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CodeSystem: specimenType

Official URL: http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v2-0487 Version: 2.0.0
Active as of 2019-12-01 Responsible: Health Level Seven International Computable Name: SpecimenType
Other Identifiers: OID:2.16.840.1.113883.18.311

Copyright/Legal: This material derives from the HL7 Terminology (THO). THO is copyright ©1989+ Health Level Seven International and is made available under the CC0 designation. For more licensing information see: https://terminology.hl7.org/license.html

HL7-defined code system of concepts that describe the precise nature of an entity that may be used as the source material for an observation. This is one of two code systems that are used instead of table 0070 (code system 2.16.840.1.113883.18.28) which conflated specimen types and specimen collection methods. Used in HL7 Version 2.x messaging in the SPM segment.

Underlying Master Code System for V2 table 0487 (Specimen Type)

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:

Generated Narrative: CodeSystem v2-0487


This code system defines the following properties for its concepts

status status http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#status code Status of the concept
deprecated deprecated http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#v2-table-deprecated code Version of HL7 in which the code was deprecated
V2 Concept Comment v2-concComment http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#v2-concComment string V2 Concept Comment
V2 Concept Comment As Published v2-concCommentAsPub http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/utg-concept-properties#v2-concCommentAsPub string V2 Concept Comment As Published


This case-sensitive code system http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v2-0487 defines the following codes in a Is-A hierarchy:

