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AccountAccountA financial tool for tracking value accrued for a particular purpose. In the healthcare field, used to track charges for a patient, cost centers, etc.AccountCuenta账户
ActivityDefinitionActivityDefinitionThis resource allows for the definition of some activity to be performed, independent of a particular patient, practitioner, or other performance context.ActivityDefinitionDefinicionDeActividad活动定义DefinizioneAttivita
AdministrableProductDefinitionAdministrableProductDefinitionA medicinal product in the final form which is suitable for administering to a patient (after any mixing of multiple components, dissolution etc. has been performed).AdministrableProductDefinition
AdverseEventAdverseEventAn event (i.e. any change to current patient status) that may be related to unintended effects on a patient or research subject. The unintended effects may require additional monitoring, treatment or hospitalization or may result in death. The AdverseEvent resource also extends to potential or avoided events that could have had such effects.AdverseEventEventoAdverso不良事件EventoAvverso
AllergyIntoleranceAllergyIntoleranceRisk of harmful or undesirable, physiological response which is unique to an individual and associated with exposure to a substance.AllergyIntoleranceAllergiaIntolerancia变态反应与不耐性AllergiaIntolleranzaIntoléranceAllergique
AppointmentAppointmentA booking of a healthcare event among patient(s), practitioner(s), related person(s) and/or device(s) for a specific date/time. This may result in one or more Encounter(s).AppointmentCita预约AppuntamentoRendezVous
AppointmentResponseAppointmentResponseA reply to an appointment request for a patient and/or practitioner(s), such as a confirmation or rejection.AppointmentResponseCitaRespuesta预约响应RispostaAppuntamentoRéponseRendezVous
AuditEventAuditEventA record of an event relevant for purposes such as operations, privacy, security, maintenance, and performance analysis.AuditEventEventoSeguridad审计事件ÉvènementSécurité
BasicBasicBasic is used for handling concepts not yet defined in FHIR, narrative-only resources that don't map to an existing resource, and custom resources not appropriate for inclusion in the FHIR specification.BasicBasico初级资源Basique
BinaryBinaryA resource that represents the data of a single raw artifact as digital content accessible in its native format. A Binary resource can contain any content, whether text, image, pdf, zip archive, etc.BinaryBinario二进制资源BinarioBinaire
BiologicallyDerivedProductBiologicallyDerivedProductA material substance originating from a biological entity intended to be transplanted or infused into another (possibly the same) biological entity.BiologicallyDerivedProduct
BodyStructureBodyStructureRecord details about an anatomical structure. This resource may be used when a coded concept does not provide the necessary detail needed for the use case.BodyStructureEstructuraDelCuerpo身体结构StrutturaDelCorpoMorphologieDeCorps
BundleBundleA container for a collection of resources.BundlePaquete捆束Paquet
CapabilityStatementCapabilityStatementA Capability Statement documents a set of capabilities (behaviors) of a FHIR Server for a particular version of FHIR that may be used as a statement of actual server functionality or a statement of required or desired server implementation.CapabilityStatementDeclaracionDeCapacidad能力声明
CapabilityStatement2CapabilityStatement2A Capability Statement documents a set of capabilities (behaviors) of a FHIR Server for a particular version of FHIR that may be used as a statement of actual server functionality or a statement of required or desired server implementation.CapabilityStatement2
CarePlanCarePlanDescribes the intention of how one or more practitioners intend to deliver care for a particular patient, group or community for a period of time, possibly limited to care for a specific condition or set of conditions.CarePlanPlanDeCuidado照护计划PianoDiCuraPlanDeSoins
CareTeamCareTeamThe Care Team includes all the people and organizations who plan to participate in the coordination and delivery of care.CareTeamEquipoDeCuidado照护团队
CatalogEntryCatalogEntryCatalog entries are wrappers that contextualize items included in a catalog.CatalogEntryEntradaDeCatalogo条目定义
ChargeItemChargeItemThe resource ChargeItem describes the provision of healthcare provider products for a certain patient, therefore referring not only to the product, but containing in addition details of the provision, like date, time, amounts and participating organizations and persons. Main Usage of the ChargeItem is to enable the billing process and internal cost allocation.ChargeItemCargoDeItem收费项目
