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minimal Common Oncology Data Elements (mCODE) Implementation Guide, published by HL7 International / Clinical Interoperability Council. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 4.0.0-ballot built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

ValueSet: Radiotherapy Treatment Location Value Set

Official URL: Version: 4.0.0-ballot
Active as of 2024-04-09 Maturity Level: 3 Computable Name: RadiotherapyTreatmentLocationVS
Other Identifiers: OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.

Copyright/Legal: This value set includes content from SNOMED CT, which is copyright © 2002+ International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), and distributed by agreement between IHTSDO and HL7. Implementer use of SNOMED CT is not covered by this agreement

Codes describing the body locations where radiotherapy treatments can be directed. Based on TG263.


Changes since version true:


Codes correspond to body structures defined in AAPM Task Group 263 Final Report, but are drawn from SNOMED CT (SCT). The body structure terms do not, however, include laterality or any other qualifier (see Usage).


To prevent a combinatorial explosion of codes, and to describe each treatment location uniquely, the body structure codes may be used in conjunction with qualifiers taken from the Radiotherapy Treatment Location Qualifier Value Set and LateralityQualifierVS, when necessary. For example, to specify the lower lobe of right lung, the code for lobe of lung structure (SCT#31094006) would be qualified with the codes lower (SCT#261122009) and right (SCT#24028007).

The content of this value set and the associated Radiotherapy Treatment Location Qualifier Value Set supports expression of all of the anatomical concepts in the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Task Group 263 report on Standardizing Nomenclatures in Radiation Oncology. The mapping from AAPM TG263 concepts to SNOMED CT codes and qualifiers can be found in this spreadsheet, as well as in this concept map.

Logical Definition (CLD)

