IHE FormatCode Vocabulary
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IHE FormatCode Vocabulary, published by Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE). This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.1.1-current). This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/IHE/FormatCode/ and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

CodeSystem: FormatCode CodeSystem

Official URL: http://ihe.net/fhir/ihe.formatcode.fhir/CodeSystem/formatcode Version: 1.1.1-current
Active as of 2022-02-16 Computable Name: IHE_FormatCode_codesystem
Other Identifiers: id: urn:oid:

Copyright/Legal: Some content from IHE® Copyright © 2015 IHE International, Inc.

The IHE FormatCode code system with canonical URI of http://ihe.net/fhir/ihe.formatcode.fhir/CodeSystem/formatcode is defined to be the set of FormatCodes define by IHE, for use with Document Sharing. This code set additionally includes, as deprecated, format codes defined by HL7 for some Implementation Guides. The HL7 codes are now managed by HL7. The set of IHE FormatCode codes was listed in HITSP C80 Table 2-153 Format Code Value Set Definition, but since has been updated. The use of the FormatCode specifies the technical format of the document. The FormatCode tends to reference the IHE Content Profile (Implementation Guide) that defines the use-case and constraints. The FormatCode is a further specialization more detailed than the mime-type. The FormatCode provides sufficient metadata information to allow any potential document content consumer to know if it can process and/or display by identifying a document encoding, structure and template. The set of codes is intended to be preferred.

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:


This code system defines the following properties for its concepts

statushttp://hl7.org/fhir/concept-properties#statuscodeA property that indicates the status of the concept. Used to indicate Deprecated and Retired terms.
notSelectablehttp://hl7.org/fhir/concept-properties#notSelectablebooleanIndicates that the code is abstract - only intended to be used as a selector for other concepts
commenthttp://hl7.org/fhir/concept-properties#commentstringIndicates the CDA-Template to use with the given formatCode, when CDA mime-type is used.


notSelectable= false


This code system http://ihe.net/fhir/ihe.formatcode.fhir/CodeSystem/formatcode defines the following codes:

