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Title:Encounter Reason Codes

This examples value set defines the set of codes that can be used to indicate reasons for an encounter.

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109006 Anxiety disorder of childhood OR adolescence
122003 Choroidal hemorrhage
127009 Spontaneous abortion with laceration of cervix
129007 Homoiothermia
134006 Decreased hair growth
140004 Chronic pharyngitis
144008 Normal peripheral vision
147001 Superficial foreign body of scrotum without major open wound but with infection
150003 Abnormal bladder continence
151004 Meningitis due to gonococcus
162004 Severe manic bipolar I disorder without psychotic features
165002 Accident-prone
168000 Typhlolithiasis
171008 Injury of ascending right colon without open wound into abdominal cavity
172001 Endometritis following molar AND/OR ectopic pregnancy
175004 Supraorbital neuralgia
177007 Poisoning by sawfly larvae
179005 Apraxia of dressing
181007 Hemorrhagic bronchopneumonia
183005 Autoimmune pancytopenia
184004 Withdrawal arrhythmia
188001 Intercostal artery injury
192008 Congenital syphilitic hepatomegaly
193003 Benign hypertensive renal disease
195005 Illegal abortion with endometritis
198007 Disease due to Filoviridae
199004 Decreased lactation
208008 Neurocutaneous melanosis sequence
216004 Delusion of persecution
219006 Alcohol user
222008 Acute epiglottitis with obstruction
223003 Tumor of body of uterus affecting pregnancy
228007 Lucio phenomenon
241006 Motor simple partial status
242004 Noninfectious jejunitis
253005 Sycosis
257006 Acne rosacea, erythematous telangiectatic type
258001 Pseudoknuckle pad
264008 Blind hypertensive eye
276008 Oxytocin poisoning
279001 Senile myocarditis
281004 Alcoholic dementia
282006 Acute myocardial infarction of basal-lateral wall
290006 Melnick-Fraser syndrome
292003 EEG finding
297009 Acute myringitis
299007 Paraffinoma of skin
303002 Apoplectic pancreatitis
308006 Pearly penile papules
310008 Penile boil
313005 Déjà vu
317006 Reactive hypoglycemia
320003 Cervical dilatation, 1cm
324007 Plaster ulcer
330007 Occipital headache
335002 Pylorospasm
341009 ABO incompatibility reaction
349006 Absent tendon reflex
355001 Hemorrhagic shock
357009 Closed fracture trapezoid
358004 Smallpox vaccine poisoning
359007 Kernicterus due to isoimmunization
360002 Acute radiation disease
364006 Acute left-sided heart failure
366008 Hidromeiosis
368009 Heart valve disorder
369001 Normal jugular venous pressure
378007 Morquio syndrome
382009 Legal history finding relating to child
383004 Finding of passive range of hip extension
385006 Secondary peripheral neuropathy
387003 Melanuria
398002 Left axis deviation greater than -90 degrees by EKG
407000 Congenital hepatomegaly
408005 Tooth chattering
409002 Food allergy diet
426008 Superficial injury of ankle without infection
431005 Hypertrophy of scrotum
437009 Abnormal composition of urine
440009 Persistent hyperphenylalaninemia
442001 Secondary hypopituitarism
443006 Cystocele affecting pregnancy
447007 Coach in sports activity accident
450005 Ulcerative stomatitis
452002 Blister of groin without infection
460001 Squamous metaplasia of prostate gland
467003 Old laceration of pelvic floor muscle
470004 Vitreous touch syndrome
479003 Graves' disease with pretibial myxedema AND with thyrotoxic crisis
486006 Acute vascular insufficiency
488007 Fibroid myocarditis
490008 Upper respiratory tract hypersensitivity reaction
496002 Closed traumatic dislocation of third cervical vertebra
504009 Androgen-dependent hirsutism
517007 Foreign body in hypopharynx
518002 Multiple aggregation
520004 Congenital bent nose
527001 Spontaneous fetal evolution, Roederer's method
536002 Glissonian cirrhosis
539009 Conjunctival argyrosis
547009 Hypersecretion of calcitonin
548004 13p partial trisomy syndrome
554003 2p partial trisomy syndrome
555002 Dicentra species poisoning
563001 Nystagmus
568005 Habit disorder
586008 Contact dermatitis due to primrose
590005 Congenital aneurysm of anterior communicating artery
596004 Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
599006 Persistent pneumothorax
600009 Pyromania
602001 Ross river fever
607007 Decreased vital capacity
610000 Spastic aphonia
613003 FRAXA - Fragile X syndrome
615005 Obstruction due to foreign body accidentally left in operative wound AND/OR body cavity during a procedure
616006 Sensorimotor disorder of eyelid
626004 Hypercortisolism due to nonpituitary tumor
631002 Transfusion reaction due to minor incompatibility
634005 Saddle boil
640003 Injury of pneumogastric nerve
643001 Hypertrophy of lip
646009 Idiopathic cyst of anterior chamber
649002 Open fracture of distal end of ulna
651003 Root work
652005 Gangrenous tonsillitis
655007 Abnormal fetal heart beat noted before labor in liveborn infant
658009 Injury of colon without open wound into abdominal cavity
663008 Pulmonary embolism following molar AND/OR ectopic pregnancy
664002 Delayed ovulation
666000 Poisoning by antivaricose drug AND/OR sclerosing agent
675003 Torsion of intestine
682004 Thrombosis complicating pregnancy AND/OR puerperium
685002 Acquired telangiectasia of small AND/OR large intestines
701003 Adult osteochondritis of spine
703000 Congenital adhesion of tongue
714002 Abrasion AND/OR friction burn of toe with infection
715001 Nontraumatic rupture of urethra
718004 Acute bronchiolitis with obstruction
733007 Superficial foreign body of groin without major open wound but with infection
734001 Opocephalus
736004 Abscess of hip
750009 Schistosoma mansoni infection
755004 Postgastrectomy phytobezoar
756003 Chronic rheumatic myopericarditis
758002 Cyst of uterus
775008 Open wound of head with complication
776009 Partial arterial retinal occlusion
781000 Cestrum diurnum poisoning
786005 Clinical stage I B
787001 Rheumatic mitral stenosis with regurgitation
788006 Disease-related diet
792004 CJD - Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
799008 Sigmoid colon ulcer
801006 Insect bite, nonvenomous, of foot, infected
805002 Pneumoconiosis due to silica
811004 Flail motion
813001 Ankle instability
815008 Episcleritis
816009 Genetic recombination
818005 Third degree burn of multiple sites of lower limb
825003 Superficial injury of axilla with infection
827006 Late congenital syphilis, latent (+ sero., - C.S.F., 2 years OR more)
832007 Moderate major depression
834008 Chair-seated facing coital position
841002 Congenital absence of skull bone
842009 Consanguinity
843004 Poliomyelomalacia
844005 Finding relating to behavior
845006 Inferior mesenteric artery injury
849000 Total cataract
857002 Erythema simplex
862001 Anemia due to chlorate
865004 Hyperalimentation formula for ileus
871005 Contracted pelvis
874002 Therapeutic diuresis
875001 Chalcosis of eye
888003 Foetal or neonatal effect of maternal blood loss
890002 Deep third degree burn of elbow
899001 Axis I diagnosis
903008 Chorioretinal infarction
904002 Pinard's sign
908004 Superficial injury of interscapular region without infection
919001 Pseudohomosexual state
928000 Musculoskeletal disorder
931004 Gestation period, 9 weeks
932006 Flat affect
934007 Thalassemia intermedia
943003 Congenital retinal aneurysm
954008 Renon-Delille syndrome
961007 Erythema nodosum, acute form
962000 Disability evaluation, disability 6%
964004 Open wound of pharynx without complication
965003 Toxic amblyopia
975000 Anorectal agenesis
978003 Chronic infantile eczema
981008 Hemorrhagic proctitis
984000 Perirectal cellulitis
987007 Cellulitis of temple region
991002 Wide QRS complex
998008 Chagas' disease with heart involvement
1003002 Religious discrimination
1020003 Disease due to Nairovirus
1023001 Apneic
1027000 Biliary esophagitis
1031006 Open wound of trachea without complication
1033009 Thoracic arthritis
1034003 Mesenteric-portal fistula
1038000 Disacchariduria
1045000 Colonospasm
1046004 Ureteritis glandularis
1051005 Hyperplasia of islet alpha cells with gastrin excess
1055001 Stenosis of precerebral artery
1059007 Opisthorchiasis
1070000 Facial myokymia
1073003 Xeroderma pigmentosum group B
1074009 Glucocorticoid-responsive primary hyperaldosteronism
1077002 Septal infarction by EKG
1079004 Macular retinal cyst
1085006 Vulval candidiasis
1089000 Congenital sepsis
1102005 Intraerythrocytic parasitosis by Nuttallia
1107004 Early latent syphilis, positive serology, negative cerebrospinal fluid, with relapse after treatment
1108009 Female pattern alopecia
1111005 Normal sebaceous gland activity
1112003 Degenerative disorder of eyelid
1116000 Chronic aggressive type B viral hepatitis
1124005 Postpartum period, 6 days
1125006 Septicemia during labor
1126007 Knee locking
1131009 Congenital valvular insufficiency
1134001 Muehrcke lines
1135000 Solar retinitis
1139006 Confrontation (visual) test
1140008 Thermal hypesthesia
1141007 Circumoral paresthesia
1145003 DSD - Developmental speech disorder
1150009 Congenital microcheilia
1151008 Constricted visual field
1152001 Skin reaction negative
1155004 Myocardial hypertrophy, determined by electrocardiogram
1156003 Cavitary prostatitis
1168007 Allotype
1184008 Glasgow coma scale, 10
1192004 Familial amyloid neuropathy, Finnish type
1194003 Disease condition determination, well controlled
1196001 Chronic bipolar II disorder, most recent episode major depressive
1197005 Carbuncle of heel
1201005 Benign essential hypertension
1203008 Deep third degree burn of forehead AND/OR cheek with loss of body part
1207009 Optic disc glaucomatous atrophy
1208004 Gastroptosis
1212005 Juvenile dermatomyositis
1214006 Infection by Strongyloides
1230003 No diagnosis on Axis 1
1232006 Congenital articular rigidity with myopathy
1239002 Congenital anteversion of femoral neck
1240000 Lying prone
1259003 Schistosis
1261007 Multiple fractures of ribs
1264004 Injury of descending left colon without open wound into abdominal cavity
1271009 Knuckle pads, leuconychia and deafness
1280009 Isologous chimera
1282001 Laryngeal perichondritis
1283006 Visual acuity less than .02 (1/60, count fingers 1 meter) or visual field less than 5 degrees, but better than 5.
1284000 Abnormal jaw closure
1286003 Vitamin K deficiency coagulation disorder
1287007 Congenital absence of bile duct
1297003 Infection by Cladosporium carrionii
1308001 Complication of reimplant
1310004 Impaired glucose tolerance associated with genetic syndrome
1317001 Injury of ovary without open wound into abdominal cavity
1318006 Post-translational genetic protein processing
1323006 Kanamycin poisoning
1332008 Conjugated visual deviation
1335005 Peyronies disease
1343000 DTA - Deep transverse arrest
1345007 Hang nail
1351002 Iliac artery injury
1356007 Calculus of common duct with obstruction
1361009 Leucocoria
1363007 Fetal or neonatal effect of chronic maternal respiratory disease
1367008 Injury of superior mesenteric artery
1370007 Open fracture of metacarpal bone(s)
1372004 Unicornate uterus
1376001 Obsessive compulsive personality disorder
1378000 Supination-eversion injury of ankle
1380006 Agoraphobia without history of panic disorder with limited symptom attacks
1383008 Hallucinogen induced mood disorder
1384002 Diffuse cholesteatosis of middle ear
1386000 Intracranial hemorrhage
1387009 Solanum nigrum poisoning
1388004 Metabolic alkalosis
1393001 Lenz-Majewski dysplasia
1395008 Complication of ultrasound therapy
1402001 Frightened
1412008 Anterior subcapsular polar cataract
1415005 Inflammation of lymphatics
1418007 Hypoplastic chondrodystrophy
1419004 Injury of prostate without open wound into abdominal cavity
1426004 Necrotizing glomerulonephritis
1427008 Intraspinal abscess
1430001 Intracranial hemorrhage following injury without open intracranial wound AND with prolonged loss of consciousness (more than 24 hours) without return to pre-existing level
1447000 Icthyoparasitism
1469007 Miscarriage with urinary tract infection
1474004 Hypertensive heart AND renal disease complicating AND/OR reason for care during childbirth
1475003 Herpes labialis
1478001 Obliteration of lymphatic vessel
1479009 20q partial trisomy syndrome
1482004 Chalazion
1486001 Orbital congestion
1488000 PONV - Postoperative nausea and vomiting
1489008 External hordeolum
1492007 Congenital anomaly of large intestine
1493002 Acute endophthalmitis
1499003 Bipolar I disorder, single manic episode with postpartum onset
1512006 Congenital stricture of bile duct
1515008 Gorham disease
1518005 Splenitis
1519002 Congenital phlebectasia
1521007 Blister of buttock without infection
1523005 Clinical stage IV B
1525003 Blister of foot without infection
1531000 Nitrofuran derivative poisoning
1532007 Viral pharyngitis
1534008 Palsy of conjugate gaze
1538006 Central nervous system malformation in foetus affecting obstetrical care
1539003 Nodular tendinous disease of finger
1542009 Omphalocele with obstruction
1544005 Open dislocation of knee
1551001 Osteomyelitis of femur
1556006 Clark melanoma level 4
1563006 Protein S deficiency
1567007 Chronic gastric ulcer without hemorrhage, without perforation AND without obstruction
1588003 Heterosexual precocious puberty
1592005 Failed attempted termination of pregnancy with uremia
1593000 Infantile hemiplegia
1606009 Infection caused by Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus
1608005 Increased capillary permeability
1639007 Abnormality of organs AND/OR soft tissues of pelvis affecting pregnancy
1647007 Primaquine poisoning
1648002 Lymphocytic pseudotumor of lung
1654001 Steroid-induced glaucoma
1657008 Toxic effect of phosdrin
1658003 Closed fracture clavicle, lateral end
1663004 Tumor grade G2
1667003 Early fontanel closure
1670004 Cerebral hemiparesis
1671000 Sago spleen
1674008 Meesman's epithelial corneal dystrophy
1679003 Arthritis associated with another disorder
1682008 Transitory amino acid metabolic disorder
1685005 Rat-bite fever
1686006 Sedative, hypnotic AND/OR anxiolytic-induced anxiety disorder
1694004 Accessory lobe of lung
1698001 Ulcer of bile duct
1703007 Increased leg circumference
1705000 Closed fracture of base of neck of femur
1708003 Open dislocation of clavicle
1714005 Photokeratitis
1717003 Guttate hypomelanosis
1723008 Urethral stricture due to schistosomiasis
1724002 Infection caused by Crenosoma
1734006 Fracture of vertebral column with spinal cord injury
1735007 Thrill
1739001 Occipital fracture
1742007 Female hypererotism
1744008 Connation of teeth
1748006 Thrombophlebitis of deep femoral vein
1755008 Healed coronary
1761006 Biliary cirrhosis
1763009 Stromal keratitis
1767005 Fisher syndrome
1769008 Thoracodidymus
1771008 Insulin biosynthesis defect
1776003 RTA - Renal tubular acidosis
1777007 Increased molecular dissociation
1778002 Malocclusion due to abnormal swallowing
1779005 OFD II - Orofacial-digital syndrome II
1794009 Idiopathic corneal edema
1816003 Panic disorder with agoraphobia, severe agoraphobic avoidance AND mild panic attacks
1821000 Chemoreceptor apnea
1822007 Impaired glucose tolerance associated with pancreatic disease
1824008 Allergic gastritis
1826005 Granuloma of lip
1828006 Infestation caused by Gasterophilus hemorrhoidalis
1829003 Microcephalus
1833005 Phacoanaphylactic endophthalmitis
1835003 Necrosis of pancreas
1837006 Orciprenaline poisoning
1845001 Paraparesis
1847009 Endophthalmitis
1848004 Poisoning caused by gaseous anesthetic
1852004 Traumatic injury of sixth cranial nerve
1855002 Developmental academic disorder
1856001 Accessory nose
1857005 Congenital rubella syndrome
1858000 Infection caused by Stilesia globipunctata
1860003 Fluid volume disorder
1865008 Impaired intestinal protein absorption
1869002 Rupture of iris sphincter
1881003 Increased nutritional requirement
1892002 Star figure at the macula
1896004 Ectopic breast tissue
1897008 Amsinckia species poisoning
1899006 Autosomal hereditary disorder
1903004 Infestation caused by Psorergates ovis
1908008 von Willebrand disease, type IIC
1909000 Impairment level: better eye: severe impairment: lesser eye: near-total impairment
1922008 Congenital absence of urethra
1926006 Osteopetrosis
1938002 Emotional AND/OR mental disease in mother complicating pregnancy, childbirth AND/OR puerperium
1939005 Abnormal vascular flow
1943009 Left-right confusion
1953005 Congenital deficiency of pigment of skin
1954004 Dilated cardiomyopathy secondary to toxic reaction
1955003 Preauricular pit
1959009 Encephalartos species poisoning
1961000 Chronic polyarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
1963002 PNH - Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
1965009 Normal skin pH
1967001 Congenital absence of forearm only
1973000 Sedative, hypnotic AND/OR anxiolytic-induced psychotic disorder with delusions
1977004 Oxymetholone poisoning
1979001 Focal choroiditis
1980003 Seromucinous otitis media
1981004 Urhidrosis
1988005 Late effect of injury to nerve roots, spinal plexus AND/OR other nerves of trunk
1989002 Burn of vagina AND/OR uterus
2004005 Normotensive
2012002 Fracture of lunate
2024009 Dilated cardiomyopathy secondary to metazoal myocarditis
2028007 Erythema induratum
2032001 Cerebral edema
2036003 Acquired factor VII deficiency disease
2040007 Neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome
2041006 Eunuchoid gigantism
2043009 Alcoholic gastritis
2053005 Late effect of injury to blood vessels of thorax, abdomen AND/OR pelvis
2055003 Recurrent erosion syndrome
2058001 Bilateral loss of labyrinthine reactivity
2061000 Conductive hearing loss of combined sites
2065009 Autosomal dominant optic atrophy
2066005 Gastric ulcer with hemorrhage AND perforation but without obstruction
2070002 Burning sensation in eye
2073000 Delusions
2087000 Pulmonary nocardiosis
2089002 Pagets disease of bone
2091005 Pharyngeal diverticulitis
2094002 Carbon disulfide causing toxic effect
2102007 Deep corneal vascularization
2103002 Reflex sympathetic dystrophy of upper extremity
2107001 Anisomelia
2109003 Isolated somatotropin deficiency
2114004 Infection caused by Cysticercus pisiformis
2116002 Intramembranous bone formation
2120003 Weak cry
2121004 Ethopropazine poisoning
2128005 Disorder of adenoid
2129002 Edema of pharynx
2132004 Meconium in amniotic fluid noted before labor in liveborn infant
2134003 Diffuse pain
2136001 Open wound of jaw with complication
2138000 LSP - Left sacroposterior position
2145000 Anal intercourse
2149006 Decreased hormone production
2158004 Infection caused by Contracaecum
2167004 Retinal hemangioblastomatosis