ChargeItemDefinitionChargeItemDefinitionThe ChargeItemDefinition resource provides the properties that apply to the (billing) codes necessary to calculate costs and prices. The properties may differ largely depending on type and realm, therefore this resource gives only a rough structure and requires profiling for each type of billing code system.ChargeItemDefinition
CitationCitationThe Citation Resource enables reference to any knowledge artifact for purposes of identification and attribution. The Citation Resource supports existing reference structures and developing publication practices such as versioning, expressing complex contributorship roles, and referencing computable resources.Citation
ClaimClaimA provider issued list of professional services and products which have been provided, or are to be provided, to a patient which is sent to an insurer for reimbursement.ClaimReclamación / Factura赔单Réclamation
ClaimResponseClaimResponseThis resource provides the adjudication details from the processing of a Claim resource.ClaimResponse赔单请求RéponseARéclamation
ClinicalImpressionClinicalImpressionA record of a clinical assessment performed to determine what problem(s) may affect the patient and before planning the treatments or management strategies that are best to manage a patient's condition. Assessments are often 1:1 with a clinical consultation / encounter, but this varies greatly depending on the clinical workflow. This resource is called "ClinicalImpression" rather than "ClinicalAssessment" to avoid confusion with the recording of assessment tools such as Apgar score.ClinicalImpressionHallazgoClinico临床印象ImpressioneClinicaImpressionClinique
ClinicalUseIssueClinicalUseIssueA single issue - either an indication, contraindication, interaction or an undesirable effect for a medicinal product, medication, device or procedure.ClinicalUseIssue
CodeSystemCodeSystemThe CodeSystem resource is used to declare the existence of and describe a code system or code system supplement and its key properties, and optionally define a part or all of its content.CodeSystemSistemaDeCodigos代码系统SistemaDiCodifica
CommunicationCommunicationA clinical or business level record of information being transmitted or shared; e.g. an alert that was sent to a responsible provider, a public health agency communication to a provider/reporter in response to a case report for a reportable condition.CommunicationComunicación通讯ComunicazioneCommunication
CommunicationRequestCommunicationRequestA request to convey information; e.g. the CDS system proposes that an alert be sent to a responsible provider, the CDS system proposes that the public health agency be notified about a reportable condition.CommunicationRequestComunicaciónRequerimiento通讯请求RichiestaDiComunicazioneDemandeDeCommunication
CompartmentDefinitionCompartmentDefinitionA compartment definition that defines how resources are accessed on a server.CompartmentDefinitionDefinicionDeCompartimento逻辑区块定义
CompositionCompositionA set of healthcare-related information that is assembled together into a single logical package that provides a single coherent statement of meaning, establishes its own context and that has clinical attestation with regard to who is making the statement. A Composition defines the structure and narrative content necessary for a document. However, a Composition alone does not constitute a document. Rather, the Composition must be the first entry in a Bundle where Bundle.type=document, and any other resources referenced from Composition must be included as subsequent entries in the Bundle (for example Patient, Practitioner, Encounter, etc.).CompositionComposición组合式文书ComposizioneComposition
ConceptMapConceptMapA statement of relationships from one set of concepts to one or more other concepts - either concepts in code systems, or data element/data element concepts, or classes in class models.ConceptMapMapaDeConceptos概念映射MappaDiConcettiCarteDeConcepts
ConditionConditionA clinical condition, problem, diagnosis, or other event, situation, issue, or clinical concept that has risen to a level of concern.ConditionCondición情况CondizioneCondition
ConditionDefinitionConditionDefinitionA definition of a condition and information relevant to managing it.ConditionDefinition
ConsentConsentA record of a healthcare consumer’s choices or choices made on their behalf by a third party, which permits or denies identified recipient(s) or recipient role(s) to perform one or more actions within a given policy context, for specific purposes and periods of time.ConsentConsentimiento同意书Consenso
ContractContractLegally enforceable, formally recorded unilateral or bilateral directive i.e., a policy or agreement.ContractContato合同ContrattoContrat
CoverageCoverageFinancial instrument which may be used to reimburse or pay for health care products and services. Includes both insurance and self-payment.CoverageCobertura保险责任CoperturaCouverture