LvlCodeDisplayDefinitionstatusNot Selectablecomment
1urn:ihe:pcc PCC DomainOntology group for all PCC defined FormatCodestrue
2  urn:ihe:pcc:xphr:2007 PCC XPHRPersonal Health Records. Also known as HL7 CCD and HITSP C321.,
2  urn:ihe:pcc:aps:2007 PCC APSIHE Antepartum Summary1.
2  urn:ihe:pcc:xds-ms:2007 PCC XDS-MSXDS Medical Summaries1.,
2  urn:ihe:pcc:edr:2007 PCC EDREmergency Department Referral (EDR)
2  urn:ihe:pcc:edes:2007 PCC EDESEmergency Department Encounter Summary (EDES),,,
2  urn:ihe:pcc:apr:handp:2008 PCC APR HANDPAntepartum Record (APR) - History and Physical1.
2  urn:ihe:pcc:apr:lab:2008 PCC APR LABAntepartum Record (APR) - Laboratory1.
2  urn:ihe:pcc:apr:edu:2008 PCC APR EDUAntepartum Record (APR) - Education1.
2  urn:ihe:pcc:crc:2008 PCC CRCCancer Registry Content (CRC)
2  urn:ihe:pcc:cm:2008 Care Management (CM)
2  urn:ihe:pcc:ic:2008 Immunization Registry Content (IRC)
2  urn:ihe:pcc:tn:2007 PCC TN
2  urn:ihe:pcc:nn:2007 PCC NN
2  urn:ihe:pcc:ctn:2007 PCC CTN
2  urn:ihe:pcc:edpn:2007 PCC EDPN
2  urn:ihe:pcc:hp:2008 PCC HP
2  urn:ihe:pcc:ldhp:2009 PCC LDHP
2  urn:ihe:pcc:lds:2009 PCC LDS
2  urn:ihe:pcc:mds:2009 PCC MDS
2  urn:ihe:pcc:nds:2010 PCC NDS
2  urn:ihe:pcc:ppvs:2010 PCC PPVS
2  urn:ihe:pcc:trs:2011 PCC TRS
2  urn:ihe:pcc:ets:2011 PCC ETS
2  urn:ihe:pcc:its:2011 PCC ITS
2  urn:ihe:pcc:ript:2017 PCC RIPTRoutine Interfacility Patient Transport (RIPT)
2  urn:ihe:pcc:pcs-cs:2018 PCC PCS-CSParamedicine Care Summary - Clinical Subset (PCS-CS)
2  urn:ihe:pcc:pcs-cr:2018 PCC PCS-CRParamedicine Care Summary - Complete Report (PCS-CR)
2  urn:ihe:pcc:ips:2020 PCC IPSInternational Patient Summary (IPS)2.16.840.1.113883.
2  urn:ihe:pcc:360x:hl7:OMG:O19:2017 PCC 360X Referral RequestHL7v2 OMG^O19 message used for 360X referral request
2  urn:ihe:pcc:360x:hl7:OSU:O51:2017 PCC 360X Referral Status UpdateHL7v2 OSU^O51 message used for 360X referral status
2  urn:ihe:pcc:360x:hl7:SIU:S12:2017 PCC 360X Appointment NotificationHL7v2 SIU^S12 message used for 360X appointment notification
2  urn:ihe:pcc:360x:hl7:SIU:S13:2017 PCC 360X Appointment Reschedule NotificationHL7v2 SIU^S13 message used for 360X appointment reschedule notification
2  urn:ihe:pcc:360x:hl7:SIU:S15:2017 PCC 360X Appointment Cancel NotificationHL7v2 SIU^S15 message used for 360X appointment cancel notification
2  urn:ihe:pcc:360x:hl7:SIU:S26:2017 PCC 360X Appointment No-show NotificationHL7v2 SIU^S26 message used for 360X appointment no-show notification
1urn:ihe:iti IT-Infrastructure DomainOntology group for all ITI defined FormatCodestrue
2  urn:ihe:iti:bppc:2007 ITI BPPCBasic Patient Privacy Consents1.
2  urn:ihe:iti:bppc-sd:2007 ITI BPPC-SDBasic Patient Privacy Consents with Scanned Document1.
2  urn:ihe:iti:xds-sd:pdf:2008 ITI XDS-SD PDFPDF embedded in CDA per XDS-SD profile1.
2  urn:ihe:iti:xds-sd:text:2008 ITI XDS-SD TEXTText embedded in CDA per XDS-SD profile1.
2  urn:ihe:iti:xdw:2011:workflowDoc ITI XDWXDW Workflow Document
2  urn:ihe:iti:dsg:detached:2014 ITI DSG DetachedDSG Detached Document
2  urn:ihe:iti:dsg:enveloping:2014 ITI DSG EnvelopingDSG Enveloping Document
2  urn:ihe:iti:appc:2016:consent ITI APPCAdvanced Patient Privacy Consents
2  urn:ihe:iti:xds:2017:mimeTypeSufficient mimeType SufficientCode to be used when the mimeType is sufficient to understanding the technical format. May be used when no more specific FormatCode is available and the mimeType is sufficient to identify the technical format
1urn:ihe:lab Lab DomainOntology group for all LAB defined FormatCodestrue
2  urn:ihe:lab:xd-lab:2008 LAB XD-LABCDA Laboratory Report1.
1urn:ihe:rad Radiology DomainOntology group for all Radiology defined FormatCodestrue
2  urn:ihe:rad:TEXT RAD TEXTRadiology XDS-I Text
2  urn:ihe:rad:PDF RAD PDFRadiology XDS-I PDF
2  urn:ihe:rad:CDA:ImagingReportStructuredHeadings:2013 RAD CDARadiology XDS-I Structured CDA
1urn:ihe:card Cardiology DomainOntology group for all Cardiology defined FormatCodestrue
2  urn:ihe:card:imaging:2011 CARD ImagingCardiac Imaging Report (CRC)
2  urn:ihe:card:CRC:2012 CARD CRCCardiology Cardiology Cath Report Content (CRC)
2  urn:ihe:card:EPRC-IE:2014 CARD EPRC-IECardiology Electrophysiology Implant/Explant Report Content (EPRC-IE)
2  urn:ihe:card:CPN:2017 CARD CPNCardiology Procedure Note (CPN)
1urn:ihe:dent Dental DomainOntology group for all Dental defined FormatCodestrue
2  urn:ihe:dent:TEXT DENT TEXTDental CDA Wrapped Text Report (DENT)
