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Generated Narrative: ActivityDefinition

Resource ActivityDefinition "citalopramPrescription"


identifier: id: citalopramPrescription (OFFICIAL)

version: 1.0.0

name: CitalopramPrescription

title: Citalopram Prescription

status: active

experimental: true

date: 2015-08-15

publisher: Motive Medical Intelligence

contact: ph: 415-362-4007(WORK),

description: Citalopram 20 mg tablet 1 tablet oral 1 time daily now (30 table; 3 refills

jurisdiction: United States of America (unknown#US)

purpose: Defines a guideline supported prescription for the treatment of depressive disorders

usage: This activity definition is used as part of various suicide risk order sets

copyright: © Copyright 2016 Motive Medical Intelligence. All rights reserved.

approvalDate: 2016-03-12

lastReviewDate: 2016-08-15

effectivePeriod: 2016-01-01 --> 2017-12-31

topic: Mental Health Treatment ()

author: Motive Medical Intelligence: ph: 415-362-4007(WORK),

kind: MedicationRequest


code: citalopram (RxNorm#200371)

doseForm: Tablet dose form (SNOMED CT#385055001)


strength: 20 mg/1 {tbl}


path: dispenseRequest.numberOfRepeatsAllowed


path: dispenseRequest.quantity



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