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Example value set for the type of stages of cancer and other conditions

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Expansion based on:

  • SNOMED CT International edition 31-Jan 2023
  • SNOMED CT International edition 31-Jan 2023
  261023001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPathological staging (qualifier value)
  260998006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctClinical staging (qualifier value)
  254291000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStaging and scalesStaging and scales (staging scale)
  13808002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWR stage 3Walter Reed stage 3 (tumor staging)
  15972002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWR stage 2Walter Reed stage 2 (tumor staging)
  42114005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWR stage 1Walter Reed stage 1
  66470009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWR stage 5Walter Reed stage 5 (tumor staging)
  74542008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWR stage 4Walter Reed stage 4
  83200007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWR stage 6Walter Reed stage 6
  106241006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGleason grading for prostatic cancerGleason grading system for prostatic cancer
  106242004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWalter Reed staging of prostatic cancerWalter Reed staging of prostatic cancer (tumor staging)
  106244003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFIGO staging of endometrial carcinomaInternational Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics staging system for endometrial carcinoma (tumor staging)
  106245002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFIGO staging of vulvar carcinomaInternational Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics staging system for vulvar carcinoma (tumor staging)
  106246001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFIGO staging of vulvar melanomaInternational Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics staging system for vulvar melanoma
  106247005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFIGO staging for epithelial tumor of ovaryInternational Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics staging system for epithelial tumour of ovary
  106250008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFIGO staging of cervical carcinomaInternational Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics staging system for cervical carcinoma
  106252000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStaging classification for lymphomaLymphoma staging descriptor
  110375007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOverlapping tumorOverlapping tumor (tumor staging)
  134438001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCanadian Cardiovascular Society classification of anginaCanadian Cardiovascular Society classification of angina (assessment scale)
  135831005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCardiovascular Limitations and Symptoms Profile angina scoreCardiovascular Limitations and Symptoms Profile angina score (assessment scale)
  135832003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCLASP ankle swelling scoreCardiovascular Limitations and Symptoms Profile ankle swelling score
  135833008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCLASP shortness of breath scoreCardiovascular Limitations and Symptoms Profile shortness of breath score
  135877001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStroke riskStroke risk (assessment scale)
  160723003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHousing dependency scaleHousing dependency scale (assessment scale)
  165270003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPhysical disability assessment scorePhysical disability assessment score (assessment scale)
  165271004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPhysical disability admission scorePhysical disability admission score (assessment scale)
  165272006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPhysical disability inpatient scorePhysical disability inpatient score (assessment scale)
  165273001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPhysical disability discharge scorePhysical disability discharge score (assessment scale)
  165274007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPhysical disability outpatient scorePhysical disability outpatient score (assessment scale)
  165275008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPhysical disability DV scorePhysical disability domiciliary visit score
  251893009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSymptom ratingsSymptom ratings (staging scale)
  251894003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctExertion ratingExertion rating (staging scale)
  251895002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLeg fatigue ratingLeg fatigue rating (staging scale)
  251896001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBreathlessness ratingBreathlessness rating (staging scale)
  251897005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChest pain ratingChest pain rating (staging scale)
  254292007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTumor stagingTumor staging (tumor staging)
  254360008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDukes staging systemDukes staging system (tumor staging)
  254361007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAstler-Coller staging systemAstler-Coller staging system (tumor staging)
  254362000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctModified Astler-Coller staging systemModified Astler-Coller staging system (tumor staging)
  254363005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctInternational neuroblastoma staging systemInternational neuroblastoma staging system (tumor staging)
  254364004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNWTS - National Wilms' tumour study staging systemNational Wilms' tumor study staging system (tumor staging)
  254365003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSiopel liver staging systemSiopel liver staging system (tumor staging)
  254366002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStannard staging system for retinoblastomaStannard staging system for retinoblastoma (tumor staging)
  254368001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctUnited Kingdom children's cancer study group central nervous system tumor staging systemUnited Kingdom children's cancer study group central nervous system tumor staging system (tumor staging)
  254370005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSt Jude's malignant histiocytosis tumour staging systemSt Jude malignant histiocytosis tumour staging system
  254371009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSt Jude's non-Hodgkin's lymphoma staging systemSt Jude non-Hodgkin lymphoma staging system
  254372002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAnn Arbor lymphoma staging systemAnn Arbor lymphoma staging system (tumor staging)
  254373007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAnn Arbor Hodgkin's disease tumor staging systemAnn Arbor Hodgkin disease tumour staging system
  254374001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAnn Arbor non-Hodgkin's lymphoma tumour staging systemAnn Arbor non-Hodgkin lymphoma tumour staging system
  254375000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCotswolds Hodgkin's disease tumor staging systemCotswolds Hodgkin disease tumour staging system
  254376004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTesticular tumour staging systemsTesticular tumor staging systems (tumor staging)
  254378003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWalter Reed testicular tumor staging systemWalter Reed testicular tumor staging system (tumor staging)
  254379006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctIndiana University testicular tumour staging systemIndiana University testicular tumor staging system (tumor staging)
  254380009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMarshall Modification of Jewett-Strong staging system for urinary bladder tumorMarshall Modification of Jewett-Strong staging system for urinary bladder tumor (tumor staging)
  254381008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAmerican Urological Association staging system for prostate cancerAmerican Urological Association staging system for prostate cancer (tumor staging)
  254382001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTrophoblastic malignancy staging systemTrophoblastic malignancy staging system (tumor staging)
  254383006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFederation internationale de gynecologie et d'obstetrique staging of gynaecological malignancyInternational Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics staging system of gynaecological malignancy
  254384000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFIGO Vaginal tumor stagingInternational Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics vaginal tumour staging system
  254385004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFederation internationale de gynecologie et d'obstetrique staging of corpus uteri malignancyInternational Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics uterine tumour staging system
  254386003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFederation Internationale de gynecologie et d'obstetrique staging of ovarian malignancyInternational Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics ovarian tumour staging system
  254387007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHIV - Human immunodeficiency virus infection classification systemsHuman immunodeficiency virus infection classification systems (staging scale)
  258233007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGeneric tumor staging descriptor (tumor staging)Generic tumor staging descriptor
  258234001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTNM tumor staging classificationsTumor-node-metastasis (TNM) tumour staging classifications
  258244004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctG statusTumor histopathological grade status values (tumor staging)
  258246002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLymphatic tumour invasion status stagesLymphatic tumor invasion status stages (tumor staging)
  258247006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctV statusVenous tumor invasion status values (tumor staging)
  258257007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAdditional tumor staging descriptor (tumor staging)Additional tumor staging descriptor
  258258002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct(f)(f) (tumor staging)
  258259005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctisis (tumor staging)
  258260000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct(d)(d) (tumor staging)
  258267002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGeneric tumour risk status stagesGeneric tumor risk status stages (tumor staging)
  258268007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLow risk tumorLow risk tumor (tumor staging)
  258269004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMedium risk tumourMedium risk tumor (tumor staging)
  258270003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHigh risk tumorHigh risk tumor (tumor staging)
  258271004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecific tumor staging descriptor (tumor staging)Specific tumor staging descriptor
  258272006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLiver tumor staging descriptor (tumor staging)Liver tumour staging descriptor
  258273001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLiver tumor size indexLiver tumor size index (tumor staging)
  258276009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTiming of liver tumour stagingTiming of liver tumor staging (tumor staging)
  258279002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLymphoma staging symptom status valuesLymphoma staging symptom status values (tumor staging)
  258280004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLymphomatous extranodal involvement status valuesLymphomatous extranodal involvement status values (tumor staging)
  258281000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctS+ minimalSpleen-positive minimal lymphomatous extranodal involvement
  258282007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctS+ extensiveSpleen-positive extensive lymphomatous extranodal involvement
  258283002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLymphomatous nodal involvementLymph node involvement
  258284008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStannards retinoblastoma stagesStannards retinoblastoma stages (tumor staging)
  258285009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOptic nerve tumour invasion status in retinoblastoma stagingOptic nerve tumor invasion status in retinoblastoma staging (tumor staging)
  258286005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChoroidal tumor invasion status in retinoblastoma stagingChoroidal tumor invasion status in retinoblastoma staging (tumor staging)
  258292004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLymph nodal tumour invasion status in retinoblastoma stagingLymph nodal tumor invasion status in retinoblastoma staging (tumor staging)
  258293009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBrain tumor invasion status in retinoblastoma stagingBrain tumor invasion status in retinoblastoma staging (tumor staging)
  258301001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLangerhans cell histiocytosis stage (tumor staging)Langerhans cell histiocytosis stage
  258302008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNumber of organ systems involved with Langerhans cell histiocytosisNumber of organ systems involved with Langerhans cell histiocytosis (tumor staging)
  258303003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSingle system involvementSingle system involvement (tumor staging)
  258304009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMultisystem involvementMultisystem involvement (tumor staging)
  258305005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOrgan failure due to Langerhans cell histiocytosisOrgan failure due to Langerhans cell histiocytosis (tumor staging)
  258306006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVital organ failureVital organ failure (tumor staging)
  258307002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNon-vital organ failureNon-vital organ failure (tumor staging)
  258309004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGeneric lymph node tumor invasion status stage (tumor staging)Generic lymph node tumour invasion status stage
  258310009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNeck node tumor involvementN+ (tumor staging)
  258311008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMediastinal lymph node tumour involvementM+ (tumor staging)
  258312001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAxillary lymph node levelAxillary lymph node level (tumor staging)
  258313006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLevel ILevel I (tumor staging)
  258314000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMidaxillaLevel II (tumor staging)
  258315004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLevel IIILevel III (tumor staging)
  258316003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRetroperitoneal lymph node tumor invasion statusAbdominal lymph node tumor invasion status (tumor staging)
  258318002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGeneric anatomical site tumor invasion statusGeneric anatomical site tumor invasion status (tumor staging)
  258319005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLung involvement stagesLung involvement stages (tumor staging)
  258320004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLung stage L2Lung stage L2 (tumor staging)
  258321000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLung stage L3Lung stage L3 (tumor staging)
  258322007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctH+H+ (tumor staging)
  258323002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLiver sectorsLiver sectors (tumor staging)
  258324008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLiver sector 1Liver sector 1 (tumor staging)
  258325009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLiver sector 2Liver sector 2 (tumor staging)
  258326005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLiver sector 3Liver sector 3 (tumor staging)
  258327001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLiver sector 4Liver sector 4 (tumor staging)
  258328006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMarkers for liver tumour stagingMarkers for liver tumor staging (tumor staging)
  261731003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCNS metastasesCentral nervous system metastases
  261789009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctExtra CNS metastasesExtra central nervous system metastases
  261985008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNo metastasesNo metastases (tumor staging)
  263487004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBorg scaleBorg scale (assessment scale)
  263638005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEndometriosis classification of American Fertility SocietyEndometriosis classification of American Fertility Society (staging scale)
  273249006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAssessment scalesAssessment scales (assessment scale)
  273251005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAachen aphasia testAachen aphasia test (assessment scale)
  273252003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctABC chartABC behavioral checklist (assessment scale)
  273253008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctABC test for movementABC test for movement (assessment scale)
  273254002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAIS - Abbreviated injury scaleAbbreviated injury scale (assessment scale)
  273255001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAMT - Abbreviated mental testAbbreviated Mental Test
  273256000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAIMS - Abnormal involuntary movement scaleAbnormal involuntary movement scale (assessment scale)
  273257009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAcute physiology and chronic health evaluationAcute physiology and chronic health evaluation (assessment scale)
  273258004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAPACHE II - Acute physiology and chronic health evaluation IIAcute physiology and chronic health evaluation II (assessment scale)