CoverageEligibilityRequestCoverageEligibilityRequestThe CoverageEligibilityRequest provides patient and insurance coverage information to an insurer for them to respond, in the form of an CoverageEligibilityResponse, with information regarding whether the stated coverage is valid and in-force and optionally to provide the insurance details of the policy.CoverageEligibilityRequest资格请求RichiestaEleggibilitaCoperturaCouvertureDemandeEligibilité
CoverageEligibilityResponseCoverageEligibilityResponseThis resource provides eligibility and plan details from the processing of an CoverageEligibilityRequest resource.CoverageEligibilityResponse资格响应RispostaEleggibilitaCoperturaRéponseEligibilitéCouverture
DetectedIssueDetectedIssueIndicates an actual or potential clinical issue with or between one or more active or proposed clinical actions for a patient; e.g. Drug-drug interaction, Ineffective treatment frequency, Procedure-condition conflict, etc.DetectedIssueProblema-Detectado /ProblemaDetectado已发现问题ProblemaRilevatoProblème Détecté
DeviceDeviceA type of a manufactured item that is used in the provision of healthcare without being substantially changed through that activity. The device may be a medical or non-medical device.DeviceDispositivo装置DispositivoDispositif
DeviceDefinitionDeviceDefinitionThe characteristics, operational status and capabilities of a medical-related component of a medical device.DeviceDefinitionDefiniciónDeDispositivo装置组件DéfinitionDeDispositif
DeviceMetricDeviceMetricDescribes a measurement, calculation or setting capability of a medical device.DeviceMetricMetricaDeDispositivo装置指标MétriqueDispositif
DeviceRequestDeviceRequestRepresents a request for a patient to employ a medical device. The device may be an implantable device, or an external assistive device, such as a walker.DeviceRequestSolicitudDeDispositivo装置请求RichiestaDispositivoDemandeUtilisationDispositif
DeviceUseStatementDeviceUseStatementA record of a device being used by a patient where the record is the result of a report from the patient or a clinician.DeviceUseStatement装置使用声明
DiagnosticReportDiagnosticReportThe findings and interpretation of diagnostic tests performed on patients, groups of patients, devices, and locations, and/or specimens derived from these. The report includes clinical context such as requesting and provider information, and some mix of atomic results, images, textual and coded interpretations, and formatted representation of diagnostic reports.DiagnosticReportInformeDiagnostico诊断报告RefertoDiagnosticoRapportDiagnostique
DocumentManifestDocumentManifestA collection of documents compiled for a purpose together with metadata that applies to the collection.DocumentManifestManifestoDocumento文档清单Manifeste
DocumentReferenceDocumentReferenceA reference to a document of any kind for any purpose. While the term “document” implies a more narrow focus, for this resource this "document" encompasses *any* serialized object with a mime-type, it includes formal patient-centric documents (CDA), clinical notes, scanned paper, non-patient specific documents like policy text, as well as a photo, video, or audio recording acquired or used in healthcare. The DocumentReference resource provides metadata about the document so that the document can be discovered and managed. The actual content may be inline base64 encoded data or provided by direct reference.DocumentReferenceReferenciaDocumento文档引用RiferimentoDocumentoRéférenceDocument
DomainResourceDomainResourceA resource that includes narrative, extensions, and contained resources.DomainResourceRecursoDeDominio领域资源
EncounterEncounterAn interaction between a patient and healthcare provider(s) for the purpose of providing healthcare service(s) or assessing the health status of a patient.EncounterEncuentro就医过程Venue
EndpointEndpointThe technical details of an endpoint that can be used for electronic services, such as for web services providing XDS.b or a REST endpoint for another FHIR server. This may include any security context information.EndpointEndpoint端点
EnrollmentRequestEnrollmentRequestThis resource provides the insurance enrollment details to the insurer regarding a specified coverage.EnrollmentRequestSolicitudDeEnrolamiento保险注册请求RichiestaIscrizioneDemandeInscription
EnrollmentResponseEnrollmentResponseThis resource provides enrollment and plan details from the processing of an EnrollmentRequest resource.EnrollmentResponseRespuestaDeEnrolamiento保险注册响应RispostaIscrizioneRéponseInscription
EpisodeOfCareEpisodeOfCareAn association between a patient and an organization / healthcare provider(s) during which time encounters may occur. The managing organization assumes a level of responsibility for the patient during this time.EpisodeOfCareEpisodioDeCuidado照护服务节段EpisodioDiCuraÉpisodeDeSoins
EventDefinitionEventDefinitionThe EventDefinition resource provides a reusable description of when a particular event can occur.EventDefinitionDefinitionDeEvento事件定义DefinizioneEvento