CodeDisplayDefinitiondeprecatedV2 Concept CommentV2 Concept Comment As PublishedDeutsch (German, de)
ABS Abscess Abscess Abszeß
... No suggested values No suggested values 2.9 keine Werte vorgeschlagen
ACNE Tissue, Acne Tissue, Acne Tissue Tissue
ACNFLD Fluid, Acne Fluid, Acne Fluid Fluid
AIRS Air Sample Air Sample Environment Environment
ALL Allograft Allograft Tissue Tissue
AMN Amniotic fluid Amniotic fluid
AMP Amputation Amputation Tissue Tissue
ANGI Catheter Tip, Angio Catheter Tip, Angio Device Device
ARTC Catheter Tip, Arterial Catheter Tip, Arterial Device Device
ASERU Serum, Acute Serum, Acute Blood Blood
ASP Aspirate Aspirate
ATTE Environment, Attest Environment, Attest Environment Environment
AUTOA Environmental, Autoclave Ampule Environmental, Autoclave Ampule Environment Environment
AUTOC Environmental, Autoclave Capsule Environmental, Autoclave Capsule Environment Environment
AUTP Autopsy Autopsy Tissue Tissue
BBL Blood bag Blood bag Blood Blood
BCYST Cyst, Baker's Cyst, Baker's Condition Condition
BDY Whole body Whole body Body submitted for autopsy / carcass submitted Body submitted for autopsy / carcass submitted
BIFL Bile Fluid Bile Fluid
BITE Bite Bite Conditions Conditions
BLD Whole blood Whole blood
BLDA Blood arterial Blood arterial
BLDCO Cord blood Cord blood
BLDV Blood venous Blood venous
BLEB Bleb Bleb Condition, Fluid/Tissue Condition, Fluid/Tissue
BLIST Blister Blister Condition, Fluid/Tissue Condition, Fluid/Tissue
BOIL Boil Boil Condition Condition
BON Bone Bone
BOWL Bowel contents Bowel contents Condition Condition
BPH Basophils Basophils
BPU Blood product unit Blood product unit Blood Blood
BRN Burn Burn
BRSH Brush Brush Product; Brush or brushing (these may be 2 separate entries as in a physical brush or a portion thereof vs the substance obtained after a surface has been brushed) Product; Brush or brushing (these may be 2 separate entries as in a physical brush or a portion thereof vs the substance obtained after a surface has been brushed)
BRTH Breath (use EXHLD) Breath (use EXHLD)
BRUS Brushing Brushing Product Product
BUB Bubo Bubo Condition Condition
BULLA Bulla/Bullae Bulla/Bullae Condition Condition
BX Biopsy Biopsy Tissue Tissue
CALC Calculus (=Stone) Calculus (=Stone)
BONE Bone Bone 2.9
CARBU Carbuncle Carbuncle Condition Condition
CAT Catheter Catheter Device Device
CBITE Bite, Cat Bite, Cat Conditions Conditions
CDM Cardiac muscle Cardiac muscle
CLIPP Clippings Clippings Condition Condition
CNJT Conjunctiva Conjunctiva
CNL Cannula Cannula
COL Colostrum Colostrum
CONE Biospy, Cone Biospy, Cone Tissue Tissue
CSCR Scratch, Cat Scratch, Cat Condition Condition
CSERU Serum, Convalescent Serum, Convalescent Blood Blood
CSF Cerebral spinal fluid Cerebral spinal fluid
CSITE Catheter Insertion Site Catheter Insertion Site Device Device
CSMY Fluid, Cystostomy Tube Fluid, Cystostomy Tube Fluid Fluid
CST Fluid, Cyst Fluid, Cyst Fluid Fluid
CSVR Blood, Cell Saver Blood, Cell Saver Transfusion Transfusion
CTP Catheter tip Catheter tip Device Device
CUR Curretage Curretage Uterine specimen obtained by curettage = Currettings Uterine specimen obtained by curettage = Currettings
CVM Cervical Mucus Cervical Mucus
CVPS Site, CVP Site, CVP Site Site
CVPT Catheter Tip, CVP Catheter Tip, CVP Device Device
CYN Nodule, Cystic Nodule, Cystic Condition Condition
CYST Cyst Cyst
DBITE Bite, Dog Bite, Dog Conditions Conditions
DCS Sputum, Deep Cough Sputum, Deep Cough Condition Condition
DEC Ulcer, Decubitus Ulcer, Decubitus Condition Condition
DEION Environmental, Water (Deionized) Environmental, Water (Deionized) Environment Environment
DIA Dialysate Dialysate Condition Condition
DIAF Dialysis Fluid Dialysis Fluid Fluid used for dialysis - is a product Fluid used for dialysis - is a product
DISCHG Discharge Discharge Condition Condition
DIV Diverticulum Diverticulum Condition Condition
DRN Drain Drain Device Device
DRNG Drainage, Tube Drainage, Tube Device Device
DRNGP Drainage, Penrose Drainage, Penrose Condition Condition
DUFL Duodenal fluid Duodenal fluid
EARW Ear wax (cerumen) Ear wax (cerumen)
