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Title:SNOMED CT Form Codes

This value set includes all dose form codes from SNOMED CT - provided as an exemplar.

Committee:Pharmacy Work Group
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.374 (for OID based terminology systems)

This value set includes content from SNOMED CT, which is copyright © 2002 International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), and distributed by agreement between IHTSDO and HL7. Implementer use of SNOMED CT is not covered by this agreement.

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This expansion generated 23 May 2022

This value set contains 323 concepts

Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 31-Jan 2020

All codes in this table are from the system

736542009 Pharmaceutical dose form (dose form)
66076007 Chewable tablet
70409003 Conventional release oromucosal solution for mouthwash (dose form)
385018001 Oral drops
385019009 Oral drops solution
385020003 Oral drops suspension
385021004 Oral drops emulsion
385023001 Oral solution
385024007 Oral suspension
385025008 Oral emulsion
385026009 Powder for oral solution
385027000 Powder for oral suspension
385028005 Granules for oral solution
385029002 Granules for oral suspension
385032004 Conventional release oral syrup (dose form)
385033009 Powder for conventional release oral syrup (dose form)
385034003 Granules for conventional release oral syrup (dose form)
385038000 Oral gel
385039008 Oral paste
385041009 Oral powder
385044001 Effervescent oral granules
385045000 Gastro-resistant oral granules (dose form)
385046004 Prolonged-release oral granules (dose form)
385047008 Modified-release oral granules
385052003 Gastro-resistant oral capsule (dose form)
385053008 Prolonged-release oral capsule
385054002 Modified-release oral capsule
385059007 Gastro-resistant oral tablet (dose form)
385060002 Prolonged-release oral tablet
385061003 Modified-release oral tablet (dose form)
385062005 Oral lyophilisate
385063000 Oral gum
385065007 Oromucosal solution for gargle
385070000 Oromucosal solution
385071001 Oromucosal suspension
385072008 Oromucosal drops
385073003 Oromucosal spray
385074009 Sublingual spray
385077002 Gingival solution
385078007 Oromucosal gel
385079004 Oromucosal paste
385081002 Gingival gel
385082009 Gingival paste
385084005 Sublingual tablet
385085006 Buccal tablet
385086007 Prolonged-release muco-adhesive buccal tablet (dose form)
385088008 Dental gel
385089000 Dental stick
385090009 Prolonged-release dental insert (dose form)
385091008 Dental powder
385094000 Dental solution
385095004 Dental suspension
385096003 Dental emulsion
385102005 Cutaneous paste
385103000 Cutaneous foam
385105007 Cutaneous spray
385106008 Cutaneous solution spray
385108009 Cutaneous solution
385110006 Cutaneous suspension
385111005 Cutaneous emulsion
385112003 Cutaneous powder
385113008 Solution for iontophoresis
385114002 Prolonged-release transdermal patch (dose form)
385118004 Cutaneous stick
385119007 Cutaneous sponge
385121002 Eye cream
385122009 Eye gel
385123004 Eye ointment
385124005 Eye drops
385125006 Eye drops solution
385128008 Prolonged-release eye drops
385130005 Eye lotion
385132002 Prolonged-release ophthalmic insert (dose form)
385133007 Ear cream
385134001 Ear gel
385135000 Ear ointment
385136004 Ear drops
385137008 Ear drops solution
385138003 Ear drops emulsion
385139006 Ear powder
385140008 Ear spray
385141007 Ear spray solution
385142000 Ear spray suspension
385143005 Ear spray emulsion
385147006 Ear tampon
385148001 Ear stick
385149009 Nasal cream
385150009 Nasal gel
385151008 Nasal ointment
385152001 Nasal drops
385153006 Nasal drops solution
385154000 Nasal drops suspension
385155004 Nasal drops emulsion
385156003 Nasal powder
385157007 Nasal spray
385158002 Nasal solution spray
385159005 Nasal suspension spray
385160000 Nasal emulsion spray
385162008 Nasal stick
385163003 Conventional release ear or eye or nose drops (dose form)
385164009 Conventional release ear or eye or nose ointment
385165005 Vaginal cream
385166006 Vaginal gel
385167002 Vaginal ointment
385168007 Vaginal foam
385170003 Vaginal solution
385171004 Vaginal suspension
385172006 Vaginal emulsion
385173001 Tablet for vaginal solution
385175008 Vaginal capsule
385176009 Hard vaginal capsule
385177000 Soft vaginal capsule
385178005 Vaginal tablet
385179002 Effervescent vaginal tablet
385182007 Rectal cream
385183002 Rectal gel
385184008 Rectal ointment
385185009 Rectal foam
385187001 Rectal solution
385188006 Rectal suspension
385189003 Rectal emulsion
385191006 Powder for rectal suspension
