Validation Results for CH_Core

Generated Wed Apr 24 13:36:13 UTC 2024, FHIR version 4.0.1 for (canonical = (history)). See Full QA Report

Quality Checks
Publisher Version:IG Publisher Version: v1.6.6
Publication Code:n/a . PackageId =, Canonical =
Realm Check for n/a:
  • n/a
Publication Request:No publication request found
Supressed Messages:27 Suppressed Issues
Dependency Checks:
PackageVersionFHIRCanonicalWeb BaseComment
... hl7.fhir.uv.extensions.r41.0.0 UR4
... UR4 to latest patch release (current->3.0.0-ci-build)
.... hl7.fhir.uv.extensions.r41.0.0 UR4 above
.... ihe.formatcode.fhir1.1.0 OR4 Release is 1.2.0
.... hl7.terminology5.5.0 MR4http://terminology.hl7.org
..... hl7.fhir.uv.extensions.r41.0.0 UR4 above
... hl7.terminology5.5.0 MR4http://terminology.hl7.org above
Templates: ch.fhir.ig.template#current -> fhir.base.template#current. Tools: 0.1.0
Dependent IGs:3 guides
Global Profiles:(none declared)
Terminology Server(s): (details)
HTA Analysis:Non-HL7 Igs are exempt from terminology dependency analysis
R5 Dependencies:(none)
Draft Dependencies:
Modifier Extensions:(none)
Previous Version Comparison: Comparison with version 4.0.1
IPA Comparison: n/a
IPS Comparison: n/a
Summary: errors = 0, warn = 0, info = 37, broken links = 0
Build Errors000

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Build error or cause by underlying profile (snapshot)

No suitable code for Encounter.identifier

Pattern on those elements okay (identifier)

Reference to draft CodeSystem

Swiss specific values on a extensible value set

The following code systems/value sets/codes cannot be validated (external systems)

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