2169001 Thoracic radiculitis
2170000 Gallop rhythm
2176006 Halogen acne
2177002 PHN - Post-herpetic neuralgia
2186007 Compensated metabolic alkalosis
2198002 Visceral epilepsy
2202000 Open posterior dislocation of distal end of femur
2204004 Acquired deformity of pinna
2213002 Congenital anomaly of vena cava
2216005 Nocturnal emission
2217001 Superficial injury of perineum without infection
2219003 Disability evaluation, disability 100%
2224000 Selenium poisoning
2228002 Scintillating scotoma
2229005 Chimera
2231001 Nerve plexus disorder
2237002 Painful breathing -pleurodynia
2239004 Previous pregnancies 6
2241003 X-linked absence of thyroxine-binding globulin
2243000 Hypercalcemia due to hyperthyroidism
2245007 Foreign body in nasopharynx
2251002 Primary hypotony of eye
2256007 Monovular twins
2261009 Obstetrical pulmonary fat embolism
2268003 Victim of homosexual aggression
2284002 Pulsating exophthalmos
2295008 Closed fracture of upper end of forearm
2296009 Iron dextran toxicity
2298005 Focal facial dermal dysplasia
2301009 Psychosomatic factor in physical condition, psychological component of unknown degree
2303007 Inguinal hernia with gangrene
2304001 Intervertebral discitis
2307008 Peripancreatic fat necrosis
2308003 Silent alleles
2312009 Reactive attachment disorder of infancy OR early childhood, inhibited type
2314005 Unprotected intercourse
2326000 Marriage annulment
2339001 Sexual overexposure
2341000 Infection caused by Moniliformis
2351004 Genetic transduction
2355008 Rud syndrome
2359002 Hyper-beta-alaninemia
2365002 Simple chronic pharyngitis
2366001 Late effect of dislocation
2367005 Acute hemorrhagic gastritis
2374000 Monofascicular block
2385003 Cellulitis of pectoral region
2388001 Normal variation in translucency
2390000 Acute gonococcal vulvovaginitis
2391001 Achondrogenesis
2396006 Malignant pyoderma
2398007 Quinidine toxicity by electrocardiogram
2403008 Dependence syndrome
2415007 Lumbosacral root lesion
2418009 Polyester fume causing toxic effect
2419001 Open wound of forehead with complication
2420007 Third degree burn of multiple sites of upper limb
2432006 Cerebrospinal fluid circulation disorder
2435008 Ascaridiasis
2437000 Placenta circumvallata
2438005 Iniencephaly
2439002 Purulent endocarditis
2443003 Hydrogen sulfide poisoning
2452007 Fetal rotation
2463005 Acquired heterochromia of iris
2469009 Onychomalacia
2470005 Brain damage
2471009 Intra-abdominal abscess postprocedure
2472002 Passes no urine
2473007 Intermittent vertical squint
2477008 Superficial phlebitis
2492009 Disorder of nutrition
2495006 Congenital cerebral arteriovenous aneurysm
2496007 Acalculia
2506003 Early onset dysthymia
2513003 Tinea capitis caused by Trichophyton
2518007 Cryptogenic sexual precocity
2521009 Bone conduction better than air
2523007 Salmonella pneumonia
2526004 Noninflammatory disorder of the female genital organs
2528003 Viremia
2532009 Choroidal rupture
2534005 Congenital absence of vena cava
2538008 Ketosis
2541004 Compulsive buying
2554006 Acute purulent pericarditis
2556008 Disease of supporting structures of teeth
2560006 Complex syndactyly of fingers
2562003 Athanasia trifurcata poisoning
2576002 Trachoma
2581006 Clasp knife rigidity
2582004 Deep third degree burn of multiple sites of lower limb
2583009 Filigreed network of venous valves
2584003 Cerebral degeneration in childhood
2585002 Pneumococcal pleurisy
2589008 Acute dacryoadenitis
2591000 Crush injury of shoulder region
2593002 Dubowitz syndrome
2602008 Hemarthrosis of shoulder
2606006 Boil of perineum
2615004 Graafian follicle cyst
2618002 Chronic recurrent major depressive disorder
2622007 Infected ulcer of skin
2624008 Prepubertal periodontitis
2625009 Senter syndrome
2630008 Open wound of finger without complication
2634004 Decreased blood erythrocyte volume
2638001 Hypercalcemia caused by a drug
2640006 Clinical stage 4
2651006 Closed traumatic dislocation of elbow joint
2655002 Invalidism
2657005 Overflow proteinuria
2663001 Palpatory proteinuria
2665008 Coordinate convulsion
2683000 Nonvenomous insect bite of axilla without infection
2689001 Dominant dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa with absence of skin
2694001 Myelophthisic anemia
2704003 Acute disease
2707005 Necrotizing enterocolitis
2713001 Closed pneumothorax
2724004 Auditory recruitment
2725003 Previous abnormality of glucose tolerance
2733002 Heel pain
2736005 Honeycomb atrophy of face
2740001 Gouty proteinuria
2749000 Congenital deformity of hip
2751001 Fibrocalculous pancreatic diabetes
2761008 Decreased stool caliber
2764000 Joint crackle
2770006 Fetal or neonatal effect of antibiotic transmitted via placenta and/or breast milk
2772003 Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita
2775001 Intra-articular loose body
2776000 Organic brain syndrome
2781009 Miscarriage complicated by delayed and/or excessive hemorrhage
2782002 Temporomandibular dysplasia
2783007 Gastrojejunal ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation
2786004 Epithelial ovarian tumor, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics stage III
2790002 Impairment level: one eye: total impairment: other eye: not specified
2805007 Phosmet poisoning
2806008 Impaired psychomotor development
2807004 Chronic gastrojejunal ulcer with perforation
2808009 Infection caused by Prosthenorchis elegans
2815001 Sexual pyromania
2816000 Dilated cardiomyopathy secondary to myotonic dystrophy
2818004 Congenital vascular anomaly of eye
2819007 Magnesium sulfate poisoning
2825006 Abrasion and/or friction burn of gum without infection
2828008 Congenital stenosis of nares
2829000 Uhl disease
2831009 Pyloric antral vascular ectasia
2835000 Hemolytic anemia due to cardiac trauma
2836004 Butane causing toxic effect
2838003 Piblokto
2840008 Open fracture of vault of skull with cerebral laceration AND/OR contusion
2850009 Infection caused by Schistosoma incognitum
2853006 Macular keratitis
2856003 Vitamin A-responsive dermatosis
2858002 Postpartum sepsis
2884008 Spherophakia-brachymorphia syndrome
2893009 Anomaly of chromosome pair 10
2897005 Immune thrombocytopenia
2899008 Thought blocking
2900003 Fibromuscular dysplasia of renal artery
2901004 Altered blood passed per rectum
2902006 Decreased lymphocyte life span
2904007 Male infertility
2910007 Discharge from penis
2912004 Cystic-bullous disease of the lung
2917005 Transient hypothyroidism
2918000 Infection caused by Bacteroides
2919008 Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
2929001 Arterial occlusion
2935001 Antiasthmatic poisoning
2940009 Intrabasal vesicular dermatitis
2946003 Osmotic diarrhea
2951009 Atopic cataract
2955000 Chronic ulcerative pulpitis
2965006 Nevoid congenital alopecia
2967003 Non-comitant strabismus
2972007 Occlusion of anterior spinal artery
2973002 Pelvic organ injury without open wound into abdominal cavity
2978006 Aneurysm of conjunctiva
2981001 Pulsatile mass of abdomen
2989004 Complication following molar AND/OR ectopic pregnancy
2990008 Lymphocytic leukemoid reaction
2992000 Pigmentary pallidal degeneration
2994004 Brain fag
2999009 Injury of ear region
3002002 Thyroid hemorrhage
3004001 Congenital dilatation of esophagus
3006004 Altered consciousness
3009006 Solanum malacoxylon poisoning
3013004 Open wound of ear drum without complication
3014005 Autoeczematization
3018008 Penetration of eyeball with magnetic foreign body
3019000 Closed anterior dislocation of elbow
3021005 Normal gastric acidity
3023008 Acute peptic ulcer without hemorrhage, without perforation AND without obstruction
3032005 Nonvenomous insect bite of cheek without infection
3033000 Bone AND/OR joint disorder of pelvis in mother complicating pregnancy, childbirth AND/OR puerperium
3038009 Acute lymphangitis of umbilicus
3044008 Vitreous prolapse
3053001 Poisoning caused by nitroglycerin
3059002 Acute lymphangitis of thigh
3067005 Weak C phenotype
3071008 Widow
3072001 Hormone-induced hypopituitarism
3073006 Ruvalcaba syndrome
3084004 Nonvenomous insect bite of gum without infection
3089009 Disability evaluation, impairment, class 7
3094009 Vomiting in infants AND/OR children
3095005 Induced malaria
3097002 Superficial injury of lip with infection
3098007 Ventricular septal rupture
3105002 Intron
3109008 Secondary dysthymia early onset
3110003 AOM - Acute otitis media
3119002 Brain stem laceration with open intracranial wound AND loss of consciousness
3129009 Infarction of ovary
3135009 OE - Otitis externa
3140001 Citrullinemia, subacute type
3144005 Staphylococcal pleurisy
3158007 Panic disorder with agoraphobia, agoraphobic avoidance in partial remission AND panic attacks in partial remission
3160009 Infertility of cervical origin
3163006 Acute adenoviral follicular conjunctivitis
3168002 Thrombophlebitis of intracranial venous sinus
3185000 Mood-congruent delusion
3199001 Sprain of shoulder joint
3200003 Sacrocoxalgia
3208005 Open wound of ossicles without complication
3214003 Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis
3217005 Open dislocation of sixth cervical vertebra
3218000 Mycotic disease
3219008 Disease type AND/OR category unknown
3228009 Closed fracture of the radial shaft
3229001 Tracheal ulcer
3230006 Illegal termination of pregnancy with afibrinogenemia
3238004 Pericarditis
3239007 Lymphocyte disorder
3253007 Dyschromia
3254001 Infection caused by Strongyloides westeri
3259006 Homeria species poisoning
3261002 Migratory osteolysis
3263004 Verumontanitis
3272007 Stomatocytosis
3274008 Flat chest
3275009 Behcet syndrome, vascular type
3276005 Toad poisoning
3277001 Terminal mood insomnia
3282008 Arc eye
3283003 Feeling of sand or foreign body in eye
3286006 Patient status determination, greatly improved
3289004 Anisometropia
3291007 Closed fracture of two ribs
3298001 Amnestic syndrome
3303004 Disease caused by Arenavirus
3304005 Bronchial compression
3305006 Disorder of lymphatic vessel
3308008 Atrophic-hyperplastic gastritis
3310005 Foreign body granuloma of skin
3321001 Renal abscess
3323003 Leukoplakia of penis
3327002 Acquired jerk nystagmus
3331008 Open fracture of neck of metacarpal bone
3344003 Toxic labyrinthitis
3345002 Idiopathic osteoporosis
3355003 Anti-common cold drug poisoning
3358001 Lichen ruber moniliformis
3368006 Dull chest pain
3376008 Pseudoptyalism
3381004 Open fracture of astragalus
3387000 Auditory discrimination aphasia
3391005 Negative for tumor cells
3393008 Phlebitis following infusion, perfusion AND/OR transfusion
3398004 Cadmium poisoning
3401001 Cercopithecus herpesvirus 1 disease
3415004 Cyanosis
3419005 Faucial diphtheria
3421000 Open blow-out fracture orbit
3424008 Heart rate fast
3426005 Retained magnetic intraocular foreign body
3427001 Nonglucosuric melituria
3434004 Myotonia
3439009 Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) due to absent peripheral T cell maturation
3441005 Disorder of sebaceous gland
3446000 Open fracture of T7-T12 level with spinal cord injury
3449007 Finger agnosia
3456001 Chronic progressive non-hereditary chorea
3458000 Myositis ossificans associated with dermato / polymyositis
3461004 Deep third degree burn of thumb
3464007 Infection caused by Oesophagostomum dentatum
3468005 Neonatal infective mastitis
3469002 Partial thickness burn of thumb
3472009 Spondylolisthesis, grade 4
3474005 Glycine max poisoning
3480002 Burn of wrist
3482005 Postoperative esophagitis
3483000 Chronic peptic ulcer with perforation
3487004 Pulmonary candidiasis
3500002 Open wound of ossicles with complication
3502005 Cervical lymphadenitis
3503000 Gender identity disorder of adolescence, previously asexual
3505007 Nonallopathic lesion of the arm
3506008 Stenosis of retinal artery
3507004 Abscess of thigh
3511005 Infectious thyroiditis
3514002 Peribronchial fibrosis of lung
3519007 Disorder of synovium
3528008 Restricted carbohydrate fat controlled diet
3529000 Infection caused by Sanguinicola
3530005 Bipolar 1 disorder, single manic episode, full remission
3531009 Intrapsychic conflict
3533007 Acute palmoplantar pustular psoriasis
3539006 Enteromenia
3542000 Laceration extending into parenchyma of spleen with open wound into abdominal cavity
3544004 Hair-splitting
3545003 Diastolic dysfunction
3548001 Brachial plexus disorder
3549009 Pancreatic acinar atrophy
3558002 Mesenteric infarction
3560000 Bilateral recurrent inguinal hernia
3570003 Increased blood erythrocyte volume
3571004 Megaloblastic anemia due to pancreatic insufficiency
3577000 Lattice retinal degeneration
3585009 Blinking
3586005 Psychogenic fugue
3589003 Syphilitic pericarditis
3590007 Enteroenteric fistula
3591006 Metabolic acidosis, normal anion gap, bicarbonate losses
3598000 Partial recent retinal detachment with single defect
3611003 Demeton poisoning
3633001 Abscess of hand
3634007 Legal termination of pregnancy complicated by metabolic disorder
3639002 Glossoptosis
3640000 Late effect of traumatic amputation
3641001 Infection caused by Coenurosis serialis
3642008 Steryl-sulfate sulfohydrolase deficiency
3644009 Macerated skin
3649004 Contusion, multiple sites of trunk
3650004 Congenital absence of liver,total
3652007 Overproduction of growth hormone
3657001 Osteospermum species poisoning
3660008 Lethal glossopharyngeal defect
3662000 Rolling hiatus hernia
3677008 Academic problem
3680009 Monocephalus tripus dibrachius
3681008 Thrombophlebitis of torcular Herophili
3696007 Functional dyspepsia
3699000 Transverse deficiency of arm
3703002 Ischiatic hernia with gangrene
3704008 Diffuse endocapillary proliferative glomerulonephritis
3705009 Congenital malformation of anterior chamber of eye
3712000 Degenerated eye
3716002 Thyroid goiter
3720003 Abnormal presence of hemoglobin
3723001 Joint inflammation
3733009 Congenital eventration of right crus of diaphragm
3736001 Open wound of thumbnail with tendon involvement
3738000 VH - Viral hepatitis
3744001 Hyperlipoproteinemia
3745000 Sleep rhythm problem
3747008 EC - Ejection click
3750006 Arteriospasm
3751005 Contusion of labium
3752003 Infection by Trichuris
3754002 Dysplasia of vagina
3755001 PRP - Pityriasis rubra pilaris
3756000 Static ataxia
3759007 Injury of heart with open wound into thorax
3760002 Familial multiple factor deficiency syndrome, type V
3762005 Bilateral recurrent femoral hernia with gangrene
3763000 Expected bereavement due to life event
3783004 Enamel pearls
3797007 Periodontal cyst
3798002 Premature birth of identical twins, both stillborn
3815005 Crohn disease of rectum
3820005 Inner ear conductive hearing loss
3827008 Aneurysm of artery of neck
3830001 Subcutaneous emphysema
3841004 Blister of cheek with infection
3845008 Duplication of intestine
3855007 Disorder of pancreas
3859001 Late effect of open wound of extremities without tendon injury
3873005 Failed attempted termination of pregnancy with acute necrosis of liver
3885002 ABO isoimmunization in pregnancy
3886001 Congenital fecaliths
3899003 Neutropenic typhlitis
3900008 Mixed sensory-motor polyneuropathy
3902000 Non dose-related drug-induced neutropenia
3903005 Closed traumatic pneumothorax
3908001 Infestation caused by Haematopinus
3909009 Coeur en sabot
3913002 Injury of gastrointestinal tract with open wound into abdominal cavity
3914008 Mental disorder in childhood
3928002 Zika virus disease
3939004 Bacterial colony density, transparent
3944006 X-linked placental steryl-sulfatase deficiency
3947004 High oxygen affinity hemoglobin polycythemia
3950001 Birth
3951002 Proctitis
3972004 Idiopathic insomnia
3975002 Deep third degree burn of lower limb
3978000 AIHA - Warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia
3987009 Congenital absence of trachea
3993001 Infection caused by Muellerius
3999002 Acute pyelitis without renal medullary necrosis
4003003 Alphavirus disease
4004009 Monster with cranial anomalies
4006006 Foetal tachycardia affecting management of mother
4009004 Lower urinary tract infection
4016003 Empyema of mastoid
4017007 Increased stratum corneum adhesiveness
4022007 Vulvitis circumscripta plasmacellularis
4026005 Interstitial mastitis associated with childbirth
4030008 Le Dantec virus disease
4038001 Myrotheciotoxicosis
4039009 Multiple vitamin deficiency disease
4040006 Hassall-Henle bodies
4041005 Congenital anomaly of macula
4046000 Degenerative spondylolisthesis
4062006 Lumbosacral plexus lesion
4063001 Achillodynia
4069002 Anoxic brain damage during AND/OR resulting from a procedure
4070001 Palinphrasia
4075006 Peganum harmala poisoning
4082005 Syphilitic myocarditis
4088009 Acquired hydrocephalus
4089001 Meningococcemia
4092002 Nonallopathic lesion of costovertebral region
4103001 Complex partial seizure
4106009 Rotator cuff rupture
4107000 Infertile male syndrome
4113009 Arrested hydrocephalus
4120002 Bronchiolitis
4124006 Insect bite, nonvenomous, of vagina, infected
4127004 Prostatic obstruction
4129001 Argyll-Robertson pupil
4135001 11p partial monosomy syndrome
4136000 Macrodactylia of toes
4142001 Muscular asthenopia
4152002 Acquired hypoprothrombinemia
4160001 Congenital anomaly of upper respiratory system
4168008 Tibial plateau chondromalacia
4170004 Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, procollagen proteinase resistant
4174008 Tripartite placenta
4175009 Infestation by Estrus
4178006 Partial recent retinal detachment with multiple defects
4181001 Normal peak expiratory flow rate
4183003 Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, type IC
4184009 Congenital malformation of the endocrine glands
4191007 Scaphoid head
4195003 Duplication of anus
4197006 Disability evaluation, impairment, class 5
4199009 18p partial trisomy syndrome
4208000 Closed multiple fractures of both lower limbs
4210003 OH - Ocular hypertension
4223005 Parkinsonism caused by drug
4224004 Complication of infusion
4225003 Nasal tuberculosis
4229009 Phthisical eye
4232007 Chronic vulvitis
4237001 Suppurative pulpitis
4240001 Rupture of aorta
4241002 Listeria infection
4242009 18q partial monosomy syndrome
4244005 Urticaria neonatorum
4248008 Synovitis AND/OR tenosynovitis associated with another disease
4249000 Poor peripheral circulation
4251001 Internal eye sign
4260009 Sacral spinal cord injury without bone injury
4262001 Phlebitis of superior sagittal sinus
4264000 Chronic pericoronitis
4269005 Chronic gastrojejunal ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation
4273008 Closed posterior dislocation of elbow
4275001 Conjugate gaze spasm
4278004 Superficial foreign body of axilla without major open wound but with infection
