Te Whatu Ora Shared Care FHIR API
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Example Observation: ObservationExample

Generated Narrative: Observation

ResourceObservation "ObservationExample" Version"1" Updated"2023-01-26 00:21:56+0000"

Profile: ManaakiNgaTahiObservation

identifier: 84078e9c-6a70-47e0-9f8e-bf77109c32a0 (CarePlan which requested Obs) (use: secondary)

basedOn: ServiceRequest/ObservationsServiceRequestExample

status: final

category: Vital Signs (Observation Category Codes#vital-signs)

code: Measurement procedure (procedure) (SNOMED CT#122869004)

subject: : Carey Carrington

encounter: Encounter/EncounterExample

effective: 2022-12-12 04:22:55+0000

issued: Dec 12, 2022, 4:22:55 AM

performer: : Dottie McStuffins

note: Patient appears confused (By null @Apr 30, 2023, 10:55:31 PM)


code: Systolic blood pressure (LOINC#8480-6)

value: 73 mmHg (Details: UCUM codemm[Hg] = 'mm[Hg]')


code: Diastolic blood pressure (LOINC#8462-4)

value: 73 mmHg (Details: UCUM codemm[Hg] = 'mm[Hg]')


code: Heart rate (LOINC#8867-4)

value: 44 beats/minute (Details: UCUM code/min = '/min')


code: R-R interval.standard deviation (Heart rate variability) (LOINC#80404-7)

value: 44 milliseconds (Details: UCUM codems = 'ms')


code: Respiratory rate (LOINC#9279-1)

value: 17 breaths/minute (Details: UCUM code/min = '/min')


code: Oxygen saturation in Arterial blood by Pulse oximetry (LOINC#59408-5)

value: 96 percent saturation (Details: UCUM code%{saturation} = '%{saturation}')


code: Stress level 0-10 24h Max Score (LOINC#95606-0)

value: 8 ScoreOf (Details: UCUM code{ScoreOf} = '{ScoreOf}')


code: Stress Level (LOINC#93038-8)

value: normal (SNOMED CT#304753007 "Perceived stress scale (assessment scale)")


code: Body temperature (LOINC#8310-5)

value: 38 degree Celsius (Details: UCUM codeCel = 'Cel')


code: Patient Mood (LOINC#80296-7)

value: 8 ScoreOf (Details: UCUM code{ScoreOf} = '{ScoreOf}')