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ValueSet: hl7VS-specimenType

Official URL: http://terminology.hl7.org/ValueSet/v2-0487 Version: 2.0.0
Active as of 2019-12-01 Responsible: HL7, Inc Computable Name: Hl7VSSpecimenType
Other Identifiers: : urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883.21.327

Copyright/Legal: Copyright HL7. Licensed under creative commons public domain

Concepts that describe the precise nature of an entity that may be used as the source material for an observation. This is one of two code systems that are used instead of table 0070 (code system xxxx) which conflated specimen types and specimen collection methods. Used in Version 2 messaging in the SPM segment.


Logical Definition (CLD)



This value set contains 315 concepts

Expansion based on specimenType v2.3.0 (CodeSystem)

All codes in this table are from the system http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v2-0487

  ...No suggested valuesNo suggested values
  ACNETissue, AcneTissue, Acne
  ACNFLDFluid, AcneFluid, Acne
  AIRSAir SampleAir Sample
  AMNAmniotic fluidAmniotic fluid
  ANGICatheter Tip, AngioCatheter Tip, Angio
  ARTCCatheter Tip, ArterialCatheter Tip, Arterial
  ASERUSerum, AcuteSerum, Acute
  ATTEEnvironment, AttestEnvironment, Attest
  AUTOAEnvironmental, Autoclave AmpuleEnvironmental, Autoclave Ampule
  AUTOCEnvironmental, Autoclave CapsuleEnvironmental, Autoclave Capsule
  BBLBlood bagBlood bag
  BCYSTCyst, Baker'sCyst, Baker's
  BDYWhole bodyWhole body
  BIFLBile FluidBile Fluid
  BLDWhole bloodWhole blood
  BLDABlood arterialBlood arterial
  BLDCOCord bloodCord blood
  BLDVBlood venousBlood venous
  BOWLBowel contentsBowel contents
  BPUBlood product unitBlood product unit
  BRTHBreath (use EXHLD)Breath (use EXHLD)
  CALCCalculus (=Stone)Calculus (=Stone)
  CBITEBite, CatBite, Cat
  CDMCardiac muscleCardiac muscle
  CONEBiospy, ConeBiospy, Cone
  CSCRScratch, CatScratch, Cat
  CSERUSerum, ConvalescentSerum, Convalescent
  CSFCerebral spinal fluidCerebral spinal fluid
  CSITECatheter Insertion SiteCatheter Insertion Site
  CSMYFluid, Cystostomy TubeFluid, Cystostomy Tube
  CSTFluid, CystFluid, Cyst
  CSVRBlood, Cell SaverBlood, Cell Saver
  CTPCatheter tipCatheter tip
  CVMCervical MucusCervical Mucus
  CVPSSite, CVPSite, CVP
  CVPTCatheter Tip, CVPCatheter Tip, CVP
  CYNNodule, CysticNodule, Cystic
  DBITEBite, DogBite, Dog
  DCSSputum, Deep CoughSputum, Deep Cough
  DECUlcer, DecubitusUlcer, Decubitus
  DEIONEnvironmental, Water (Deionized)Environmental, Water (Deionized)
  DIAFDialysis FluidDialysis Fluid
  DRNGDrainage, TubeDrainage, Tube
  DRNGPDrainage, PenroseDrainage, Penrose
  DUFLDuodenal fluidDuodenal fluid
  EARWEar wax (cerumen)Ear wax (cerumen)
  EBRUSHBrush, EsophagealBrush, Esophageal
  EEYEEnvironmental, Eye WashEnvironmental, Eye Wash
  EFFEnvironmental, EffluentEnvironmental, Effluent
  EFODEnvironmental, FoodEnvironmental, Food
  EISOEnvironmental, IsoletteEnvironmental, Isolette
  ENVIREnvironmental, Unidentified SubstanceEnvironmental, Unidentified Substance
  EOTHEnvironmental, Other SubstanceEnvironmental, Other Substance
  ESOIEnvironmental, SoilEnvironmental, Soil
  ESOSEnvironmental, Solution (Sterile)Environmental, Solution (Sterile)
  ETAAspirate, EndotrachAspirate, Endotrach
  ETTPCatheter Tip, EndotrachealCatheter Tip, Endotracheal
  ETTUBTube, EndotrachealTube, Endotracheal
  EWHIEnvironmental, WhirlpoolEnvironmental, Whirlpool