2  urn:ihe:dent:PDF DENT PDFDental PDF (DENT)
2  urn:ihe:dent:CDA:ImagingReportStructuredHeadings:2013 DENT CDADental Imaging Report with Structured Headings (DENT)
1urn:ihe.palm Pathology DomainOntology group for all Pathology defined FormatCodestrue
2  urn:ihe.palm:apsr:2016 PALM APSRAnatomic Pathology Structured Report1.
1urn:ihe:pharm Pharmacy DomainOntology group for all Pharmacy defined FormatCodestrue
2  urn:ihe:pharm:pre:2010 Pharmacy PRECommunity Prescription (PRE)
2  urn:ihe:pharm:padv:2010 Pharmacy PADVCommunity Pharmaceutical Advice (PADV)
2  urn:ihe:pharm:dis:2010 Pharmacy DISCommunity Dispense (DIS)
2  urn:ihe:pharm:pml:2013 Pharmacy PMLCommunity Medication List (PML)
2  urn:ihe:pharm:mtp:2015 Pharmacy MTPMedication Treatment Plan (MTP)
2  urn:ihe:pharm:cma:2017 Pharmacy CMACommunity Medication Administration (CMA)
1urn:ihe:qrph QRPH DomainOntology group for all QRPH defined FormatCodestrue
2  urn:ihe:qrph:crd:2008 QRPH CRDClinical Research Document (CRD)
2  urn:ihe:qrph:dsc:2008 QRPH DSCDrug Safety Content (DSC)
2  urn:ihe:qrph:mch:2009 QRPH MCHMother and Child Health (MCH)deprecated1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:hbs:2009 QRPH HBSHealth Birth Summary (HBS)deprecated1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:prph:2009 QRPH PRPH-CaPhysician Reporting to a Public Health Repository - Cancer Registry (PRPH-Ca)
2  urn:ihe:qrph:ehcp:2010 QRPH EHCPEarly Hearing Care Plan (EHCP)deprecated1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:qmd-eh:2010 QRPH QMD-EHQuality Measure Definition - Early Hearing (QMD-EH)deprecated1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:qme-eh:2010 QRPH QME-EHQuality Measure Execution - Early Hearing (QME-EH)deprecated1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:bfdr:2011 QRPH BFDRBirth and Fetal Death Report (BFDR)deprecated1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:LDS-VR:2013 QRPH LDS-VRBirth and Fetal Death Reporting - LDS-VR1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:BFDR-Birth:2014 QRPH BFDR Birth CDA documentBFDR Birth CDA document1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:BFDR-FDeath:2014 QRPH BFDR Death CDA documentBFDR Death CDA document1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:crpc:2012 QRPH CRPCClinical Research Process Content (CRPC)deprecated1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:vrdr:2013 QRPH VRDRVital Records Death Reporting (VRDR)
2  urn:ihe:qrph:ms-vrdr:2013 QRPH MS-VRDRMedical Summary for VRDR Pre-pop (VRDR)
2  urn:ihe:qrph:hw:2013 QRPH HWHealthy Weight (HW)
2  urn:ihe:qrph:ehdi:2014 QRPH EHDIEarly Hearing Detection Intervention (EHDI)deprecated1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:NHS-Catl-UV:2015 QRPH EHDI NHS Cat IEarly Hearing Detection Intervention (EHDI) NHS QRDA Category I Report UV1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:NHS-CatIII-UV:2015 QRPH EHDI NHS Cat IIIEarly Hearing Detection Intervention (EHDI) NHS QRDA Category III Report UV1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:HPoCUS:2014 QRPH HPoC USHearing Plan of Care (HPoC) - US Realm1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:HPoCUV:2014 QRPH HPoC UVHearing Plan of Care (HPoC) - UV Realm1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:fp:2014 QRPH FPFamily Planning (FP)deprecated1.
2  urn:ihe:qrph:fp:2017 QRPH FP V2Family Planning (FP V2)
2  urn:ihe:qrph:ehdiwd:2013 QRPH EHDI-WDEarly Hearing Detection and Intervention – Workflow Document (EHDI-WD)
2  urn:ihe:qrph:prq:2019 QRPH PRQPrescription Repository Query (PRQ)
1urn:hl7 HL7 OrganizationOntology group for all legacy HL7 defined FormatCodestrue
2  urn:hl7-org:sdwg:ccda-structuredBody:1.1 For documents following C-CDA 1.1 constraints using a structured body.Now available in HL7 CodeSystem v3-HL7DocumentFormatCodes.deprecated
2  urn:hl7-org:sdwg:ccda-nonXMLBody:1.1 For documents following C-CDA 1.1 constraints using a non structured body.Now available in HL7 CodeSystem v3-HL7DocumentFormatCodes.deprecated
2  urn:hl7-org:sdwg:ccda-structuredBody:2.1 For documents following C-CDA 2.1 constraints using a structured body.Now available in HL7 CodeSystem v3-HL7DocumentFormatCodes.deprecated
2  urn:hl7-org:sdwg:ccda-nonXMLBody:2.1 For documents following C-CDA 2.1 constraints using a non structured body.Now available in HL7 CodeSystem v3-HL7DocumentFormatCodes.deprecated


