Quality Measure Implementation Guide (STU5)
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Quality Measure Implementation Guide (STU5), published by HL7 International / Clinical Quality Information. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 5.0.0-draft built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/HL7/cqf-measures/ and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions


Capability Profiles

To support flexible representation and packaging of measure and library artifacts for different use cases, this implementation guide uses four general categories of profiles, aligned with those established by the Canonical Resource Management Infrastructure (CRMI) implementation guide:

  • Shareable
  • Computable
  • Publishable
  • Executable

Measure Profiles

Measure profiles supported in this IG are defined to allow for use independently or in combination with each other to support a wide range of use cases. The diagram below is to demonstrate the variety of combinations and example use cases.

Figure 7-1: Measure Profiles Venn Diagram


Legend Profile Conformance Example Use Cases
SCPE CRMIShareableMeasure
Shareable, computable, executable and publishable measures would be fully published measures to support environments that are able to compile CQL or process ELM.
SEP CRMIShareableMeasure
Shareable, executable and publishable measures might be fully published measures expected to be used in environments that can process ELM.
SCP CRMIShareableMeasure
Shareable, computable and publishable measures might be fully published measures expected to be used in environments that can compile CQL.
SCE CRMIShareableMeasure
Shareable, computable and executable measures might be draft measures shared to environments that can either compile CQL or process ELM for testing and providing feedback on its use.
CE CQFMComputableMeasure
Measures that conform to computable measure and executable measure are generally intended to support measure content in contained environments that can either compile CQL or process ELM. Conforming to these two profiles supports both types of environments.
Shareable CRMIShareableMeasure The shareable measure profile is generally intended to support a draft measure concept that does not have all associated meta data defined but can be shared for comment.
Computable CQFMComputableMeasure The computable measure profile is generally intended to support measure content in a contained environment that is able to compile CQL but cannot process ELM.
Executable CQFMExecutableMeasure The executable measure profile is generally intended to support measure content in a contained environment that is capable of processing ELM but cannot compile CQL.
Publishable CQFMPublishableMeasure The publishable measure profile is generally intended to be used in combination with other profiles, most notably shareable measure. It is used to support the addition of elements necessary for formal publication of a specification.

In addition to conforming to profiles to support appropriate function or representation, measures are required to conform to the appropriate measure profile based on their scoring type:

Scoring TypeProfile
Continuous VariableCQFMContinuousVariableMeasure

Library Profile Usage

Shareable Computable Publishable Executable
CRMIShareableLibrary CQLLibrary CRMIPublishableLibrary ELM JSON Library
ELM XML Library
  • CQFMComputableMeasure SHALL use CQLLibrary
  • CQFMExecutableMeasure SHALL use either ELM JSON Library and/or ELM XML Library
  • CQFMPublishableMeasure SHOULD use CRMIPublishableLibrary
  • CQFMShareableMeasure SHOULD use CRMIShareableLibrary

Terminology Profile Usage

Artifact Shareable Computable Publishable Executable
CodeSystem CRMIShareableCodeSystem N/A (no requirements) CRMIPublishableCodeSytems N/A (no requirements)
ValueSet CRMIShareableValueSet CRMIComputableValueSet CRMIPublishableValueSet CRMIExpandedValueSet
  • Due to varying code system capabilities, measure profiles are not restricted to use corresponding terminology profiles.

Additional Profiles

To support packaging, testing, and distribution of measure and library artifacts, this implementation guide defines the following additional profiles:

Profile Description
CQFMDevice A software device used in the creation, validation, evaluation, packaging, and/or testing of a library or measure artifact.
CQFMTestCase A measure report profile that allows definition and exchange of test cases for a measure.

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