EBRUSH Brush, Esophageal Brush, Esophageal Product Product
EEYE Environmental, Eye Wash Environmental, Eye Wash Environment Environment
EFF Environmental, Effluent Environmental, Effluent Environment Environment
EFFUS Effusion Effusion Condition Condition
EFOD Environmental, Food Environmental, Food Environment Environment
EISO Environmental, Isolette Environmental, Isolette Environment Environment
ELT Electrode Electrode
ENVIR Environmental, Unidentified Substance Environmental, Unidentified Substance Environment Environment
EOS Eosinophils Eosinophils
EOTH Environmental, Other Substance Environmental, Other Substance Environment; (Substance is Known but not in code Table) Environment; (Substance is Known but not in code Table)
ESOI Environmental, Soil Environmental, Soil Environment Environment
ESOS Environmental, Solution (Sterile) Environmental, Solution (Sterile) Environment Environment
ETA Aspirate, Endotrach Aspirate, Endotrach Aspirate Aspirate
ETTP Catheter Tip, Endotracheal Catheter Tip, Endotracheal Device Device
ETTUB Tube, Endotracheal Tube, Endotracheal Device Device
EWHI Environmental, Whirlpool Environmental, Whirlpool Environment Environment
EXG Gas, exhaled (=breath) Gas, exhaled (=breath)
EXS Shunt, External Shunt, External Condition Condition
EXUDTE Exudate Exudate Condition Condition
FAW Environmental, Water (Well) Environmental, Water (Well) Environment Environment
FBLOOD Blood, Fetal Blood, Fetal Blood Blood
FGA Fluid, Abdomen Fluid, Abdomen Fluid Fluid
FIB Fibroblasts Fibroblasts
FIST Fistula Fistula
FLD Fluid, Other Fluid, Other Fluid Fluid
FLT Filter Filter
FLU Fluid, Body unsp Fluid, Body unsp
FLUID Fluid Fluid Fluid Fluid
FOLEY Catheter Tip, Foley Catheter Tip, Foley Device Device
FRS Fluid, Respiratory Fluid, Respiratory Fluid Fluid
FSCLP Scalp, Fetal Scalp, Fetal Condition Condition
FUR Furuncle Furuncle Condition Condition
GAS Gas Gas
GASA Aspirate, Gastric Aspirate, Gastric Aspirate Aspirate
GASAN Antrum, Gastric Antrum, Gastric Tissue Tissue
GASBR Brushing, Gastric Brushing, Gastric Product Product
GASD Drainage, Gastric Drainage, Gastric Condition Condition
GAST Fluid/contents, Gastric Fluid/contents, Gastric
GENL Genital lochia Genital lochia
GENV Genital vaginal Genital vaginal
GRAFT Graft Graft Condition Condition
GRAFTS Graft Site Graft Site Condition Condition
GRANU Granuloma Granuloma Condition Condition
GROSH Catheter, Groshong Catheter, Groshong Device Device
GSOL Solution, Gastrostomy Solution, Gastrostomy Product Product
GSPEC Biopsy, Gastric Biopsy, Gastric Tissue Tissue
GT Tube, Gastric Tube, Gastric Device Device
GTUBE Drainage Tube, Drainage (Gastrostomy) Drainage Tube, Drainage (Gastrostomy) Condition Condition
HAR Hair Hair
HBITE Bite, Human Bite, Human Conditions Conditions
HBLUD Blood, Autopsy Blood, Autopsy Blood Blood
HEMAQ Catheter Tip, Hemaquit Catheter Tip, Hemaquit Device Device
HEMO Catheter Tip, Hemovac Catheter Tip, Hemovac Device Device
HERNI Tissue, Herniated Tissue, Herniated Tissue Tissue
HEV Drain, Hemovac Drain, Hemovac Device Device
HIC Catheter, Hickman Catheter, Hickman Device Device
HYDC Fluid, Hydrocele Fluid, Hydrocele Fluid Fluid
IBITE Bite, Insect Bite, Insect Conditions Conditions
ICYST Cyst, Inclusion Cyst, Inclusion Condition Condition
IDC Catheter Tip, Indwelling Catheter Tip, Indwelling Device Device
IHG Gas, Inhaled Gas, Inhaled
ILEO Drainage, Ileostomy Drainage, Ileostomy Condition Condition
ILLEG Source of Specimen Is Illegible Source of Specimen Is Illegible
IMP Implant Implant Device Device
INCI Site, Incision/Surgical Site, Incision/Surgical Site Site
INFIL Infiltrate Infiltrate Condition Condition
INS Insect Insect Object Object
INTRD Catheter Tip, Introducer Catheter Tip, Introducer Device Device
ISLT Isolate Isolate
IT Intubation tube Intubation tube
IUD Intrauterine Device Intrauterine Device Device (Common Usage) Device (Common Usage)
IVCAT Catheter Tip, IV Catheter Tip, IV Device Device
IVFLD Fluid, IV Fluid, IV Fluid Fluid
IVTIP Tubing Tip, IV Tubing Tip, IV Device Device
JEJU Drainage, Jejunal Drainage, Jejunal Condition Condition
JNTFLD Fluid, Joint Fluid, Joint Fluid Fluid