2022-08-15reviseJohn MoehrkeIHE ITI DomainChange the include HL7 managed FormatCode vocabulary to formal one found on terminology.hl7.org.
2022-02-16reviseJohn MoehrkeIHE RAD DomainChange the Display for code urn:ihe:rad:CDA:ImagingReportStructuredHeadings:2013. It is currently “RAD XDS-I”, which is too generic. If you followed the pattern used in DENT (DENT TEXT, DENT PDF, DENT CDA), then you would change the code to “RAD CDA” (because RAD TEXT and RAD PDF exist).
2021-04-19reviseOliver EggerIHE PCC DomainChange urn:ihe:pcc:irc:2008 to urn:ihe:pcc:ic:2008 (see https://www.ihe.net/uploadedFiles/Documents/PCC/IHE_PCC_TF_Vol2.pdf)
2021-04-19reviseOliver EggerIHE Pharmacy DomainAdd IHE PHARM MTP and CMA code
2021-03-09reviseVassil PeytchevIHE PCC DomainAdd PCC 360X format codes.
2020-07-24reviseJohn MoehrkeIHE PaLM DomainRemove PAT domain, as PALM is right. Remove 2010 FormatCodes not used in favor of urn:ihe.palm:apsr:2016.
2020-07-23reviseJohn MoehrkeIHE QRPH DomainQRPH deprecated urn:ihe:qrph:crpc:2012.
2020-07-03reviseJohn MoehrkeIHE IT-Infrastructure Domainalign all display on the profile acronym, with name of profile in definition.
2020-07-01reviseJohn MoehrkeIHE IT-Infrastructure DomainRegular maintenance for 2020, and inclusion of QRPH codes. Added Ontology to structure according to IHE domains.