  273259007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAcute physiology and chronic health evaluation IIIAcute physiology and chronic health evaluation III (assessment scale)
  273260002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAddiction severity indexAddiction severity index (assessment scale)
  273261003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAdult personality rating scheduleAdult personality rating schedule (assessment scale)
  273262005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctABS - Affect balance scaleAffect balance scale (assessment scale)
  273263000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAIDS Risk Behavior Knowledge TestARBKT - AIDS Risk Behavior Knowledge Test
  273264006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctADS - Alcohol dependence scaleAlcohol dependence scale (assessment scale)
  273265007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAlcohol use disorders identification testAlcohol use disorders identification test (assessment scale)
  273266008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAlcohol use inventoryAlcohol use inventory (assessment scale)
  273267004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAllen cognitive level screening toolAllen cognitive level screening tool (assessment scale)
  273269001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctADAS - Alzheimer's Disease Assessment ScaleAlzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale
  273270000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAmerican Society of Anesthesiologists physical status classification (assessment scale)ASA - American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status classification
  273271001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAmsterdam-Nijmegen Everyday Language TestANELT - Amsterdam-Nijmegen Everyday Language Test
  273273003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAnomalous sentence test - KopelmanAnomalous sentence test - Kopelman (assessment scale)
  273274009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAnorexic attitudes questionnaireAnorexic attitudes questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273275005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAnorexic behaviour scalesAnorexic behavior scales (assessment scale)
  273276006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAphasia language performance scalesAphasia language performance scales (assessment scale)
  273277002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWhurr - Aphasia screening testAphasia screening test (assessment scale)
  273279004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctApraxia battery for adultsApraxia battery for adults (assessment scale)
  273280001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctArizona battery for communication disorders of dementiaArizona battery for communication disorders of dementia (assessment scale)
  273282009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctArthritis Impact Measurement Scales 2 (assessment scale)Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales 2
  273283004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctASEPSIS score for wound infectionASEPSIS score for wound infection (assessment scale)
  273284005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAshworth assessment scaleAshworth assessment scale (assessment scale)
  273286007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAssessment and therapy programme for dysfluent childrenAssessment and therapy program for dysfluent children (assessment scale)
  273288008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAssessment of motor and process skillsAssessment of motor and process skills (assessment scale)
  273289000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAOF - Assessment of occupational functionAssessment of occupational functioning (assessment scale)
  273290009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAssessment protocol of pragmatic linguistic skillsAssessment protocol of pragmatic linguistic skills (assessment scale)
  273291008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAston indexAston index (assessment scale)
  273292001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAttributional style questionnaireAttributional style questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273293006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAuditory comprehension test for sentencesAuditory comprehension test for sentences (assessment scale)
  273294000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAugmentative communication profileAugmentative communication profile (assessment scale)
  273295004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAutistic features checklistAutistic features checklist (assessment scale)
  273296003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAutobiographical memory interviewAutobiographical memory interview (assessment scale)
  273298002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBamford Kowal and Bench non-picture relatedBamford Kowal and Bench non-picture related (assessment scale)
  273299005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBKBPR - Bamford Kowal and Bench picture relatedBamford Kowal and Bench picture related (assessment scale)
  273300002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBangor dyslexia testBangor dyslexia test (assessment scale)
  273301003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBankson language testBankson language test (assessment scale)
  273302005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBarthel indexBarthel index (assessment scale)
  273305007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBayley scale of infant developmentBayley scale of infant development (assessment scale)
  273306008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBeck depression inventoryBeck depression inventory (assessment scale)
  273307004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBeck anxiety standardised rating scaleBeck anxiety standardized rating scale (assessment scale)
  273308009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBEST - Bedside evaluation and screening test of aphasiaBedside evaluation and screening test of aphasia (assessment scale)
  273309001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBeery-Buktenica test of visual motor integrationBeery-Buktenica test of visual motor integration (assessment scale)
  273310006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBehavior and mood disturbance scaleBehavior and mood disturbance scale (assessment scale)
  273311005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBehavior Assessment Battery (assessment scale)BAB - Behavior Assessment Battery
  273312003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBehavior problem checklistBehavior problem checklist (assessment scale)
  273313008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBehaviour rating scaleBehavior rating scale (assessment scale)
  273314002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBehavioral inattention testBehavioral inattention test (assessment scale)
  273315001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBOS - Behavioral observation scheduleBehavioral observation schedule (assessment scale)
  273316000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBehavioural screening questionnaireBehavioral screening questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273317009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBennett's test of manual dexterityBennett test of manual dexterity
  273319007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBexley-Maudsley automated psychological screeningBexley-Maudsley automated psychological screening (assessment scale)
  273320001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBinge eating scaleBinge eating scale (assessment scale)
  273321002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBORB - Birmingham object recognition batteryBirmingham object recognition battery (assessment scale)
  273322009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBlakely dyspraxia assessmentBlakely dyspraxia assessment (assessment scale)
  273323004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBlessed dementia rating scaleBlessed dementia rating scale (assessment scale)
  273324005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBlissymbols testBlissymbols test (assessment scale)
  273325006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBody shape questionnaireBody shape questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273326007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBoehm test of basic conceptsBoehm test of basic concepts (assessment scale)
  273327003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBooker heterotopic ossification scoreBooker heterotopic ossification score (assessment scale)
  273328008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBoston aphasia scaleBoston aphasia scale (assessment scale)
  273329000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBoston diagnostic aphasia examinationBoston diagnostic aphasia examination (assessment scale)
  273330005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBoston naming testBoston naming test (assessment scale)
  273331009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBracken test of basic concept scaleBracken test of basic concept scale (assessment scale)
  273332002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBrief activities of daily livingBrief activities of daily living (assessment scale)
  273333007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBDRS - Brief depression rating scaleBrief depression rating scale (assessment scale)
  273334001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBristol language assessment scaleBristol language assessment scale (assessment scale)
  273335000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBritish ability scalesBritish ability scales (assessment scale)
  273337008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBritish ability scales reading testBritish ability scales reading test (assessment scale)
  273338003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBAS - British ability scales spelling testBritish ability scales spelling test (assessment scale)
  273339006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBritish isles lupus assessment group scoreBritish isles lupus assessment group score (assessment scale)
  273341007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBryant and Bradley rhyming taskBryant and Bradley rhyming task (assessment scale)
  273342000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBuffalo assessment profile - WilsonBuffalo assessment profile - Wilson (assessment scale)
  273343005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBulimia testBulimia test (assessment scale)
  273344004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBulimic investigation test - EdinburghBulimic investigation test - Edinburgh (assessment scale)
  273345003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBus storyBus story (assessment scale)
  273347006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCage questionnaireCage questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273348001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCalifornia personality inventoryCalifornia personality inventory (assessment scale)
  273349009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCallier-Azusa scaleCallier-Azusa scale (assessment scale)
  273350009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCamberwell family interviewCamberwell assessment for the needs of the elderly
  273351008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCAB - Cambridge apraxia batteryCambridge apraxia battery (assessment scale)
  273352001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCantril ladder assessment (assessment scale)Cantril ladder assessment
  273353006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCarrow elicited language inventoryCELI - Carrow elicited language inventory
  273354000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCarrow screening test of auditory comprehensionCarrow screening test of auditory comprehension (assessment scale)
  273355004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChailey Heritage lying assessmentChailey Heritage lying assessment (assessment scale)
  273356003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChailey Heritage seating assessmentChailey Heritage seating assessment (assessment scale)
  273357007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChecklist of communicative competenceChecklist of communicative competence (assessment scale)
  273358002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChecklist of conversational abilitiesChecklist of conversational abilities (assessment scale)
  273359005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChecklist of listening behaviorsChecklist of listening behaviors (assessment scale)
  273360000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOT - Chessington occupational therapy neurological assessment batteryChessington occupational therapy neurological assessment battery (assessment scale)
  273361001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChild assessment scheduleChild assessment schedule (assessment scale)
  273362008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCDS - Child depression scaleChild depression scale (assessment scale)
  273363003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChildren's coma scaleChildren's coma scale (assessment scale)
  273364009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCrohn's Disease Activity Index (assessment scale)CDAI - Crohn's Disease Activity Index
  273365005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCAPE - Clifton assessment procedures for the elderlyClifton assessment procedures for the elderly (assessment scale)
  273366006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctClinical anxiety scaleClinical anxiety scale (assessment scale)
  273367002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctClinical dementia rating scaleClinical dementia rating scale (assessment scale)
  273368007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCEDRI - Clinical eating disorder rating instrumentClinical eating disorder rating instrument (assessment scale)
  273369004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctClinical evaluation of language function revisedClinical evaluation of language function revised (assessment scale)
  273370003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctClinical evaluation of language function revised - screening testClinical evaluation of language function revised - screening test (assessment scale)
  273371004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctClinical evaluation of language function revised - preschool testClinical evaluation of language function revised - preschool test (assessment scale)
  273372006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctClinical observation of motor and postural skills (assessment scale)COMPS - Clinical observation of motor and postural skills
  273373001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCAAP - Cocaine abuse assessment profileCocaine abuse assessment profile (assessment scale)
  273374007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCognitions questionnaireCognitions questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273375008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCognitive failures questionnaireCognitive failures questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273376009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCommunication Assessment Profile (assessment scale)CASP - Communication Assessment Profile
  273378005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCIDI - Composite international diagnostic interviewComposite international diagnostic interview (assessment scale)
  273379002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctComprehensive drinker profileComprehensive drinker profile (assessment scale)
  273380004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCRIS - Comprehensive injury scaleComprehensive injury scale (assessment scale)
  273381000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctComprehensive occupational therapy evaluation scaleComprehensive occupational therapy evaluation scale (assessment scale)
  273382007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCES - Compulsive eating scaleCompulsive eating scale (assessment scale)
  273383002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctConstant and Murley shoulder assessment score (assessment scale)Constant and Murley shoulder assessment score
  273384008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctConsumer satisfaction questionnaireConsumer satisfaction questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273385009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCo-op function chartsCo-op function charts (assessment scale)
  273386005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPFCT - Cooper personalized fluency control therapyCooper personalized fluency control therapy (assessment scale)
  273387001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCoping behaviour inventoryCoping behavior inventory (assessment scale)
  273388006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCrichton vocabulary scaleCrichton vocabulary scale (assessment scale)
  273389003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDaily activities questionnaireDaily activities questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273390007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDallas pain questionnaireDallas pain questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273391006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDaniels and Diack reading tests (assessment scale)Daniels and Diack reading tests
  273392004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDaniels and Diack graded word spelling test (assessment scale)Daniels and Diack graded word spelling test
  273393009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDe Gangi-Berk sensory functioning in infantsDe Gangi-Berk sensory functioning in infants (assessment scale)
  273394003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDelighted-terrible faces scaleDelighted-terrible faces scale (assessment scale)
  273395002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDenver development scaleDenver development scale (assessment scale)
  273396001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDenver developmental subscale - gross motorDenver developmental subscale - gross motor (assessment scale)