  EXGGas, exhaled (=breath)Gas, exhaled (=breath)
  EXSShunt, ExternalShunt, External
  FAWEnvironmental, Water (Well)Environmental, Water (Well)
  FBLOODBlood, FetalBlood, Fetal
  FGAFluid, AbdomenFluid, Abdomen
  FLDFluid, OtherFluid, Other
  FLUFluid, Body unspFluid, Body unsp
  FOLEYCatheter Tip, FoleyCatheter Tip, Foley
  FRSFluid, RespiratoryFluid, Respiratory
  FSCLPScalp, FetalScalp, Fetal
  GASAAspirate, GastricAspirate, Gastric
  GASANAntrum, GastricAntrum, Gastric
  GASBRBrushing, GastricBrushing, Gastric
  GASDDrainage, GastricDrainage, Gastric
  GASTFluid/contents, GastricFluid/contents, Gastric
  GENLGenital lochiaGenital lochia
  GENVGenital vaginalGenital vaginal
  GRAFTSGraft SiteGraft Site
  GROSHCatheter, GroshongCatheter, Groshong
  GSOLSolution, GastrostomySolution, Gastrostomy
  GSPECBiopsy, GastricBiopsy, Gastric
  GTTube, GastricTube, Gastric
  GTUBEDrainage Tube, Drainage (Gastrostomy)Drainage Tube, Drainage (Gastrostomy)
  HBITEBite, HumanBite, Human
  HBLUDBlood, AutopsyBlood, Autopsy
  HEMAQCatheter Tip, HemaquitCatheter Tip, Hemaquit
  HEMOCatheter Tip, HemovacCatheter Tip, Hemovac
  HERNITissue, HerniatedTissue, Herniated
  HEVDrain, HemovacDrain, Hemovac
  HICCatheter, HickmanCatheter, Hickman
  HYDCFluid, HydroceleFluid, Hydrocele
  IBITEBite, InsectBite, Insect
  ICYSTCyst, InclusionCyst, Inclusion
  IDCCatheter Tip, IndwellingCatheter Tip, Indwelling
  IHGGas, InhaledGas, Inhaled
  ILEODrainage, IleostomyDrainage, Ileostomy
  ILLEGSource of Specimen Is IllegibleSource of Specimen Is Illegible
  INCISite, Incision/SurgicalSite, Incision/Surgical
  INTRDCatheter Tip, IntroducerCatheter Tip, Introducer
  ITIntubation tubeIntubation tube
  IUDIntrauterine DeviceIntrauterine Device
  IVCATCatheter Tip, IVCatheter Tip, IV
  IVFLDFluid, IVFluid, IV
  IVTIPTubing Tip, IVTubing Tip, IV
  JEJUDrainage, JejunalDrainage, Jejunal
  JNTFLDFluid, JointFluid, Joint
  JPDrainage, Jackson PrattDrainage, Jackson Pratt
  KIDFLDFluid, KidneyFluid, Kidney
  LAVGLavage, BronhialLavage, Bronhial
  LAVGGLavage, GastricLavage, Gastric
  LAVGPLavage, PeritonealLavage, Peritoneal
  LAVPGLavage, Pre-BronchLavage, Pre-Bronch
  LENS1Contact LensContact Lens
  LENS2Contact Lens CaseContact Lens Case
  LIQLiquid, UnspecifiedLiquid, Unspecified
  LIQOLiquid, OtherLiquid, Other
  LNALine arterialLine arterial
  LNVLine venousLine venous
  LSACFluid, Lumbar SacFluid, Lumbar Sac
  MAHURCatheter Tip, MakurkourCatheter Tip, Makurkour
  MBLDBlood, MenstrualBlood, Menstrual
  MILKBreast milkBreast milk
  NASDRDrainage, NasalDrainage, Nasal
  NEPHSite, NephrostomySite, Nephrostomy
  NGASPAspirate, NasogastricAspirate, Nasogastric
  NGASTDrainage, NasogastricDrainage, Nasogastric
  NGSSite, Naso/GastricSite, Naso/Gastric
  NSECRSecretion, NasalSecretion, Nasal
  ORLLesion, OralLesion, Oral
  OTHSource, OtherSource, Other
  PAFLPancreatic fluidPancreatic fluid
  PCFLFluid, PericardialFluid, Pericardial
  PDSITSite, Peritoneal DialysisSite, Peritoneal Dialysis
  PDTSSite, Peritoneal Dialysis TunnelSite, Peritoneal Dialysis Tunnel
  PELVAAbscess, PelvicAbscess, Pelvic
  PENILLesion, PenileLesion, Penile
  PERIAAbscess, PerianalAbscess, Perianal
  PILOCCyst, PilonidalCyst, Pilonidal
  PINSSite, PinSite, Pin
  PISSite, Pacemaker InsetionSite, Pacemaker Insetion
  PLANPlant MaterialPlant Material
  PLBPlasma bagPlasma bag
  PLEVSSerum, Peak LevelSerum, Peak Level
  PLRPleural fluid (thoracentesis fluid)Pleural fluid (thoracentesis fluid)
