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Example Composition: ZuweisungZurRadiologischenDiagnostik

Generated Narrative

EPR Version Number: 2

EPR Information Recipient: Generated Summary: id: 7601000618627; Diagnostic institution; name: RoDiag Radiologieinstitut

EPR Data Enterer



value: Generated Summary:



value: Oct 3, 2017, 12:15:00 PM

identifier: id: urn:uuid:31397B31-BE60-47E1-BEC6-F37816D42B0C

status: final

type: Physician Transfer note

date: Oct 3, 2017, 4:33:00 PM

author: Generated Summary: id: 7601000201041; Allzeit Bereit (OFFICIAL)

title: Zuweisung zur Radiologischen Diagnostik

confidentiality: N


*legal2017-10-03Generated Summary: id: 7601000201041; Allzeit Bereit (OFFICIAL)

custodian: Generated Summary: id: 7601000201041; name: Gruppenpraxis CH; Phone: +41322345566, Fax: +41322346677,,