  273397005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDenver developmental subscale - languageDenver developmental subscale - language (assessment scale)
  273398000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDenver developmental subscale - personal/socialDenver developmental subscale - personal/social (assessment scale)
  273399008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDenver developmental subscale - fine motor/adaptiveDenver developmental subscale - fine motor/adaptive (assessment scale)
  273400001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDenver development scale screening testDenver development scale screening test (assessment scale)
  273401002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDenver development scale screening test - schedule for growing skillsDenver development scale screening test - schedule for growing skills (assessment scale)
  273402009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDepression anxiety scaleDepression anxiety scale (assessment scale)
  273403004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDepression self rating scaleDepression self rating scale (assessment scale)
  273408008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDermatology life quality indexDermatology life quality index (assessment scale)
  273409000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDSFI - Derogatis sexual functioning inventoryDerogatis sexual functioning inventory (assessment scale)
  273411009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDiabetes clinic satisfaction questionnaireDiabetes clinic satisfaction questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273412002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDTSQ - Diabetes treatment satisfaction questionnaireDiabetes treatment satisfaction questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273413007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDiabetes wellbeing questionnaireDiabetes wellbeing questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273414001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDICA - Diagnostic interview for children and adolescentsDiagnostic interview for children and adolescents (assessment scale)
  273415000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDiagnostic interview scheduleDiagnostic interview schedule (assessment scale)
  273416004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDSDT - Diagnostic speech discrimination testDiagnostic speech discrimination test (assessment scale)
  273417008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDSED - Diagnostic survey for eating disordersDiagnostic survey for eating disorders
  273418003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDINE - Dietary instrument for nutrition education questionnaireDietary instrument for nutrition education questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273419006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDigit sequence learningDigit sequence learning (assessment scale)
  273421001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDisability rating scaleDisability rating scale (assessment scale)
  273422008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDiscourse abilities profileDiscourse abilities profile (assessment scale)
  273423003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDol scaleDol scale (assessment scale)
  273424009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDoyle articular indexDoyle articular index (assessment scale)
  273425005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDrinking problem scaleDrinking problem scale (assessment scale)
  273426006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDAST - Drug abuse screening testDrug abuse screening test (assessment scale)
  273427002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDubowitz scoreDubowitz score (assessment scale)
  273428007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDuke UNC health profileDuke UNC health profile (assessment scale)
  273430009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDurrell test of listening comprehensionDurrell test of listening comprehension (assessment scale)
  273431008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEakin indexEakin index (assessment scale)
  273432001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEating attitudes testEating attitudes test (assessment scale)
  273433006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEAT 26 - Abbreviated eating attitudes testAbbreviated eating attitudes test (assessment scale)
  273434000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEBRS - Eating behavior rating scaleEating behavior rating scale (assessment scale)
  273435004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEating disorders inventoryEating disorders inventory (assessment scale)
  273436003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEating inventoryEating inventory (assessment scale)
  273437007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctECOG scale for physical assessmentEastern Cooperative Oncology Group scale for physical assessment (assessment scale)
  273438002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEdinburgh articulation testEdinburgh articulation test (assessment scale)
  273439005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEFCP - Edinburgh functional communication profileEdinburgh functional communication profile (assessment scale)
  273440007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRevised Edinburgh functional communication profileRevised Edinburgh functional communication profile (assessment scale)
  273441006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEdinburgh postnatal depression scaleEdinburgh postnatal depression scale (assessment scale)
  273442004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEdmans ADL index - Edmans activities of daily living indexEdmans activities of daily living index (assessment scale)
  273443009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctElia normogramElia normogram (assessment scale)
  273444003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEnglish picture vocabulary testBPVT - British picture vocabulary test
  273445002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEnthesitis indexEnthesitis index (assessment scale)
  273446001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEuropean Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer - Quality of Life questionnaire (assessment scale)EORTC (European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer) Quality of Life questionnaire
  273447005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEuroQOL (assessment scale)EuroQOL
  273448000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctExtended activities of daily living scaleExtended activities of daily living scale (assessment scale)
  273449008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEPI - Eysenck personality inventoryEysenck personality inventory (assessment scale)
  273450008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFacial recognition testFacial recognition test (assessment scale)
  273451007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFagerstrom tolerance questionnaireFagerstrom tolerance questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273452000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRTQ - Revised tolerance questionnaireRevised tolerance questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273453005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFagerstrom test for nicotine dependenceFagerstrom test for nicotine dependence (assessment scale)
  273454004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFAIDSS - Fear of AIDS scaleFear of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome scale (assessment scale)
  273455003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFear survey scheduleFear survey schedule (assessment scale)
  273456002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFeeding assessment scheduleFeeding assessment schedule (assessment scale)
  273457006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFeelings of fatness questionnaireFeelings of fatness questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273458001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFTT - Finger tapping testFinger tapping test (assessment scale)
  273459009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFIRST screening testFIRST screening test (assessment scale)
  273460004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFrankel grading system for spinal cord injuryFrankel grading system for spinal cord injury (assessment scale)
  273461000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFAI - Frenchay activities indexFrenchay activities index (assessment scale)
  273462007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFrenchay aphasia screening testFrenchay aphasia screening test (assessment scale)
  273463002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFDA - Frenchay dysarthria assessmentFrenchay dysarthria assessment (assessment scale)
  273465009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFullerton language test for adolescents (assessment scale)Fullerton language test for adolescents
  273466005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFunctional assessment measureFunctional assessment measure (assessment scale)
  273467001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFunctional communication assessment for physically handicapped childrenFunctional communication assessment for physically handicapped children (assessment scale)
  273468006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFunctional communication profileFunctional communication profile (assessment scale)
  273469003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFIM - Functional independence measureFunctional independence measure (assessment scale)
  273470002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFunctional limitation profileFunctional limitation profile (assessment scale)
  273471003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFMPS - Functional meal preparation scaleFunctional meal preparation scale (assessment scale)
  273472005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFunctional status indexFunctional status index (assessment scale)
  273473000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFSST - Fundamental speech skills testFundamental speech skills test (assessment scale)
  273474006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGalveston orientation and amnesia test (assessment scale)GOAT - Galveston orientation and amnesia test
  273477004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGeneral assessment of neurological impairmentGeneral assessment of neurological impairment (assessment scale)
  273478009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGeneral clerical testGeneral clerical test (assessment scale)
  273479001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGeneral health questionnaireGeneral health questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273480003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGWBS - General wellbeing scheduleGeneral wellbeing schedule (assessment scale)
  273481004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGeriatric depression scaleGeriatric depression scale (assessment scale)
  273482006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGerman test of wordfindingGerman test of wordfinding (assessment scale)
  273483001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGlasgow abbreviated mental test scoreGlasgow abbreviated mental test score (assessment scale)
  273484007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGlasgow outcome scaleGlasgow outcome scale (assessment scale)
  273485008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGoldman cardiac risk indexGoldman cardiac risk index (assessment scale)
  273486009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGoldman-Fristoe test (assessment scale)Goldman-Fristoe test
  273487000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGolombrok-Rust inventory of sexual satisfaction (assessment scale)GRISS - Golombrok-Rust inventory of sexual satisfaction
  273488005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGoodenough draw-a-man testGoodenough draw-a-man test (assessment scale)
  273489002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGoodenough normsGoodenough norms (assessment scale)
  273490006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGRBAS scaleGrade-Rough-Breathy-Asthenic-Strain scale
  273492003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGraded naming testGraded naming test (assessment scale)
  273493008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGraham-Kendall memory for designs test (assessment scale)Graham-Kendall memory for designs test
  273494002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGrammatical analysis of elicited languageGrammatical analysis of elicited language (assessment scale)
  273495001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGrammatical contrasts testGrammatical contrasts test (assessment scale)
  273496000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGunzberg primary progress assessment chart of social developmentGunzberg primary progress assessment chart of social development (assessment scale)
  273497009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGunzberg progress assessment chart of social development number 1Gunzberg progress assessment chart of social development number 1 (assessment scale)
  273498004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGunzberg progress assessment chart of social development number 2Gunzberg progress assessment chart of social development number 2 (assessment scale)
  273499007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHachinski ischemia scoreHachinski ischemia score (assessment scale)
  273500003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHall and Baker rehabilitation evaluationHall and Baker rehabilitation evaluation (assessment scale)
  273501004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHalstead-Reitan batteryHalstead-Reitan battery (assessment scale)
  273502006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHamb hip scoreHamb hip score (assessment scale)
  273503001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHamilton rating scale for depressionHamilton rating scale for depression (assessment scale)
  273504007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLorr's modified multidimensional scale for rating psychiatric patients (assessment scale)Lorr modified multidimensional scale for rating psychiatric patients
  273505008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHampshire assessment for living with others (assessment scale)HALO - Hampshire assessment for living with others
  273508005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHarvey and Bradshaw indexHarvey and Bradshaw index (assessment scale)
  273509002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHauser ambulatory categoriesHauser ambulatory categories (assessment scale)
  273510007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth assessment questionnaireHealth assessment questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273511006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMHAQ - Modified health assessment questionnaireModified health assessment questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273512004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealthcare assessment questionnaire - Sidney Benjamin (assessment scale)Healthcare assessment questionnaire - Sidney Benjamin
  273513009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale (generic version)Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (generic version) (assessment scale)
  273514003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth status indexHealth status index (assessment scale)
  273515002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHearing handicap inventory for the elderlyHearing handicap inventory for the elderly (assessment scale)
  273516001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHHS - Hearing handicap scaleHearing handicap scale (assessment scale)
  273517005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHidden figures testHidden figures test (assessment scale)
  273520002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHopelessness scaleHopelessness scale (assessment scale)
  273521003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHopkins symptom checklistHopkins symptom checklist (assessment scale)
  273522005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHornsby articulation testHornsby articulation test (assessment scale)
  273523000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHornsby test of language developmentHornsby test of language development (assessment scale)
  273524006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHospital anxiety and depression scaleHospital anxiety and depression scale (assessment scale)
  273525007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHospital trauma indexHospital trauma index (assessment scale)
  273526008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHuman interaction assessmentHuman interaction assessment (assessment scale)
  273527004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctIllinois test of psycholinguistic abilities (assessment scale)ITPA - Illinois test of psycholinguistic abilities
  273528009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctIISI - Illness-injury severity indexIllness-injury severity index (assessment scale)
  273529001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctIllness behavior questionnaireIllness behavior questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273530006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctImpact of event scaleImpact of event scale (assessment scale)
  273531005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctIndex of activities of daily livingADL - Index of independence in activities of daily living
  273533008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctInjury Severity Score (assessment scale)ISS - Injury Severity Score
  273534002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctInstrumental activities of daily livingInstrumental ADL
  273535001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctINREAL - Inter-reactive language analysisInter-reactive language analysis (assessment scale)
  273536000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctInteraction checklist for augmentative communication (assessment scale)INCH - Interaction checklist for augmentative communication
  273537009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctInterest checklistInterest checklist (assessment scale)