4283007 Mirizzi syndrome
4287008 Chordee of penis
4294006 Isosexual precocious puberty
4300009 Deep third degree burn of forearm
4301008 Autoimmune state
4306003 Cluster B personality disorder
4307007 Pregestational diabetes mellitus AND/OR impaired glucose tolerance, modified White class F
4308002 RSIS - Repetitive strain injury syndrome
4310000 Third degree burn of wrist AND/OR hand
4313003 Acardiacus anceps
4316006 Myometritis
4320005 Factor V deficiency
4324001 Subacute cystitis
4325000 11q partial monosomy syndrome
4332009 Subarachnoid hemorrhage following injury without open intracranial wound AND with concussion
4338008 Arnold nerve reflex cough syndrome
4340003 Acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans
4349002 Open fracture of multiple sites of metacarpus
4354006 Open dislocation of scapula
4356008 Gingival soft tissue recession
4359001 Early congenital syphilis
4364002 Structure of associations
4367009 Hoover sign
4373005 Clubbing of nail
4374004 TV - Congenital tricuspid valve abnormality
4381006 Verbal paraphasia
4386001 Bronchospasm
4390004 Chronic lithium nephrotoxicity
4397001 Partial congenital duodenal obstruction
4399003 Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis
4403007 Exclamation point hair
4406004 Congenital anomaly of male genital system
4409006 Combined methylmalonic acidemia and homocystinuria due to defects in adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin synthesis
4410001 Retroperitoneal hernia with obstruction
4412009 Digital nerve injury
4414005 Infection caused by Setaria
4416007 Heerfordt syndrome
4418008 Gangrenous ergotism
4426000 Ten previous induced terminations of pregnancy
4434006 BS - Bloom syndrome
4439001 Axenfeld-Schurenberg syndrome
4441000 Severe bipolar disorder with psychotic features
4445009 TB - Urogenital tuberculosis
4448006 Allergic headache
4451004 Illegal termination of pregnancy with renal tubular necrosis
4461006 Complication of administrative procedure
4463009 Indiana-Maryland type amyloid polyneuropathy
4464003 Rocio virus disease
4465002 Spherophakia
4468000 Oppenheim gait
4470009 Blanching of skin
4473006 Migraine with aura
4477007 Juvenile myopathy AND lactate acidosis
4478002 Multiple fractures of upper AND lower limbs
4481007 Abnormal gastric secretion regulation
4483005 Syphilitic punched out ulcer
104001 Excision of lesion of patella
115006 Fit removable orthodontic appliance
119000 Thoracoscopic partial lobectomy of lung
121005 Retrobulbar injection of therapeutic agent
128004 Hand microscope examination of skin
133000 Percutaneous implantation of neurostimulator electrodes into neuromuscular component
135007 Arthrotomy of wrist joint with exploration and biopsy
142007 Excision of tumor from shoulder area, deep, intramuscular
146005 Repair of nonunion of metatarsal with bone graft
153001 Cystourethroscopy with resection of ureterocele
160007 Removal of foreign body of tendon and/or tendon sheath
166001 Behavioral therapy
170009 Special potency disk identification, vancomycin test
174000 Harrison-Richardson operation on vagina
176003 Anastomosis of rectum
189009 Excision of lesion of artery
197002 Mold to yeast conversion test
230009 Miller operation, urethrovesical suspension
243009 Replacement of cerebral ventricular tube
245002 Division of nerve ganglion
262007 Percutaneous aspiration of renal pelvis
267001 Anal fistulectomy, multiple
285008 Incision and drainage of vulva
294002 Excisional biopsy of joint structure of spine
295001 Nonexcisional destruction of cyst of ciliary body
306005 US kidneys
316002 Partial dacryocystectomy
334003 Panorex examination of mandible
342002 Amobarbital interview
346004 Periodontal scaling and root planing, per quadrant
348003 Radionuclide dynamic function study
351005 Urinary undiversion of ureteral anastomosis
352003 Reagent RBC, preparation antibody sensitized pool
353008 IV/irrigation monitoring
374009 Costosternoplasty for pectus excavatum repair
388008 Blepharorrhaphy
389000 Tobramycin level
401004 Distal subtotal pancreatectomy
406009 Fulguration of stomach lesion
417005 Hospital re-admission
435001 Pulmonary inhalation study
445004 Repair of malunion of tibia
456004 Total abdominal colectomy with ileostomy
459006 Closed condylotomy of mandible
463004 Closed reduction of coxofemoral joint dislocation with splint
468008 Glutathione measurement
474008 Esophagoenteric anastomosis, intrathoracic
489004 Ferritin level
493005 Urobilinogen measurement, 48-hour, feces
494004 Excision of lesion of tonsil
497006 Replacement of cochlear prosthesis, multiple channels
503003 Corneal gluing
531007 Open pulmonary valve commissurotomy with inflow occlusion
533005 Repair of vesicocolic fistula
535003 Closure of ureterovesicovaginal fistula
540006 Antibody to single and double stranded DNA measurement
543008 Choledochostomy with transduodenal sphincteroplasty
545001 Operative procedure on lower leg
549007 Incision of intracranial vein
550007 Excision of lesion of adenoids
559008 Excision of varicose vein
570001 Vaccination for arthropod-borne viral encephalitis
574005 Benzodiazepine measurement
603006 Synchondrotomy
617002 Bone graft of mandible
618007 Frontal sinusectomy
625000 Removal of supernumerary digit
628003 Steinman test
629006 Lysis of adhesions of urethra
633004 Chart review by physician
637003 Lysis of adhesions of nose
642006 Cerebral thermography
645008 Diagnostic procedure on vitreous
647000 Excision of cervix by electroconization
657004 Operation on bursa
665001 Partial meniscectomy of temporomandibular joint
670008 Electrosurgical epilation of eyebrow
671007 Transplantation of testis
673005 Indirect examination of larynx
674004 Abduction test
676002 Peritoneal dialysis including cannulation
680007 Radiation physics consultation
687005 Albumin/Globulin ratio
695009 Destructive procedure of lesion on skin of trunk
697001 Hepatitis A virus antibody measurement
710006 Thromboendarterectomy with graft of mesenteric artery
712003 Closed chest suction
721002 Medical procedure on periurethral tissue
722009 Fine needle biopsy of thymus
726007 Pathology consultation, comprehensive, records and specimen with report
730005 Incision of subcutaneous tissue
741007 Operation on prostate
746002 Chiropractic adjustment of coccyx subluxation
753006 Manipulation of ankle AND foot
754000 Total urethrectomy
759005 Intracerebral electroencephalogram
762008 Computerized axial tomography of cervical spine with contrast
764009 Arthrodesis of interphalangeal joint of great toe
767002 White blood cell count - observation
789003 Cranial decompression, subtemporal, supratentorial
791006 Dressing and fixation procedure
807005 Excision of brain
814007 Electrophoresis measurement
817000 Excision of cyst of spleen
831000 Drawer test
851001 Root canal therapy, molar, excluding final restoration
853003 Fecal fat measurement, 72-hour collection
867007 Hypoglossofacial anastomosis
870006 Carbamazepine measurement
879007 Special blood coagulation test, explain by report
881009 Separation of ciliary body
893000 Tumor antigen measurement
897004 Radical maxillary antrotomy
910002 MHPG measurement, urine
911003 Removal of subarachnoid-ureteral shunt
913000 Chiropractic patient education
926001 Embolectomy with catheter of radial artery by arm incision
935008 Excision of bulbourethral gland
941001 Endoscopy of pituitary gland
945005 Excision of tibia and fibula for graft
948007 Phlebectomy of intracranial varicose vein
951000 Ultrasonic guidance for endomyocardial biopsy
956005 Anesthesia for procedure on thoracic esophagus
967006 Drug treatment education
969009 Incision and exploration of larynx
971009 Prosthetic construction and fitting
1001000 Cauterization of Bartholin's gland
1008006 Operation on nerve ganglion
1019009 Removal of corneal epithelium
1021004 Repair of scrotum
1029002 Fetoscopy
1032004 Enucleation of parotid gland cyst
1035002 Minimum bactericidal concentration test, microdilution method
1036001 Insertion of intravascular device in common iliac vein, complete
1041009 Debridement of open fracture of phalanges of foot
1042002 Paternity testing
1043007 Doppler color flow velocity mapping
1044001 Diagnostic ultrasound of abdomen and retroperitoneum
1048003 Capillary blood sampling
1054002 Sphincterotomy of papilla of Vater
1071001 Proximal splenorenal anastomosis
1084005 Excision of perinephric cyst
1093006 Excision of abdominal varicose vein
1103000 Transcrural mobilization of stapes
1104006 Triad knee repair
1115001 Decortication
1119007 Closed reduction of dislocation of foot and toe
1121002 Kinetic activities for range of motion
1127003 Interstitial radium application
1133007 Removal of intact mammary implant, bilateral
1163003 Ureteroenterostomy
1176009 Incision of inguinal region
1181000 Excision of tendon for graft
1186005 Anesthesia for procedure on bony pelvis
1198000 Excisional biopsy of bone of scapula
1209007 Arthroscopic repair lateral meniscus
1225002 Upper arm X-ray
1227005 Incision of subvalvular tissue for discrete subvalvular aortic stenosis
1235008 Muscle transfer
1237000 Application of cast, sugar tong
1238005 Epiphyseal arrest by stapling of distal radius
1251000 Incisional biopsy of testis
1253002 Refusion of spine
1258006 Excision of meniscus of wrist
1266002 Closure of tympanic membrane perforation
1267006 Electrocoagulation of lesion of vagina
1278003 Open reduction of closed shoulder dislocation with fracture of greater tuberosity
1279006 Repair of cardiac pacemaker pocket in skin AND/OR subcutaneous tissue
1292009 MRI of bladder
1299000 Excision of appendiceal stump
1315009 Reconstruction of eyebrow
1316005 Upper partial denture, cast metal base without resin saddles, including any conventional clasps, rests and teeth
1324000 Cerebrospinal fluid immunoglobulin G ratio and immunoglobulin G index
1327007 Procedure on Meckel diverticulum
1328002 Ilioiliac shunt
1329005 Division of congenital web of larynx
1337002 Colosigmoidostomy
1339004 Manual evacuation of feces
1347004 Medical procedure on palate
1352009 Anterior spinal rhizotomy
1358008 Anti-human globulin test, enzyme technique, titer
1366004 Breathing treatment
1385001 Echography, scan B-mode for foetal age determination
1390003 Laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy
1398005 Direct thrombectomy of iliac vein by leg incision
1399002 Incision and exploration of ureter
1407007 Application of long leg cast, brace type
1410000 Anesthesia for tympanotomy
1411001 Operation on papillary muscle of heart
1413003 Penetrating keratoplasty with homograft
1414009 Angiography of arteriovenous shunt
1417002 Operation on face
1431002 pexy
1440003 Repair with resection-recession
1449002 Removal of hair
1453000 Biofeedback, galvanic skin response
1455007 Cerclage
1457004 Truncal vagotomy with pyloroplasty and gastrostomy
1494008 Osmolarity measurement
1500007 Bilateral epididymovasostomy
1501006 Altemeier operation, perineal rectal pull-through
1505002 Hospital admission for isolation
1529009 Aspiration of soft tissue
1533002 Ureteroplication
1550000 Amikacin level
1555005 Brief group psychotherapy
1559004 Interleukin (IL)-2 assay
1576000 Repair of intestinouterine fistula
1577009 Implantation of cardiac single-chamber device replacement, rate-responsive
1578004 Reconstruction of ossicles with stapedectomy
1583007 Tractotomy of mesencephalon
1585000 Lengthening of gastrocnemius muscle
1596008 Anesthesia for total elbow replacement
1597004 Skeletal X-ray of ankle and foot
1602006 Social service interview with planning
1614003 Bilateral repair of inguinal hernia, direct
1615002 Reline upper partial denture, chairside
1616001 Galactosylceramide beta-galactosidase measurement, leukocytes
1636000 Injection of sclerosing agent in varicose vein
1638004 Cineplasty with cineplastic prosthesis of extremity
1640009 History and physical examination, insurance
1645004 Transduodenal sphincterotomy
1651009 Excision of tendon sheath
1653007 Internal fixation of bone without fracture reduction
1669000 Making occupied bed
1677001 Haagensen test
1678006 Endoscopic procedure of nerve
1680000 Secondary chemoprophylaxis
1683003 Direct closure of laceration of conjunctiva
1689004 Local excision of ovary
1691007 Drainage of abscess of tonsil
1699009 Special dosimetry
1702002 Labial veneer, resin laminate, laboratory
1704001 Correction of tibial pseudoarthrosis
1709006 Breast reconstruction, bilateral, with bilateral pedicle transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous flaps
1712009 Immunoglobulin typing, immunoglobulin G
1713004 Hypothermia, total body, induction and maintenance
1730002 Suture of skin wound of hindfoot
1746005 Buckling of sclera using implant
1747001 Replacement of skeletal muscle stimulator
1753001 Resection of uveal tissue
1757000 Arthroscopy of wrist with partial synovectomy
1759002 Assessment of nutritional status
1770009 Mitral valvotomy
1774000 Nasopharyngeal rehabilitation
1775004 Submaxillary incision with drainage
1784004 Fecal stercobilin, qualitative
1787006 Ultrasonic guidance for pericardiocentesis
1788001 Blood unit collection for directed donation, donor
1801001 Endoscopic biopsy of duodenum
1805005 Take-down of stoma
1811008 Aspiration of bursa of hand
1813006 Cryotherapy of genital warts
1820004 Ethanol measurement, breath
1830008 Open reduction of open sacral fracture
1836002 Excision of diverticulum of ventricle of heart
1844002 Plication of ligament
1854003 Incision of nose
1859008 Hand tendon foreign body removed
1861004 Anesthesia for closed procedure on humerus and elbow
1862006 Thoracic phlebectomy
1866009 Bilateral total nephrectomy
1868005 FB - Removal of foreign body from brain
1870001 Insertion of halo device of skull with synchronous skeletal traction
1871002 Repair of aneurysm of coronary artery
1872009 Suture of male perineum
1876007 Recession of prognathic jaw
1879000 Fluorescent antigen measurement
1889001 Patient transfer, in-hospital, unit-to-unit
1906007 Insertion of prosthesis or prosthetic device of arm, bioelectric or cineplastic
1907003 Bifurcation of bone
1917008 Patient discharge, deceased, medicolegal case
1924009 Hepaticotomy with drainage
1950008 Drainage of nasal septal abscess
1958001 Grafting of bone of thumb with transfer of skin flap
1966005 Central block anesthesia
1983001 Total urethrectomy including cystostomy in female
1995001 Stripping of cerebral meninges
1999007 Psychologic test
2002009 Construction of subcutaneous tunnel without esophageal anastomosis
2021001 Internal fixation of radius and ulna without fracture reduction
2051007 Red cell iron utilization study
2054004 Barbiturates measurement, quantitative and qualitative
2067001 Implantation of electromagnetic hearing aid
2069003 Dental subperiosteal implant
2078009 Puncture of bursa of hand
2079001 Reimplantation of anomalous pulmonary artery
2080003 Angiectomy with anastomosis of lower limb artery
2098004 Open reduction of open mandibular fracture with external fixation
2115003 Dental prophylaxis, children
2119009 Repair of blood vessel
2127000 Reduction of closed sacral fracture
2137005 Excision of pericardial tumor
2153008 Cardiac catheterization education
2161003 Operation on vulva
2164006 Injection of aorta
2166008 Bicuspidization of aortic valve
2171001 Excision of tonsil tags
2178007 Ureterocentesis
2181002 Operation for bone injury of tarsals and metatarsals
2188008 Suture of tendon to skeletal attachment
2193006 Repair of ruptured aneurysm with graft of celiac artery
2196003 Gas liquid chromatography, electron capture type
2199005 Excision of lesion of cul-de-sac
2214008 Curette test of skin
2220009 Complement component assay
2225004 Sensititer system test
2234009 Proctosigmoidopexy
2238007 Stone operation, anoplasty
2242005 Reconstruction of eyelid
2244006 Arthroscopy of wrist with internal fixation for instability
2250001 Resection of ascending aorta with anastomosis
2252009 Hospital admission, urgent, 48 hours
2266004 Venography of adrenal, bilateral
2267008 Replacement of tracheostomy tube
2270007 Correction of cleft hand
2276001 Exploration of popliteal artery
2278000 Urinalysis, automated
2279008 Antibody detection, red blood cell, enzyme, 1 stage technique, including anti-human globulin
2290003 Microbial culture, anaerobic, initial isolation
2315006 Brain meninges operation
2318008 Anesthesia for cast procedure on forearm, wrist or hand
2321005 Delivery by Ritgen maneuver
2322003 Suture of recent wound of eyelid, direct closure, full-thickness
2337004 Adductor tenotomy
2344008 Complicated cystorrhaphy
2347001 Diagnostic model construction
2364003 Radical resection of tumor of soft tissue of wrist area
2371008 Tympanoplasty type II with graft against incus or malleus
2373006 Buffy coat smear evaluation
2382000 Application of breast pump
2386002 Closed reduction of dislocation of patella
2393003 Ligation of vein of lower limb
2406000 Chart periodontal pocket
2407009 Excision of mediastinal tumor
2408004 Hexosaminidase A and total hexosaminidase measurement, serum
2409007 Replantation of toe
2425002 Epstein-Barr virus serologic test
2442008 Incision of lacrimal canaliculus
2448007 Cell count of synovial fluid with differential count
2455009 Revision of lumbosubarachnoid shunt
2457001 Blind rehabilitation
2458006 Educational therapy
2459003 Destructive procedure of artery of upper extremity
2461007 Tennis elbow test
2474001 Repair of malunion of metatarsal bones
2475000 Twenty-four hour collection of urine
2480009 Debridement of skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle and bone
2486003 Destructive procedure of breast
2488002 Provision of contact lens
2494005 Nurse to nurse communication
2498008 Rebase of upper partial denture
2507007 5' Nucleotidase measurement
2508002 Retrograde urography with kidney-ureter-bladder
2514009 Manual reduction of closed supracondylar fracture of humerus with traction
2517002 Stroke rehabilitation
2530001 Chiropractic visit
2531002 Mononuclear cell function assay
2535006 Removal of pulp - complete
2536007 Injection of medication in anterior chamber of eye
2547000 Excision of keloid
2552005 Incision of cerebral subarachnoid space
2564002 Creation of lumbar shunt including laminectomy
2566000 Osteoplasty of radius
2567009 Resection of rib by transaxillary approach
2580007 Transplant of hair follicles to scalp
2598006 Open heart surgery
2601001 Removal of bone flap of skull
2607002 Operation of supporting structures of uterus
