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Official URL: http://hl7.org/fhir/manufactured-dose-form Version: 6.0.0-cibuild
active as of 2021-01-04 Computable Name: ManufacturedDoseForm
Flags: CaseSensitive, Complete. All codes ValueSet: Manufactured Dose Form OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.4.1935

This Code system is used in the following value sets:

  • ValueSet: Manufactured Dose Form (Dose form for a medication, as manufactured (and before any mixing etc.), not necessarily ready for administration to the patient.)

Dose form for a medication, as manufactured (and before any mixing etc.), not necessarily ready for administration to the patient.

This case-sensitive code system http://hl7.org/fhir/manufactured-dose-form defines the following codes:

100000073362 Oral suspensionbtn btn
100000073363 Oral gelbtn btn
100000073364 Powder for oral solutionbtn btn
100000073365 Granules for oral solutionbtn btn
100000073367 Lyophilisate for suspensionbtn btn
100000073368 Powder for syrupbtn btn
100000073369 Soluble tabletbtn btn
100000073370 Herbal teabtn btn
100000073371 Instant herbal teabtn btn
100000073372 Granulesbtn btn
100000073373 Gastro-resistant granulesbtn btn
100000073374 Modified-release granulesbtn btn
100000073375 Capsule, hardbtn btn
100000073376 Gastro-resistant capsule, hardbtn btn
100000073377 Chewable capsule, softbtn btn
100000073378 Prolonged-release capsule, softbtn btn
100000073379 Modified-release capsule, softbtn btn
100000073380 Coated tabletbtn btn
100000073642 Oral drops, solutionbtn btn
100000073643 Oral drops, suspensionbtn btn
100000073644 Oral drops, emulsionbtn btn
100000073645 Oral liquidbtn btn
100000073646 Oral solutionbtn btn
100000073647 Oral emulsionbtn btn
100000073648 Oral pastebtn btn
100000073649 Powder for oral suspensionbtn btn
100000073650 Granules for oral suspensionbtn btn
100000073652 Syrupbtn btn
100000073653 Granules for syrupbtn btn
100000073654 Dispersible tabletbtn btn
100000073655 Oral powderbtn btn
100000073656 Effervescent powderbtn btn
100000073657 Effervescent granulesbtn btn
100000073658 Prolonged-release granulesbtn btn
100000073659 Cachetbtn btn
100000073660 Capsule, softbtn btn
100000073661 Gastro-resistant capsule, softbtn btn
100000073662 Prolonged-release capsule, hardbtn btn
100000073663 Modified-release capsule, hardbtn btn
100000073664 Tabletbtn btn
100000073665 Film-coated tabletbtn btn
100000073666 Orodispersible tabletbtn btn
100000073667 Gastro-resistant tabletbtn btn
100000073668 Modified-release tabletbtn btn
100000073669 Medicated chewing-gumbtn btn
100000073670 Pillulesbtn btn
100000073671 Pulsatile-release intraruminal devicebtn btn
100000073672 Premix for medicated feeding stuffbtn btn
100000073673 Garglebtn btn
100000073674 Gargle, powder for solutionbtn btn
100000073675 Oromucosal suspensionbtn btn
100000073676 Oromucosal spraybtn btn
100000073677 Mouthwashbtn btn
100000073678 Gingival solutionbtn btn
100000073679 Oromucosal pastebtn btn
100000073680 Gingival gelbtn btn
100000073681 Effervescent tabletbtn btn
100000073682 Oral lyophilisatebtn btn
100000073683 Prolonged-release tabletbtn btn
100000073684 Chewable tabletbtn btn
100000073685 Oral gumbtn btn
100000073686 Continuous-release intraruminal devicebtn btn
100000073687 Lick blockbtn btn
100000073688 Medicated pelletsbtn btn
100000073689 Concentrate for garglebtn btn
100000073690 Gargle, tablet for solutionbtn btn
100000073691 Oromucosal solutionbtn btn
100000073692 Oromucosal dropsbtn btn
100000073693 Sublingual spraybtn btn
100000073694 Mouthwash, tablet for solutionbtn btn
100000073695 Oromucosal gelbtn btn
100000073696 Oromucosal creambtn btn
100000073697 Gingival pastebtn btn
100000073698 Sublingual tabletbtn btn
100000073699 Buccal tabletbtn btn
100000073700 Compressed lozengebtn btn
100000073701 Oromucosal capsulebtn btn
100000073702 Muco-adhesive buccal tabletbtn btn
100000073703 Lozengebtn btn
100000073704 Pastillebtn btn
100000073705 Dental gelbtn btn
100000073706 Dental insertbtn btn
100000073707 Dental powderbtn btn
100000073708 Dental suspensionbtn btn
100000073709 Toothpastebtn btn
100000073710 Periodontal gelbtn btn
100000073711 Bath additivebtn btn
100000073712 Creambtn btn
100000073713 Ointmentbtn btn
100000073714 Medicated plasterbtn btn
100000073715 Shampoobtn btn