  273538004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctIOWA low back rating scaleIOWA low back rating scale (assessment scale)
  273539007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctIOWA structured psychiatric interviewIOWA structured psychiatric interview (assessment scale)
  273540009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctIschemia scoreIschemia score (assessment scale)
  273542001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctJarman indexJarman index (assessment scale)
  273543006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctJebsen hand function testJebsen hand function test (assessment scale)
  273544000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctJones word order testJones word order test (assessment scale)
  273546003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctKarnofsky performance statusKarnofsky index
  273547007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctKatz activities of daily livingKatz activities of daily living (assessment scale)
  273548002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctKASR - Katz adjustment scale - relatives formKatz adjustment scale - relatives form (assessment scale)
  273549005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctKendrick battery for detection of dementia in the elderlyKendrick battery for detection of dementia in the elderly (assessment scale)
  273550005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctKenny index of ADLKenny self-care evaluation form (assessment scale)
  273551009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctKielhofner role checklistKielhofner role checklist (assessment scale)
  273552002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctKirwan Thompson articular indexKirwan Thompson articular index (assessment scale)
  273553007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctKlein-Bell ADL scaleKlein-Bell Activities of Daily Living scale
  273554001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctKurtzke multiple sclerosis rating scaleKurtzke multiple sclerosis rating scale (assessment scale)
  273555000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLCS - Lambeth communication scaleLambeth communication scale (assessment scale)
  273556004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLambeth disability screening questionnaireLambeth disability screening questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273557008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLamh assessment checklistLamh assessment checklist (assessment scale)
  273558003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLanguage assessment remediation and screening procedureLanguage assessment remediation and screening procedure (assessment scale)
  273559006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLansbury articular indexLansbury articular index (assessment scale)
  273560001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLast six months of drinking questionnaireLast six months of drinking questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273561002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLearning development aids - handwriting assessmentLearning development aids - handwriting assessment (assessment scale)
  273562009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLeeds scales for the self-assessment of anxiety and depression (assessment scale)Leeds scales for the self-assessment of anxiety and depression
  273564005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLeiter international performance scaleLeiter international performance scale (assessment scale)
  273565006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLequesne index (assessment scale)Lequesne index
  273566007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLequesne index - hip (assessment scale)Lequesne index - hip
  273567003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLequesne index - knee (assessment scale)Lequesne index - knee
  273568008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLetter cancellation testLetter cancelation test
  273569000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLife events and difficulties scaleLife events and difficulties scale (assessment scale)
  273570004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLife events inventoryLife events inventory (assessment scale)
  273571000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLife satisfaction indexLife satisfaction index (assessment scale)
  273572007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLSIA - Life satisfaction index ALife satisfaction index A (assessment scale)
  273573002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLife satisfaction index BLife satisfaction index B (assessment scale)
  273574008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLSIZ - Life satisfaction index ZLife satisfaction index Z (assessment scale)
  273575009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLikert scaleLikert scale (assessment scale)
  273576005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLincoln rehabilitation assessmentLincoln rehabilitation assessment (assessment scale)
  273577001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLindamood auditory conceptualisation testLindamood auditory conceptualization test (assessment scale)
  273578006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLoewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment (assessment scale)LOTCA - Loewenstein OT Cognitive Assessment
  273580000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLondon hospital pain chart assessmentLondon hospital pain chart assessment (assessment scale)
  273581001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLuria neuropsychological batteryLuria neuropsychological battery (assessment scale)
  273582008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMacAndrew scaleMacAndrew scale (assessment scale)
  273584009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMake-a-picture story testMake-a-picture story test (assessment scale)
  273585005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMallampati scoreMallampati scale
  273586006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMaster questionnaireMaster questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273587002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRevised Master questionnaireRevised Master questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273588007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMatson assessmentMatson assessment (assessment scale)
  273589004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMcConkey scoreMcConkey score (assessment scale)
  273590008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMcCormick miniature toy discrimination testMcCormick miniature toy discrimination test (assessment scale)
  273591007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMcCormick miniature toy discrimination test - automatedMcCormick miniature toy discrimination test - automated (assessment scale)
  273592000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMcCormick miniature toy discrimination test - manualMcCormick miniature toy discrimination test - manual (assessment scale)
  273593005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMcGill pain chart questionnaireMcGill pain chart questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273594004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMHIQ - McMaster health index questionnaireMcMaster health index questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273595003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMcTears assessment of conversationMcTears assessment of conversation (assessment scale)
  273596002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMedical outcomes study short form general health surveyMedical outcomes study short form general health survey (assessment scale)
  273597006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMedical outcomes study short form general health survey - 36Medical outcomes study short form general health survey - 36 (assessment scale)
  273598001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMOS SF - 20 - Medical outcomes study short form general health survey - 20Medical outcomes study short form general health survey - 20 (assessment scale)
  273599009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMedical Research Council motor power scaleMedical Research Council motor power scale (assessment scale)
  273600007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMedical Research Council questionnaireMedical Research Council questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273601006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMental status questionnaireMental status questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273602004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMental test quotientMental test score (assessment scale)
  273603009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMental test score - long versionMental test score - long version (assessment scale)
  273604003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMerle d'Aubigne - Charnley hip score (assessment scale)Merle d'Aubigne - Charnley hip score
  273608000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMichigan alcoholism screening testMichigan alcoholism screening test (assessment scale)
  273609008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBMAST - Brief Michigan alcoholism screening testBrief Michigan alcoholism screening test (assessment scale)
  273610003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctShort Michigan alcoholism screening testShort Michigan alcoholism screening test (assessment scale)
  273611004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMEAMS - Middlesex elderly assessment of mental stateMiddlesex elderly assessment of mental state (assessment scale)
  273613001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMidlands spelling testMidlands spelling test (assessment scale)
  273614007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMill Hill vocabulary scaleMill Hill vocabulary scale (assessment scale)
  273615008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMiller assessment for preschoolers (assessment scale)MAP - Miller assessment for preschoolers
  273616009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMilwaukee evaluation of daily living skills (assessment scale)Milwaukee evaluation of daily living skills
  273617000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMini-mental state examinationMini-mental state examination (assessment scale)
  273619002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctModified mini-mental state examinationModified mini-mental state 3MS examination
  273621007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMinnesota test for differential diagnosis of aphasiaMinnesota test for differential diagnosis of aphasia (assessment scale)
  273622000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctShortened Schuell - Shortened Minnesota test for differential diagnosis of aphasiaShortened Minnesota test for differential diagnosis of aphasia (assessment scale)
  273623005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctModified card sorting testModified card sorting test (assessment scale)
  273624004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMISS - Modified injury severity scaleModified injury severity scale (assessment scale)
  273625003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctModified word learning testModified word learning test (assessment scale)
  273627006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMood adjective checklist (assessment scale)MACL - Mood adjective checklist
  273628001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMorgan-Barry auditory discrimination and attention testMorgan-Barry auditory discrimination and attention test (assessment scale)
  273629009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMorningside rehabilitation status scale (assessment scale)MRSS - Morningside rehabilitation status scale
  273630004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMortality probability modelMortality prediction model (assessment scale)
  273631000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMortality prediction model IIMortality prediction model II (assessment scale)
  273632007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMFS - Motives for smoking scaleMotives for smoking scale (assessment scale)
  273633002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMotor assessment scaleMotor assessment scale (assessment scale)
  273634008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMotricity indexMotricity index (assessment scale)
  273635009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMount Wilga high level language screening assessmentMount Wilga high level language screening assessment (assessment scale)
  273636005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMovement of upper limb evaluationMovement of upper limb evaluation (assessment scale)
  273637001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMultilevel informal language inventoryMultilevel informal language inventory (assessment scale)
  273638006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMultilingual aphasia examinationMultilingual aphasia examination (assessment scale)
  273639003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMunich alcoholism testMunich alcoholism test (assessment scale)
  273640001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNART - National adult reading testNational adult reading test (assessment scale)
  273641002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNeale analysis of reading abilityNeale analysis of reading ability (assessment scale)
  273642009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNelson schedule of growing skillsNelson schedule of growing skills (assessment scale)
  273643004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNeurobehavioral cognitive status examinationNeurobehavioral cognitive status examination (assessment scale)
  273644005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNeuropsychological batteryNeuropsychological battery (assessment scale)
  273645006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNewcastle articulation testNewcastle articulation test (assessment scale)
  273646007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNewcastle dyspraxia assessmentNewcastle dyspraxia assessment (assessment scale)
  273647003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNewcastle phonology assessmentNewcastle phonology assessment (assessment scale)
  273648008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNine hole peg testNine hole peg test (assessment scale)
  273649000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNorris functional scaleNorris functional scale (assessment scale)
  273651001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNorthwick Park index of independence in ADLNorthwick Park index of independence in activities of daily living (assessment scale)
  273652008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNHP - Nottingham health profileNottingham health profile (assessment scale)
  273654009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNuffield dyspraxia assessmentNuffield dyspraxia assessment (assessment scale)
  273656006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctObject naming testObject naming test (assessment scale)
  273657002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOccasions for smoking scaleOccasions for smoking scale (assessment scale)
  273658007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOccupational case analysis interview and rating scale (assessment scale)OCAIRS - Occupational case analysis interview and rating scale
  273659004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOccupational performance history interviewOccupational performance history interview (assessment scale)
  273660009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOdstock hand assessmentOdstock hand assessment (assessment scale)
  273661008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS disability scalesOffice of Population Census and Surveys disability scales (assessment scale)
  273662001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS behaviour disability scaleOffice of Population Census and Surveys behaviour disability scale
  273663006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS communication disability scaleOffice of Population Census and Surveys communication disability scale (assessment scale)
  273664000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS consciousness disability scaleOffice of Population Census and Surveys consciousness disability scale
  273665004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS continence disability scaleOffice of Population Census and Surveys continence disability scale (assessment scale)
  273666003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS dexterity disability scaleOffice of Population Census and Surveys dexterity disability scale
  273667007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS disfigurement disability scaleOffice of Population Census and Surveys disfigurement disability scale (assessment scale)
  273668002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS eating, drinking and digestion disability scaleOffice of Population Census and Surveys eating, drinking and digestion disability scale
  273669005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS hearing disability scaleOffice of Population Census and Surveys hearing disability scale (assessment scale)
  273670006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS intellectual functioning disability scaleOffice of Population Census and Surveys intellectual functioning disability scale (assessment scale)
  273671005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS locomotion disability scaleOffice of Population Census and Surveys locomotion disability scale (assessment scale)
  273672003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS personal care disability scaleOffice of Population Census and Surveys personal care disability scale
  273673008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS reaching and stretching disability scaleOffice of Population Census and Surveys reaching and stretching disability scale
  273674002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOPCS seeing disability scaleOffice of Population Census and Surveys seeing disability scale (assessment scale)
  273675001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOswestry disability indexOswestry disability index (assessment scale)