2613006 Implantation of joint prosthesis of hand
2614000 Removal of ligature from fallopian tube
2616003 Repair of bifid digit of hand
2619005 Psychiatric interpretation to family or parents of patient
2629003 Intracranial/cerebral perfusion pressure monitoring
2632000 Incision and drainage of infected bursa of upper arm
2642003 Prefabricated post and core in addition to crown
2643008 Ligation of varicose vein of head and neck
2644002 Cauterization of liver
2645001 Intelligence test/WB1
2646000 Incision and exploration of vas deferens
2658000 Social service interview of patient
2659008 Suture of ligament of lower extremity
2668005 Recementation of space maintainer
2670001 Diagnostic procedure on cornea
2673004 Incision and drainage of masticator space by extraoral approach
2677003 Stripping
2690005 MRI of pelvis
2693007 Stool fat, quantitative measurement
2696004 Hepatic venography with hemodynamic evaluation
2697008 Stripping and ligation of great saphenous vein
2716009 Dermal-fat-fascia graft
2722000 Interleukin-3 assay
2731000 Serologic test for influenza virus A
2732007 Recession of tendon of hand
2737001 Exploratory craniotomy, infratentorial
2742009 Destruction of Bartholin's gland
2743004 Operative endoscopy of ileum
2745006 Epiplopexy
2752008 Incudopexy
2780005 Osteoplasty of facial bones
2794006 Cauterization of navel
2802005 Manual dilation and stretching
2811005 Cineradiography of pharynx
2813008 Nephroureterocystectomy
2837008 Transposition of ulnar nerve at elbow
2842000 Gas chromatography measurement
2843005 Revision of urinary conduit
2847006 Cervical myelography
2851008 Arthrotomy for synovectomy of sternoclavicular joint
2854000 Bursectomy of hand
2857007 Pinealectomy
2866006 Obliteration of lymphatic structure
2875008 Implantation of joint prosthesis of elbow
2876009 Hospital admission, type unclassified, explain by report
2885009 Intradermal allergen test
2891006 Arthroscopy of elbow with partial synovectomy
2898000 Deoxyribonucleic acid analysis, antenatal, blood
2903001 Diagnostic procedure on anterior chamber of eye
2908005 Cryotherapy to hemorrhoid
2914003 Anterior sclerotomy
2915002 Suture of capsule of ankle
2933008 Pneumogynecography
2945004 Suprapubic diverticulectomy of urinary bladder
2947007 Therapeutic compound measurement
2960001 Closure of fistula of uterine cervix
2968008 Craniectomy with treatment of penetrating wound of brain
2970004 Metacarpal lengthening and transfer of local flap
2971000 Closure of acquired urethrovaginal fistula
2977001 Thrombectomy of lower limb vein
3001009 Total lobectomy with bronchoplasty
3010001 Removal of silastic tubes from ear
3016007 Removal of Crutchfield tongs from skull
3025001 Calcitonin measurement
3026000 Tibiotalar arthrodesis
3029007 Peripheral nervous system disease rehabilitation
3041000 Repair of stomach
3047001 Kowa fundus photography
3060007 Forequarter amputation, right
3061006 Complete excision of nail AND nail matrix
3063009 Gastroscopy through artificial stoma
3075004 Nonoperative removal of prosthesis of bile duct
3078002 Embolectomy with catheter of renal artery by abdominal incision
3083005 Removal of device from thorax
3088001 Anesthesia for endoscopic procedure on upper extremity
3090000 Aneurysmectomy with graft replacement of lower limb artery
3112006 Restraint removal
3116009 Clotting screening
3130004 Monitoring of cardiac output by electrocardiogram
3133002 Patient discharge, deceased, autopsy
3137001 Replacement
3143004 Visual field examination and evaluation, intermediate
3162001 Gadolinium measurement
3164000 Open reduction of closed mandibular fracture with interdental fixation
3165004 Irrigation of muscle of hand
3166003 Closure of fistula of salivary gland
3177009 Internal obstetrical version
3183007 Closure of colostomy
3186004 Excision of Skene gland
3190002 Epilation by forceps
3204007 Destructive procedure of nerve
3241008 Correction of chordee with mobilization of urethra
3249005 Surgical construction of filtration bleb
3251009 Mayo operation, herniorrhaphy
3256004 Cervical lymphangiogram
3257008 Empty and measure peritoneal dialysis fluid
3258003 Cerebral arteriography
3268008 Transplantation of tissue of pelvic region
3270004 Implantation of neurostimulator in spine
3278006 Lysis of adhesions of bursa of hand
3287002 Cholecystogastrostomy
3320000 Abt - autologous blood transfusion
3324009 Laser beam photocoagulation
3326006 Excision of exostosis of head of fifth metatarsal
3328007 Incision of vein of head and neck
3333006 Application of short arm splint, forearm to hand, static
3338002 Open reduction of open radial shaft fracture
3352000 PTH - Parathyroid hormone level
3357006 Iron kinetics
3360004 Biliary anastomosis
3390006 Verification procedure
3399007 Reduction of torsion of omentum
3407002 Creation of lesion of spinal cord by percutaneous method
3413006 Blood cell morphology
3418002 Chondrectomy of spine
3432000 Preventive dental service
3443008 Pulp capping
3448004 Fixation of contralateral testis
3450007 Lymphocytes, T & B cell evaluation
3457005 Referral procedure
3479000 Removal of heart assist system with replacement
3498003 Total excision of pituitary gland by transsphenoidal approach
3499006 Aspiration of vitreous with replacement
3509001 Streptococcus vaccination
3512003 Angiography of arteries of extremity
3515001 Replacement of electronic heart device, pulse generator
3517009 Removal of foreign body of pelvis from subcutaneous tissue
3518004 Aversive psychotherapy
3527003 Antibody measurement
3546002 CVG - Coronary vein graft
3559005 Insertion of ureteral stent with ureterotomy
3562008 Rodney Smith operation, radical subtotal pancreatectomy
3564009 Removal of foreign body from fallopian tube
3575008 Repair of fascia with graft of fascia
3580004 Removal of calculus of pharynx
3605001 Reduction of ciliary body
3607009 Transplantation of mesenteric tissue
3620007 Red cell survival study with hepatic sequestration
3625002 Anesthesia for brachial arteriograms, retrograde
3651000 Morphometric analysis, nerve
3654008 Excision of lingula
3659003 Incision of inner ear
3664004 Closure of scleral fistula
3666002 Repair of peripheral nerve by suturing
3669009 Fitting of prosthesis or prosthetic device of upper arm
3673007 Leadbetter urethral reconstruction
3683006 Selenium measurement, urine
3686003 Zancolli operation for tendon transfer of biceps
3688002 Anesthesia for lens surgery
3690001 Shunt of left subclavian to descending aorta by Blalock-Park operation
3691002 Wedge osteotomy of tarsals and metatarsals
3697003 Tissue processing technique, routine, embed, cut and stain, per autopsy
3700004 Erysophake extraction of lens
3701000 Removal of foreign body of hip from subcutaneous tissue
3713005 Release for de Quervain tenosynovitis of hand
3717006 Dilute Russell viper venom time
3734003 SSG - Split skin graft
3735002 Coproporphyrin III measurement
3740005 Removal of foreign body of canthus by incision
3748003 Biopsy of perirenal tissue
3749006 Reduction of closed ischial fracture
3758004 Thrombectomy with catheter of subclavian artery by neck incision
3770000 Ward urine dip stick testing
3778007 Scrotum manipulation
3780001 Routine patient disposition, no follow-up planned
3784005 Delayed hypersensitivity skin test for streptokinase-streptodornase
3786007 Excision of lesion of pharynx
3787003 Ultrasonic guidance for needle biopsy
3794000 Pregnanetriol measurement
3796003 Excision of redundant mucosa from jejunostomy
3799005 Radiography of adenoids
3802001 Topical application of tooth medicament - desensitizing agent
3819004 Embolization of thoracic artery
3826004 Blepharotomy with drainage of abscess of eyelid
3828003 Open biopsy of vertebral body of thoracic region
3831002 Chiropractic application of ice
3843001 Removal of foreign body from fascia
3858009 Echography of thyroid, A-mode
3861005 Aneurysmectomy with anastomosis of lower limb artery
3862003 Total vital capacity measurement
3864002 Excisional biopsy of scrotum
3880007 Excision of lesion of fibula
3881006 Incision and drainage of submental space by extraoral approach
3887005 Wart ligation
3889008 Suture of lip
3891000 Comprehensive orthodontic treatment, permanent dentition, for class I malocclusion
3895009 Dressing
3907006 Incision and drainage of retroperitoneal abscess
3911000 Transplantation of muscle
3915009 Excision of artery of thorax and abdomen
3917001 Excisional biopsy of phalanges of foot
3918006 Plastic repair with lengthening
3926003 Lactate measurement
3929005 Patient transfer, in-hospital, bed-to-bed
3936006 Making Foster bed
3938007 Cerclage for retinal reattachment
3942005 Cystopexy
3955006 Antibody elution from red blood cells
3957003 Arteriectomy of thoracoabdominal aorta
3963007 Operation on submaxillary gland
3967008 Fluorescence polarization immunoassay
3968003 Excision of spinal facet joint
3969006 Removal of osteocartilagenous loose body from joint structures
3971006 Duchenne muscular dystrophy carrier detection
3980006 Partial excision of esophagus
3981005 Carrier detection, molecular genetics
3985001 Anesthesia for procedure on arteries of lower leg with bypass graft
3991004 MRI of pelvis, prostate and bladder
3998005 Bone imaging of limited area
4007002 Anti-human globulin test, indirect, titer, non-gamma
4008007 Phlebography of neck
4010009 Oophorectomy of remaining ovary with tube
4027001 Implantation of electronic stimulator into phrenic nerve
4034004 Closed reduction of facial fracture, except mandible
4035003 Restoration, resin, two surfaces, posterior, permanent
4036002 Arthroscopy of elbow with extensive debridement
4037006 Removal of vascular graft or prosthesis
4044002 Construction of permanent colostomy
4045001 Drainage of cerebral ventricle by incision
4052004 Percutaneous aspiration of spinal cord cyst
4064007 Specimen aliquoting
4068005 Removal of ventricular reservoir with synchronous replacement
4083000 Fitting of prosthesis or prosthetic device of lower arm
4084006 Repair of tendon of hand by graft or implant of muscle
4090005 Replacement of transvenous atrial and ventricular pacemaker electrode leads
4094001 Reduction of retroversion of uterus by suppository
4101004 Revision of spinal pleurothecal shunt
4102006 Root canal therapy, anterior, excluding final restoration
4114003 Parenteral chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm
4116001 Construction of window
4119008 Intracranial phlebectomy with anastomosis
4131005 Implantation into pelvic region
4134002 Operative block anesthesia
4139007 Posterior spinal cordotomy
4143006 Injection into anterior chamber of eye
4149005 Bone histomorphometry, aluminum stain
4154001 Incision and drainage of penis
4165006 Delayed hypersensitivity skin test for staphage lysate
4176005 Fothergill repair
4192000 Toxicology testing for organophosphate insecticide
4213001 Implantation of Ommaya reservoir
4214007 Intracardiac injection for cardiac resuscitation
4226002 Excision of lesion of thoracic vein
4252008 Aneurysmectomy with graft replacement by interposition
4263006 Biopsy of soft tissue of elbow area, superficial
4266003 Patient referral for drug addiction rehabilitation
4285000 Insertion of bone growth stimulator into femur
4293000 Reduction of intussusception by laparotomy
4304000 Excision of cusp of tricuspid valve
4319004 Rebase of complete lower denture
4321009 Bilateral leg arteriogram
4323007 Destruction of lesion of sclera
4331002 Anesthesia for hernia repair in lower abdomen
4333004 Incision and drainage of perisplenic space
4336007 Lloyd-Davies operation, abdominoperineal resection
4337003 Homogentisic acid measurement
4339000 Repair of nasolabial fistula
4341004 Complete submucous resection of turbinate
4344007 Cryopexy
4348005 Musculoplasty of hand
4350002 Removal of implant of cornea
4363008 Endoscopic brush biopsy of trachea
4365001 Surgical repair
4380007 Transposition of vulvar tissue
4387005 Valvuloplasty of pulmonary valve in total repair of tetralogy of Fallot
4388000 Repair of splenocolic fistula
4407008 Slitting of lacrimal canaliculus for passage of tube
4411002 Removal of device from female genital tract
4420006 Incision and drainage of parapharyngeal abscess by external approach
4424002 Making orthopedic bed
4436008 Methylatable chemotaxis protein (MCP) receptor measurement
4438009 Venography of vena cava
4443002 Decortication of ovary
4447001 Autopsy, gross and microscopic examination, stillborn or newborn without central nervous system
4449003 Manipulation of spinal meninges
4450003 Application of Kirschner wire
4455008 Open reduction of open elbow dislocation
4457000 Insertion of mold into vagina
4466001 Exploration of upper limb artery
4467005 Excision of tumor of ankle area, deep, intramuscular
4475004 Cyanide level
4487006 Norepinephrine measurement, supine
4489009 Neurolysis of trigeminal nerve
4496006 Mouthcare procedure
4503005 Removal of foreign body of sclera without use of magnet
4504004 Potter obstetrical version with extraction
4505003 Tenolysis of flexor tendon of forearm
4507006 Decompression fasciotomy of wrist, flexor and extensor compartment
4511000 Restoration, inlay, composite/resin, one surface, laboratory processed
4516005 Iridencleisis and iridotasis
4520009 Anastomosis of esophagus, antesternal or antethoracic, with insertion of prosthesis
4525004 Seen by casualty - service
4533003 Ligation of artery of lower limb
4535005 Incision of pelvirectal tissue
4539004 Excision of cyst of bronchus
4542005 Closed reduction of fracture of foot
4544006 Excision of subcutaneous tumor of extremities
4558008 Anterior resection of rectum
4563007 Hospital admission, transfer from other hospital or health care facility
4570007 Chemopallidectomy
4579008 Creation of ventriculoatrial shunt
4581005 Coreoplasty
4585001 Decompression of tendon of hand
4587009 Epiphysiodesis of distal radius
4589007 Care relating to reproduction and pregnancy
4593001 Cauterization of sclera with iridectomy
4594007 Coproporphyrin isomers, series I & III, urine
4613005 Radioimmunoassay
4625008 Apical pulse taking
4626009 Take-down of arterial anastomosis
4636001 Denker operation for radical maxillary antrotomy
4640005 Ligation of fallopian tubes by abdominal approach
4642002 Removal of inflatable penile prosthesis, with pump, reservoir and cylinders
4660002 Diagnostic procedure on phalanges of foot
4670000 Catheterization of bronchus
4671001 Excision of lesion from sphenoid sinus
4672008 Medical procedure on the nervous system
4691008 Identification of rotavirus antigen in feces
4692001 Transplantation of artery of upper extremity
4694000 Percutaneous biopsy of muscle
4699005 Alpha naphthyl butyrate stain method, blood or bone marrow
4701005 Colony forming unit-granulocyte-monocyte-erythroid-megakaryocyte assay
4707009 Partial excision of calcaneus
4712005 Removal of Gardner Wells tongs from skull
4713000 Endoscopy and photography
4719001 Psychologic cognitive testing and assessment
4727005 Lipoprotein electrophoresis
4734007 Irrigation of wound catheter of integument
4737000 Mycobacteria culture
4756005 Cryotherapy of subcutaneous tissue
4758006 Incudostapediopexy
4764004 Jet ventilation procedure
4765003 Insertion of ocular implant following or secondary to enucleation
4770005 Colporrhaphy for repair of urethrocele
4772002 Reduction of torsion of spermatic cord
4784000 Operation on sublingual gland
4804005 Microbial identification test
4811009 Reconstruction of diaphragm
4815000 Antibody identification, red blood cell antibody panel, enzyme, 2 stage technique including anti-human globulin
4820000 Incision of labial frenum
4827002 Shower hydrotherapy
4829004 Excision of small intestine for interposition
4847005 Anesthesia for cesarean section
4849008 Ovarian biopsy
4862007 Revision of anastomosis of large intestine
4877004 Extracapsular extraction of lens with iridectomy
4891005 Proctostomy
4895001 Construction of sigmoid bladder
4902005 Ethchlorvynol measurement
4903000 Serum protein electrophoresis
4904006 Dilation of anal sphincter under nonlocal anesthesia
4914002 Treatment planning for teletherapy
4929000 Local perfusion of kidney
4930005 Repair of thoracogastric fistula
4934001 Salpingography
4957007 Cervical spinal fusion for pseudoarthrosis
4966006 Extracorporeal perfusion
4970003 Venography
4974007 Liver operation
4976009 Anesthesia for endoscopic procedure on lower extremity
4987001 Osteoplasty of cranium with flap of bone
4992004 Cardiac catheterization, left heart, retrograde, percutaneous
4993009 Ischemic limb exercise with electromyography and lactic acid determination
5016005 Pontic, resin with high noble metal
5019003 Direct laryngoscopy with biopsy
5021008 Aldosterone measurement, standing, normal salt diet
5022001 Lysergic acid diethylamide measurement
5025004 Semen analysis, presence and motility of sperm
5032008 Labial veneer, porcelain laminate, laboratory
5034009 Graft to hair-bearing skin
5048009 External cephalic version with tocolysis
5055006 Uniscept system test
5057003 Radical orbitomaxillectomy
5065000 Reduction of closed traumatic hip dislocation with anesthesia
5091004 Peripheral vascular disease study
5105000 Endoscopy of renal pelvis
5110001 Ultrasound peripheral imaging, real time scan
5113004 FT4 - Free thyroxine level
5119000 Epiglottidectomy
5121005 Wedge osteotomy of pelvic bone
5123008 Anesthesia for procedure on pericardium with pump oxygenator
5130002 Needling of lens for cataract
5131003 Radiography of chest wall
5135007 Diagnostic procedure on scapula
5147001 Excision of lesion of ankle joint
5151004 Manual reduction of rectal hemorrhoids
5154007 Communication enhancement: speech deficit
5161006 Specialty clinic admission
5162004 Excision of pressure ulcer
5165002 Division of thoracic artery
5176003 Thromboendarterectomy with graft of renal artery
5182000 Total body perfusion
5184004 Osteotomy of shaft of femur with fixation
5186002 Arthrotomy for synovectomy of glenohumeral joint
5190000 Cell fusion
5191001 Surgical treatment of missed miscarriage of second trimester
5212002 Excision of lesion of lacrimal gland by frontal approach
5216004 Three dimensional ultrasound imaging of heart
5233006 Lateral fasciotomy
5243009 Suture of adenoid fossa
5245002 Transplantation of peripheral vein
5246001 Breakpoint cluster region analysis
5264008 Total bile acids measurement
5267001 Adrenal artery ligation
5270002 Bilateral destruction of fallopian tubes
5273000 Manual reduction of closed fracture of proximal end of ulna
