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Patient Administration Work GroupMaturity Level: 3 Trial Use Compartments: Not linked to any defined compartments

Dependency Graph for Organization FMM level 3

NameCard.TypeDependency Analysis
.. Organization DomainResource
... identifier 0..*Identifier
... active 0..1boolean
... type 0..*CodeableConcept
... alias 0..*string
... description 0..1string
... contact 0..*ExtendedContactDetail
... telecom XD 0..*ContactPointType Error: (ContactPoint = FMM5-Normative vs. Element = FMM3-Deprecated)
... address XD 0..*AddressType Error: (Address = FMM5-Normative vs. Element = FMM3-Deprecated)
... partOf 0..1Reference(Organization)
... endpoint 0..*Reference(Endpoint)Type Warning: (Endpoint = FMM2-Trial Use vs. Element = FMM3-Trial Use)