  273677009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOxford grading scale for muscle strengthOxford grading scale for muscle strength (assessment scale)
  273680005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPadua inventoryPadua inventory (assessment scale)
  273681009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPediatric clinical test of sensory integration and balance (assessment scale)PCTSIB - Pediatric clinical test of sensory integration and balance
  273682002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPaediatric oral skills profilePediatric oral skills profile (assessment scale)
  273683007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPRISM - Pediatric risk of mortalityPediatric risk of mortality (assessment scale)
  273684001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPaediatric trauma scorePediatric trauma score (assessment scale)
  273685000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPain diaryPain diary (assessment scale)
  273686004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPantomime testPantomime test (assessment scale)
  273687008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPartners in augmentative communication trainingPartners in augmentative communication training (assessment scale)
  273688003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPatient activity checklistPatient activity checklist (assessment scale)
  273689006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPatient satisfaction scorePatient satisfaction score (assessment scale)
  273690002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct16PF - Personality factor questionnaire16 Personality factor questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273691003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPETAL speech assessment procedurePhonological Evaluation and Transcription of Audio-Visual Language speech assessment procedure
  273692005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPeabody picture vocabulary testPeabody picture vocabulary test (assessment scale)
  273693000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPSI - Perceptions of stuttering inventoryPerceptions of stuttering inventory (assessment scale)
  273694006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPerformance test of activities of daily livingPerformance test of activities of daily living (assessment scale)
  273695007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPersonality assessment schedulePersonality assessment schedule (assessment scale)
  273696008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPGCMS - Philadelphia geriatric centre morale scalePhiladelphia geriatric center morale scale (assessment scale)
  273697004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPhonological assessment of child speech (assessment scale)PACS - Phonological assessment of child speech
  273699001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPIP developmental chartsParental Involvement Project developmental charts
  273701001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPicture pointing testPicture pointing test (assessment scale)
  273702008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPorch index of communicative abilityPorch index of communicative ability (assessment scale)
  273703003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPANSS - Positive and negative syndrome scalePositive and negative syndrome scale (assessment scale)
  273704009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPragmatics profilePragmatics profile (assessment scale)
  273705005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPragmatics profile of early communication skillsPragmatics profile of early communication skills (assessment scale)
  273706006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPreschool behavior check list (assessment scale)Preschool behavior check list
  273707002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPre-school BoehmPre-school Boehm (assessment scale)
  273709004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPre-speech assessment scalePre-speech assessment scale (assessment scale)
  273711008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPreschool language scale (assessment scale)Preschool language scale
  273712001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPrevious IQ assessment by pronunciationPrevious intelligence quotient assessment by pronunciation (assessment scale)
  273713006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctProbability of death scoreProbability of death score (assessment scale)
  273714000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctProblem oriented medical recordProblem oriented medical record (assessment scale)
  273715004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPRISM - Profile in semanticsProfile in semantics (assessment scale)
  273716003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctProfile of communicative appropriatenessProfile of communicative appropriateness (assessment scale)
  273717007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctProfile of mood statesProfile of mood states (assessment scale)
  273718002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPALPA - Psycholinguistic assessments of language processing in aphasiaPsycholinguistic assessments of language processing in aphasia (assessment scale)
  273719005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPsychological adjustment to illness scalePsychological adjustment to illness scale (assessment scale)
  273720004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPULSES profilePULSES profile (assessment scale)
  273721000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPurdue pegboard scalePurdue pegboard scale (assessment scale)
  273722007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPyramids and palm trees testPyramids and palm trees test (assessment scale)
  273723002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctQuadriplegia index of functionTetraplegia index of function
  273724008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctQALYs - Quality adjusted life yearsQuality adjusted life years (assessment scale)
  273725009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctQuality of life scaleQuality of life scale (assessment scale)
  273726005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctQuality of wellbeing scaleQuality of wellbeing scale (assessment scale)
  273728006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRand functional limitations batteryRand functional limitations battery (assessment scale)
  273729003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRankin scaleRankin scale (assessment scale)
  273730008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRappaport disability rating scaleRappaport disability rating scale (assessment scale)
  273731007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRating communicative behavior in head injured adultsRating communicative behavior in head injured adults (assessment scale)
  273732000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRaven's Colored Progressive MatricesRaven Colored Progressive Matrices
  273733005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRaven Standard Progressive Matrices (assessment scale)Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices
  273735003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRead word discrimination testRead word discrimination test (assessment scale)
  273736002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctReading comprehension battery for aphasiaReading comprehension battery for aphasia (assessment scale)
  273737006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRFES - Reasons for eating scaleReasons for eating scale (assessment scale)
  273738001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctReasons for smoking scaleReasons for smoking scale (assessment scale)
  273739009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctReceptive expressive emergent language scaleBzoch and League test
  273740006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRMT - Recognition memory testRecognition memory test (assessment scale)
  273741005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRSS - Relative Stress ScaleRelative's Stress Scale
  273742003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRI - Renal indexRenal index (assessment scale)
  273743008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRenfrew action picture testRAPT - Renfrew action picture test
  273744002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRenfrew articulation testRenfrew articulation test (assessment scale)
  273745001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRenfrew wordfindingRenfrew wordfinding (assessment scale)
  273746000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRepertory gridRepertory grid (assessment scale)
  273747009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctReporters testsReporters tests (assessment scale)
  273748004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctResistance to change gridResistance to change grid (assessment scale)
  273749007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRespiratory indexRespiratory index (assessment scale)
  273750007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRestrained eating inventoryRestrained eating inventory (assessment scale)
  273751006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRevised Iowa scale for rating severityRevised Iowa scale for rating severity (assessment scale)
  273752004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctReynell developmental language scalesReynell developmental language scales (assessment scale)
  273753009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctReynell receptive language assessmentReynell verbal comprehension scale B assessment (assessment scale)
  273754003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctReynell expressive language assessmentReynell expressive language assessment (assessment scale)
  273756001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctReynell Zinkin language scale for the visually impairedReynell Zinkin language scale for the visually impaired (assessment scale)
  273757005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRight hemisphere batteryRight hemisphere battery (assessment scale)
  273758000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRitchie articular indexRitchie articular index (assessment scale)
  273761004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRBMT - Rivermead behavioral memory testRivermead behavioral memory test (assessment scale)
  273762006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRMA - Rivermead motor assessmentRivermead motor assessment (assessment scale)
  273763001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRivermead perceptual assessment batteryRivermead perceptual assessment battery (assessment scale)
  273764007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRobertson dysarthria assessmentRobertson dysarthria assessment (assessment scale)
  273765008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRobertson dysarthria profileRobertson dysarthria profile (assessment scale)
  273766009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRoehampton ADL for amputeesRoehampton activities of daily living for amputees (assessment scale)
  273767000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRose Summers pragmatic profileRose Summers pragmatic profile (assessment scale)
  273768005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRoss information processing assessmentRoss information processing assessment (assessment scale)
  273769002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRosser's classification of illness statesRosser classification of illness states
  273770001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRoth and Spekman list of communicative intentionsRoth and Spekman list of communicative intentions (assessment scale)
  273771002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRotterdam symptom check listRotterdam symptom check list (assessment scale)
  273772009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRoutine task inventoryRoutine task inventory (assessment scale)
  273774005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRutter Behaviour QuestionnaireRutter Behaviour Questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273775006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRutter A scaleRutter A scale (assessment scale)
  273776007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRutter B scaleRutter B scale (assessment scale)
  273777003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRutter B2 scaleRutter B2 scale (assessment scale)
  273778008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctS scale Andrews and CutlerS scale Andrews and Cutler (assessment scale)
  273779000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSalford reading testSalford reading test (assessment scale)
  273780002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSamaritan orientation testSamaritan orientation test (assessment scale)
  273781003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSandwell bilingual comprehension testSandwell bilingual comprehension test (assessment scale)
  273782005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSanta Clara valley medical centre functional assessment measureSanta Clara valley medical center functional assessment measure (assessment scale)
  273783000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSavary Miller scale (assessment scale)Savary Miller scale
  273784006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSECS - Scale of early communication skillsScale of early communication skills for hearing impaired children
  273785007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSchwachmann score (assessment scale)Schwachmann score
  273786008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSchedules for clinical assessment in neuropsychiatrySchedules for clinical assessment in neuropsychiatry (assessment scale)
  273787004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSchnijders Ooman test for deaf children (assessment scale)Schnijders Ooman non-verbal intelligence scale
  273788009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSchofield equationSchofield equation (assessment scale)
  273791009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctScissor skills checklistScissor skills checklist (assessment scale)
  273792002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctScreening for developmental apraxia of speechScreening for developmental apraxia of speech (assessment scale)
  273793007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctScreening test for auditory processing disordersScreening test for auditory processing disorders (assessment scale)
  273795000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSensory integration and praxis test - AyresSIPT - Sensory integration and process test
  273797008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSCT - Sentence comprehension testSentence comprehension test (assessment scale)
  273798003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSerial sevens testSerial sevens test (assessment scale)
  273799006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSeverity of alcohol dependence questionnaireSeverity of alcohol dependence questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273800005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSODQ - Severity of opiate dependence questionnaireSeverity of opiate dependence questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273801009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctShaper indexShaper index (assessment scale)
  273802002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctShort alcohol dependence dataShort alcohol dependence data (assessment scale)
  273803007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctShort Orientation - Memory - Concentration Test (assessment scale)Short Orientation - Memory - Concentration Test
  273804001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctShort orientation-memory-concentration test - alternative versionShort orientation-memory-concentration test - alternative version (assessment scale)
  273805000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctShort-term memory testShort-term memory test (assessment scale)
  273806004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctShulman test of pragmatic skillsShulman test of pragmatic skills (assessment scale)
  273807008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSickness impact profileSickness impact profile (assessment scale)
  273809006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSilvers cerebral function testSilvers cerebral function test (assessment scale)
  273811002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSimplified acute physiology scoreSimplified acute physiology score (assessment scale)
  273812009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSimplified acute physiology scale IISimplified acute physiology scale II (assessment scale)
  273813004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSCQ - Situational confidence questionnaireSituational confidence questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273814005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSituations for eating scaleSituations for eating scale (assessment scale)
  273815006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSmith cognitive questionnaireSmith cognitive questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273816007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSocial adjustment scaleSocial adjustment scale (assessment scale)
  273817003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSAS II - Social adjustment scale IISocial adjustment scale II (assessment scale)
  273818008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSocial adjustment scale self - reportSocial adjustment scale self - report (assessment scale)
  273819000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSocial behavior assessment scaleSocial behavior assessment scale (assessment scale)
  273820006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSocial support questionnaireSocial support questionnaire (assessment scale)
  273822003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSTAP - South Tyneside assessment of phonologySouth Tyneside assessment of phonology (assessment scale)
  273823008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSouth Tyneside assessment of syntactic structuresSouth Tyneside assessment of syntactic structures (assessment scale)
  273824002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFGP - Southern California figure ground visual perception testSouthern California figure ground visual perception test (assessment scale)