5282006 Operation on oropharynx
5290006 Incision and drainage of Ludwig angina
5298004 Incision and drainage of deep hematoma of thigh region
5304008 DXT - Radiotherapy
5316002 Closed osteotomy of mandibular ramus
5317006 Radical amputation of penis with bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy
5326009 Administration of dermatologic formulation
5328005 Shortening of Achilles tendon
5337005 Trocar biopsy
5338000 Nicotine measurement
5342002 Prophylactic treatment of tibia with methyl methacrylate
5348003 Repair of endocardial cushion defect
5357009 Leukocyte poor blood preparation
5373003 Stress breaker
5384005 Excision of part of frontal cortex
5391008 Artificial voice rehabilitation
5393006 Exploration of parathyroid with mediastinal exploration by sternal split approach
5402006 Manipulation of thoracic artery
5407000 Injection of fallopian tube
5415002 Destruction of lesion of liver
5419008 Lysis of adhesions of tendon of hand
5422005 Amylase measurement, peritoneal fluid
5429001 Diagnostic procedure on nipple
5431005 Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty
5433008 Skeletal X-ray of lower limb
5446003 Excision of cervical rib for outlet compression syndrome with sympathectomy
5447007 Transfusion
5452002 Core needle biopsy of thymus
5456004 Graft of lymphatic structure
5457008 Serologic test for Rickettsia conorii
5460001 Removal of prosthesis from fallopian tube
5479003 Select picture audiometry
5482008 Serologic test for Blastomyces
5486006 Delayed suture of tendon of hand
5489004 Diagnostic procedure on radius
5506006 Incision and exploration of abdominal wall
5517007 Restoration, inlay, porcelain/ceramic, per tooth, in addition to inlay
5521000 Open reduction of fracture of phalanges of foot
5536002 Arthrodesis of carpometacarpal joint of digits, other than thumb
5545001 Repair of carotid body
5551006 Direct laryngoscopy with arytenoidectomy with operating microscope
5556001 Manually assisted spontaneous delivery
5570001 Arthrotomy for infection with exploration and drainage of carpometacarpal joint
5571002 Excision of lesion of aorta with end-to-end anastomosis
5572009 Incision of kidney pelvis
5586008 Aminolevulinic acid dehydratase measurement
5608002 Excretion measurement
5616006 Osteoplasty of tibia
5621009 Excision of malignant lesion of skin of extremities
5632009 Open biopsy of bronchus
5636007 Fistulectomy of bone
5638008 Carbohydrate measurement
5648005 Surgical repair and revision of shunt
5651003 Arylsulfatase A measurement
5663008 Phlebectomy of varicose vein of head and neck
5669007 Portable electroencephalogram awake and asleep with stimulation
5671007 Magnet extraction of foreign body from ciliary body
5687005 Removal of foreign body from ovary
5690004 Incision of seminal vesicle
5694008 Crisis intervention with follow-up
5721002 Repair of eyebrow
5722009 Surgical reanastomosis of colon
5726007 Removal of epicardial electrodes
5728008 Anoscopy for removal of foreign body
5731009 Hemosiderin, quantitative measurement
5733007 Fluorescent identification of anti-nuclear antibody
5738003 Biopsy of cul-de-sac
5745003 Excision ampulla of Vater with reimplantation of common duct
5760000 Osteoplasty of radius and ulna, shortening
5771004 Blepharotomy
5777000 Flexorplasty of elbow
5781000 Operation on nasal septum
5785009 Forensic autopsy
5787001 Elevation of bone fragments of orbit of skull with debridement
5789003 Lysis of adhesions of intestines
5796001 Excision of external thrombotic hemorrhoid
5806001 Revision of tracheostomy scar
5807005 Fenestration of inner ear, initial
5809008 Selective vagotomy with pyloroplasty and gastrostomy
5812006 Laboratory reporting, fax
5818005 Flocculation test
5821007 Ligation, division and complete stripping of long and short saphenous veins
5823005 Diagnostic radiography, left
5832007 Partial ostectomy of thorax, ribs or sternum
5845006 Emulsification procedure
5846007 Diagnostic radiography of toes
5857002 Complement mediated cytotoxicity assay
5865004 Open reduction of dislocation of toe
5870006 Tertiary closure of abdominal wall
5880005 Clinical examination
5892005 Mastoid antrotomy
5894006 Methyl red test
5897004 Removal of Scribner shunt
5902003 History and physical examination, complete
5925002 Incision and drainage of hematoma of wrist
5930003 Cardiac monitor removal
5947002 Consultation for hearing and/or speech problem
5961007 Division of blood vessels of cornea
5966002 Removal of foreign body from elbow area, deep
5971009 Incision and drainage of axilla
5983006 Repair of spermatic cord
5986003 Non-sensitized spontaneous sheep erythrocyte binding, E-rosette
5992009 Midtarsal arthrodesis, multiple
5995006 Gas liquid chromatography, flame photometric type
5997003 Drainage of cerebral subarachnoid space by aspiration
5998008 Radical dissection of groin
6005008 Transplantation of vitreous by anterior approach
6007000 Magnetic resonance imaging of chest
6019008 Endoscopy of large intestine
6025007 Laparoscopic appendectomy
6026008 Removal of coronary artery obstruction by percutaneous transluminal balloon with thrombolytic agent
6029001 Augmentation of outflow tract of pulmonary valve
6035001 Chart abstracting
6063004 Kanamycin measurement
6069000 Panniculotomy
6082008 Perforation of footplate
6092000 Aspiration of nasal sinus by puncture
6100001 Fenestration of stapes footplate with vein graft
6108008 Subdural tap through fontanel, infant, initial
6119006 Local destruction of lesion of bony palate
6125005 Change of gastrostomy tube
6126006 Fitzgerald factor assay
6127002 Diagnostic radiography of abdomen, oblique standard
6130009 Surgical exposure of impacted or unerupted tooth to aid eruption
6133006 Lymphokine assay
6143009 Diabetic education
6146001 Repair of heart septum with prosthesis
6148000 Chondrectomy of semilunar cartilage of knee
6157006 Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography with biopsy
6159009 Galactose measurement
6161000 Excision of lesion of capsule of toes
6164008 Osteoclasis of clavicle
6166005 Nephropyeloureterostomy
6177004 Southern blot assay
6187000 Repair of aneurysm with graft of common femoral artery
6188005 Arthrotomy of knee
6189002 Excision of aberrant tissue of breast
6190006 Colopexy
6195001 Transurethral drainage of prostatic abscess
6198004 Repair of fracture with Sofield type procedure
6200005 Excision of lesion of female perineum
6205000 Fluorescent antigen, titer
6213004 Prescribing corneoscleral contact lens
6221005 Suture of colon
6225001 Antibody detection, RBC, enzyme, 2 stage technique, including anti-human globulin
6226000 Visual rehabilitation, eye motion defect
6227009 Relationship psychotherapy
6231003 Graft of palate
6238009 Diagnostic radiography of sacroiliac joints
6240004 Operative procedure on knee
6255008 Resection of abdominal artery with replacement
6271008 Echography, immersion B-scan
6274000 Excision of aural glomus tumor, extended, extratemporal
6286002 Destructive procedure on ovaries and fallopian tubes
6289009 White blood cell histogram evaluation
6295005 Sequestrectomy of pelvic bone
6307005 Keratophakia
6309008 Fecal fat differential, quantitative
6319002 Beta lactamase, chromogenic cephalosporin susceptibility test
6337001 Ligation of aortic arch
6339003 Conditioning play audiometry
6343004 Forensic bite mark comparison technique
6353003 Mitsuda reaction to lepromin
6354009 Sedimentation rate, Westergren
6355005 Removal of internal fixation device of radius
6358007 Capsulorrhaphy of joint
6361008 Anesthesia for popliteal thromboendarterectomy
6363006 Dilation of lacrimal punctum with irrigation
6370006 Chemosurgery of stomach lesion
6384001 Removal of device from digestive system
6385000 Exploration of disc space
6388003 TdT stain
6396008 Galactokinase measurement
6397004 Muscular strength development exercise
6399001 Division of arteriovenous fistula with ligation
6402000 Excision of common bile duct
6403005 Lengthening of muscle of hand
6419003 Excision of tumor from elbow area, deep, subfascial
6429005 Heteroautogenous transplantation
6433003 Closed heart valvotomy of mitral valve
6434009 Seminal fluid detection
6438007 Exploration of ciliary body
6439004 Destruction of lesion of peripheral nerve
6443000 Pontic, porcelain fused to predominantly base metal
6444006 Enlargement of eye socket
6465000 Arthrotomy of glenohumeral joint for infection with drainage
6466004 Administration of Rh immune globulin
6470007 Laparoamnioscopy
6473009 Suture of old obstetrical laceration of uterus
6480006 Urinary bladder residual urine study
6486000 Curettage of sclera
6487009 Hand tendon pulley reconstruction with tendon prosthesis
6491004 Protein S, free assay
6499002 Tsuge operation on finger for macrodactyly repair
6502003 Complete lower denture
6506000 Placing a patient on a bedpan
6519001 Operation on multiple extraocular muscles with temporary detachment from globe
6521006 Polytomography
6527005 Uchida fimbriectomy with tubal ligation by endoscopy
6535008 Excision of cyst of hand
6536009 Implantation of tricuspid valve with tissue graft
6543003 Complicated catheterization of bladder
6547002 Repair with closure of non-surgical wound
6555009 Insertion of infusion pump beneath skin
6556005 Reticulin antibody measurement
6562000 Destruction of lesion of tongue
6563005 Transposition of muscle of hand
6567006 Pulmonary valve commissurotomy by transvenous balloon method
6568001 Diagnostic procedure on eyelid
6585004 Closed reduction of fracture of tarsal or metatarsal
6589005 Antibody titration, high protein
6601003 Removal of foreign body from skin of axilla
6614002 Antibody to single stranded DNA measurement
6615001 Electroretinography with medical evaluation
6622009 Add clasp to existing partial denture
6634001 Destruction of hemorrhoids, internal
6639006 Replacement of obstructed valve in shunt system
6650009 Radionuclide lacrimal flow study
6656003 Acoustic stimulation test
6657007 Maintenance drug therapy for mental disorder
6658002 Removal of foreign body from alveolus
6661001 King-Steelquist hindquarter operation
6665005 Restoration, crown, porcelain fused to noble metal
6668007 Fibrinogen assay, quantitative
6670003 Closure of external fistula of trachea
702005 Angiography of renal artery, unilateral
837001 Unilateral exploration of adrenal
1296007 Unilateral recurrent femoral hernia without obstruction AND without gangrene
1807002 Forceps delivery failed
2636002 Unilateral imaging of adrenal artery
2769005 Unilateral caudal displacement of diaphragm
3267003 Unilateral incomplete cleft lip
5462009 Breast reconstruction, unilateral, with single pedicle TRAM flap
5761001 Primary repair of cleft lip, unilateral, partial
6192003 Unilateral mammography
7185004 Unilateral small kidney
7335003 Angiography of cervical vertebral artery, unilateral
7729001 Unilateral traumatic amputation of arm with complication
8115005 Unilateral radical mastectomy
11363007 Unilateral inguinal hernia with gangrene AND obstruction
11981004 Angiography of arteries of extremity, unilateral
13117000 Absence of stress
14252008 Unilateral vasotomy
15274006 Breast reconstruction, unilateral, with single pedicle TRAM flap and opposite breast reduction/mastopexy
17397008 Unilateral partial excision of fallopian tube
17862002 Unilateral implant of silicone into breast
18253009 Unilateral recurrent inguinal hernia with obstruction but no gangrene
18385005 Unilateral congenital macrostomia
19853007 Unilateral imaging of vein of upper extremity
20210009 Unilateral traumatic amputation at OR above elbow with complication
20729004 Cleft hard palate with cleft soft palate, unilateral
22964006 Unilateral simple mastectomy
23125004 Unilateral congenital dysplasia of lung with vascular anomalies
24609004 Unilateral femoral hernia with gangrene
25007007 Unilateral imaging of external carotid artery
26684009 Unilateral repair of direct inguinal hernia
27139003 Unilateral repair of indirect inguinal hernia
28281004 No bacterial antibody present
29150008 Unilateral excision of hydrocele
29450001 Unilateral femoral hernia with gangrene AND obstruction
30459002 Unilateral traumatic amputation of leg with complication
31518001 Unilateral inguinal hernia with gangrene
32001009 Laparoscopic unilateral repair of inguinal hernia with prosthesis or graft
33159007 Unilateral excision of ovary
33543001 Unilateral congenital dislocation of hip
33678008 On examination - no disease present
33993005 Disease type AND/OR category not applicable
34189007 Absence of aura
37012003 Unilateral incision of frontal sinus by transorbital approach unilateral
38897008 Unilateral obstructed femoral hernia
40220006 Unilateral excision of epididymis
40462002 Planned tracheostomy
40893006 Partial unilateral paresis
41302009 Unilateral reconstruction of breast with bipedicle TRAM flap and opposite breast reduction/mastopexy
41518004 Unilateral diagnostic radiographic imaging with contrast media
41769001 Disease suspected
43000004 Unilateral loss of labyrinthine reactivity
44409003 Unilateral lymphangiography of upper extremity
44442002 Unilateral incomplete cleft palate
44473003 Unilateral repair of femoral hernia with prosthesis or graft
45145000 MacLeod's unilateral emphysema
45780005 Unilateral insertion of breast prosthesis
46029008 Unilateral wedge resection of ovary
46508005 Unilateral traumatic amputation of leg at OR above knee with complication
47354006 Unilateral destruction of fallopian tube
47426000 Unilateral excision of ovotestis
47768001 Unilateral reconstruction of breast with bipedicle TRAM flap
48591001 Unilateral imaging of bronchus with positive contrast media
48994000 Renal homotransplantation with unilateral recipient nephrectomy
50433005 Unilateral lymphangiography of lower extremity
51435005 Unilateral imaging of coronary artery bypass graft
51436006 Unilateral traumatic amputation below elbow without complication
51738008 Unilateral complete paralysis of vocal cords
52018002 Unilateral recurrent inguinal hernia with gangrene AND obstruction
52278004 Unilateral inguinal hernia
52787007 Unilateral paralysis of tongue
54267006 Unilateral cryptorchiectomy
54897008 Unilateral repair of direct in indirect inguinal hernia
55493009 Unilateral imaging of cervical carotid artery
55618006 Unilateral traumatic amputation of leg without complication
55726006 Unilateral agenesis of kidney
55993003 Unilateral obstructed inguinal hernia
56199006 Unilateral epididymovasostomy
56330003 Unilateral traumatic amputation at OR above elbow without complication
57177007 FH - Family history
57600009 Unilateral vasectomy for contraception
58064004 Unilateral posterior vestibuloplasty
59383005 Unilateral pelvic lymphangiography
59738006 Unilateral imaging of pulmonary artery
60016005 Unilateral simple femoral hernia
60521000 Venography of adrenal, unilateral
60801006 Angiography of upper extremity arteries, unilateral
61236006 Aortocoronary artery bypass graft, repeated
61269006 Electromyography, cranial nerve supplied muscles, unilateral
62120000 Unilateral recurrent inguinal hernia
62232005 Unilateral recurrent femoral hernia with gangrene
62696001 Complete unilateral cleft lip
62965008 Venography of lower extremity, unilateral
63196005 Diagnostic radiography with contrast media by injection, positive contrast, unilateral
65329004 Lhermitte's phenomenon
66325000 Partial unilateral vulvectomy
66678007 Disease type AND/OR category not assigned
68034005 Unilateral thyroid lobectomy
70790008 Absence of nausea and vomiting
71101001 Unilateral modified radical neck dissection
71738007 Partial unilateral paralysis
72269009 Modified radical mastectomy, unilateral
72375002 Unilateral traumatic amputation of leg below knee with complication
72604007 Unilateral radical neck dissection
73359007 Unilateral mastectomy
73487002 Unilateral nephrotomography
75151002 Unilateral vulvectomy
75538004 Angiography of internal carotid artery, unilateral
75584009 Unilateral recurrent inguinal hernia with gangrene
75844008 Diagnostic radiography with contrast media by injection, positive and negative contrast, unilateral
76063002 Pelvic and abdominal lymphangiography, unilateral
77291009 Complete unilateral paresis
77670007 Radical unilateral orchiectomy
77739005 Unilateral orchidectomy
78698008 USO - Unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
79622006 Unilateral repair of inguinal hernia with prosthesis or graft
81585005 Unilateral hypoactive labyrinth
81765008 No pain
81993002 Unilateral condylar hyperplasia of mandible
82120007 Bacterial growth absent
82630002 Unilateral bisection of ovary
85125009 Unilateral retrograde pyelography
86699002 Afebrile
86894005 Unilateral salpingectomy
86914005 Unilateral traumatic amputation of foot without complication
87246008 Unilateral adrenalectomy
87351004 Angiography of lower extremity arteries, unilateral
88500006 Unilateral traumatic amputation of leg at OR above knee without complication
88715005 Complete unilateral paralysis
88764002 Unilateral mastectomy extended simple
88994001 Unilateral nephrectomy
89777000 Tenderness absent
90075008 Unilateral recurrent femoral hernia with obstruction but no gangrene
90232009 Unilateral recurrent femoral hernia with gangrene AND obstruction
90881001 Abdominal lymphangiography, unilateral
91436001 Diagnostic radiography with contrast media by injection, unilateral
91559009 Unilateral traumatic amputation of leg below knee without complication
95311001 Unilateral cartilaginous centrum of cervical vertebra
95312008 Unilateral cartilaginous centrum of lumbar vertebra
95313003 Unilateral cartilaginous centrum of sacral vertebra
95314009 Unilateral cartilaginous centrum of thoracic vertebra
95667004 Unilateral facial paresis
95672008 Unilateral sensory loss of face and trunk, opposite sides
95721006 Unilateral cataract
95819006 Unilateral hearing loss
102905003 Absence of guilt
103006007 Unilateral headache
103709008 Failed attempted procedure
105480006 Refusal of treatment by patient
109547005 Unilateral cleft of primary palate
109719008 Unilateral coronoid hyperplasia of mandible
109723000 Unilateral coronoid hypoplasia of mandible
111690007 Unilateral traumatic amputation of arm without complication
116789007 Autologous whole blood issued
116791004 Cytomegalovirus immune globulin issued
116794007 Cryoprecipitate issued
116796009 Factor IX issued
116799002 Factor VIII issued
116801004 Hepatitis B Virus immune globulin, human, issued
