruction
35563005 Acquired diverticulum of esophagus
35571009 Cholangiolitis
35580009 Open bite
35681000 Acute peptic ulcer with perforation AND obstruction
35758009 Impaired intestinal carbohydrate absorption
35865007 Mesenteroaxial gastric volvulus
35974005 Cryptococcal gastroenteritis
36001007 Capillaria hepatica infection
36151004 Chemical esophagitis
36155008 Hepatitis in coxsackie viral disease
36162004 Hyperplastic adenomatous polyp of stomach
36188001 Shigellosis
36202009 Fracture of tooth
36246001 Chronic gastric ulcer with perforation but without obstruction
36261000 Drug-induced malabsorption
36269003 Cheilodynia
36304008 Vascular ectasia of cecum
36334003 Hymenolepis diminuta infection
36355001 Abnormal intestinal absorption
36376006 Congenital absence of esophagus
36483003 Calculus of bile duct with cholecystitis
36529003 Intestinal infection due to Morganella morganii
36619004 Congenital duplication of cystic duct
36631002 Hepatomphalocele
36760000 Hepatosplenomegaly
36789003 Acute infective gastroenteritis
36859004 Esophageal chest pain
36891003 Hartnup disorder, renal/jejunal type
36921006 Vesicular stomatitis
36955009 Ageusia
36975000 Chronic duodenal ulcer with hemorrhage AND perforation
37031009 Motion sickness
37054000 Congenital atresia of colon
37224001 Psychogenic vomiting
37320007 Acquired absence of teeth
37369009 Fistula of appendix
37372002 Upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage
37373007 Meckel's diverticulum
37404003 Failure of rotation of colon
37439003 Perforation of bile duct
37442009 Peptic ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation
37502002 Rupture of rectum
37528004 Malrotation of cecum
37657006 Disorder of esophagus
37666005 Glycogen storage disease type X
37688005 Clonorchiasis with biliary cirrhosis
37693008 Caustic injury gastritis
37703005 Ectopic hyperinsulinism
37831005 Gastrointestinal fistula
37832003 Infection by Metagonimus yokogawai
37871000 Acute hepatitis
37976006 Gallstone ileus
37992001 Pancreatic insufficiency
38032004 Nonpersistence of intestinal lactase
38059007 Prolapsed external hemorrhoids
38079004 Aseptic necrosis of pancreas
38089000 Rotation of tooth
38106008 Crohn's disease of ileum
38205001 Diarrhea in diabetes
38214006 Internal hemorrhoids without complication
38215007 Oculodentodigital syndrome
38228000 Paralysis of tongue
38285004 Irregular alveolar process
38302000 Infection by Echinostoma lindoense
38306002 Stellate laceration of liver with open wound into abdominal cavity
38365000 Peptic ulcer without hemorrhage, without perforation AND without obstruction
38397000 Gastroesophageal intussusception
38420005 Tuberculosis of large intestine
38438008 Pyostomatitis vegetans
38541002 Phlegmonous stomatitis AND cellulitis
38632003 Pharyngeal pituitary tissue
38662009 Chronic persistent type B viral hepatitis
38685005 Concealed vomiting
38712009 Stenosis of gallbladder
38739001 Hepatic vein thrombosis
38851006 Fistula of intestine
38856001 Congenital anomaly of appendix
38906007 Open wound of gum without complication
38938002 Acute upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage
38951007 Failed attempted abortion with laceration of bowel
38972005 Injury of sigmoid colon without open wound into abdominal cavity
38982006 Acquired esophagocele
38993008 Tricho-dento-osseous syndrome
38996000 External hemorrhoids without complication
39034005 Premature shedding of primary tooth
39170005 Cholecystoduodenal fistula
39204006 Pyloric ulcer
39205007 Infectious pancreatitis
39271004 Ulcerative pharyngitis
39273001 Apical periodontitis
39306006 Tuberculosis of anus
39323002 Hyperplasia of adenoids
39326005 Malakoplakia of ileum
39341005 Infectious colitis
39344002 Acute erosion of duodenum
39392002 Compression of esophagus
39400004 Injury of liver
39476006 Congenital stricture of rectum
39621005 Gallbladder disorder
39634006 Focal epithelial hyperplasia of tongue
39642007 Acute cecitis with perforation AND peritonitis
39666001 Abnormal small intestine secretion
39683005 Normal gastric secretion regulation
39719008 Transposition of intestine
39747007 Enteritis necroticans
39755000 Curling's ulcers
39772007 Rectal polyp
39788007 Ectrodactyly-ectodermal dysplasia-clefting syndrome
39963006 Infantile diarrhea
39998009 Verner-Morrison syndrome
40028009 Congenital hyperplasia of intrahepatic bile duct
40046003 Intestinovesical fistula
40159009 Congenital macrostomia
40194002 Superficial injury of lip without infection
40210001 Floating liver
40214005 Chronic duodenal ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation
40273006 Gemination of teeth
40315008 Annular pancreas


See the full registry of value sets defined as part of FHIR.

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

LvlA few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. For value sets, levels are mostly used to organize codes for user convenience, but may follow code system hierarchy - see Code System for further information
SourceThe source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
CodeThe code (used as the code in the resource instance). If the code is in italics, this indicates that the code is not selectable ('Abstract')
DisplayThe display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
DefinitionAn explanation of the meaning of the concept
CommentsAdditional notes about how to use the code