385192004 Tablet for rectal solution
385193009 Tablet for rectal suspension
385195002 Rectal capsule
385196001 Rectal tampon
385198000 Conventional release solution for nebulizer (dose form)
385199008 Conventional release suspension for nebulizer (dose form)
385200006 Powder for nebulizer suspension
385201005 Powder for nebulizer solution
385202003 Conventional release emulsion for nebulizer (dose form)
385204002 Pressurized conventional release solution for inhalation
385205001 Pressurized conventional release suspension for inhalation (dose form)
385206000 Pressurized emulsion for inhalation
385207009 Powder for inhalation
385211003 Conventional release vapor powder for inhalation (dose form)
385212005 Conventional release vapor capsule for inhalation (dose form)
385213000 Conventional release vapor solution for inhalation (dose form)
385214006 Conventional release vapor tablet for inhalation (dose form)
385215007 Conventional release vapor ointment for inhalation (dose form)
385217004 Gas for inhalation
385219001 Solution for injection
385220007 Suspension for injection
385221006 Emulsion for injection
385223009 Powder for solution for injection
385224003 Powder for suspension for injection
385229008 Solution for infusion
385242008 Intravesical solution
385245005 Urethral gel
385246006 Urethral stick
385247002 Conventional release solution for endotracheopulmonary instillation
385248007 Powder for solution for endotracheal instillation
385250004 Conventional release suspension for endotracheopulmonary instillation (dose form)
385251000 Endocervical gel
385258006 Gastroenteral solution
385259003 Gastroenteral suspension
385260008 Gastroenteral emulsion
385268001 Oral dose form
385273007 Dental dose form (dose form)
385276004 Ocular dose form (dose form)
385277008 Otic dose form (dose form)
385278003 Cutaneous powder spray
385279006 Cutaneous suspension spray
385280009 Gastroenteral dose form (dose form)
385282001 Endocervical dose form
385287007 Parenteral dose form (dose form)
385289005 Rectal dose form (dose form)
385290001 Nasal dose form (dose form)
385292009 Vaginal dose form (dose form)
414951009 Oral elixir
420253005 Oil for injection
420283001 Nasal emulsion
420292003 Rectal powder
420293008 Conventional release oral coated pellets capsule
420378007 Prolonged-release film-coated oral tablet (dose form)
420407000 Conventional release aerosol solution for inhalation
420430006 Lyophilized powder for prolonged-release suspension for injection (dose form)
420450005 Conventional release pressurized suspension for nebulizer (dose form)
420509004 Oral granules
420536002 Vaginal powder
420540006 Cutaneous oil
420631002 Vaginal insert
420636007 Conventional release ear or eye drops
420641004 Solution for inhalation
420656008 Lyophilized powder for conventional release liposomal suspension for injection (dose form)
420692007 Oral capsule
420705007 Inhalation aerosol suspension
420736004 Eye suspension
420767002 Gastro-resistant oral pellets capsule (dose form)
420873008 Prolonged-release suspension for injection
420891003 Ear drops suspension
420901005 Ear emulsion
420929008 Rectal suppository
421026006 Oral tablet
421056002 Emulsion for inhalation
421155001 Gastro-resistant and prolonged-release oral tablet
421221008 Suspension for inhalation
421300005 Prolonged-release film-coated oral capsule (dose form)
421338009 Prolonged-release oral coated capsule
421343002 Powder for cutaneous solution
421366001 Tablet for oral suspension
421382000 Ear suspension
421425002 Powder for inhalation solution
421427005 Conventional release ear or eye ointment (dose form)
421446006 Granules for extended-release oral suspension
421535006 Gastro-resistant oral particles tablet (dose form)
421620004 Prolonged-release buccal tablet
421628006 Cutaneous cream
421637006 Lyophilized powder for conventional release solution for injection (dose form)
421701006 Tablet for oral solution
421713001 Ear solution
421716009 Prolonged-release transdermal drug delivery system
421752008 Gastro-resistant and prolonged-release oral capsule (dose form)
421765004 Conventional release solution for intraperitoneal injection (dose form)
421857007 Powder for ophthalmic solution
421873001 Oral cream
421943006 Lyophilized powder for conventional release suspension for injection (dose form)
421949005 Cutaneous gel
422060001 Ophthalmic solution
422068008 Eye drops suspension
422080000 Nasal suspension
422085005 Powder for ophthalmic suspension
422201009 Tablet for cutaneous solution
422264003 Powder for prolonged-release suspension for injection (dose form)
422336005 Nasal solution