JP Drainage, Jackson Pratt Drainage, Jackson Pratt Condition Condition
KELOI Lavage Lavage Product Product
KIDFLD Fluid, Kidney Fluid, Kidney Fluid Fluid
LAVG Lavage, Bronhial Lavage, Bronhial Product Product
LAVGG Lavage, Gastric Lavage, Gastric Product Product
LAVGP Lavage, Peritoneal Lavage, Peritoneal Product Product
LAVPG Lavage, Pre-Bronch Lavage, Pre-Bronch Product Product
LENS1 Contact Lens Contact Lens Device Device
LENS2 Contact Lens Case Contact Lens Case Device Device
LESN Lesion Lesion Condition Condition
LIQ Liquid, Unspecified Liquid, Unspecified
LIQO Liquid, Other Liquid, Other
LNA Line arterial Line arterial Arterial blood collected via arterial line Arterial blood collected via arterial line
LNV Line venous Line venous Venous blood collected via venous line Venous blood collected via venous line
LSAC Fluid, Lumbar Sac Fluid, Lumbar Sac Fluid Fluid
LYM Lymphocytes Lymphocytes
MAC Macrophages Macrophages
MAHUR Catheter Tip, Makurkour Catheter Tip, Makurkour Device Device
MAR Marrow Marrow Bone marrow Bone marrow
MASS Mass Mass Condition Condition
MBLD Blood, Menstrual Blood, Menstrual Blood Blood
MEC Meconium Meconium
MILK Breast milk Breast milk Mother's milk specimen Mother's milk specimen
MLK Milk Milk Food specimen Food specimen
MUCOS Mucosa Mucosa Condition Condition
MUCUS Mucus Mucus Condition Condition
NAIL Nail Nail Finger or toe nail sample Finger or toe nail sample
NASDR Drainage, Nasal Drainage, Nasal Condition Condition
NEDL Needle Needle Device Device
NEPH Site, Nephrostomy Site, Nephrostomy Site Site
NGASP Aspirate, Nasogastric Aspirate, Nasogastric Aspirate Aspirate
NGAST Drainage, Nasogastric Drainage, Nasogastric Condition Condition
NGS Site, Naso/Gastric Site, Naso/Gastric Site Site
NODUL Nodule(s) Nodule(s) Condition Condition
NSECR Secretion, Nasal Secretion, Nasal Condition Condition
ORH Other Other
ORL Lesion, Oral Lesion, Oral Condition (Common Usage) Condition (Common Usage)
OTH Source, Other Source, Other
PACEM Pacemaker Pacemaker Device Device
PAFL Pancreatic fluid Pancreatic fluid
PCFL Fluid, Pericardial Fluid, Pericardial
PDSIT Site, Peritoneal Dialysis Site, Peritoneal Dialysis Site Site
PDTS Site, Peritoneal Dialysis Tunnel Site, Peritoneal Dialysis Tunnel Site Site
PELVA Abscess, Pelvic Abscess, Pelvic Condition Condition
PENIL Lesion, Penile Lesion, Penile Condition (Common Usage) Condition (Common Usage)
PERIA Abscess, Perianal Abscess, Perianal Condition, Abscess & Body Part Condition, Abscess & Body Part
PILOC Cyst, Pilonidal Cyst, Pilonidal Condition Condition
PINS Site, Pin Site, Pin Site Site
PIS Site, Pacemaker Insetion Site, Pacemaker Insetion Site Site
PLAN Plant Material Plant Material Object Object
PLAS Plasma Plasma Blood Blood
PLB Plasma bag Plasma bag Blood Blood
PLC Placenta Placenta
PLEVS Serum, Peak Level Serum, Peak Level Blood Blood
PLR Pleural fluid (thoracentesis fluid) Pleural fluid (thoracentesis fluid)
PMN Polymorphonuclear neutrophils Polymorphonuclear neutrophils
PND Drainage, Penile Drainage, Penile Condition Condition
POL Polyps Polyps Condition Condition
POPGS Graft Site, Popliteal Graft Site, Popliteal Condition Condition
POPLG Graft, Popliteal Graft, Popliteal Condition Condition
POPLV Site, Popliteal Vein Site, Popliteal Vein Site Site
PORTA Catheter, Porta Catheter, Porta Device Device
PPP Plasma, Platelet poor Plasma, Platelet poor Blood Blood
PROST Prosthetic Device Prosthetic Device Device Device
PRP Plasma, Platelet rich Plasma, Platelet rich Blood Blood
PSC Pseudocyst Pseudocyst Condition Condition
PUNCT Wound, Puncture Wound, Puncture Condition Condition
PUS Pus Pus
PUSFR Pustule Pustule Condition Condition
PUST Pus Pus Condition Condition
QC3 Quality Control Quality Control Environment Environment
RANDU Urine, Random Urine, Random Condition Condition
RBC Erythrocytes Erythrocytes
RBITE Bite, Reptile Bite, Reptile Conditions Conditions
RECT Drainage, Rectal Drainage, Rectal Condition Condition
RECTA Abscess, Rectal Abscess, Rectal Condition Condition
RENALC Cyst, Renal Cyst, Renal Condition Condition