  • Include these codes as defined in
    15825003Aortic structure (body structure)
    54247002Ascending aorta structure (body structure)
    425444002Branch of brachiocephalic artery (body structure)
    69105007Carotid artery structure (body structure)
    57850000Structure of celiac artery (body structure)
    41801008Coronary artery structure (body structure)
    7657000Structure of femoral artery (body structure)
    244314003Circumflex humeral artery (body structure)
    74200005Structure of inferior hypophyseal artery (body structure)
    55601007Structure of superior hypophyseal artery (body structure)
    244327004Circumflex iliac artery (body structure)
    113269004Structure of external iliac artery (body structure)
    90024005Structure of internal iliac artery (body structure)
    73634005Common iliac artery structure (body structure)
    33795007Structure of anterior descending branch of left coronary artery (body structure)
    42258001Superior mesenteric artery structure (body structure)
    81040000Pulmonary artery structure (body structure)
    36765005Structure of subclavian artery (body structure)
    85234005Structure of vertebral artery (body structure)
    37783008Bone structure of acetabulum (body structure)
    89187006Airway structure (body structure)
    123956007Anus part (body structure)
    66754008Appendix structure (body structure)
    77578007Arytenoid cartilage structure (body structure)
    59652004Atrial structure (body structure)
    79741001Common bile duct structure (body structure)
    89837001Urinary bladder structure (body structure)
    393006Structure of wall of urinary bladder (body structure)
    119186007Bone part (body structure)
    52374004Ethmoid bone structure (body structure)
    74872008Frontal bone structure (body structure)
    21387005Hyoid bone structure (body structure)
    22356005Bone structure of ilium (body structure)
    421793000Bone structure of incus (body structure)
    85710004Bone structure of ischium (body structure)
    6229007Lacrimal bone structure (body structure)
    91609006Bone structure of mandible (body structure)
    59066005Mastoid structure (body structure)
    74386004Nasal bone structure (body structure)
    31640002Occipital bone structure (body structure)
    51283005Palatine bone structure (body structure)
    24924006Parietal bone structure (body structure)
    118645006Structure of innominate bone and/or sacrum and/or coccyx (body structure)
    73117003Sphenoid bone structure (body structure)
    60911003Temporal bone structure (body structure)
    13881006Zygomatic bone structure (body structure)
    14016003Bone marrow structure (body structure)
    5798000Diaphragm structure (body structure)
    113276009Intestinal structure (body structure)
    14742008Structure of large intestine (body structure)
    30315005Structure of small intestine (body structure)
    36582005Brachial plexus structure (body structure)
    12738006Brain structure (body structure)
    15926001Brainstem structure (body structure)
    76752008Breast structure (body structure)
    955009Bronchial structure (body structure)
    102297006Main bronchus structure (body structure)
    34381000Anal canal structure (body structure)
    28700002Structure of carina of trachea (body structure)
    38848004Duodenal structure (body structure)
    7173007Cauda equina structure (body structure)
    9284003Corpus cavernosum structure (body structure)
    279549004Nasal cavity structure (body structure)
    74262004Oral cavity structure (body structure)
    32713005Cecum structure (body structure)
    113305005Cerebellar structure (body structure)
    83678007Structure of cerebrum (body structure)
    71252005Cervix uteri structure (body structure)
    78904004Chest wall structure (body structure)
    369387006Structure of cisterna pontis (body structure)
    60075002Cervical esophagus structure (body structure)
    51299004Bone structure of clavicle (body structure)
    56193007Oculomotor nerve structure (body structure)
    21161002Glossopharyngeal nerve structure (body structure)
    27612005Trigeminal nerve structure (body structure)
    80622005Abducens nerve structure (body structure)
    56052001Facial nerve structure (body structure)
    8598002Vestibulocochlear nerve structure (body structure)
    15119000Accessory nerve structure (body structure)
    37899009Hypoglossal nerve structure (body structure)
    80169004Cochlear structure (body structure)
    71854001Colon structure (body structure)
    9040008Ascending colon structure (body structure)
    32622004Descending colon structure (body structure)
    81745001Structure of eye proper (body structure)
    60184004Sigmoid colon structure (body structure)
    485005Transverse colon structure (body structure)
    28726007Corneal structure (body structure)
    36743005Structure of cribriform plate (body structure)
    8600008Cricoid cartilage structure (body structure)
    28276008Structure of cricopharyngeal part of inferior constrictor pharyngeus muscle (body structure)
    28231008Gallbladder structure (body structure)