EvidenceEvidenceThe Evidence Resource provides a machine-interpretable expression of an evidence concept including the evidence variables (eg population, exposures/interventions, comparators, outcomes, measured variables, confounding variables), the statistics, and the certainty of this evidence.Evidence
EvidenceReportEvidenceReportThe EvidenceReport Resource is a specialized container for a collection of resources and codable concepts, adapted to support compositions of Evidence, EvidenceVariable, and Citation resources and related concepts.EvidenceReport
EvidenceVariableEvidenceVariableThe EvidenceVariable resource describes an element that knowledge (Evidence) is about.EvidenceVariable
ExampleScenarioExampleScenarioExample of workflow instance.ExampleScenarioEjemploDeEscenario示例场景ScenarioDiEsempio
ExplanationOfBenefitExplanationOfBenefitThis resource provides: the claim details; adjudication details from the processing of a Claim; and optionally account balance information, for informing the subscriber of the benefits provided.ExplanationOfBenefit赔付说明ExplicationDuBénéfice
FamilyMemberHistoryFamilyMemberHistorySignificant health conditions for a person related to the patient relevant in the context of care for the patient.FamilyMemberHistoryHistorialMiembroFamiliar家族史HistoireMembreFamille
FlagFlagProspective warnings of potential issues when providing care to the patient.FlagBandera标记Drapeau
GoalGoalDescribes the intended objective(s) for a patient, group or organization care, for example, weight loss, restoring an activity of daily living, obtaining herd immunity via immunization, meeting a process improvement objective, etc.GoalObjetivo目标But
GraphDefinitionGraphDefinitionA formal computable definition of a graph of resources - that is, a coherent set of resources that form a graph by following references. The Graph Definition resource defines a set and makes rules about the set.GraphDefinitionDefinitionGrafico图形定义
GroupGroupRepresents a defined collection of entities that may be discussed or acted upon collectively but which are not expected to act collectively, and are not formally or legally recognized; i.e. a collection of entities that isn't an Organization.GroupGrupo群组GruppoGroupe
GuidanceResponseGuidanceResponseA guidance response is the formal response to a guidance request, including any output parameters returned by the evaluation, as well as the description of any proposed actions to be taken.GuidanceResponseRespuestaDeOrientacion指导意见响应
HealthcareServiceHealthcareServiceThe details of a healthcare service available at a location.HealthcareServiceServicioDeCuidado医疗保健服务项目ServizioSanitarioServiceDeSanté
ImagingStudyImagingStudyRepresentation of the content produced in a DICOM imaging study. A study comprises a set of series, each of which includes a set of Service-Object Pair Instances (SOP Instances - images or other data) acquired or produced in a common context. A series is of only one modality (e.g. X-ray, CT, MR, ultrasound), but a study may have multiple series of different modalities.ImagingStudyEstudioImagen / EstudioImagen成像检查EtudeImagerie
ImmunizationImmunizationDescribes the event of a patient being administered a vaccine or a record of an immunization as reported by a patient, a clinician or another party.ImmunizationInmunización免疫接种ImmunizzazioneImmunisation
ImmunizationEvaluationImmunizationEvaluationDescribes a comparison of an immunization event against published recommendations to determine if the administration is "valid" in relation to those recommendations.ImmunizationEvaluation
ImmunizationRecommendationImmunizationRecommendationA patient's point-in-time set of recommendations (i.e. forecasting) according to a published schedule with optional supporting justification.ImmunizationRecommendationRecomendaciónInmunización /免疫接种建议RecommendationImmunisation
ImplementationGuideImplementationGuideA set of rules of how a particular interoperability or standards problem is solved - typically through the use of FHIR resources. This resource is used to gather all the parts of an implementation guide into a logical whole and to publish a computable definition of all the parts.ImplementationGuideGuiaDeImplementacion实施指南
IngredientIngredientAn ingredient of a manufactured item or pharmaceutical product.Ingredient
InsurancePlanInsurancePlanDetails of a Health Insurance product/plan provided by an organization.InsurancePlan
InventoryReportInventoryReportA report of inventory or stock items.InventoryReport
InvoiceInvoiceInvoice containing collected ChargeItems from an Account with calculated individual and total price for Billing purpose.Invoice
LibraryLibraryThe Library resource is a general-purpose container for knowledge asset definitions. It can be used to describe and expose existing knowledge assets such as logic libraries and information model descriptions, as well as to describe a collection of knowledge assets.LibraryLibrería