116804007 Dispensing of human immune serum globulin, intravenous (IVIg)
116807000 Plasma product issued
116809002 Platelet product issued
116811006 Rh immune globulin issued
116814003 Varicella virus immune globulin issued
116860001 Fresh frozen plasma issued
116862009 Packed red blood cells issued
116864005 Whole blood issued
116866007 Albumin issued
117067008 Plateletpheresis product issued
117068003 Platelet concentrate issued
117077005 Autologous red blood cells issued
117079008 Cryo-poor plasma issued
117080006 Factor VII issued
117082003 Botulism immune globulin, human, issued
117084002 Rabies immune globulin, human, issued
117088004 Respiratory syncytial virus immune globulin, human, issued
117091004 Tetanus immune globulin, human, issued
117094007 Vaccinia immune globulin, human, issued
117097000 Leukocyte product issued
117098005 Red blood cells issued
117099002 Solvent-detergent treated plasma product issued
117100005 Human immune globulin product issued
117101009 Coagulation factor product issued
124743003 Kernig sign positive
124744009 Brudzinski sign positive
124745005 Chvostek sign positive
124746006 Trousseau sign positive
127377003 Unilateral paresis
129125009 Context-dependent procedure
134385008 Referral to dietician declined
134386009 Referral to chiropodist declined
134390006 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor not indicated
134391005 Statin not indicated
134392003 Warfarin not indicated
134394002 Aspirin not indicated
134396000 Statin declined
134397009 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor declined
134398004 Warfarin declined
134405005 Suspected breast cancer
134420004 No suicidal thoughts
134439009 FH: premature coronary heart disease
135794007 Drug indicated
135795008 Nitrate indicated
135796009 Calcium channel blocker indicated
135797000 Lipid lowering therapy indicated
135798005 Diuretic indicated
135799002 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor indicated
135800003 Aspirin indicated
135801004 Beta blocker indicated
135803001 Warfarin indicated
135805008 Nitrate not indicated
135806009 Calcium channel blocker not indicated
135807000 Lipid lowering therapy not indicated
135808005 Diuretic not indicated
135809002 Nitrate contraindicated
135811006 Diuretic contraindicated
135812004 Nitrate declined
135814003 Diuretic declined
135822005 Lipid lowering therapy contraindicated
135823000 Calcium channel blocker contraindicated
135825007 Calcium channel blocker declined
135826008 Lipid lowering therapy declined
135844000 Assessment of needs of carer completed
135866007 Partially informed of test results
135879003 H/O: dislocated shoulder
146922001 Rubella screening not offered
147022006 Double test not offered
148176006 Luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone checked
148297000 Travel vaccination given
148324002 Screening not offered
148477008 Immunization not offered
149129005 Lung adhesions freed
150159003 Hand muscle foreign body removed
160240006 Brief history taken
160241005 Intermediate history taken
160242003 Full history taken
160245001 No current problems or disability
160250007 No family history of malignancy
160252004 No family history of cardiovascular accident or stroke
160253009 No significant social history
160254003 No history of cardiovascular system disease
160255002 No history of gastrointestinal tract disease
160256001 No history of genitourinary tract disease
160257005 No history of central nervous system disease
160258000 No history of respiratory system disease
160259008 No history of psychiatric disorder
160265008 Family history taken
160266009 No significant family history
160267000 No family history of glaucoma
160268005 No FH: Allergy
160269002 FH: Longevity
160270001 No significant family history of cardiovascular disease
160271002 No FH: CVA/Stroke/TIA
160273004 No significant family history of hypertension
160274005 No significant family history of diabetes
160279000 FH: Infectious disease
160280002 FH: Tuberculosis
160281003 FH: Syphilis
160282005 FH: Gonorrhea
160288009 FH: neoplasm of skin
160290005 FH: neoplasm of male genital organ
160291009 Family history of urological neoplasm
160292002 FH: leukemia
160297008 FH: neoplasm of ovary
160298003 FH: neoplasm of cervix
160299006 FH: neoplasm of uterus
160301004 FH: Endocrine disorders
160302006 FH: Thyroid disorder
160303001 FH: Diabetes mellitus
160305008 FH: Metabolic disorder
160306009 FH: Nutritional deficiency
160308005 FH: Gout
160309002 FH: Cystic fibrosis
160310007 FH: Porphyria
160311006 FH: Obesity
160312004 FH: Cholinesterase deficiency
160313009 FH: Osteoporosis
160314003 FH: Hypercholesterolemia
160316001 FH: Blood disorder
160318000 Family history of hereditary spherocytosis
160319008 FH: Thalassemia
160320002 Family history of sickle cell anemia
160321003 FH: Sickle cell trait
160324006 Family history of mental disorder
160325007 FH: Senile dementia
160327004 FH: Drug dependency
160328009 Family history of schizophrenia
160329001 FH: Depression
160331005 FH: Manic-depressive state
160332003 Family history of anxiety disorder
160333008 FH: Suicide
160336000 Family history of Huntington's chorea
160337009 FH: Multiple sclerosis
160338004 FH: Hemiplegia
160339007 FH: Paraplegia
160340009 Family history: Cerebral palsy
160341008 FH: Epilepsy
160342001 Family history of migraine
160343006 FH: Muscular dystrophy
160344000 Family history of motor neurone disease
160346003 FH: Eye disorder
160347007 Family history of glaucoma
160348002 FH: Cataract
160350005 FH: Squint
160352002 FH: Ear disorder
160353007 Family history of deafness
160354001 FH: Otosclerosis
160357008 Family history of hypertension
160362009 Family history of atherosclerosis
160363004 FH: TIA
160364005 FH: Congen heart disease
160377001 FH: Asthma
160378006 FH: Occupational lung dis.
160379003 FH: Hay fever
160381001 FH: Gastrointestinal disease
160386006 Family history of Crohn's disease
160389004 Family history of polycystic kidney
160390008 FH: Male infertility
160391007 Family history of female infertility
160392000 FH: Breast disease
160393005 FH: Period problem
160394004 FH: Early menarche
160396002 FH: Late menarche
160397006 FH: Early menopause
160398001 FH: Late menopause
160400002 Family history of obstetric disorder
160401003 FH: Raised B.P. in pregnancy
160402005 FH: Diabetes in pregnancy
160403000 FH: Puerperal depression
160406008 FH: Skin disease
160407004 FH: Eczema
160408009 FH: Psoriasis
160409001 FH: Alopecia
160410006 FH: Hirsutism
160413008 FH: Rheumatoid arthritis
160414002 FH: Osteoarthritis
160417009 FH: Congenital anomaly
160418004 FH: Anencephaly
160419007 FH: Spina bifida
160421002 FH: Congenital RS anomaly
160422009 FH: Congenital GIT anomaly
160423004 FH: Congenital GU anomaly
160424005 FH: Cong. orthopedic anomaly
160425006 FH: Chromosomal anomaly
160427003 FH: Mother
160428008 FH: Mother alive and well
160429000 FH: Mother alive with problem
160430005 FH: Mother dead
160431009 FH: Mother unwell
160433007 FH: Father
160434001 FH: Father alive and well
160435000 FH: Father alive with problem
160436004 FH: Father dead
160437008 FH: Father deaf
160439006 FH: Sister
160440008 FH: Sister alive and well
160441007 FH: Sister alive with problem
160442000 FH: Sister dead
160444004 FH: Brother
160445003 FH: Brother alive and well
160446002 FH: Brother alive with problem
160447006 FH: Brother dead
160449009 FH: Son
160450009 FH: Son alive and well
160451008 FH: Son alive with problem
160452001 FH: Son dead
160454000 FH: Daughter
160455004 FH: Daughter alive and well
160456003 FH: Daughter alive with problem
160457007 FH: Daughter dead
160460000 FH: Maternal grandfather
160461001 FH: Paternal grandfather
160462008 FH: Maternal grandmother
160463003 FH: Paternal grandmother
160464009 FH: Aunt
160465005 FH: Uncle
160469004 FH: Allergy
160471004 History of - cot death in family
160472006 FH: Child battering
160473001 FH: Death under 60 years
160474007 FH: Atopy
160475008 FH: Consanguinity
160776008 Home help organized
160806000 Father remarried
160807009 Mother remarried
160853002 Partner begins work
160854008 Partner stops work
160855009 Partner retires
160856005 Partner works after retirement
160859003 Imprisonment of family member
160860008 Husband in prison
160861007 Spouse arrested
160875000 Partner unemployed
160884000 Wife pregnant
160885004 Wife well
160886003 Wife alive
160888002 Family member on protection register
160890001 Family member removed from protection register
160891002 Vulnerable child in family
160947001 Parent is handicapped
160948006 Spouse is handicapped
160949003 Sibling is handicapped
160953001 Relative - acute medical disorder
161062006 Child abuse in family
161067000 Legal problem in family
161075006 Spouse works away from home
161077003 Father smokes
161078008 Mother smokes
161079000 Both parents smoke
161413004 H/O: infectious disease
161414005 H/O: tuberculosis
161415006 H/O: poliomyelitis
161416007 H/O: malaria
161417003 H/O: scarlatina
161419000 H/O: measles
161420006 H/O: mumps
161421005 H/O: rubella
161422003 H/O: pertussis
161423008 H/O: chickenpox
161424002 H/O: viral illness
161432005 H/O Malignant melanoma
161436008 H/O: leukemia
161442007 H/O: hyperthyroidism
161443002 H/O: hypothyroidism
161445009 H/O: diabetes mellitus
161449003 H/O: nutrition disorder
161450003 H/O: raised blood lipids
161451004 H/O: gout
161453001 H/O: obesity
161456009 H/O: anemia - iron deficient
161457000 History of anemia vitamin B12 deficient
161458005 H/O: hemolytic anemia
161460007 H/O: bleeding disorder
161461006 H/O: purpura
161462004 H/O: Failed blood donor test
161464003 H/O: psychiatric disorder
161465002 H/O: dementia
161466001 H/O: alcoholism
161467005 H/O: drug dependency
161468000 H/O: schizophrenia
161469008 H/O: depression
161470009 H/O: anxiety state
161471008 H/O: anorexia nervosa
161472001 H/O: psychological trauma
161473006 H/O: behavior problem
161474000 H/O: attempted suicide
161478002 H/O: meningitis
161479005 H/O: encephalitis
161480008 H/O: epilepsy
161481007 H/O: migraine
161482000 H/O: trigeminal neuralgia
161483005 H/O: Bell's palsy
161486002 H/O: eye disorder
161487006 H/O: retinal detachment
161488001 H/O: glaucoma
161489009 H/O: cataract
161490000 H/O: visual disturbance
161491001 H/O: corneal ulcer
161494009 H/O: ear disorder
161496006 H/O: chronic ear infection
161497002 H/O: hearing problem
161500008 H/O: rheumatic fever
161501007 H/O: hypertension
161502000 H/O: myocardial infarct at less than 60
161503005 H/O: myocardial infarct at greater than 60
161504004 H/O: angina pectoris
161505003 H/O: heart failure
161508001 H/O: Deep vein thrombosis
161509009 H/O: varicose veins
161511000 H/O: TIA
161512007 H/O: pulmonary embolus
161513002 H/O ventricular fibrillation
161514008 H/O: aortic aneurysm
161515009 H/O subarachnoid hemorrhage
161523006 H/O: respiratory disease
161524000 H/O: hay fever
161525004 H/O: pneumonia
161527007 H/O: asthma
161528002 H/O: pneumothorax
161532008 H/O: appendicitis
161533003 H/O: abdominal hernia
161535005 H/O: liver disease
161536006 H/O: jaundice
161538007 H/O: hematemesis
161539004 H/O: melena
161541003 H/O upper GIT neoplasm
161542005 H/O lower GIT neoplasm
161546008 H/O: nephritis
161547004 H/O: kidney infection
161548009 H/O: urinary stone
161549001 H/O: recurrent cystitis
161550001 H/O: hematuria
161551002 H/O: urethral stricture
161554005 H/O: male genital disorder
161555006 H/O: prostatism
161556007 H/O: infertility - male
161558008 H/O: vasectomy
161560005 H/O: skin disorder
161561009 H/O: eczema
161562002 H/O: psoriasis
161563007 H/O: chronic skin ulcer
161567008 H/O: rheumatoid arthritis
161568003 H/O: osteoarthritis
161570007 H/O: back problem
161572004 H/O: congenital anomaly
161573009 H/O: cardiac anomaly
161574003 H/O: cleft palate
161575002 H/O: cleft lip
161576001 H/O: urinary anomaly
161577005 History of congenital dislocation of hip
161579008 H/O: perinatal problem
161580006 H/O: birth trauma
161581005 H/O: birth asphyxia
161582003 H/O: hemolytic disease
161583008 H/O: perinatal convulsion
161584002 History of perinatal cerebral irritability
161586000 H/O: injury
161587009 H/O: head injury
161589007 H/O: poisoning
161611007 H/O: non-drug allergy
161614004 H/O: multiple allergies
161615003 H/O: surgery
161616002 H/O: major vascular surgery
161617006 H/O: major abdominal surgery
161618001 H/O: major orthopedic surgery
161619009 H/O Spinal surgery
161621004 H/O: upper limb amputation
161622006 H/O: lower limb amputation
161624007 H/O: pneumonectomy
161625008 H/O cardiac surgery
161626009 H/O splenectomy
161627000 H/O orchidectomy
161632004 H/O: risk factor
161633009 H/O: radiation exposure
161635002 H/O: asbestos exposure
161636001 H/O: isocyanate exposure
161637005 Insurance refused - medical reasons
161638000 Hepatitis B Occupational risk
161646004 H/O: high risk medication
161647008 H/O: anticoagulant therapy
161648003 H/O: steroid therapy
161649006 H/O: insulin therapy
161650006 H/O: anticonvulsant therapy
161651005 History of immunosuppressive therapy
161652003 H/O: hormone replacement (HRT)
161653008 H/O: chemotherapy
161656000 H/O: repeat medication
161659007 H/O: kidney donation
161660002 H/O: skin donation
161663000 H/O: tissue/organ recipient
161664006 H/O: blood transfusion
161665007 H/O: kidney recipient
161666008 H/O: heart recipient
161667004 H/O: heart valve recipient
161668009 H/O: skin recipient
161669001 H/O: bone tissue recipient
161670000 H/O: cornea recipient
161671001 H/O: liver recipient
161672008 H/O: lung recipient
161674009 H/O: artificial organ/tissue
161675005 H/O: artificial eyeglobe
161676006 H/O: artificial eye lens
161677002 H/O: artificial heart valve
161678007 H/O: artificial blood vessel
161679004 H/O: artificial joint
161680001 H/O: artificial limb
161681002 H/O: artificial heart
161682009 H/O: artificial bladder
161685006 H/O: tracheostomy
161686007 H/O: ileostomy
161687003 H/O: colostomy
161689000 H/O: gastrostomy
161692001 H/O: cardiac pacemaker in situ
161693006 H/O: kidney dialysis
161694000 H/O: CSF drainage device
161696003 H/O: arthrodesis
161697007 History of arthrodesis of interphalangeal joint of toe
161700006 H/O: machine dependence
161701005 H/O: respirator dependence
161743003 H/O: stillbirth
161744009 H/O: miscarriage
161745005 No history of miscarriage
161747002 H/O: 1 miscarriage
161748007 H/O: 2 miscarriages
161749004 H/O: 3 miscarriages
161750004 H/O: 4 miscarriages
161751000 H/O: 5 miscarriages
161752007 H/O: 6 miscarriages
161755009 No history of abortion
161763005 H/O: ectopic pregnancy
161765003 H/O: premature delivery
161767006 H/O: infant feeding method
161768001 H/O: infant breast fed
161769009 H/O: infant bottle fed
161772002 H/O: oral contraceptive usage
161773007 H/O: IUD usage
161774001 H/O: contraceptive cap usage
161775000 H/O: condom usage
161779006 H/O: menstrual disorder
161780009 H/O: amenorrhea
161781008 H/O: polymenorrhea
161782001 H/O: heavy periods
161783006 H/O: painful periods
161786003 H/O: postcoital bleeding
161787007 H/O: inter-menstrual bleeding
161788002 H/O: postmenopausal bleeding
161792009 History of recurrent vaginal discharge
161794005 H/O: stress incontinence
161796007 H/O: dyspareunia
161797003 H/O: breast problem
161798008 H/O: infertility - female
161800001 H/O: hysterectomy
161803004 H/O: obstetric problem
161804005 H/O: antepartum hemorrhage
161805006 H/O: cesarean section
161806007 H/O: eclampsia
161807003 H/O: severe pre-eclampsia
161808008 H/O:manual removal of placenta
161809000 H/O: postpartum hemorrhage
161810005 H/O: long labor
161811009 H/O: perinatal fetal loss
161813007 H/O: previous forceps delivery
161851007 No temperature symptom
161869003 Not tired
161881004 No stiff neck
161886009 Does not bruise easily
161890006 No backache
161915001 No general symptom
161922009 No cough
161927003 Night cough present
161928008 Night cough absent
161938003 No breathlessness
161953006 No hiccough
161954000 Hiccough present
161962008 No respiratory symptoms
161966006 No palpitations
161971004 Chest pain not present
161980004 No edema present
162001003 No cardiovascular symptom
162005007 No tooth problem
162010006 No mouth problem
162019007 No problem chewing
162023004 No problem swallowing
162037008 No abdominal pain
162056003 No nausea
162057007 Nausea present
162062008 No vomiting
162069004 Abdomen not distended
162075008 No excessive upper gastrointestinal gas
162085009 No tenesmus
162086005 Tenesmus present
162104009 Diarrhea not present
162111008 No gastrointestinal symptom
162139009 No genitourinary pain
162154003 No urethral discharge
162157005 Vaginal discharge absent
162158000 Vaginal discharge present
162161004 No breast lump
162162006 Breast lump present
162185007 No genitourinary symptom
162235006 No motor symptom
162241004 Paralysis present
162258009 Coordinated
162260006 Dizziness present
162261005 Giddiness present
162264002 No consciousness disturbance
162271007 Felt faint
162275003 No visual symptom
162293002 Speech normal
162298006 No headache
162342008 Unilateral deafness
162350004 No tinnitus present
162357001 No earache
162358006 Unilateral earache
162363005 Ear discharge absent
162364004 Ear discharge present
162368001 Does not sneeze
162372002 Does not have nosebleeds
162376004 Does not snore
162379006 No nasal symptoms
162387007 No sore throat
162388002 Sore throat present
162395006 No throat symptom
162406001 No ear, nose or throat symptom
162467007 Free of symptoms
162572001 Suspected cancer
162573006 Suspected lung cancer
162591001 Suspected drug abuse
162592008 Suspected abuse soft drugs
162593003 Suspected abuse hard drugs
162594009 Suspected deafness
162596006 Suspected victim of child abuse
162649008 Depth of examination
162650008 Patient not examined
162651007 Patient examined
162653005 One or more organs examined
162654004 One or more systems examined
162655003 Full examination performed
162674006 Depth of general examination
162675007 General examination not done
162780006 O/E - edema not present
162784002 Unilateral leg edema
162811006 O/E - cataract present
162838004 On examination - unilateral thyroid swelling
162881001 Depth of respiratory system examination
162882008 Respiratory system not examined
162963000 O/E - no adventitious sounds
162971001 O/E - consolidation present
162972008 O/E - cavitation
162979004 Depth of CVS examination
162980001 CVS not examined
163045005 O/E - no arterial bruit
163046006 O/E - carotid bruit present
163047002 O/E - femoral bruit present