  273825001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSouthern California postrotary nystagmus testSouthern California postrotary nystagmus test (assessment scale)
  273826000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSouthern California sensory integration testSouthern California sensory integration test (assessment scale)
  273827009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpare time activities questionnaire (assessment scale)STAQ - Spare time activities questionnaire
  273828004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecial hospitals assessment of personalitySpecial hospitals assessment of personality (assessment scale)
  273829007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpeech intelligibility assessment procedureSpeech intelligibility assessment procedure (assessment scale)
  273830002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpielberger state-trait anxiety inventory (assessment scale)STAI - Spielberger state-trait anxiety inventory
  273831003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctQuality of life indexSpitzer quality of life index (assessment scale)
  273833000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSt George's hospital respiratory questionnaireSt George hospital respiratory questionnaire
  273834006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSt Thomas's disability questionnaireSt Thomas disability questionnaire
  273835007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSAP - Standardized assessment of personalityStandardized assessment of personality (assessment scale)
  273836008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStanford Binet intelligence scaleTerman Merrill scale
  273837004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSteinbrocker functional classification (assessment scale)Steinbrocker functional classification
  273838009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStimulus response inventoryStimulus response inventory (assessment scale)
  273839001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStocker probe technique for diagnosis and treatment of stuttering in young children (assessment scale)Stocker probe technique for diagnosis and treatment of stuttering in young children
  273840004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStockton geriatric rating scaleStockton geriatric rating scale (assessment scale)
  273841000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStory completion testStory completion test (assessment scale)
  273842007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStructured observation test of function (assessment scale)SOTOF - Structured observation test of function
  273843002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSCID - Structured clinical interview for DSM-III-RStructured clinical interview for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-Third Edition Revised
  273844008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStructured interview for DSM-III personality disordersStructured interview for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Third Edition, personality disorders
  273845009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStuttering intervention programStuttering intervention program (assessment scale)
  273846005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStuttering prediction instrumentStuttering prediction instrument (assessment scale)
  273847001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStuttering severity instrumentStuttering severity instrument (assessment scale)
  273848006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStycar hearing testStycar hearing test (assessment scale)
  273849003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSubjective global assessmentSubjective global assessment (assessment scale)
  273850003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSubstance use disorder diagnostic scheduleSubstance use disorder diagnostic schedule (assessment scale)
  273852006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSuicide risk scaleSuicide risk scale (assessment scale)
  273853001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSunnybrook cord injury scaleSunnybrook cord injury scale (assessment scale)
  273854007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSupplementary language testSupplementary language test (assessment scale)
  273856009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSwollen joint countSwollen joint count (assessment scale)
  273857000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSymbol digit modalities testSymbol digit modalities test (assessment scale)
  273858005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSymbolic play testSymbolic play test (assessment scale)
  273859002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSymptom checklistSymptom checklist (assessment scale)
  273860007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSLT - Synonym learning testSynonym learning test (assessment scale)
  273861006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSystematic fluency training for young childrenSystematic fluency training for young children (assessment scale)
  273862004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSystemic lupus activity measureSystemic lupus activity measure (assessment scale)
  273863009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSLEDAI - Systemic lupus erythematosus disease activity indexSystemic lupus erythematosus disease activity index (assessment scale)
  273864003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTamb testTamb test (assessment scale)
  273865002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTender joint countTender joint count (assessment scale)
  273867005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTest for auditory perception of speechTest for auditory perception of speech (assessment scale)
  273868000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTACL - Test of auditory comprehension of languageTest of auditory comprehension of language (assessment scale)
  273869008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTest of auditory discriminationTest of auditory discrimination (assessment scale)
  273870009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTest of language competenceTest of language competence (assessment scale)
  273871008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTest of language development 2Test of language development 2 (assessment scale)
  273872001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTest of motor impairment - Stott-Moyes-Henderson (assessment scale)TOMI - Test of motor impairment - Stott-Moyes-Henderson
  273873006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTest of pragmatic skillsTest of pragmatic skills (assessment scale)
  273874000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTest of reception of grammarTest of reception of grammar (assessment scale)
  273875004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTSA - Test of syntactic abilitiesTest of syntactic abilities (assessment scale)
  273876003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTest of word finding in discourseTest of word finding in discourse (assessment scale)
  273877007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTest of word knowledgeTest of word knowledge (assessment scale)
  273878002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTherapeutic intervention scoring systemTherapeutic intervention scoring system (assessment scale)
  273879005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTLFB - Time line follow backTime line follow back (assessment scale)
  273880008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTime trade off analysisTime trade off analysis (assessment scale)
  273881007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctToken testToken test (assessment scale)
  273882000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTrail making testTrail making test (assessment scale)
  273883005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTrauma indexTrauma index (assessment scale)
  273884004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTrauma scoreTrauma score (assessment scale)
  273885003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRTS - Revised trauma scoreRevised trauma score (assessment scale)
  273886002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTrauma and injury severity scoreTrauma and injury severity score (assessment scale)
  273887006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTriage indexTriage index (assessment scale)
  273888001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctValentine auditory memory testValentine auditory memory test (assessment scale)
  273889009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctValpar 17 pre-vocational readiness batteryValpar 17 pre-vocational readiness battery (assessment scale)
  273891001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVernon Cloze procedure reading testVernon Cloze procedure reading test (assessment scale)
  273892008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVernon graded word reading testVernon graded word reading test (assessment scale)
  273893003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVineland maturity scales adapted for the blindVineland maturity scales adapted for the blind (assessment scale)
  273894009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVineland social maturity scaleVineland social maturity scale (assessment scale)
  273895005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVineland subquotient - general self-helpVineland subquotient - general self-help (assessment scale)
  273896006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVineland subquotient - communicationVineland subquotient - communication (assessment scale)
  273897002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVineland subquotient - locomotionVineland subquotient - locomotion (assessment scale)
  273898007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVineland subquotient - occupationVineland subquotient - occupation (assessment scale)
  273899004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVineland subquotient - self-help in eatingVineland subquotient - self-help in eating (assessment scale)
  273900009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVineland subquotient - socializationVineland subquotient - socialization (assessment scale)
  273901008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVineland behavioural assessmentVineland behavioral assessment (assessment scale)
  273902001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVisick symptom gradeVisick symptom grade (assessment scale)
  273903006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVAS - Visual analog scaleVisual analog scale (assessment scale)
  273904000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVisual analogue pain scaleVisual analog pain scale (assessment scale)
  273905004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVisual and perceptual assessment programVisual and perceptual assessment program (assessment scale)
  273906003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVisual object and spatial perception testVisual object and spatial perception test (assessment scale)
  273908002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVoice assessment sheet - MartinVoice assessment sheet - Martin (assessment scale)
  273909005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVoice evaluation formVoice evaluation form (assessment scale)
  273910000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVoice skills assessmentVoice skills assessment (assessment scale)
  273912008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWaddell disability indexWaddell disability index (assessment scale)
  273913003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWakefield self-assessment depression inventoryWakefield self-assessment depression inventory (assessment scale)
  273914009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWard behavior rating scaleWard behavior rating scale (assessment scale)
  273915005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWarner dysphagia assessmentWarner dysphagia assessment (assessment scale)
  273916006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWechsler adult intelligence scaleWechsler adult intelligence scale (assessment scale)
  273917002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWechsler adult intelligence test - revisedWechsler adult intelligence scale - revised (assessment scale)
  273918007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWechsler intelligence scale for childrenWechsler intelligence scale for children (assessment scale)
  273919004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWechsler intelligence non-verbal performance assessmentWechsler intelligence non-verbal performance assessment (assessment scale)
  273920005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWechsler intelligence verbal assessmentWechsler intelligence verbal assessment (assessment scale)
  273921009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWechsler memory scaleLogical memory paragraph recall
  273922002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWechsler pre-school and primary scale of intelligenceWechsler pre-school and primary scale of intelligence (assessment scale)
  273923007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWeigl - Goldstein - Scheerer color form sorting test (assessment scale)Weigl - Goldstein - Scheerer color form sorting test
  273924001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWepman digit span testWepman Auditory Sequential Memory Test
  273925000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWepman test of auditory processing disordersWepman Auditory Discrimination Test
  273926004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWessex revised portage language checklist (assessment scale)Wessex revised portage language checklist
  273927008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWestern aphasia batteryWestern aphasia battery (assessment scale)
  273928003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWestmead Post-Traumatic Amnesia Scale (assessment scale)Westmead Post-Traumatic Amnesia Scale
  273929006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWHO depression scaleWorld Health Organization depression scale
  273930001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWHO handicap scaleWorld Health Organization handicap scale
  273931002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWHO classification of impairments, disabilities and handicap scaleWorld Health Organization classification of impairments, disabilities and handicap scale (assessment scale)
  273932009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWHO economic self-sufficiency handicap scaleWorld Health Organization economic self-sufficiency handicap scale
  273933004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWHO mobility handicap scaleWorld Health Organization mobility handicap scale
  273934005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWHO occupation handicap scaleWorld Health Organization occupation handicap scale (assessment scale)
  273935006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWHO orientation handicap scaleWorld Health Organization orientation handicap scale
  273936007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWHO physical independence handicap scaleWorld Health Organization physical independence handicap scale (assessment scale)
  273937003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWHO social integration handicap scaleWorld Health Organization social integration handicap scale (assessment scale)
  273938008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWinslow feeding checklistWinslow feeding checklist (assessment scale)
  273939000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWisconsin card sorting testWisconsin card sorting test (assessment scale)
  273940003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSDS - Zung self-rating depression scaleZung self-rating depression scale (assessment scale)
  273941004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctZung's anxiety status inventoryZung anxiety status inventory
  273942006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctZung's self-rating anxiety scaleZung self-rating anxiety scale
  277318003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sct(m)(m) (tumor staging)
  277457005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHistological grading systemsHistological grading systems (staging scale)
  277459008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDaumas-Duport grading systemDaumas-Duport grading system (staging scale)
  277460003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWHO CNS tumour grading systemWorld Health Organization central nervous system tumour grading system
  277645005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAdditional TNM descriptorsAdditional TNM descriptors (tumor staging)
  278241006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNode stage G1Node stage G1 in retinoblastoma
  278242004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNode stage G2Node stage G2 in retinoblastoma
  278247005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLung stage L1Lung stage L1 (tumor staging)
  278699003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctParsonnet scoreParsonnet score (assessment scale)
  278896008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctShort form McGill pain questionnaireShort form McGill pain questionnaire (assessment scale)
  278897004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWaterlow pressure sore risk scoreWaterlow Scale
  278898009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNorton Scale (assessment scale)Norton Scale
  279101002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVerbal rating scaleVerbal rating scale (assessment scale)
  281113000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale - summated (generic version)Health of the Nation Outcome Scale - summated (generic version) (assessment scale)
  281114006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale subscale (generic version)Health of the Nation Outcome Scale subscale (generic version) (assessment scale)
  281115007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale item 1 - aggressive/disruptive behaviorHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale item 1 - aggressive/disruptive behavior (assessment scale)
  281116008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale item 2 - non-accidental self injuryHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale item 2 - non-accidental self injury (assessment scale)