LinkageLinkageIdentifies two or more records (resource instances) that refer to the same real-world "occurrence".LinkageEnlace / Conexión / Vinculo / Acoplamiento 链接关系
ListListA list is a curated collection of resources.ListLista列表ListaListe
LocationLocationDetails and position information for a physical place where services are provided and resources and participants may be stored, found, contained, or accommodated.LocationLocacion位置Localisation
ManufacturedItemDefinitionManufacturedItemDefinitionThe definition and characteristics of a medicinal manufactured item, such as a tablet or capsule, as contained in a packaged medicinal product.ManufacturedItemDefinition
MeasureMeasureThe Measure resource provides the definition of a quality measure.MeasureMedida指标Misura
MeasureReportMeasureReportThe MeasureReport resource contains the results of the calculation of a measure; and optionally a reference to the resources involved in that calculation.MeasureReportReporteMedida指标报告
MedicationMedicationThis resource is primarily used for the identification and definition of a medication, including ingredients, for the purposes of prescribing, dispensing, and administering a medication as well as for making statements about medication use.MedicationMedicación /Medicamento药物Médication
MedicationAdministrationMedicationAdministrationDescribes the event of a patient consuming or otherwise being administered a medication. This may be as simple as swallowing a tablet or it may be a long running infusion. Related resources tie this event to the authorizing prescription, and the specific encounter between patient and health care practitioner.MedicationAdministrationAdministraciónMedicación / AdministracionMedicamento药物施用AdministrationMédicaments
MedicationDispenseMedicationDispenseIndicates that a medication product is to be or has been dispensed for a named person/patient. This includes a description of the medication product (supply) provided and the instructions for administering the medication. The medication dispense is the result of a pharmacy system responding to a medication order.MedicationDispenseDispensaciónMedicación /DispensacionMedicamento药物配发DispensationMédicaments
MedicationKnowledgeMedicationKnowledgeInformation about a medication that is used to support knowledge.MedicationKnowledge
MedicationRequestMedicationRequestAn order or request for both supply of the medication and the instructions for administration of the medication to a patient. The resource is called "MedicationRequest" rather than "MedicationPrescription" or "MedicationOrder" to generalize the use across inpatient and outpatient settings, including care plans, etc., and to harmonize with workflow patterns.MedicationRequestPrescripciónMedicaciónTODO /PrescripcionMedicamento药物请求PrescriptionMédicamenteuseTODO
MedicationUsageMedicationUsageA record of a medication that is being consumed by a patient. A MedicationUsage may indicate that the patient may be taking the medication now or has taken the medication in the past or will be taking the medication in the future. The source of this information can be the patient, significant other (such as a family member or spouse), or a clinician. A common scenario where this information is captured is during the history taking process during a patient visit or stay. The medication information may come from sources such as the patient's memory, from a prescription bottle, or from a list of medications the patient, clinician or other party maintains. The primary difference between a medicationusage and a medicationadministration is that the medication administration has complete administration information and is based on actual administration information from the person who administered the medication. A medicationusage is often, if not always, less specific. There is no required date/time when the medication was administered, in fact we only know that a source has reported the patient is taking this medication, where details such as time, quantity, or rate or even medication product may be incomplete or missing or less precise. As stated earlier, the Medication Usage information may come from the patient's memory, from a prescription bottle or from a list of medications the patient, clinician or other party maintains. Medication administration is more formal and is not missing detailed information.MedicationUsage
MedicinalProductDefinitionMedicinalProductDefinitionDetailed definition of a medicinal product, typically for uses other than direct patient care (e.g. regulatory use, drug catalogs).MedicinalProductDefinition
MessageDefinitionMessageDefinitionDefines the characteristics of a message that can be shared between systems, including the type of event that initiates the message, the content to be transmitted and what response(s), if any, are permitted.MessageDefinitionDefinicionMensaje消息定义DefinizioneMessaggio