163048007 O/E - renal bruit present
163068001 O/E - no cardiac thrill
163084000 O/E - pericardial rub absent
163088002 O/E - no cardiac murmur
163127007 Depth of GIT examination
163128002 GIT not examined
163142005 O/E - mouth examined
163198005 On examination - no abdominal movement
163207001 On examination - no intra-abdominal movement
163213005 On examination - no abdominal pain on palpation
163225008 O/E - no guarding on palpation
163237005 O/E - no rebound tenderness
163249006 O/E - no abdominal rigidity
163253008 O/E - liver not palpable
163266008 O/E - liver not painful
163271001 O/E - gallbladder not palpable
163279004 On examination - abdominal mass not palpated
163310006 O/E - ascites not demonstrated
163316000 O/E - no hernia demonstrated
163347006 Depth of genitourinary examination
163348001 GU system not examined
163354000 O/E - kidney palpated
163355004 O/E - kidneys not palpable
163361001 O/E - bladder not palpable
163375008 O/E - no scrotal swelling
163423003 O/E - no vaginal discharge
163458001 O/E - no nipple discharge
163466005 O/E - no breast lump palpable
163492003 O/E - breast lump not tethered
163536000 O/E - no fetal movements
163543006 O/E - fetal heart not heard
163557008 O/E - VE - pelvis not adequate
163560001 O/E - VE - cervix not ripe
163581001 Depth of nervous system examination
163582008 Nervous system not examined
163589004 O/E - no fit/convulsion seen
163599009 O/E - no paralysis
163628001 Sensory system not examined
163631000 O/E - no trophic changes
163657002 O/E - no muscle contracture
163663006 O/E - no involuntary movements
163731007 O/E - analgesia present
163757005 O/E - no suppression
163763001 O/E - no visual agnosia
163764007 O/E - visual agnosia present
163772009 O/E - past pointing present
163773004 O/E - dysdiadochokinesia
163846005 O/E - no clonus
163900009 O/E - CNS not examined
163904000 O/E - no raised I/C pressure
163909005 O/E - meningism absent
163913003 O/E - Kernig's sign negative
163915005 O/E-Brudzinski's sign negative
163918007 O/E - no speech defect
164016004 O/E - ptosis absent
164041006 O/E - accommod-pupil not react
164073000 O/E - no nystagmus
164140005 O/E - not clinically anemic
164163000 O/E - spleen not palpable
164176006 ENT examination not performed
164183004 O/E - no nasal discharge
164212007 O/E - no discharge from ear
164220009 O/E - ear not painful
164273009 O/E - no laryngeal signs
164286000 O/E - temperature not taken
164321005 O/E - skin not examined
164329007 O/E - no macules
164332005 O/E - ecchymoses present
164333000 O/E - capillary nevi present
164336008 O/E - papules not present
164340004 O/E - skin nodules not present
164344008 O/E - vesicles not present
164348006 O/E - skin bullae not present
164355008 O/E - no pustules present
164362004 On examination - wheals not present
164366001 O/E - skin scales not present
164372001 O/E - no skin burrows
164376003 O/E - blackheads not present
164377007 O/E - blackheads present
164380008 O/E - no skin plaque
164384004 O/E - skin cyst not present
164390000 O/E - no skin fissures
164396006 O/E - no skin ulcer
164400006 O/E - no skin scarring
164406000 O/E - no skin crust
164415007 O/E - skin sinus not present
164445005 O/E - extremities not examined
164503006 Orthopedic exam. not done
164507007 O/E - no joint abnormality
164525000 O/E - joint not swollen
164549002 O/E - joint not stiff
164558009 O/E - no joint contraction
164574004 O/E - no bone abnormal
164588000 O/E - no bone abnormality
164598006 O/E-no soft tissue abnormality
164618002 General sign qualifications
164682005 O/E - sign not tethered
164689001 O/E - sign not painful
164695000 O/E - sign not pulsatile
164713001 Neurological diagnostic procedure - not done
164715008 Neurological diagnostic procedure - done
164719002 Sensory mapping carried out
164725003 Visual testing not done
164726002 Visual testing done
164746007 Auditory/vestibular test not done
164747003 Auditory/vestibular test done
164766003 Special ENT procedure not done
164767007 Special ENT procedure done
164776000 Special CVS test not done
164777009 Special CVS test done
164786004 Special GIT test not done
164787008 Special GIT test done
164795007 Special urinary test not done
164796008 Special urinary test done
164808009 Special female test not done
164810006 Special female test done
164823004 Special male test not done
164824005 Special male test done
164831009 Musculoskeletal test not done
164832002 Musculoskeletal test done
164846002 ECG requested
164853006 ECG not done
164963004 Susceptibility skin test done
164964005 Susceptibility skin test not done
164977001 Mantoux test done
164978006 Mantoux test not done
164984009 Kveim test done
164985005 Kveim test not done
164996002 Hypersensitivity skin test done
164997006 Hypersensitivity skin test not done
165007007 Allergy testing done
165008002 Allergy testing not done
165016006 Lung function testing done
165017002 Lung function testing not done
165025000 Lung volume test done
165026004 Lung volume test not done
165034005 Respiratory flow rate measured
165035006 Respiratory flow rate not measured
165068004 Ovulation temperature chart started
165073005 Cardiac function test done
165074004 Cardiac function test not done
165080007 Exercise tolerance test done
165081006 Exercise tolerance test not done
165104002 Metabolic function not tested
165121006 Non-surgical biopsy done
165122004 Non-surgical biopsy not done
165137000 Endoscopy arranged
165138005 Endoscopy carried out
165139002 Endoscopy not carried out
165146006 Check endoscopy - condition resolved
165278005 Biopsy specimen not retrieved
165330008 Laboratory test not necessary
165331007 Laboratory procedure performed
165332000 Laboratory test requested
165333005 Sample sent to laboratory for test
165334004 Stool sample sent to lab.
165335003 Blood sample sent to hematology laboratory
165336002 Blood sample sent to biochemistry laboratory
165337006 Blood sample sent to microbiology laboratory
165339009 Urine sample sent to Lab
165340006 Swab sent to Lab
165342003 Patient refused laboratory test
165343008 Laboratory test requested - not done
165346000 Laboratory test result abnormal
165348004 Laboratory test due
165349007 Blood test due
165350007 Urine test due
165351006 Feces test due
165352004 CSF test due
165353009 Semen analysis due
165355002 Patient informed - test result
165356001 Test result by letter to patient
165357005 Test result to patient by telephone
165358000 Test result to patient personally
165372009 Hematology test not needed
165373004 Hematology test performed
165374005 Hematology test requested
165375006 Blood sent for hematology test
165376007 Patient refused hematology test
165377003 Hematology test request - not done
165378008 Hematology result not back yet
165393007 Hemoglobin not estimated
165394001 Hemoglobin requested
165395000 Hemoglobin - sample sent
165742001 Blood sent for grouping
165761002 Blood sent for cross-matching
165762009 Blood been cross-matched
165766007 Transfusion center ref. no.
165768008 Rhesus antibody absent
165790008 Blood sent - rubella antibody
165803005 Blood sent: SH-antigen test
165814008 Blood sent for HTLV-3 serology
165819003 Blood sent for legionella test
165824000 Blood sent - infectious titers
165928001 L.E. cells absent
166314008 Blood sent for chemistry
166557002 Blood sent: alpha-fetoprotein
166660001 Blood sent: cardiac enzymes
166684009 Blood sent for electrolytes
166813006 Blood sent for serum lipids
167007008 Blood sent for toxicology
167056009 Carcinoembryonic antigen absent
167219008 Urine not examined
167220002 Urinalysis requested
167223000 MSU sent to lab.
167253007 Urine pregnancy test requested
167260001 Urine glucose test not done
167272007 Urine protein test not done
167286006 Urine ketone test not done
167296002 Urine blood test not done
167306007 Urine pH test not done
167317008 Urine bacteria test not done
167322008 Urine urobilinogen not tested
167331008 Urine sent for microscopy
167594003 Feces not examined
167595002 Feces sent for examination
167666002 Fecal occult blood requested
167701000 CSF: not examined
167702007 CSF: sent for examination
167728005 CSF chemistry - not tested
167760002 Semen sent for examination
167822002 Vomit sent for examination
167854006 Vomit sent for toxicology
167861005 Synovial fluid sent for examination
167909009 Bone marrow sent for examination
167946008 Pleural fluid sent for examination
167984002 Sputum sent for examination
168009009 Ascitic fluid sent for examination
168033003 Calculus sent for examination
168085001 Amniotic fluid sent for examination
168123008 Sample sent for examination
168173006 Sweat collected for test
168195005 Sample sent for bacteriology
168196006 Sample sent for culture/sensitivities
168215000 Sample sent for mycology
168221001 Sample sent for parasitology
168286009 Eye swab sent for C/S
168287000 Eye swab for virology
168302007 Sputum sent for C/S
168305009 Skin swab taken
168306005 Skin scrapings taken
168307001 Skin ulcer swab taken
168308006 Skin wound swab taken
168312000 Gastrointestinal tract sample for organism
168313005 Stomach washings for C/S
168314004 Intestinal washings for C/S
168315003 Rectal wall scraping for C/S
168316002 Stool sample for C/S
168321004 Mouth swab
168330007 Blood sent for culture
168331006 Blood sent for virology
168332004 Blood sent for bacteriology
168336001 MSU sent for C/S
168337005 MSU sent for bacteriology
168338000 Urine sent for culture
168339008 Catheter urine sent for culture
168342002 Urethral swab taken
168345000 High vaginal swab taken
168352003 Low vaginal swab taken
168353008 Vulval swab taken
168354002 Cervical swab taken
168359007 Penile swab taken
168364006 Miscellaneous sample for organism
168369001 Peritoneal fluid for organism
168372008 Semen sent for C/S
168373003 Nail clippings
168374009 Nail clippings fungus positive
168375005 Nail clippings fungus negative
168395004 Tissue sent for histology
168396003 Specimen sent for histology
168428009 Cervical smear - action needed
168429001 Cervical smear: repeat after treatment
168430006 Cervical smear: repeat 1 month
168431005 Cervical smear: repeat 3 months
168432003 Cervical smear: repeat 4 months
168433008 Cervical smear: repeat 6 months
168434002 Cervical smear: repeat 9 months
168435001 Cervical smear: repeat 12 months
168436000 Cervical smear: colposcopy needed
168437009 Cervical smear - cervical biopsy needed
168438004 Cervical smear: uterine curettage needed
168441008 Tissue sent for cytology
168446003 Cell chromosome examination request
168451009 Forensic examination requested
168462009 Postmortem examination requested
168465006 Postmortem examination done
891003 Suicide by self-administered drug
1210002 Struck by falling lumber
1428003 Asphyxia due to foreign body in larynx
1762004 Fetal death from asphyxia AND/OR anoxia during labor
1912002 Fall
2617007 Fall from scaffolding
3974003 Contact with sharp leaves
4521008 Fall from cliff
5062002 Death by immolation
5193003 Lightning
5236003 Justifiable homicide
5331006 Postoperative death
5866003 Postpartum maternal death
5941001 Gangland style homicide
6300007 Exposed to noise
6476001 Death by electrocution
7420003 Drowning in brackish water
7878000 Accidental death
8766005 Earthquake
9855000 Natural death with unknown cause
10588007 PND - Perinatal death
10598001 Contact with hand tool
11385001 Assault and battery
12994004 Asphyxiation by environmental oxygen lack
13234002 Death during anesthetic induction
13278006 Fall from swing
13711007 Fall from slide
13935005 Fall down elevator shaft
14035003 Death by hanging
14047009 Fall from building
15185003 Contact with machinery
15355001 Unattended death
15654006 Drowning in liquid other than water
16445007 Homosexual forcible assault
16983000 Death in hospital
17542004 Work accident
17766007 Fetal death from asphyxia AND/OR anoxia, not clear if noted before OR after onset of labor
17886000 Fall involving wheelchair
17982002 Exposure to attack by reptile
18055005 Murder of friend
18870005 Murder of spouse
18893004 Non-traffic vehicular accidental death
19224001 Tidal wave
19349004 Struck by falling tree
20757006 Judicial execution by hanging
20902002 Fall involving bed
20936008 Fire storm
20974000 Matricide
21902005 Struck by falling rock or stone
22439003 Forcible intercourse
23233009 Previous known suicide attempt
23321002 Striking against or struck by sports equipment
23361001 Exposure to sting or bite by insect
23546003 Suicide while incarcerated
23776007 Incestuous child concubinage
23791009 Judicial execution by guillotine
24454008 Torrential rain
24780005 Sororicide
25318002 Death by strangulation
25455001 Overlaying accident
25692008 Murder of acquaintance
26636000 Sudden death
26878008 Death due to trampling
27792001 Intrapartum maternal death
27935005 Homicide
28064001 Fratricide
28631002 Euthanasia
29444006 Murder of relative
31868001 Antepartum maternal death
32175001 Asphyxia by plastic bag
33036003 Fall on same level
34468006 Sudden death of unknown cause during the puerperium
35149008 Suffocation by bedclothes
35314007 Hurricane
35468003 Caught, crushed, jammed or pinched in or between objects
36153001 First known suicide attempt
36882002 Death due to assault AND battery
37169002 Collision
37383006 Exposure to attack by mammal
37806009 Suffocation by pressure
37933009 Flash flood
38605008 Natural death
39109007 Fall involving sports equipment
39262008 Second degree murder
39379000 Forcible sexual assault
39399006 Natural death with probable cause suspected
39826003 Struck by explosion
40104005 Fall in home
40358007 Non-judicial execution
40537000 Cold exposure
40785002 Car crash
40947009 Drowning
41358001 Child concubinage
41411008 Fall involving playground equipment
42310008 Judicial execution by firing squad
43682008 Water transport accident
44174001 Fetal death from asphyxia AND/OR anoxia before onset of labor
44188002 Fall in shower
44301001 Suicide
44633000 Accidental death in public place
45216005 Iatrogenic death
45224000 Struck by missile
45477008 Exposure to vibration
46851004 Contact with plants
47044002 Sinking
47193005 Murder of stranger
47235009 Contact with power tool
48015001 Fall through window
48071004 Cyclone
48981002 Parasuicide
49061008 Landslide
49113003 Blizzard
49215004 Struck by building collapse
49250007 Manslaughter
49380000 Anesthetic death
49713007 Unexpected death
49905000 Fall down embankment
50032005 Air crash
50084004 Battery
50105002 Undetermined manner of death, natural causes suspected
50109008 Drowning in fresh water
50363002 Asphyxiation by environmental toxic gas
50514002 Instantaneous death
51347003 Incest
51709005 Assisted suicide
52136000 Intraoperative death
52684005 Assault
53559009 Death in less than 24 hours from onset of symptoms
53846008 Suicide attempt by adequate means
54670004 Slipping
54719000 Exposure to human stampede
55225009 Neonatal death of female (within 7 days, World Health Organization)
55554002 Parasuicide
55566008 Accidental physical contact
56102008 Neonatal death of female (within 4 weeks, United States of America)
56307009 Fall from table
56962005 Fall on snow
57135007 Accident involving land transport vehicle
57371001 Oil spill
57701003 Accident while engaged in sports activity
57741007 Fall from bridge
58538004 Striking against or bumped into by another person
58908002 Exposure to attack by amphibian
59262002 Snow storm
59283008 Maternal mortality
59510000 Struck by cave-in
60257006 Neonatal death of male (within 7 days, WHO)
60594001 Fall while being carried
62475002 Undetermined manner of death, accidental means suspected
63148005 Murder
63409001 Struck by firearm discharge
65037004 Undetermined manner of death
65819004 Accidental death in home
66360006 Natural death with proved cause
66411002 Undetermined manner of death, homicide suspected
66466001 Asphyxiation
67223001 Fall on escalator
67292001 Suffocation by cave-in
67313008 Fetal death due to termination of pregnancy
67622000 Asphyxiation by injury to air passages
67786008 Death by fire
67916006 Undetermined manner of death, accidental cause suspected
68023007 Undetermined manner of death, suicide suspected
68062003 Fall at construction site
68274007 Fall into hole
69129000 Struck by sharp object
69165005 Struck by falling earth
70055007 Unexpected sudden death of adult
70167006 Non-incestuous child concubinage
70579001 Homicide attempt
71893005 Struck by falling object
72738009 Fall from carousel
74105006 Murder by hired killer
74148000 Death unattended by physician
74332007 Death by asphyxiation
74376000 Drowning in salt water
74509007 Death by cremation
74541001 Fall from bench
74601003 Struck by instrument of aggression
74660000 Accidental death in industrial place
74683002 Struck by falling machine equipment
75354000 Fall on ice
75941004 Tripping
77105004 Garrotment
77588008 Exposure to animate mechanical force
77740007 Struck by falling tool
77993003 Exposure to attack by other person
78070009 Suicide by multiple means
78078002 Struck by falling liquid matter
78331008 Fall from gymnastic bars
78361000 Engaged in falling
78387000 Asphyxiation by sustained compression of chest
78427001 Occupational noise exposure
78583002 Infanticide
78672002 Judicial execution by gas chamber
78857004 Natural death with proved cause without autopsy
79573009 Accident while engaged in household activity
79835004 Judicial execution by electric chair
79867001 Traffic vehicular accidental death
80295006 Judicial execution
80580005 Exposure to attack by marine animal
81840004 Natural death reportable to medicolegal authority
82145005 Avalanche
82313006 Suicide attempt
82612009 Stumbling
82621005 Natural death with proved cause by autopsy
82947003 Fall from tree
83208000 Exposure to mechanical force
83468000 Fall from chair
84026000 Fall from moving vehicle
84768009 Train derailment
84829006 Struck by projectile
85261005 Contact with plant thorns
86591008 Fall from ladder
87281005 Death from overwork
87309006 Death - cause unknown
88051009 Contact with plant spines
88644004 Tornado
88817006 Exposure to inanimate mechanical force
90049009 Unexplained sudden death
90097005 First degree murder
90569008 Wind
90619006 Fall in bathtub
90639005 Fall from window
90757003 Patricide
90978007 Volcanic eruption
91519006 Neonatal death of male (within 4 weeks, USA)
95866005 Exposure to extreme temperature, non-occupational
95871003 Exposure to mercury
95875007 Exposure to carbon monoxide
95920001 Homicide by overkill