    71934003Genital structure (body structure)
    13561001Lacrimal gland structure (body structure)
    117590005Ear structure (body structure)
    111002Parathyroid structure (body structure)
    127949000Elbow region structure (body structure)
    32849002Esophageal structure (body structure)
    88481005Sublingual gland structure (body structure)
    385296007Submandibular salivary gland structure (body structure)
    9875009Thymus gland structure (body structure)
    69748006Thyroid structure (body structure)
    2812003Structure of head of femur (body structure)
    24136001Hip joint structure (body structure)
    71341001Bone structure of femur (body structure)
    29627003Structure of neck of femur (body structure)
    41111004Bone structure of shaft of femur (body structure)
    87342007Bone structure of fibula (body structure)
    1307006Glottis structure (body structure)
    3711007Structure of great blood vessel (organ) (body structure)
    90228003Hard palate structure (body structure)
    23451007Adrenal structure (body structure)
    80891009Heart structure (body structure)
    372073000Cerebral hemisphere structure (body structure)
    5366008Hippocampal structure (body structure)
    67923007Hypothalamic structure (body structure)
    34516001Ileal structure (body structure)
    21306003Jejunal structure (body structure)
    16953009Elbow joint structure (body structure)
    85537004Glenohumeral joint structure (body structure)
    711190000Structure of epiphyseal plate (body structure)
    39352004Joint structure (body structure)
    53620006Temporomandibular joint structure (body structure)
    6566002Cerebellar hemisphere structure (body structure)
    50403003Structure of cortex of kidney (body structure)
    74033008Structure of hilum of kidney (body structure)
    85050009Bone structure of humerus (body structure)
    64033007Kidney structure (body structure)
    72696002Knee region structure (body structure)
    81502006Hypopharyngeal structure (body structure)
    4596009Laryngeal structure (body structure)
    86483002Structure of supraglottic space (body structure)
    78076003Structure of lens of eye (body structure)
    6544009Structure of gastrohepatic ligament (body structure)
    81083006Both lips (body structure)
    10200004Liver structure (body structure)
    83251001Frontal lobe structure (body structure)
    25990002Renal pelvis structure (body structure)
    31065004Occipital lobe structure (body structure)
    16630005Parietal lobe structure (body structure)
    78277001Temporal lobe structure (body structure)
    72410000Mediastinal structure (body structure)
    71616004Skeletal and/or smooth muscle structure (body structure)
    4866005Constrictor muscle of pharynx structure (body structure)
    79368004Masseter muscle structure (body structure)
    52927003Structure of temporalis muscle (body structure)
    71836000Nasopharyngeal structure (body structure)
    59441001Structure of lymph node (body structure)
    16051009Structure of apical axillary lymph node (body structure)
    283001Structure of central axillary lymph node (body structure)
    68171009Axillary lymph node structure (body structure)
    33770006Structure of lateral axillary lymph node (body structure)
    69691007Structure of pectoral axillary lymph node (body structure)
    12196003Structure of subscapular axillary lymph node (body structure)
    196821008Structure of innominate lymph node (body structure)
    279816002Bronchopulmonary lymph node group (body structure)
    196751009Structure of diaphragmatic lymph node (body structure)
    65349008Structure of external iliac lymph node (body structure)
    245357003Structure of internal iliac lymph node (body structure)
    84219008Structure of iliac lymph node (body structure)
    245299000Internal iliac lymph node group (body structure)
    245295006Common iliac lymph node group (body structure)
    245282001Internal mammary lymph node group (body structure)
    279763008Inguinofemoral lymph node group (body structure)
    64038003Intercostal lymph node (body structure)
    127938006Lymph node of aortopulmonary window (body structure)
    62683002Mediastinal lymph node structure (body structure)
    81105003Cervical lymph node structure (body structure)
    36086000Structure of obturator lymph node (body structure)
    35783009Structure of aortic lymph node (body structure)
    368550005Structure of paramammary lymph node (body structure)
    82365008Structure of parasternal lymph node (body structure)
    245294005Pelvic lymph node group (body structure)
    245288002Portahepatis lymph node group (body structure)
    45206002Nasal structure (body structure)
    1187336003Presacral lymph node group (body structure)
    196662004Structure of intrapulmonary lymph node (body structure)
    76838003Structure of supraclavicular lymph node (body structure)
    245283006Tracheobronchial lymph node group (body structure)
    84782009Peripheral nerve structure (body structure)
    40958000Nerve root structure (body structure)
    244453006Structure of optic chiasma (body structure)
    18234004Optic nerve structure (body structure)