422353003 Extended-release oral suspension
424552006 Vaginal sponge
425753008 Cutaneous ointment
425965000 Rectal spray
426823003 Vaginal spray
427129005 Conventional release oral coated capsule (dose form)
442015005 Intrauterine dose form
443424002 Buccal film
447050008 Orodispersible film
447079001 Orodispersible tablet
719200003 Ophthalmic strip
739147005 Rectal suspension spray
739148000 Rectal solution spray
739371005 Vaginal suspension spray
739372003 Vaginal solution spray
739662008 Conventional release vaginal tampon (dose form)
740548000 Urethral dose form (dose form)
740575007 Intravesical dose form (dose form)
740596000 Cutaneous dose form
745991000 Oromucosal dose form (dose form)
746008008 Gingival dose form (dose form)
761845009 Transdermal dose form (dose form)
761899004 Powder for rectal solution
761900009 Eye drops emulsion
761901008 Delayed-release granules for oral suspension
761905004 Oromucosal spray solution
761906003 Conventional release suspension for oromucosal spray
761907007 Powder for intravesical suspension
762064002 Conventional release eye emulsion
762065001 Conventional release cutaneous lotion (dose form)
762071007 Intraocular dose form
762072000 Conventional release cutaneous tape
762893001 Conventional release transdermal ointment (dose form)
762895008 Granules for conventional release oromucosal solution (dose form)
763340003 Conventional release solution for sublingual spray
763445009 Conventional release dental paste
763446005 Conventional release gel for injection (dose form)
763484004 Intrauterine solution
763485003 Intrauterine suspension
763819006 Prolonged-release transdermal film
763820000 Gastro-resistant oral suspension
763823003 Powder for conventional release oromucosal gel
763852000 Conventional release buccal spray
764296002 Prolonged-release subcutaneous implant
764297006 Conventional release transdermal foam
764378009 Enteral dose form
764446000 Conventional release nasal paste
764477003 Conventional release transdermal cream (dose form)
764478008 Gingival ointment
764485007 Conventional release cutaneous patch (dose form)
764486008 Prolonged-release cutaneous patch (dose form)
764499006 Conventional release buccal lozenge (dose form)
764501003 Oromucosal lozenge
764671009 Sublingual dose form (dose form)
764770000 Dual delayed-release oral capsule (dose form)
764772008 Prolonged-release vaginal ring
764773003 Conventional release oromucosal pastille
764774009 Conventional release and prolonged-release oral tablet
764776006 Dental pellet
764780001 Conventional release effervescent oral tablet (dose form)
764787003 Conventional release oropharyngeal foam (dose form)
764788008 Oropharyngeal solution
764792001 Pulmonary dose form (dose form)
764798002 Conventional release solution for intraocular injection
764799005 Suspension for infusion
764802001 Conventional release transdermal gel (dose form)
764803006 Transdermal spray
764842006 Prolonged-release ocular implant
764843001 Powder for conventional release solution for infusion (dose form)
765056003 Lyophilized powder for conventional release solution for infusion
765061001 Gastro-resistant oral soft capsule
765062008 Prolonged-release oral soft capsule (dose form)
765064009 Modified-release oral soft capsule
765065005 Powder for suspension for infusion
765163001 Conventional release solution for ear or eye drops (dose form)
765164007 Ear or eye or nose drops solution
765166009 Ocular or otic dose form
765167000 Nasal or ocular or otic dose form
765367006 Emulsion for infusion
766233005 Gastro-resistant and prolonged-release oral granules (dose form)
766234004 Powder for conventional release suspension for inhalation (dose form)
766964003 Oropharyngeal dose form (dose form)
767059009 Vaginal pessary
769000008 Subcutaneous dose form
769115006 Effervescent powder for conventional release oral solution
769120006 Effervescent powder for oral suspension
770109000 Powder for conventional release suspension for endotracheal instillation
772805002 Endotracheopulmonary dose form
772806001 Buccal dose form
782648001 Prolonged-release vaginal pessary (dose form)
783748000 Conventional release foam for injection
783749008 Conventional release oral ointment (dose form)
784575004 Oral spray
784576003 Prolonged-release intrauterine drug delivery system (dose form)
785898006 Conventional release solution for irrigation
785899003 Conventional release ocular solution for irrigation (dose form)
785908001 Conventional release cutaneous shampoo
785910004 Prolonged-release intralesional implant


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