  PMNPolymorphonuclear neutrophilsPolymorphonuclear neutrophils
  PNDDrainage, PenileDrainage, Penile
  POPGSGraft Site, PoplitealGraft Site, Popliteal
  POPLGGraft, PoplitealGraft, Popliteal
  POPLVSite, Popliteal VeinSite, Popliteal Vein
  PORTACatheter, PortaCatheter, Porta
  PPPPlasma, Platelet poorPlasma, Platelet poor
  PROSTProsthetic DeviceProsthetic Device
  PRPPlasma, Platelet richPlasma, Platelet rich
  PUNCTWound, PunctureWound, Puncture
  QC3Quality ControlQuality Control
  RANDUUrine, RandomUrine, Random
  RBITEBite, ReptileBite, Reptile
  RECTDrainage, RectalDrainage, Rectal
  RECTAAbscess, RectalAbscess, Rectal
  RENALCCyst, RenalCyst, Renal
  RENCFluid, Renal CystFluid, Renal Cyst
  SCARTissue, Keloid (Scar)Tissue, Keloid (Scar)
  SCLVCatheter Tip, SubclavianCatheter Tip, Subclavian
  SCROAAbscess, ScrotalAbscess, Scrotal
  SHUSite, ShuntSite, Shunt
  SHUNFFluid, ShuntFluid, Shunt
  SKBPBiopsy, SkinBiopsy, Skin
  SMMMass, Sub-MandibularMass, Sub-Mandibular
  SMNSeminal fluidSeminal fluid
  SNVFluid, synovial (Joint fluid)Fluid, synovial (Joint fluid)
  SPRPCatheter Tip, SuprapubicCatheter Tip, Suprapubic
  SPRPBCathether Tip, SuprapubicCathether Tip, Suprapubic
  SPSEnvironmental, Spore StripEnvironmental, Spore Strip
  SPTCSputum - coughedSputum - coughed
  SPTTSputum - tracheal aspirateSputum - tracheal aspirate
  SPUT1Sputum, SimulatedSputum, Simulated
  SPUTINSputum, InductedSputum, Inducted
  SPUTSPSputum, SpontaneousSputum, Spontaneous
  STEREnvironmental, SterradEnvironmental, Sterrad
  STLStool = FecalStool = Fecal
  STONEStone, KidneyStone, Kidney
  SUBMAAbscess, SubmandibularAbscess, Submandibular
  SUBMXAbscess, SubmaxillaryAbscess, Submaxillary
  SUMPDrainage, SumpDrainage, Sump
  SUPSuprapubic TapSuprapubic Tap
  SWGZCatheter Tip, Swan GantzCatheter Tip, Swan Gantz
  TASPAspirate, TrachealAspirate, Tracheal
  THRBThrombocyte (platelet)Thrombocyte (platelet)
  TISUTissue ulcerTissue ulcer
  TLCCathether Tip, Triple LumenCathether Tip, Triple Lumen
  TRACSite, TracheostomySite, Tracheostomy
  TSERUSerum, TroughSerum, Trough
  TSTESAbscess, TesticularAbscess, Testicular
  TTRAAspirate, TranstrachealAspirate, Transtracheal
  TZANCSmear, TzanckSmear, Tzanck
  UDENTSource, UnidentifiedSource, Unidentified
  UMEDUnknown MedicineUnknown Medicine
  URCUrine clean catchUrine clean catch
  URINBUrine, Bladder WashingsUrine, Bladder Washings
  URINCUrine, CatheterizedUrine, Catheterized
  URINMUrine, MidstreamUrine, Midstream
  URINNUrine, NephrostomyUrine, Nephrostomy
  URINPUrine, PedibagUrine, Pedibag
  URNSUrine sedimentUrine sediment
  URTUrine catheterUrine catheter
  USCOPUrine, CystoscopyUrine, Cystoscopy
  USPECSource, UnspecifiedSource, Unspecified
  USUBUnkown substanceUnkown substance
  VASTIPCatheter Tip, VasCatheter Tip, Vas
  VENTCatheter Tip, VentricularCatheter Tip, Ventricular
  VITFVitreous FluidVitreous Fluid
  WASIWashing, e.g. bronchial washingWashing, e.g. bronchial washing
  WBBlood, WholeBlood, Whole
  WNDAWound abscessWound abscess
  WNDDWound drainageWound drainage
  WNDEWound exudateWound exudate
  WWAEnvironmental, WaterEnvironmental, Water
  WWOEnvironmental, Water (Ocean)Environmental, Water (Ocean)
  WWTEnvironmental, Water (Tap)Environmental, Water (Tap)

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
System The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
Comments Additional notes about how to use the code


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