95921002 Abuse of elderly person
95922009 Child sex abuse
102406006 Mud slide
102410009 Pollution
102411008 Environmental pollution
102412001 Noise polution
102413006 Air pollution
102414000 Water pollution
102415004 Drinking water pollution
102416003 Bathing water pollution
102417007 Soil pollution
102418002 Dust pollution
102420004 Exposure to pollution
102421000 Exposure to environmental pollution
102422007 Exposure to environmental pollution, occupational
102423002 Exposure to environmental pollution, non-occupational
102424008 Exposure to polluted air
102425009 Exposure to polluted air, occupational
102426005 Exposure to polluted air, non-occupational
102427001 Exposure to water pollution
102428006 Exposure to polluted water, occupational
102429003 Exposure to polluted water, non-occupational
102430008 Exposure to polluted drinking water
102431007 Exposure to polluted bathing water
102432000 Exposure to polluted soil
102433005 Exposure to polluted soil, occupational
102434004 Exposure to polluted soil, non-occupational
102435003 Exposure to chemical pollution
102436002 Exposure to chemical pollution, occupational
102437006 Exposure to chemical pollution, non-occupational
102439009 Exposure to toxic waste, occupational
102440006 Exposure to toxic waste, non-occupational
102441005 Exposure to toxic agricultural agents
102442003 Exposure to toxic agricultural agents, occupational
102443008 Exposure to toxic agricultural agents, non-occupational
102444002 Exposure to toxic dust
102445001 Exposure to toxic dust, occupational
102446000 Exposure to toxic dust, non-occupational
105441003 Death of spouse
105442005 Death of companion
105443000 Death of parent
105444006 Death of child
105445007 Death of sibling
105446008 Suicide of relative
105447004 Death of pet
111056004 Floods
111942003 Judicial execution by lethal injection
115964003 Exposure to non-mechanical force
115965002 Exposure to magnetic field
122866006 Exposure to ionizing radiation
129674006 Asphyxiation by hanging
135829001 Accidental ingestion of white spirit
135868008 Death of partner
160956009 Death of infant
160957000 Sudden infant death
160958005 Death of son
160960007 Death of daughter
160961006 Death of father
160962004 Death of mother
160963009 Death of brother
160964003 Death of sister
160965002 Suicide of close relative
160966001 Relative killed
161151009 Death of unrelated person
170475009 Anthrax exposure
199607009 Intrauterine death - delivered
199608004 Intrauterine death with antenatal problem
200155004 Death from any obstetric cause occurring more than 42 days but less than one year after delivery
200156003 Death from sequelae of direct obstetric cause
206258000 Fetal death due to prelabor anoxia
206259008 Fetal death due to labor anoxia
212976008 Suffocation by strangulation
212979001 Suffocation by mechanical cause
213004004 Nutritional deprivation of child
213007006 Multiple deprivation of child
213017001 Sexual abuse
213770003 Railway accident
213771004 Train accident involving collision with rolling stock
213772006 Collision between railway vehicles of any kind
213773001 Collision between railway vehicles, railway employee injured
213774007 Collision between railway vehicles, passenger injured
213775008 Collision between railway vehicles, pedestrian injured
213776009 Collision between railway vehicles, pedal cyclist injured
213779002 Collision between railway vehicles followed by derailment
213780004 Collision between railway vehicles followed by derailment, railway employee injured
213781000 Collision between railway vehicles followed by derailment, passenger injured
213782007 Collision between railway vehicles followed by derailment, pedestrian injured
213783002 Collision between railway vehicles followed by derailment, pedal cyclist injured
213795002 Train collision with buffers
213796001 Train collision with buffers, railway employee injured
213797005 Train collision with buffers, passenger injured
213798000 Train collision with buffers, pedestrian injured
213799008 Train collision with buffers, pedal cyclist injured
213802004 Train collision with fallen tree on railway
213803009 Train collision with fallen tree, railway employee injured
213804003 Train collision with fallen tree, passenger injured
213805002 Train collision with fallen tree, pedestrian injured
213806001 Train collision with fallen tree, pedal cyclist injured
213809008 Train collision with gates
213810003 Train collision with gates, railway employee injured
213811004 Train collision with gates, passenger injured
213812006 Train collision with gates, pedestrian injured
213813001 Train collision with gates, pedal cyclist injured
213816009 Train collision with platform
213817000 Train collision with platform, railway employee injured
213818005 Train collision with platform, passenger injured
213819002 Train collision with platform, pedestrian injured
213820008 Train collision with platform, pedal cyclist injured
213823005 Train collision with rock on railway
213824004 Train collision with rock, railway employee injured
213825003 Train collision with rock, passenger injured
213826002 Train collision with rock, pedestrian injured
213827006 Train collision with rock, pedal cyclist injured
213831000 Train collision with streetcar, railway employee injured
213833002 Train collision with streetcar, passenger injured
213834008 Train collision with streetcar, pedestrian injured
213835009 Train collision with streetcar, pedal cyclist injured
213859004 Railway accident involving derailment without antecedent collision
213860009 Derailment due to track problem without antecedent collision
213861008 Derailment due to track problem, without antecedent collision, railway employee injured
213862001 Derailment due to track problem, without antecedent collision, passenger injured
213863006 Derailment due to track problem, without antecedent collision, pedestrian injured
213864000 Derailment due to track problem, without antecedent collision, pedal cyclist injured
213867007 Derailment due to train problem, without antecedent collision
213869005 Derailment due to train problem, without antecedent collision, passenger injured
213870006 Derailment due to train problem, without antecedent collision, pedestrian injured
213871005 Derailment due to train problem, without antecedent collision, pedal cyclist injured
213881009 Train accident involving explosion, fire or burning
213882002 Train accident involving explosion
213883007 Train accident involving explosion, railway employee injured
213884001 Train accident involving explosion, passenger injured
213885000 Train accident involving explosion, pedestrian injured
213886004 Train accident involving explosion, pedal cyclist injured
213889006 Train accident involving fire
213890002 Train accident involving fire, railway employee injured
213893000 Train accident involving fire, pedestrian injured
213894006 Train accident involving fire, pedal cyclist injured
213897004 Train accident involving burning
213898009 Train accident involving burning, railway employee injured
213899001 Train accident involving burning, passenger injured
213900006 Train accident involving burning, pedestrian injured
213901005 Train accident involving burning, pedal cyclist injured
213911003 Fall in, on, or from train
213912005 Fall in train
213913000 Fall in train, railway employee injured
213914006 Fall in train, passenger injured
213917004 Fall on train
213918009 Fall on train, railway employee injured
213919001 Fall on train, passenger injured
213920007 Fall on train, pedestrian injured
213922004 Fall on train, pedal cyclist injured
213925002 Fall from train
213926001 Fall from train, railway employee injured
213927005 Fall from train, passenger injured
213937000 Hit by railway rolling stock
213938005 Crushed by rolling stock
213939002 Crushed by rolling stock - railway employee
213940000 Crushed by rolling stock - passenger
213941001 Crushed by rolling stock - pedestrian
213942008 Crushed by rolling stock - pedal cyclist
213945005 Knocked down by rolling stock
213946006 Knocked down by rolling stock - railway employee
213947002 Knocked down by rolling stock - passenger
213948007 Knocked down by rolling stock - pedestrian
213949004 Knocked down by rolling stock - pedal cyclist
213952007 Run over by rolling stock
213953002 Run over by rolling stock - railway employee
213954008 Run over by rolling stock - passenger
213955009 Run over by rolling stock - pedestrian
213956005 Run over by rolling stock - pedal cyclist
213959003 Killed by rolling stock
213960008 Killed by rolling stock - railway employee
213961007 Killed by rolling stock - passenger
213962000 Killed by rolling stock - pedestrian
213963005 Killed by rolling stock - pedal cyclist
213974001 Hit by object falling in train
213975000 Hit by object falling in train - railway employee
213976004 Hit by object falling in train - passenger
213980009 Injured by train door or window - railway employee
213981008 Injured by train door or window - passenger
213982001 Injured by train door or window - pedestrian
213983006 Injured by train door or window - pedal cyclist
213986003 Injured by object set in motion by train
213987007 Injured by object set in motion by train - railway employee
213988002 Injured by object set in motion by train - passenger
213989005 Injured by object set in motion by train - pedestrian
213990001 Injured by object set in motion by train - pedal cyclist
213993004 Train hit by falling object
213995006 Train hit by falling object - railway employee injured
213996007 Train hit by falling object - passenger injured
213997003 Train hit by falling object - pedestrian injured
213998008 Train hit by falling object - pedal cyclist injured
214031005 Motor vehicle traffic accident
214032003 Motor vehicle on road in collision with train
214056004 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving re-entrant collision with another motor vehicle
214080000 Motor vehicle on road in collision with parked motor vehicle
214081001 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, parked, driver of motor vehicle injured
214082008 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, parked, passenger of motor vehicle injured
214085005 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, parked, passenger on motor cycle injured
214086006 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, parked, occupant of tram injured
214089004 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, parked, pedestrian injured
214090008 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, parked, other specified person injured
214092000 Motor vehicle on road in collision with stopped motor vehicle
214095003 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stopped, motor cyclist injured
214096002 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stopped, passenger on motor cycle injured
214098001 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stopped, occupant of tram injured
214099009 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stopped, rider of animal or occupant of animal-drawn vehicle injured
214100001 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stopped, pedal cyclist injured
214101002 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stopped, pedestrian injured
214102009 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stopped, other specified person injured
214104005 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stalled
214106007 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stalled, passenger of motor vehicle injured
214107003 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stalled, motor cyclist injured
214108008 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stalled, passenger on motor cycle injured
214109000 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stalled, occupant of tram injured
214110005 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stalled, rider of animal or occupant of animal-drawn vehicle injured
214111009 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stalled, pedal cyclist injured
214112002 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stalled, pedestrian injured
214113007 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, stalled, other specified person injured
214115000 Motor vehicle on road in collision with disabled motor vehicle
214116004 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, disabled, driver of motor vehicle injured
214118003 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, disabled, motor cyclist injured
214119006 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, disabled, passenger on motor cycle injured
214120000 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, disabled, occupant of tram injured
214121001 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, disabled, rider of animal or occupant of animal-drawn vehicle injured
214123003 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, disabled, pedestrian injured
214124009 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, disabled, other specified person injured
214126006 Motor vehicle on road in collision with abandoned motor vehicle
214127002 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, abandoned on highway, driver of motor vehicle injured
214128007 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, abandoned on highway, passenger of motor vehicle injured
214129004 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, abandoned on highway, motor cyclist injured
214131008 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, abandoned on highway, occupant of tram injured
214132001 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, abandoned on highway, rider of animal or occupant of animal-drawn vehicle injured
214134000 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, abandoned on highway, pedestrian injured
214135004 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision with another motor vehicle, abandoned on highway, other specified person injured
214149008 Motor vehicle on road in collision with ridden animal
214150008 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and animal carrying a person, driver of motor vehicle injured
214151007 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and animal carrying a person, passenger of motor vehicle injured
214154004 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and animal carrying a person, occupant of tram injured
214155003 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and animal carrying a person, rider of animal or occupant of animal-drawn vehicle injured
214156002 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and animal carrying a person, pedal cyclist injured
214160004 Motor vehicle on road in collision with animal-drawn vehicle
214161000 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and animal-drawn vehicle, driver of motor vehicle injured
214162007 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and animal-drawn vehicle, passenger of motor vehicle injured
214164008 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and animal-drawn vehicle, passenger on motor cycle injured
214165009 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and animal-drawn vehicle, occupant of tram injured
214166005 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and animal-drawn vehicle, rider of animal or occupant of animal-drawn vehicle injured
214168006 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and animal-drawn vehicle, pedestrian injured
214171003 Motor vehicle on road in collision with pedal cycle
214172005 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and pedal cycle, driver of motor vehicle injured
214174006 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and pedal cycle, passenger of motor vehicle injured
214175007 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and pedal cycle, motor cyclist injured
214176008 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and pedal cycle, passenger on motor cycle injured
214177004 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and pedal cycle, occupant of tram injured
214179001 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and pedal cycle, pedal cyclist injured
214180003 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and pedal cycle, pedestrian injured
214183001 Motor vehicle on road in collision with tram
214184007 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and tramcar, driver of motor vehicle injured
214185008 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and tramcar, passenger of motor vehicle injured
214186009 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and tramcar, motor cyclist injured
214188005 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and tramcar, occupant of tram injured
214189002 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and tramcar, rider of animal or occupant of animal-drawn vehicle injured
214190006 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and tramcar, pedal cyclist injured
214191005 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving collision between motor vehicle and tramcar, pedestrian injured
214206004 Motor vehicle on road in collision with pedestrian
214207008 Pedestrian dragged by motor vehicle
214208003 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving pedestrian dragged by motor vehicle, driver of motor vehicle injured
214209006 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving pedestrian dragged by motor vehicle, passenger of motor vehicle injured
214210001 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving pedestrian dragged by motor vehicle, motor cyclist injured
214211002 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving pedestrian dragged by motor vehicle, passenger on motor cycle injured
214212009 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving pedestrian dragged by motor vehicle, occupant of tram injured
214213004 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving pedestrian dragged by motor vehicle, rider of animal or occupant of animal-drawn vehicle injured
214215006 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving pedestrian dragged by motor vehicle, pedestrian injured
214218008 Pedestrian hit by motor vehicle
214219000 Motor vehicle traffic accident involving pedestrian hit by motor vehicle, driver of motor vehicle injured