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Questionnaire: Antiviral medication eligibility questionnaire

Official URL: https://build.fhir.org/ig/tewhatuora/cinc-fhir-ig/Questionnaire/AntiViralEligibilityQuestionnaire Version: 1.0.1
Draft as of 2024-03-22 Computable Name: AntiViralEligibilityQuestionnaire
Other Identifiers: AntiViralEligibilityQuestionnaire (use: OFFICIAL, period: 3/7/23 --> (ongoing)), Questionnaire-AntiViralEligibilityQuestionnaire (use: TEMP, period: 3/7/23 --> 3/7/26)

Usage:Workflow Setting: AntiViral Eligibility Assessment

A questionnaire defining eligibility criteria for anti-viral medication

Assess a patient’s eligibility against criteria for anti-viral medication

LinkIdTextCardinalityTypeDescription & Constraintsdoco
.. AntiViralEligibilityQuestionnaireA questionnaire defining eligibility criteria for anti-viral medicationQuestionnairehttps://build.fhir.org/ig/tewhatuora/cinc-fhir-ig/Questionnaire/AntiViralEligibilityQuestionnaire#1.0.1
... CurrentDateCurrent Date/Time1..1dateTime
.... CurrentDateTime_helpTextCurrent date/time0..1display
... ReviewDateDate Review Performed1..1date
.... ReviewDate_helpTextThe date that the review was performed0..1display
... case-definition-panelCASE DEFINITION The transition from PCR to RATs as a primary mode of testing requires the clinical criteria to be applied thoughtfully and practically alongside the Case Definition. The case definitions were based upon PCR tests being the primary mode of diagnosis and the focus has now changed to clinical decision making based on a RAT result in the majority of cases. Clinical discretion should be applied to household contacts who test negative by RAT but are presenting with symptoms typical of COVID-19 infection. Although this population is not defined by the Case Definition^, clinical discretion may support recognition as a likely case and initiation of treatment, where indicated. ^For definition see https://www.tewhatuora.govt.nz/for-the-health-sector/covid-19-information-for-health-professionals/case-definition-and-clinical-testing-guidelines-for-covid-19#:~:text=Case%20definitions&text=A%20case%20that%20has%20laboratory,a%20validated%20NAAT%20(PCR)0..1group
.... COVID19-PositiveIs the patient a COVID-19 case as per the case definition or clinical criteria?1..1booleanInitial Value: boolean = false
... criteria-panelDoes the patient meet the current Pharmac criteria for COVID-19 Antivitals?0..1group
.... SymptomsStart1. Symptoms started:1..1choiceValue Set: https://nzhts.digital.health.nz/fhir/ValueSet/antiviral-eligibility-symptoms-started
.... supoxygen2. My patient requires supplemental oxygen1..1boolean
.... criteria3. My patient's condition or circumstance (choose one):1..1choiceValue Set: https://nzhts.digital.health.nz/fhir/ValueSet/COVID-19-antiviral-eligibility-criteria
..... myPatientCriteria_helpText[1]For definition of Ministry of Health criteria of ‘severe immunocompromise’ for third primary dose see: https://www.health.govt.nz/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-vaccines/covid-19-vaccine-severely-immunocompromised-people#criteria [2]A primary dose for most people is 2 vaccinations [3]For Ministry of Health's definition of high-risk conditions see https://covid19.govt.nz/testing-and-isolation/if-you-have-covid-19/medicines-to-treat-covid-19/0..1display
... eligible-noAssessment: No - the patient IS NOT eligible for COVID-19 Antivirals0..1choiceEnable When:
  • SymptomsStart = not-recent (antiviral-eligibility-symptoms-started#not-recent)
  • supoxygen = true
  • criteria = none-of-the-above (COVID-19-antiviral-eligibility-criteria#none-of-the-above)

Options: 1 option
... eligible-yesAssessment: Yes - the patient IS eligible for COVID-19 Antivirals0..1choiceEnable When:
  • SymptomsStart != not-recent (antiviral-eligibility-symptoms-started#not-recent)
  • supoxygen != true
  • criteria != none-of-the-above (COVID-19-antiviral-eligibility-criteria#none-of-the-above)

Options: 1 option
... PharmacistInformationPlease provide pharmacist details0..1group
.... PharmacistNamePharmacist Name1..1string
.... PharmacistIDPharmacist ID1..1string
... PharmacyInformationPlease provide details about the pharmacy organisation0..1group
.... PharmacyNamePharmacy Name1..1string
.... PharmacyHPIPharmacy HPI1..1string
.... PharmacyAddressPharmacy address details0..1text
... GeneralPracticeInformationPlease provide details about the patient's general practice0..1group
.... GPNameGP Practice Name0..1string
.... GPEDIPractice EDI0..1string
... SendToGPSend note to GP Inbox?0..1booleanInitial Value: boolean = false
.... SendToGP_helpTextIt may not be necessary to send this message. Please consider if clinically-relevant before sending.0..1display

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Option Sets

Answer options for eligible-no

  • null#null ("confirm")

Answer options for eligible-yes

  • null#null ("confirm")