    39607008Lung structure (body structure)
    31094006Structure of lobe of lung (body structure)
    34080009Malleus structure (body structure)
    70925003Bone structure of maxilla (body structure)
    363654007Structure of orbit proper (body structure)
    31389004Oropharyngeal structure (body structure)
    52410001Digastric muscle structure (body structure)
    15497006Ovarian structure (body structure)
    18252004Structure of platysma muscle (body structure)
    76738006Structure of pterygoid muscle (body structure)
    22823000Structure of sternocleidomastoid muscle (body structure)
    49460000Soft palate structure (body structure)
    46607005Nasal turbinate structure (body structure)
    15776009Pancreatic structure (body structure)
    64163001Structure of head of pancreas (body structure)
    73239005Structure of tail of pancreas (body structure)
    45682005Structure of parametrium (body structure)
    45289007Parotid gland structure (body structure)
    52737000Structure of bulb of penis (body structure)
    18911002Penile structure (body structure)
    76848001Pericardial structure (body structure)
    38864007Perineal structure (body structure)
    118762006Peritoneal sac structure (body structure)
    14106009Cardiac pacemaker, device (physical object)
    54066008Pharyngeal structure (body structure)
    110822002Pancreas and jejunum (combined site) (body structure)
    45793000Pineal structure (body structure)
    56329008Pituitary structure (body structure)
    49557009Pontine structure (body structure)
    41216001Prostatic structure (body structure)
    1162492000Tumor bed (morphologic abnormality)
    88938001Structure of lateral pterygoid muscle (body structure)
    85002005Structure of medial pterygoid muscle (body structure)
    511000202101Rectum wall structure (body structure)
    34402009Rectum structure (body structure)
    62397004Sacral plexus structure (body structure)
    41695006Scalp structure (body structure)
    67183008Structure of condyloid process of mandible (body structure)
    124002Structure of coronoid process of mandible (body structure)
    12402003Scar (morphologic abnormality)
    20233005Scrotal structure (body structure)
    64739004Seminal vesicle structure (body structure)
    54215007Ethmoid sinus structure (body structure)
    82561000Symphysis pubis structure (body structure)
    62413002Bone structure of radius (body structure)
    55060009Frontal sinus structure (body structure)
    15924003Maxillary sinus structure (body structure)
    5665001Retinal structure (body structure)
    113197003Bone structure of rib (body structure)
    48535007Bone structure of first rib (body structure)
    78247007Bone structure of second rib (body structure)
    25888004Bone structure of third rib (body structure)
    25523003Bone structure of fourth rib (body structure)
    15339008Bone structure of fifth rib (body structure)
    59558009Bone structure of sixth rib (body structure)
    24915002Bone structure of seventh rib (body structure)
    5953002Bone structure of eighth rib (body structure)
    22565002Bone structure of ninth rib (body structure)
    77644006Bone structure of tenth rib (body structure)
    58830002Bone structure of eleventh rib (body structure)
    43993008Bone structure of twelfth rib (body structure)
    39937001Skin structure (body structure)
    1193560003Bone structure of thirteenth rib (body structure)
    48014002Skin structure of perineum (body structure)
    79601000Bone structure of scapula (body structure)
    75093004Skin structure of anterior abdominal wall (body structure)
    1285442003Estimated contoured volume of bowel in peritoneal cavity using radiographic imaging (observable entity)
    1285443008Estimated contoured volume of small bowel in peritoneal cavity using imaging (observable entity)
    789564000Structure of retropharyngeal space (body structure)
    1193554003Structure of retrostyloid space (body structure)
    41178004Structure of sphincter ani muscle (body structure)
    61853006Spinal canal structure (body structure)
    24999009Sphenoid sinus structure (body structure)
    2748008Spinal cord structure (body structure)
    54785003Cervical spinal cord structure (body structure)
    60051002Lumbar spinal cord structure (body structure)
    89546000Bone structure of cranium (body structure)
    11478001Sacral spinal cord structure (body structure)
    50800009Thoracic spinal cord structure (body structure)
    25270003Corpus spongiosum structure (body structure)
    22718006Stapes structure (body structure)
    69695003Stomach structure (body structure)
    75415000Structure of suprapatellar bursa (body structure)
    67548002Structure of conjunctiva of left eye (body structure)
    13014005Structure of conjunctiva of right eye (body structure)
    8997002Space of ventricular system of brain (body structure)
    13024002Tendon structure (body structure)
    70567001Structure of quadriceps tendon (body structure)
    40689003Testis structure (body structure)
    37554007Spinal dura mater structure (body structure)