100000073716 Cutaneous spray, suspensionbtn btn
100000073717 Cutaneous liquidbtn btn
100000073718 Concentrate for cutaneous solutionbtn btn
100000073719 Cutaneous emulsionbtn btn
100000073720 Cutaneous patchbtn btn
100000073721 Periodontal powderbtn btn
100000073722 Dental stickbtn btn
100000073723 Dental solutionbtn btn
100000073724 Dental emulsionbtn btn
100000073725 Periodontal insertbtn btn
100000073726 Gelbtn btn
100000073727 Cutaneous pastebtn btn
100000073728 Cutaneous foambtn btn
100000073729 Cutaneous spray, solutionbtn btn
100000073730 Cutaneous spray, powderbtn btn
100000073731 Cutaneous solutionbtn btn
100000073732 Cutaneous suspensionbtn btn
100000073733 Cutaneous powderbtn btn
100000073734 Solution for iontophoresisbtn btn
100000073735 Collodionbtn btn
100000073736 Poulticebtn btn
100000073737 Cutaneous spongebtn btn
100000073738 Collarbtn btn
100000073739 Ear tagbtn btn
100000073740 Dip suspensionbtn btn
100000073741 Transdermal patchbtn btn
100000073742 Medicated nail lacquerbtn btn
100000073743 Cutaneous stickbtn btn
100000073744 Impregnated dressingbtn btn
100000073745 Medicated pendantbtn btn
100000073746 Dip solutionbtn btn
100000073747 Dip emulsionbtn btn
100000073748 Concentrate for dip suspensionbtn btn
100000073749 Powder for dip solutionbtn btn
100000073750 Powder for suspension for fish treatmentbtn btn
100000073751 Pour-on suspensionbtn btn
100000073752 Spot-on solutionbtn btn
100000073753 Spot-on emulsionbtn btn
100000073754 Teat dip suspensionbtn btn
100000073755 Teat spray solutionbtn btn
100000073756 Solution for skin-prick testbtn btn
100000073757 Plaster for provocation testbtn btn
100000073758 Eye gelbtn btn
100000073759 Eye drops, solutionbtn btn
100000073760 Eye drops, suspensionbtn btn
100000073761 Concentrate for dip solutionbtn btn
100000073762 Concentrate for dip emulsionbtn btn
100000073763 Concentrate for solution for fish treatmentbtn btn
100000073764 Pour-on solutionbtn btn
100000073765 Pour-on emulsionbtn btn
100000073766 Spot-on suspensionbtn btn
100000073767 Teat dip solutionbtn btn
100000073768 Teat dip emulsionbtn btn
100000073769 Transdermal systembtn btn
100000073770 Solution for skin-scratch testbtn btn
100000073771 Eye creambtn btn
100000073772 Eye ointmentbtn btn
100000073773 Eye drops, emulsionbtn btn
100000073775 Eye drops, solvent for reconstitutionbtn btn
100000073776 Eye lotionbtn btn
100000073777 Ophthalmic insertbtn btn
100000073778 Ear creambtn btn
100000073779 Ear ointmentbtn btn
100000073780 Ear drops, suspensionbtn btn
100000073782 Eye drops, prolonged-releasebtn btn
100000073783 Eye lotion, solvent for reconstitutionbtn btn
100000073784 Ophthalmic stripbtn btn
100000073785 Ear gelbtn btn
100000073786 Ear drops, solutionbtn btn
100000073787 Ear drops, emulsionbtn btn
100000073788 Ear powderbtn btn
100000073789 Ear spray, suspensionbtn btn
100000073790 Ear wash, solutionbtn btn
100000073791 Ear tamponbtn btn
100000073792 Nasal creambtn btn
100000073793 Nasal gelbtn btn
100000073794 Nasal drops, solutionbtn btn
100000073795 Nasal drops, emulsionbtn btn
100000073796 Nasal spray, solutionbtn btn
100000073797 Nasal spray, emulsionbtn btn
100000073798 Nasal stickbtn btn
100000073799 Vaginal gelbtn btn
100000073800 Vaginal foambtn btn
100000073802 Ear spray, solutionbtn btn
100000073803 Ear spray, emulsionbtn btn
100000073804 Ear wash, emulsionbtn btn
100000073805 Ear stickbtn btn
100000073806 Nasal ointmentbtn btn
100000073807 Nasal drops, suspensionbtn btn
100000073808 Nasal powderbtn btn
100000073809 Nasal spray, suspensionbtn btn
100000073810 Nasal washbtn btn
100000073811 Vaginal creambtn btn
100000073812 Vaginal ointmentbtn btn
100000073813 Vaginal solutionbtn btn
100000073814 Vaginal emulsionbtn btn
100000073815 Pessarybtn btn
100000073816 Vaginal capsule, softbtn btn
100000073817 Effervescent vaginal tabletbtn btn
100000073818 Vaginal delivery systembtn btn
100000073819 Rectal creambtn btn
100000073820 Rectal foambtn btn
100000073821 Vaginal suspensionbtn btn
100000073822 Tablet for vaginal solutionbtn btn
100000073823 Vaginal capsule, hardbtn btn
100000073824 Vaginal tabletbtn btn
100000073825 Medicated vaginal tamponbtn btn
100000073826 Vaginal spongebtn btn
100000073827 Rectal gelbtn btn
100000073863 Solution for injectionbtn btn


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