  281117004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHoNOS item 3 - alcohol/drug problemHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale item 3 - alcohol/drug problem (assessment scale)
  281118009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale item 4 - cognitive problemsHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale item 4 - cognitive problems (assessment scale)
  281119001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHoNOS item 5Health of the Nation Outcome Scale item 5 - physical illness/disability (assessment scale)
  281120007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale item 6 - hallucinations/delusionsHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale item 6 - hallucinations/delusions (assessment scale)
  281121006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHoNOS item 7Health of the Nation Outcome Scale item 7 - depressed mood (assessment scale)
  281122004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale item 8 - other mental/behavioral problemsHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale item 8 - other mental/behavioral problems (assessment scale)
  281123009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHoNOS item 9Health of the Nation Outcome Scale item 9 - relationship problems (assessment scale)
  281124003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHoNOS item 10Health of the Nation Outcome Scale item 10 - activities of daily living (assessment scale)
  281125002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome scale item 11 - living conditionsHealth of the Nation Outcome scale item 11 - living conditions (assessment scale)
  281126001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHoNOS item 12Health of the Nation Outcomes scale item 12 - occupation/activities (assessment scale)
  281400004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRamsay sedation scale (assessment scale)Ramsay sedation scale
  281692008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGriffiths mental developmental scaleGriffiths mental developmental scale (assessment scale)
  281693003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGessell developmental scaleGessell developmental scale (assessment scale)
  281844006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome subscale AHealth of the Nation Outcome subscale A (assessment scale)
  281845007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHoNOS subscale BHealth of the Nation Outcome subscale B (assessment scale)
  281846008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome subscale CHealth of the Nation Outcome subscale C (assessment scale)
  281848009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHoNOS subscale DHealth of the Nation Outcome subscale D (assessment scale)
  281849001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale item (generic version)Health of the Nation Outcome Scale item (generic version) (assessment scale)
  282402005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctV - Hepatic vein markerV - Hepatic vein marker (tumor staging)
  282403000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctP - Portal vein markerP - Portal vein marker (tumor staging)
  282404006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctE - Extrahepatic markerE - Extrahepatic marker (tumor staging)
  282405007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctM - Metastatic markerM - Metastatic marker (tumor staging)
  282436004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctE - Extralymphatic organ involvement markerE - Extralymphatic organ involvement marker (tumor staging)
  282437008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctS - Splenic involvement markerS - Splenic involvement marker (tumor staging)
  282466006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSuicide intent score scaleSuicide intent score scale (assessment scale)
  282467002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSuicide intent score scale - summatedSuicide intent score scale - summated (assessment scale)
  282468007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSuicide intent score subscaleSuicide intent score subscale (assessment scale)
  282469004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSuicide intent score subscale - attempt circumstancesSuicide intent score subscale - attempt circumstances (assessment scale)
  282470003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSuicide intent score subscale - self reportSuicide intent score subscale - self report (assessment scale)
  282471004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSuicide intent score subscale - riskSuicide intent score subscale - risk (assessment scale)
  284061009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGAF - Global assessment of functioning - 1993 DSMIV adaptationGlobal assessment of functioning - 1993 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition adaptation
  284064001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBPRS - Brief psychiatric rating scale - 1962Brief psychiatric rating scale - 1962 (assessment scale)
  284464005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome ScalesHealth of the Nation Outcome Scales (assessment scale)
  285713000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGuide to early movement skills checklistGEMS - Guide to early movement skills checklist
  285714006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBSTS - Bereweeke skill teaching system checklistBereweeke skill teaching system checklist (assessment scale)
  300991009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWebster Scale (assessment scale)Webster Scale
  303807002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRule of ninesRule of nines (assessment scale)
  304705008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAAMR adaptive behavior scaleAmerican Association on Mental Retardation adaptive behavior scale (assessment scale)
  304706009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAcceptance of illness scaleAcceptance of illness scale (assessment scale)
  304707000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAnomalous sentences repetition testAnomalous sentences repetition test (assessment scale)
  304708005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctArthritis impact measurement scaleArthritis impact measurement scale (assessment scale)
  304709002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAttitudes towards doctors and medicine scaleAttitudes towards doctors and medicine scale (assessment scale)
  304710007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBeck hopelessness scaleBeck hopelessness scale (assessment scale)
  304711006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBeck anxiety inventoryBeck anxiety inventory (assessment scale)
  304712004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBeck scale for suicide ideationBeck scale for suicide ideation (assessment scale)
  304713009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBPCQ - Beliefs about pain control questionnaireBeliefs about pain control questionnaire (assessment scale)
  304714003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBellak children's apperception testBellak children's apperception test (assessment scale)
  304715002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBender visual motor gestalt testBender visual motor gestalt test (assessment scale)
  304716001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBruininks-Oseretsky test of motor proficiency (assessment scale)Bruininks-Oseretsky test of motor proficiency
  304717005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCancer attitude inventoryCancer attitude inventory (assessment scale)
  304718000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChild depression scale, second research editionChild depression scale, second research edition (assessment scale)
  304719008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChildren's health locus of control scaleChildren's health locus of control scale (assessment scale)
  304720002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCECS - Courtauld emotional control scaleCourtauld emotional control scale (assessment scale)
  304721003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCrown-crisp experiential indexMHQ - Middlesex hospital questionnaire
  304722005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCulture-free self-esteem inventoryCulture-free self-esteem inventory (assessment scale)
  304723000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDelusions-symptoms-states inventoryDelusions-symptoms-states inventory (assessment scale)
  304724006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEysenck personality questionnaireEysenck personality questionnaire (assessment scale)
  304725007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFamily relations testFamily relations test (assessment scale)
  304726008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctForced choice ratings of health-related attributesForced choice ratings of health-related attributes (assessment scale)
  304727004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFramingham anger measureFramingham anger measure (assessment scale)
  304728009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFramingham type A behavior pattern measureFramingham type A behavior pattern measure (assessment scale)
  304729001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFuld object memory evaluationFuld object memory evaluation (assessment scale)
  304730006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFunctional performance recordFunctional performance record (assessment scale)
  304731005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGPHB - General preventative health behaviours checklistGeneral preventative health behaviors checklist (assessment scale)
  304732003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHassles scaleHassles scale (assessment scale)
  304733008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth knowledge measurementHealth knowledge measurement (assessment scale)
  304734002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth value scaleHealth value scale (assessment scale)
  304735001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctIllinois test of psycholinguistic abilities, revised edition (assessment scale)Illinois test of psycholinguistic abilities, revised edition
  304736000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctInventory of drinking situationsInventory of drinking situations (assessment scale)
  304738004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctKaufman assessment battery for childrenKaufman assessment battery for children (assessment scale)
  304739007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLife experiences checklistLife experiences checklist (assessment scale)
  304740009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLOT - Life orientation testLife orientation test (assessment scale)
  304741008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLuria-Nebraska neuropsychological battery, children's revisionLuria-Nebraska neuropsychological battery, children's revision (assessment scale)
  304742001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLuria-Nebraska neuropsychological battery, form 1Luria-Nebraska neuropsychological battery, form 1 (assessment scale)
  304743006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMarlow-Crowne scaleMarlow-Crowne scale (assessment scale)
  304744000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMISS - Medical interview satisfaction scaleMedical interview satisfaction scale (assessment scale)
  304745004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMental adjustment to cancer scaleMental adjustment to cancer scale (assessment scale)
  304746003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMerril-Palmer preschool performance scale (assessment scale)Merril-Palmer preschool performance scale
  304747007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMotivation analysis testMotivation analysis test (assessment scale)
  304748002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMultidimensional health locus of control scaleMultidimensional health locus of control scale (assessment scale)
  304749005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctObject relations techniqueObject relations technique (assessment scale)
  304750005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPain coping strategies questionnairePain coping strategies questionnaire (assessment scale)
  304751009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPILL - Pennebaker inventory of linguid languidnessPennebaker inventory of linguid languidness (assessment scale)
  304752002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPerceived control of insulin-dependent diabetesPerceived control of insulin-dependent diabetes (assessment scale)
  304753007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPSS - Perceived stress scalePerceived stress scale (assessment scale)
  304754001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPersonality deviance scalePersonality deviance scale (assessment scale)
  304755000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPANAS - Positive and negative affect schedulePositive and negative affect schedule (assessment scale)
  304756004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPrejudicial evaluation and social interaction scalePrejudicial evaluation and social interaction scale (assessment scale)
  304757008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctProfile of mood states, bipolarProfile of mood states, bipolar (assessment scale)
  304758003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctQuick neurological screening testQuick neurological screening test (assessment scale)
  304759006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRaven's progressive matrices and vocabulary scalesRaven progressive matrices and vocabulary scales
  304760001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRLOC - Recovery locus of control scaleRecovery locus of control scale (assessment scale)
  304761002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctReported health behaviors checklistReported health behaviors checklist (assessment scale)
  304762009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRevised token testRevised token test (assessment scale)
  304763004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctReynell developmental language scales, second revisionReynell developmental language scales, second revision (assessment scale)
  304764005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctReynell Zinkin scale for young visually handicapped childrenReynell Zinkin scale for young visually handicapped children (assessment scale)
  304765006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRogers personal adjustment inventory, revisedRogers personal adjustment inventory, revised (assessment scale)
  304766007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRSES - Rosenberg self-esteem scaleRosenberg self-esteem scale (assessment scale)
  304767003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRust Inventory of Schizotypal Cognitions (assessment scale)RISC - Rust Inventory of Schizotypal Cognitions
  304768008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSatisfaction with life scaleSatisfaction with life scale (assessment scale)
  304769000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctScreening test for the Luria-Nebraska neuropsychological batteryScreening test for the Luria-Nebraska neuropsychological battery (assessment scale)
  304770004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctShort form social support questionnaireShort form social support questionnaire (assessment scale)
  304771000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSOS - Significant others scaleSignificant others scale (assessment scale)
  304772007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSnijders-Oomen non-verbal intelligence scale, revisedSnijders-Oomen non-verbal intelligence scale, revised (assessment scale)
  304773002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStanford Binet intelligence scale, fourth editionStanford Binet intelligence scale, fourth edition (assessment scale)
  304774008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStanford Binet form L/MStanford Binet form L/M (assessment scale)
  304775009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctState-trait anger expression inventoryState-trait anger expression inventory (assessment scale)
  304776005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStroop neuropsychological screening testStroop neuropsychological screening test (assessment scale)
  304777001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSymbolic play test, second editionSymbolic play test, second edition (assessment scale)
  304778006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctToken test for childrenToken test for children (assessment scale)
  304779003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctUplifts scaleUplifts scale (assessment scale)
  304780000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPPQ - Varni-Thompson paediatric pain questionnaireVarni-Thompson pediatric pain questionnaire (assessment scale)
  304781001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVineland adaptive behaviour scalesVineland adaptive behavior scales (assessment scale)
  304915008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDuke's coronary artery disease scoreDuke coronary artery disease score
  307791002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStrange situation testStrange situation test (assessment scale)
  307792009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRey figure testRey figure test (assessment scale)
  307793004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTest of everyday attentionTest of everyday attention (assessment scale)
  307794005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTest of everyday attention - adultTest of everyday attention - adult (assessment scale)
  307795006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTest of everyday attention - childTest of everyday attention - child (assessment scale)
  307801002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRivermead behavioral memory test - adult versionRivermead behavioral memory test - adult version (assessment scale)
  307802009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRivermead behavioral memory test - child versionRivermead behavioral memory test - child version (assessment scale)
  307803004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWechsler objective numerical dimensions testWechsler objective numerical dimensions test (assessment scale)