RENC Fluid, Renal Cyst Fluid, Renal Cyst Fluid Fluid
RES Respiratory Respiratory Condition (Ambiguous) Condition (Ambiguous)
SAL Saliva Saliva
SCAR Tissue, Keloid (Scar) Tissue, Keloid (Scar) Tissue Tissue
SCLV Catheter Tip, Subclavian Catheter Tip, Subclavian Device Device
SCROA Abscess, Scrotal Abscess, Scrotal Condition Condition
SECRE Secretion(s) Secretion(s) Fluid/Secretion Fluid/Secretion
SER Serum Serum
SHU Site, Shunt Site, Shunt Site Site
SHUNF Fluid, Shunt Fluid, Shunt Fluid Fluid
SHUNT Shunt Shunt Condition Condition
SITE Site Site Site Site
SKBP Biopsy, Skin Biopsy, Skin Tissue Tissue
SKN Skin Skin
SMM Mass, Sub-Mandibular Mass, Sub-Mandibular Condition Condition
SMN Seminal fluid Seminal fluid
SNV Fluid, synovial (Joint fluid) Fluid, synovial (Joint fluid)
SPRM Spermatozoa Spermatozoa
SPRP Catheter Tip, Suprapubic Catheter Tip, Suprapubic Device Device
SPRPB Cathether Tip, Suprapubic Cathether Tip, Suprapubic Device Device
SPS Environmental, Spore Strip Environmental, Spore Strip Environment Environment
SPT Sputum Sputum
SPTC Sputum - coughed Sputum - coughed
SPTT Sputum - tracheal aspirate Sputum - tracheal aspirate
SPUT1 Sputum, Simulated Sputum, Simulated Condition Condition
SPUTIN Sputum, Inducted Sputum, Inducted Condition Condition
SPUTSP Sputum, Spontaneous Sputum, Spontaneous Condition Condition
STER Environmental, Sterrad Environmental, Sterrad Environment Environment
STL Stool = Fecal Stool = Fecal
STONE Stone, Kidney Stone, Kidney Condition Condition
SUBMA Abscess, Submandibular Abscess, Submandibular Condition Condition
SUBMX Abscess, Submaxillary Abscess, Submaxillary Condition Condition
SUMP Drainage, Sump Drainage, Sump Condition Condition
SUP Suprapubic Tap Suprapubic Tap Product Product
SUTUR Suture Suture Object Object
SWGZ Catheter Tip, Swan Gantz Catheter Tip, Swan Gantz Device Device
SWT Sweat Sweat
TASP Aspirate, Tracheal Aspirate, Tracheal Aspirate Aspirate
TEAR Tears Tears
THRB Thrombocyte (platelet) Thrombocyte (platelet)
TISS Tissue Tissue
TISU Tissue ulcer Tissue ulcer
TLC Cathether Tip, Triple Lumen Cathether Tip, Triple Lumen Device Device
TRAC Site, Tracheostomy Site, Tracheostomy Site Site
TRANS Transudate Transudate Condition Condition
TSERU Serum, Trough Serum, Trough Blood Blood
TSTES Abscess, Testicular Abscess, Testicular Condition Condition
TTRA Aspirate, Transtracheal Aspirate, Transtracheal Aspirate Aspirate
TUBES Tubes Tubes Device Device
TUMOR Tumor Tumor Condition Condition
TZANC Smear, Tzanck Smear, Tzanck
UDENT Source, Unidentified Source, Unidentified
UMED Unknown Medicine Unknown Medicine for forensic and possibly chemistry testing for forensic and possibly chemistry testing
UR Urine Urine
URC Urine clean catch Urine clean catch
URINB Urine, Bladder Washings Urine, Bladder Washings Condition Condition
URINC Urine, Catheterized Urine, Catheterized Condition Condition
URINM Urine, Midstream Urine, Midstream Condition Condition
URINN Urine, Nephrostomy Urine, Nephrostomy Condition Condition
URINP Urine, Pedibag Urine, Pedibag Device Device
URNS Urine sediment Urine sediment
URT Urine catheter Urine catheter
USCOP Urine, Cystoscopy Urine, Cystoscopy Condition Condition
USPEC Source, Unspecified Source, Unspecified
USUB Unkown substance Unkown substance
VASTIP Catheter Tip, Vas Catheter Tip, Vas Device Device
VENT Catheter Tip, Ventricular Catheter Tip, Ventricular Device Device
VITF Vitreous Fluid Vitreous Fluid
VOM Vomitus Vomitus
WASH Wash Wash Product Product
WASI Washing, e.g. bronchial washing Washing, e.g. bronchial washing Product Product
WAT Water Water
WB Blood, Whole Blood, Whole Blood Blood
WBC Leukocytes Leukocytes
WEN Wen Wen Tissue Tissue
WICK Wick Wick
WND Wound Wound
WNDA Wound abscess Wound abscess
WNDD Wound drainage Wound drainage
WNDE Wound exudate Wound exudate
WORM Worm Worm Object Object
WRT Wart Wart Tissue Tissue
WWA Environmental, Water Environmental, Water Environment Environment
WWO Environmental, Water (Ocean) Environmental, Water (Ocean)
WWT Environmental, Water (Tap) Environmental, Water (Tap) Environment Environment


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