Da Vinci Health Record Exchange (HRex)
0.2.0 - STU R1 - 2nd ballot

Da Vinci Health Record Exchange (HRex), published by HL7 International - Clinical Interoperability Council. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 0.2.0). This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/HL7/davinci-ehrx/ and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Profile overview

This page is not complete. It does not include IGs other than US Core and HRexIt will be update closer to publication when it is expected there will be more Da Vinci IGs that are in a 'final' state. The values shown are intended to give balloters a sense of how the tables will work.

Da Vinci IGs make use of a variety of FHIR profiles, extensions, operations, and other artifacts. These are drawn from the core specification, US Core, defined within other Da Vinci IGs and defined in other (non-Da Vinci) IGs. This page provides a summary of key artifacts currently in use in at least one Da Vinci IG. Because Da Vinci has so many IGs and they are changing relatively frequently, this summary page will not always be completely up to date. However, the team will do their best to keep it so. (If you find an issue, please use the Propose a Change link below to get it fixed.)

Some of the artifacts that are currently defined in this HRex IG are candidates for incorporation into the underlying US Core IG - either by updating the underlying US Core profile or introducing new profiles to US Core. If that occurs, the HRex profiles will be removed in a future release. Specific plans for migration are captured in comments in the artifacts below.

Note: At present, this table does not contain Da Vinci terminology artifacts. In the long term, we expect all Da Vinci code systems to be replaced by external terminologies (LOINC, SNOMED, terminology.hl7.org, etc.). At present, no requirement for sharing Da Vinci value sets has been identified.

Each of the following tables make use of 5 columns:

  • Resource: indicates the resource or data type the artifact is associated with. 'General' is used for artifacts that are not resource specific.
  • Defined: is the IG in which the artifact is published and maintained. (See below for a list of all IGs, including links.)
  • Artifact: the name (and a link) for the artifact. Hover to see the canonical URL.
  • Used: a list of the Da Vinci IG(s) that use this artifact.
  • Notes: any information about artifact relationships, migration, deprecation, etc.

The list of IGs whose artifacts are covered (and the short-form codes used to refer to them) are as follows:


Note: This table does not list profiles on the Parameters resource used to define inputs and outputs to operations. Information on usage for these is instead tracked in the Operations table below.

Resource Defined Artifact Used Notes
AllergyIntolerance USCORE US Core AllergyIntolerance Profile HRex
CarePlan USCORE US Core CarePlan Profile HRex
CareTeam USCORE US Core CareTeam Profile HRex
Condition USCORE US Core Condition Profile HRex
Coverage HRex HRex Coverage HRex This is a candidate for US-core migration, though Coverage is not currently tied to patient data sharing requirements
Device USCORE US Core Implantable Device Profile HRex
DiagnosticReport USCORE US Core DiagnosticReport Profile for Laboratory Results Reporting HRex
US Core DiagnosticReport Profile for Report and Note exchange HRex
DocumentReference USCORE US Core DocumentReference Profile HRex
Encounter USCORE US Core Encounter Profile HRex
Goal USCORE US Core Goal Profile HRex
Immunization USCORE US Core Immunization Profile HRex
Location USCORE US Core Location Profile HRex
Medication USCORE US Core Medication Profile HRex
MedicationRequest USCORE US Core MedicationRequest Profile HRex
Observation USCORE US Core Laboratory Result Observation Profile HRex
US Core Pediatric BMI for Age Observation Profile HRex
US Core Pediatric Weight for Height Observation Profile HRex
US Core Pulse Oximetry Profile HRex
US Core Smoking Status Observation Profile HRex
Organization HRex HRex Organization HRex The requirement for tax id may migrate to US Core, but the CCN identifier likely will not
USCORE US Core Organization Profile HRex This is the base for the corresponding HRex profile
Patient USCORE US Core Patient Profile HRex
Practitioner HRex HRex Practitioner HRex This will likely remain HRex-specific as neither the additional identifier types, nor the requirement to support qualification are needed in US Core's scope
USCORE US Core Practitioner Profile HRex Basis for equivalent HRex profile
PractitionerRole HRex HRex Practitioner Role HRex As a binding between two non-migrated profiles, this will also remain HRex-specific
USCORE US Core PractitionerRole Profile HRex Basis for equivalent HRex profile
Procedure USCORE US Core Procedure Profile HRex
Provenance HRex HRex Provenance HRex The changes included in this profile are likely appropriate to migrate to US Core in the future
USCORE US Core Provenance Profile HRex (Basis for corresponding HRex profile)
Task HRex HRex Data Request Task HRex This is a good candidate for migration to the core specification as part of workflow

HRex includes the definition of a Task profile that can return data - any US Core profile could be used to return such information, though the IG does not mention this profile specifically.


Resource Defined Artifact Used Notes
ContactPoint data type USCORE US Core Direct email Extension N/A
Patient USCORE US Core Birth Sex Extension N/A
US Core Ethnicity Extension N/A
US Core Race Extension N/A

Search Parameters

This table does not expose search parameters that are defined solely for the purpose of asserting conformance criteria but that do not add any additional search capabilities beyond those provided in the base definition of the search parameter.

Resource Defined Artifact Used Notes
Coverage HRex HRex Claim subscriberId HRex This has been proposed for introduction to the core specification
Patient USCORE US Core Ethnicity HRex
US Core Race HRex


Resource Defined Artifact Used Notes
Coverage HRex Member Match HRex
DocumentReference USCORE US Core Fetch DocumentReferences N/A