  307804005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWOLD - Wechsler objective language dimensions testWechsler objective language dimensions test (assessment scale)
  307805006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale for childrenHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale for children (assessment scale)
  307806007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale for adolescentsHealth of the Nation Outcome Scale for adolescents (assessment scale)
  307807003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMaudsley addiction profileMaudsley addiction profile (assessment scale)
  309593006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEducation score - diabetesEducation score - diabetes (assessment scale)
  311404002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAttention process training questionnaireAttention process training questionnaire (assessment scale)
  311405001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRating scale of attentional behaviourRating scale of attentional behavior (assessment scale)
  311406000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctEveryday memory questionnaireEveryday memory questionnaire (assessment scale)
  311457001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBehavior assessment of the dysexecutive syndrome (assessment scale)BADS - Behavior assessment of the dysexecutive syndrome
  311458006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDoors and people assessmentDoors and people assessment (assessment scale)
  311472002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAlphabet number alteration testAlphabet number alteration test (assessment scale)
  311473007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctVigil/W testVigil/W test (assessment scale)
  311474001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAttentional capacity testAttentional capacity test (assessment scale)
  311475000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctConsonant trigrams testConsonant trigrams test (assessment scale)
  311477008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBuschke selective reminding test (assessment scale)Buschke selective reminding test
  311478003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCalifornia verbal learning testCalifornia verbal learning test (assessment scale)
  311480009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWilliams memory assessment scalesWilliams memory assessment scales (assessment scale)
  311481008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWechsler memory scale revisedWechsler memory scale revised (assessment scale)
  311483006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAssociation for neuropsychological research and development prospective memory testAssociation for neuropsychological research and development prospective memory test (assessment scale)
  311484000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPASAT - Paced auditory serial addition testPaced auditory stimulation test
  311485004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCategory testCategory test (assessment scale)
  311486003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctProfile of executive control systemProfile of executive control system (assessment scale)
  311512008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBrixton testBrixton test (assessment scale)
  311513003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHayling testHayling test (assessment scale)
  311514009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMicroCog Assessment of Cognitive Function (assessment scale)MicroCog Assessment of Cognitive Function
  311515005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctComputerized Assessment of Response Bias (assessment scale)CARB - Computerized Assessment of Response Bias
  311516006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSymptom validity testSymptom validity test (assessment scale)
  311521009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRey complex figure test (assessment scale)Rey complex figure test
  311777009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMilitary skills assessmentMilitary skills assessment (assessment scale)
  311807004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMeasurement of cognitive linguistic abilityMeasurement of cognitive linguistic ability (assessment scale)
  311851008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAttention process training testAttention process training test (assessment scale)
  311854000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLife science associates assessmentLife science associates assessment (assessment scale)
  311855004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpeeded reading of word lists (assessment scale)Speeded reading of word lists
  311856003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctREACT - reaction testerREACT - reaction tester (assessment scale)
  311858002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSEARCH - searching for patternsSEARCH - searching for patterns (assessment scale)
  311860000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSearch a wordSearch a word (assessment scale)
  311861001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDETECT - error detectionDETECT - error detection (assessment scale)
  311863003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBISECT - line bisectionBISECT - line bisection (assessment scale)
  311865005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctJUMP - eye movementJUMP - eye movement (assessment scale)
  311866006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMATCH - shape matchingMATCH - shape matching (assessment scale)
  311868007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSearch for the odd shapeSearch for the odd shape (assessment scale)
  315037004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSheffield risk scoreSheffield risk score (assessment scale)
  315038009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFramingham coronary heart disease 5 year risk scoreFramingham coronary heart disease 5 year risk score (assessment scale)
  315039001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFramingham coronary heart disease 10 year risk scoreFramingham coronary heart disease 10 year risk score (assessment scale)
  315290008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCoronary heart disease riskCoronary heart disease risk (assessment scale)
  315609007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPack yearsPack years (assessment scale)
  315628000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCLASP scoreCardiovascular Limitations and Symptoms Profile score
  373801008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctWHO performance status scaleWorld Health Organization performance status scale
  385345007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctClark system for melanoma staging (tumor staging)Clark system for melanoma staging
  385346008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBreslow system for melanoma staging (tumor staging)Breslow system for melanoma staging
  385359000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctModified Dukes staging system (tumor staging)Modified Dukes staging system
  386554004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGlasgow coma scale (assessment scale)GCS - Glasgow coma scale
  395070003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctElderly at risk rating scale (assessment scale)Elderly at risk rating scale
  396192007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFuhrman nuclear grading system (staging scale)Fuhrman nuclear grading system
  396215004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDevelopmental test of visual perception (assessment scale)Frostig developmental test of visual perception
  396216003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMotor free visual perception test (assessment scale)Motor free visual perception test
  396241005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMerrill Palmer scale (assessment scale)Merrill-Palmer intelligence scale
  396244002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPhysical self maintenance scale (assessment scale)PSMS - Physical self maintenance scale
  396295000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNottingham extended ADL indexNottingham extended activities of daily living index (assessment scale)
  396296004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNottingham ten-point ADL indexNottingham ten-point activities of daily living index (assessment scale)
  397759004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpectral edge frequency (assessment scale)Spectral edge frequency
  398204001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBispectral index (assessment scale)Bispectral index
  398210001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBromage scale (assessment scale)Bromage scale
  404934007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTinetti assessment scale (assessment scale)Tinetti assessment scale
  404945005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctElderly mobility scale (assessment scale)Elderly mobility scale
  405646004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPreventability scale (assessment scale)Preventability scale
  406529000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPneumonia severity index (assessment scale)Pneumonia severity of illness index
  407600003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPocock risk score (assessment scale)Pocock risk score
  407612004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFramingham coronary heart disease 10 year adjusted risk score (assessment scale)Framingham coronary heart disease 10 year adjusted risk score
  408846002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctStages of retinopathy of prematurity (assessment scale)Stages of retinopathy of prematurity
  414648004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMalnutrition universal screening tool (assessment scale)Malnutrition universal screening tool
  414879002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNottingham prognostic index (assessment scale)Nottingham prognostic index
  417957003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctUveal metastasis (tumor staging)Uveal metastasis
  418118008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRanson's criteria score (assessment scale)Ranson criteria score
  420417005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLiver tumor size index more than 0.05 (tumor staging)Liver tumor size index more than 0.05
  420483003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAbdominal lymph node tumor invasion status A (tumor staging)Abdominal lymph node tumour invasion status A
  420533005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChoroidal invasion stage C1 in retinoblastoma (tumor staging)Choroidal invasion stage C1 in retinoblastoma
  420728008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTiming of liver tumor staging at diagnosis (tumor staging)Timing of liver tumor staging at diagnosis
  420816009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNew York Heart Association Classification (assessment scale)NYHA - New York Heart Association Classification
  420841002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChoroidal invasion stage C0 in retinoblastoma (tumor staging)Choroidal invasion stage C0 in retinoblastoma
  420889006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLiver tumor size index less than 0.05 (tumor staging)Liver tumour size index less than 0.05
  420969009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLymphoma staging symptom status A (tumor staging)Lymphoma staging symptom status A
  421074006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCentral nervous system stage B3 in retinoblastoma (tumor staging)Central nervous system stage B3 in retinoblastoma
  421174009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChoroidal invasion stage C2 in retinoblastoma (tumor staging)Choroidal invasion stage C2 in retinoblastoma
  421188008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTumor staging descriptor r (tumor staging)Tumor staging descriptor r
  421211000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctLymphoma staging symptom status B (tumor staging)B
  421294007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTiming of liver tumor staging pre-surgery (tumor staging)Timing of liver tumour staging pre-surgery
  421426001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTumor staging descriptor a (tumor staging)Tumor staging descriptor a
  421432006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChoroidal invasion stage C3 in retinoblastoma (tumor staging)Choroidal invasion stage C3 in retinoblastoma
  421655002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOptic nerve invasion stage N1 in retinoblastoma (tumor staging)Optic nerve invasion stage N1 in retinoblastoma
  421683000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOptic nerve invasion stage N0 in retinoblastoma (tumor staging)Optic nerve invasion stage N0 in retinoblastoma
  421745006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChoroidal invasion stage C4 in retinoblastoma (tumor staging)Choroidal invasion stage C4 in retinoblastoma
  421755005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTumor staging descriptor y (tumor staging)Tumour staging descriptor y
  421824005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTumor staging descriptor p (tumor staging)Tumour staging descriptor p
  421838003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOptic nerve invasion stage N3 in retinoblastoma (tumor staging)Optic nerve invasion stage N3 in retinoblastoma
  421923000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCentral nervous system stage B2 in retinoblastoma (tumor staging)Central nervous system stage B2 in retinoblastoma
  422196000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTumor staging descriptor D (tumor staging)Tumour staging descriptor D
  422203007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCentral nervous system stage B1 in retinoblastoma (tumor staging)Central nervous system stage B1 in retinoblastoma
  423549006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChronic illness perception assessment scale (assessment scale)Chronic illness perception assessment scale
  424772004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBurns weaning assessment program (assessment scale)BWAP - Burns weaning assessment program
  425401001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPain intensity rating scale (assessment scale)Pain intensity rating scale
  425759007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBraden Q assessment scale (assessment scale)Braden Q assessment scale
  426757001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFrench Federation of Cancer Centers Sarcoma Group (FNCLCC) grading systemFédération Nationale des Centres de Lutte Contre le Cancer (FNCLCC) Sarcoma Group grading system
  426938003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMorse falls risk assessment (assessment scale)Morse falls risk assessment
  427196009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNational Cancer Institute (NCI) histologic grading systemNational Cancer Institute histologic grading system (staging scale)
  428203000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBerg Balance Scale (assessment scale)BSS - Berg Balance Scale
  428208009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBristol stool form scale (assessment scale)Bristol stool form scale
  428433009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctInternational prostate symptom score (assessment scale)International prostate symptom score
  429389007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPierce suicide intent scale (assessment scale)Pierce suicide intent scale
  429501006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAlcohol withdrawal scale (assessment scale)Alcohol withdrawal scale
  429712009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctBath ankylosing spondylitis disease activity index (assessment scale)Bath ankylosing spondylitis disease activity index
  438367009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCongestive heart failure, hypertension, age 75 years or older, diabetes, and previous stroke or transient ischemic attack risk score (assessment scale)CHADS2 score
  438501007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctJoint protection knowledge assessment (assessment scale)Joint protection knowledge assessment
  438502000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOccupational therapy role checklist (assessment scale)Occupational therapy role checklist
  438621004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctElderly Assessment System (assessment scale)EASY-care assessment tool
  438622006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPerceived efficacy and goal setting system (assessment scale)Perceived efficacy and goal setting system
  438766002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctArnadottir occupational therapy activities of daily living neurobehavioral evaluation (assessment scale)Arnadottir occupational therapy activities of daily living neurobehavioral evaluation
  438776004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCommunity dependency index (assessment scale)Community dependency index
  438780009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMayers lifestyle questionnaire 1 (assessment scale)Mayers lifestyle questionnaire 1
  439312002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOccupational circumstances assessment interview and rating scale forensic mental health version 4.0 (assessment scale)Occupational circumstances assessment interview and rating scale forensic mental health version 4.0
  439313007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCanadian occupational performance measure (assessment scale)Canadian occupational performance measure


See the full registry of value sets defined as part of FHIR.

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

LvlA few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. For value sets, levels are mostly used to organize codes for user convenience, but may follow code system hierarchy - see Code System for further information
SourceThe source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
CodeThe code (used as the code in the resource instance). If the code is in italics, this indicates that the code is not selectable ('Abstract')
DisplayThe display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
DefinitionAn explanation of the meaning of the concept
CommentsAdditional notes about how to use the code