    1732005Thoracic duct structure (body structure)
    78961009Splenic structure (body structure)
    35378004Structure of hilum of spleen (body structure)
    21974007Tongue structure (body structure)
    181226008Entire tongue (body structure)
    47975008Structure of root of tongue (body structure)
    61344008Structure of body of tongue (body structure)
    44567001Tracheal structure (body structure)
    87953007Ureteric structure (body structure)
    13648007Urethral structure (body structure)
    71553001Prostatic urethra structure (body structure)
    35039007Uterine structure (body structure)
    72107004Structure of azygous vein (body structure)
    8887007Structure of brachiocephalic vein (body structure)
    63507001Structure of external iliac vein (body structure)
    40300007Structure of internal iliac vein (body structure)
    75573002Tonsillar structure (palatine) (body structure)
    46027005Structure of common iliac vein (body structure)
    71585003Structure of external jugular vein (body structure)
    12123001Internal jugular vein structure (body structure)
    32764006Portal vein structure (body structure)
    430757002Structure of pulmonary vein great vessel (body structure)
    9454009Structure of subclavian vein (body structure)
    35532006Vena caval structure (body structure)
    76784001Vaginal structure (body structure)
    279894000Inferior surface of vaginal cervix (body structure)
    438074005Vaginal cuff (morphologic abnormality)
    17401000Cardiac valve structure (body structure)
    63190004Structure of jugular vein (body structure)
    91134007Mitral valve structure (body structure)
    39057004Pulmonary valve structure (body structure)
    46030003Tricuspid valve structure (body structure)
    21814001Cardiac ventricular structure (body structure)
    46105003Vocal cord structure (body structure)
    45292006Vulval structure (body structure)
    263355003Vaginal wall (body structure)
    38266002Entire body as a whole (body structure)
    75330005Structure of red bone marrow (body structure)
    52940008Thyroid cartilage structure (body structure)
    15328005Structure of suprasellar region (body structure)
    34202007Aortic valve structure (body structure)
    1172006Structure of odontoid process of axis (body structure)
    123037004Body structure (body structure)
    3572006Structure of body of vertebra (body structure)
    14806007Bone structure of atlas (body structure)
    39976000Bone structure of axis (body structure)
    91116008Structure of body of third cervical vertebra (body structure)
    14705001Structure of body of fourth cervical vertebra (body structure)
    67479001Structure of body of fifth cervical vertebra (body structure)
    88298007Structure of body of sixth cervical vertebra (body structure)
    16126006Structure of body of seventh cervical vertebra (body structure)
    73903008Bone structure of lumbar vertebra (body structure)
    61032001Structure of body of first lumbar vertebra (body structure)
    53983007Structure of body of second lumbar vertebra (body structure)
    55492004Structure of body of third lumbar vertebra (body structure)
    71996003Structure of body of fourth lumbar vertebra (body structure)
    21799000Structure of body of fifth lumbar vertebra (body structure)
    87141009Sacral vertebra structure (body structure)
    65985001Structure of first sacral vertebra (body structure)
    11808007Structure of second sacral vertebra (body structure)
    49967005Structure of third sacral vertebra (body structure)
    69950008Structure of fourth sacral vertebra (body structure)
    21452006Structure of fifth sacral vertebra (body structure)
    35769007Bone structure of thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    56094003Structure of body of first thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    50060007Structure of body of second thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    73138009Structure of body of third thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    86197001Structure of body of fourth thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    6105006Structure of body of fifth thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    32430008Structure of body of sixth thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    71737002Structure of body of seventh thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    77435000Structure of body of eighth thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    33766003Structure of body of ninth thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    48405002Structure of body of tenth thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    52120002Structure of body of eleventh thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    280849005Structure of body of twelfth thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    1186895000Structure of body of thirteenth thoracic vertebra (body structure)
    1187337007Jugular Fossa (body structure)
    35763008Structure of posterior fossa of cranial cavity (body structure)
    87166008Vomer bone structure (body structure)



Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 01-Feb 2024

This value set contains 353 concepts.

  54247002 aorta
  425444002 of brachiocephalic artery (body structure)
  69105007 artery
  57850000 artery
  41801008 artery
  7657000 artery
  244314003 humeral artery
  74200005 hypophyseal artery
  55601007 hypophyseal artery
  244327004 iliac artery
  113269004 iliac artery
  90024005 iliac artery
  73634005 iliac artery
  33795007 mesenteric artery
  42258001 mesenteric artery
  81040000 artery
  36765005 artery
  85234005 artery
  123956007 part
  77578007 cartilage
  79741001 bile duct
  89837001 bladder
  393006 of urinary bladder
  119186007 part
  52374004 bone
  74872008 bone
  21387005 bone
  421793000 structure of incus (body structure)
  6229007 lacrimale
  59066005 process of temporal bone
  74386004 bone
  31640002 bone
  51283005 bone
  24924006 bone
  118645006 of pelvis
  73117003 bone
  60911003 bone
  13881006 bone
  14016003 marrow
  113276009 tract
  14742008 intestine
  30315005 intestine
  36582005 plexus
  15926001 stem
  102297006 bronchus
  34381000 canal
  7173007 equina
  9284003 cavernosum of penis
  279549004 cavity structure
  74262004 cavity
  83678007 of cerebrum (body structure)
  71252005 cervix
  78904004 wall
  369387006 of cisterna pontis
  60075002 esophagus
  56193007 nerve
  21161002 nerve
  27612005 nerve
  80622005 nerve
  56052001 nerve
  8598002 nerve structure (body structure)
  15119000 nerve
  37899009 nerve
  9040008 colon
  32622004 colon
  60184004 colon
  485005 colon
  36743005 plate
  8600008 cartilage
  28276008 part of inferior constrictor pharyngeus muscle
  71934003 structure (body structure)
  13561001 gland
  117590005 structure
  111002 gland
  127949000 region
  88481005 gland
  385296007 salivary gland structure (body structure)
  69748006 gland
  2812003 of femur
  24136001 joint
  29627003 of femur
  41111004 of femur
  3711007 of great blood vessel (organ) (body structure)
  90228003 palate
  23451007 gland
  372073000 hemisphere structure (body structure)
  16953009 joint
  85537004 joint
  53620006 joint
  6566002 hemisphere
  50403003 of kidney
  74033008 of kidney
  86483002 space
  78076003 lens
  6544009 ligament
  81083006 lips
  83251001 lobe
  25990002 pelvis
  31065004 lobe
  16630005 lobe
  78277001 lobe
  4866005 pharyngeus muscle
  79368004 muscle
  52927003 muscle
  59441001 node
  16051009 axillary lymph node
  283001 axillary lymph node
  68171009 lymph node
  33770006 axillary lymph node
  69691007 axillary lymph node
  12196003 axillary lymph node
  196821008 of innominate lymph node
  279816002 lymph node group
  196751009 of diaphragmatic lymph node
  65349008 iliac lymph node
  245357003 iliac node
  84219008 lymph node
  245299000 iliac lymph node group
  245295006 iliac lymph node group
  245282001 mammary lymph node group
  279763008 lymph node group
  64038003 lymph node
  127938006 node of aortopulmonary window
  62683002 lymph node
  81105003 node of neck
  36086000 lymph node
  35783009 lymph node
  368550005 lymph node
  82365008 lymph node
  245294005 lymph node group
  245288002 lymph node group
  1187336003 lymph node group (body structure)
  196662004 of intrapulmonary lymph node
  76838003 lymph node
  245283006 lymph node group
  84782009 nerve
  40958000 root
  244453006 chiasma
  18234004 nerve
  31094006 of lung
  363654007 of orbit proper
  52410001 muscle
  18252004 muscle
  76738006 muscle
  22823000 muscle
  49460000 palate
  46607005 turbinate
  64163001 of pancreas
  73239005 of pancreas
  45289007 gland
  52737000 of bulb of penis (body structure)
  118762006 sac
  14106009 pacemaker
  110822002 and jejunum, CS
  45793000 body
  56329008 gland
  1162492000 bed (morphologic abnormality)
  88938001 pterygoid muscle
  85002005 pterygoid muscle
  511000202101 wall
  62397004 plexus
  67183008 process of mandible
  124002 process of mandible
  64739004 vesicle
  54215007 sinus
  82561000 pubis
  55060009 sinus
  15924003 sinus
  48535007 rib
  78247007 rib
  25888004 rib
  25523003 rib
  15339008 rib
  59558009 rib
  24915002 rib
  5953002 rib
  22565002 rib
  77644006 rib
  58830002 rib
  43993008 rib
  1193560003 rib
  48014002 of perineum
  75093004 of abdomen
  1285442003 contoured volume of bowel in peritoneal cavity using radiographic imaging (observable entity)
  1285443008 bowel space
  789564000 of retropharyngeal space
  1193554003 space
  41178004 ani muscle
  61853006 canal
  24999009 sinus
  2748008 cord
  54785003 spinal cord
  60051002 spinal cord
  11478001 spinal cord
  50800009 spinal cord
  25270003 spongiosum of penis
  75415000 bursa
  67548002 of left eye
  13014005 of right eye
  8997002 systole
  70567001 tendon
  37554007 dura mater
  1732005 duct
  35378004 of spleen
  181226008 tongue
  47975008 of tongue
  61344008 of tongue
  71553001 portion of urethra
  72107004 vein
  8887007 vein
  63507001 iliac vein
  40300007 iliac vein
  46027005 iliac vein
  71585003 jugular vein
  12123001 jugular vein
  32764006 vein
  430757002 of pulmonary vein great vessel (body structure)
  9454009 vein
  35532006 cava
  279894000 surface of vaginal cervix
  438074005 cuff (morphologic abnormality)
  17401000 valve
  63190004 of jugular vein (body structure)
  91134007 valve
  39057004 valve
  46030003 valve
  46105003 cord
  263355003 wall
  38266002 body as a whole (body structure)
  75330005 bone marrow
  52940008 cartilage
  15328005 region
  34202007 valve
  1172006 process of axis
  123037004 structure
  3572006 of vertebra
  91116008 of third cervical vertebra
  14705001 of fourth cervical vertebra
  67479001 of fifth cervical vertebra
  88298007 of sixth cervical vertebra
  16126006 of seventh cervical vertebra
  73903008 vertebra
  61032001 of first lumbar vertebra
  53983007 of second lumbar vertebra
  55492004 of third lumbar vertebra
  71996003 of fourth lumbar vertebra
  21799000 of fifth lumbar vertebra
  87141009 vertebra
  65985001 sacral vertebra
  11808007 sacral vertebra
  49967005 sacral vertebra
  69950008 sacral vertebra
  21452006 sacral vertebra
  35769007 vertebra
  56094003 of first thoracic vertebra
  50060007 of second thoracic vertebra
  73138009 of third thoracic vertebra
  86197001 of fourth thoracic vertebra
  6105006 of fifth thoracic vertebra
  32430008 of sixth thoracic vertebra
  71737002 of seventh thoracic vertebra
  77435000 of eighth thoracic vertebra
  33766003 of ninth thoracic vertebra
  48405002 of tenth thoracic vertebra
  52120002 of eleventh thoracic vertebra
  280849005 body of twelfth thoracic vertebra
  1186895000 of T13
  1187337007 fossa
  35763008 fossa of cranial cavity
  87166008 bone structure (body structure)

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
System The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
Comments Additional notes about how to use the code