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Artifact HL7 Extensions

(No assigned work group) () (4)Maturity Level: N/AStandards Status: Informative
Defines common extensions used with or related to resources that represent knowledge artifacts such as ValueSet, StructureDefinition, PlanDefinition, and Measure


artifact-urlurl :

An absolute URI that is used to identify this {{title}} when it is referenced in a specification, model, design or an instance; also called its canonical identifier. This SHOULD be globally unique and SHOULD be a literal address at which at which an authoritative instance of this {{title}} is (or will be) published. This URL can be the target of a canonical reference. It SHALL remain the same when the {{title}} is stored on different servers.

artifact-identifieridentifier :

A formal identifier that is used to identify this {{title}} when it is represented in other formats, or referenced in a specification, model, design or an instance.

artifact-versionversion :

The identifier that is used to identify this version of the {{title}} when it is referenced in a specification, model, design or instance. This is an arbitrary value managed by the {{title}} author and is not expected to be globally unique. For example, it might be a timestamp (e.g. yyyymmdd) if a managed version is not available. There is also no expectation that versions can be placed in a lexicographical sequence.

artifact-namename :

A natural language name identifying the {{title}}. This name should be usable as an identifier for the module by machine processing applications such as code generation.

artifact-titletitle :

A short, descriptive, user-friendly title for the {{title}}.

artifact-statusstatus :

The status of this {{title}}. Enables tracking the life-cycle of the content.

artifact-experimentalexperimental :

A Boolean value to indicate that this {{title}} is authored for testing purposes (or education/evaluation/marketing) and is not intended to be used for genuine usage.

artifact-datedate :

The date (and optionally time) when the {{title}} was published. The date must change when the business version changes and it must change if the status code changes. In addition, it should change when the substantive content of the {{title}} changes.

artifact-publisherpublisher :

The name of the organization or individual that published the {{title}}.

artifact-contactcontact :

Contact details to assist a user in finding and communicating with the publisher.

artifact-descriptiondescription :

A free text natural language description of the {{title}} from a consumer's perspective.

artifact-useContextuseContext :

The content was developed with a focus and intent of supporting the contexts that are listed. These contexts may be general categories (gender, age, ...) or may be references to specific programs (insurance plans, studies, ...) and may be used to assist with indexing and searching for appropriate {{title}} instances.

artifact-jurisdictionjurisdiction :

A legal or geographic region in which the {{title}} is intended to be used.

artifact-purposepurpose :

Explanation of why this {{title}} is needed and why it has been designed as it has.

artifact-copyrightcopyright :

A copyright statement relating to the {{title}} and/or its contents. Copyright statements are generally legal restrictions on the use and publishing of the {{title}}.

artifact-knowledgeCapabilityknowledgeCapability :

Defines a knowledge capability afforded by this knowledge artifact.

artifact-knowledgeRepresentationLevelknowledgeRepresentationLevel :

Defines a knowledge representation level provided by this knowledge artifact.

artifact-topictopic :

Descriptive topics related to the content of the artifact. Topics provide a high-level categorization of the artifact that can be useful for filtering and searching.

artifact-authorauthor :

An individiual or organization primarily involved in the creation and maintenance of the {{title}}.

artifact-editoreditor :

An individual or organization primarily responsible for internal coherence of the {{title}}.

artifact-reviewerreviewer :

An individual or organization primarily responsible for review of some aspect of the {{title}}.

artifact-endorserendorser :

An individual or organization responsible for officially endorsing the {{title}} for use in some setting.

artifact-relatedArtifactrelatedArtifact :

Related artifacts such as additional documentation, justification, dependencies, bibliographic references, and predecessor and successor artifacts.