MessageHeaderMessageHeaderThe header for a message exchange that is either requesting or responding to an action. The reference(s) that are the subject of the action as well as other information related to the action are typically transmitted in a bundle in which the MessageHeader resource instance is the first resource in the bundle.MessageHeaderCabeceraMensaje消息标头EntêteMessage
MolecularSequenceMolecularSequenceRaw data describing a biological sequence.MolecularSequenceSecuenciaMolecular分子序列
NamingSystemNamingSystemA curated namespace that issues unique symbols within that namespace for the identification of concepts, people, devices, etc. Represents a "System" used within the Identifier and Coding data types.NamingSystemSistemaDeNombres命名系统SystèmeDeNommage
NutritionIntakeNutritionIntakeA record of food or fluid that is being consumed by a patient. A NutritionIntake may indicate that the patient may be consuming the food or fluid now or has consumed the food or fluid in the past. The source of this information can be the patient, significant other (such as a family member or spouse), or a clinician. A common scenario where this information is captured is during the history taking process during a patient visit or stay or through an app that tracks food or fluids consumed. The consumption information may come from sources such as the patient's memory, from a nutrition label, or from a clinician documenting observed intake.NutritionIntake
NutritionOrderNutritionOrderA request to supply a diet, formula feeding (enteral) or oral nutritional supplement to a patient/resident.NutritionOrderOrdenNutrición营养医嘱OrdreNutrition
NutritionProductNutritionProductA food or fluid product that is consumed by patients.NutritionProductProductoNutricionalProduitNutritionnel
ObservationObservationMeasurements and simple assertions made about a patient, device or other subject.ObservationObservación观察OsservazioneObservation
ObservationDefinitionObservationDefinitionSet of definitional characteristics for a kind of observation or measurement produced or consumed by an orderable health care service.ObservationDefinitionDefinicionDeEspecimen观察定义DefinizioneOsservazione
OperationDefinitionOperationDefinitionA formal computable definition of an operation (on the RESTful interface) or a named query (using the search interaction).OperationDefinitionDefinicionDeOperacion操作定义DefinizioneOperazioneDéfinitionOpération
OperationOutcomeOperationOutcomeA collection of error, warning, or information messages that result from a system action.OperationOutcomeResultadoOperación操作结局RisultatoOperazioneRésultatOpération
OrganizationOrganizationA formally or informally recognized grouping of people or organizations formed for the purpose of achieving some form of collective action. Includes companies, institutions, corporations, departments, community groups, healthcare practice groups, payer/insurer, etc.OrganizationOrganización组织机构OrganizzazioneOrganisation
OrganizationAffiliationOrganizationAffiliationDefines an affiliation/assotiation/relationship between 2 distinct oganizations, that is not a part-of relationship/sub-division relationship.OrganizationAffiliation
PackagedProductDefinitionPackagedProductDefinitionA medically related item or items, in a container or package.PackagedProductDefinition
ParametersParametersThis resource is a non-persisted resource used to pass information into and back from an [operation](operations.html). It has no other use, and there is no RESTful endpoint associated with it.ParametersParametros参数
PatientPatientDemographics and other administrative information about an individual or animal receiving care or other health-related services.PatientPaciente患者PazientePatient
PaymentNoticePaymentNoticeThis resource provides the status of the payment for goods and services rendered, and the request and response resource references.PaymentNoticeAvisoDePago付款通知AvvisoDiPagamentoAvisPaiement
PaymentReconciliationPaymentReconciliationThis resource provides the details including amount of a payment and allocates the payment items being paid.PaymentReconciliationConciliacionDePago付款对账RiconciliazionePagamentoRéconciliationPaiement
PersonPersonDemographics and administrative information about a person independent of a specific health-related context.PersonPersona人员PersonaPersonne
PlanDefinitionPlanDefinitionThis resource allows for the definition of various types of plans as a sharable, consumable, and executable artifact. The resource is general enough to support the description of a broad range of clinical and non-clinical artifacts such as clinical decision support rules, order sets, protocols, and drug quality specifications.PlanDefinitionDefinicionDePlan计划定义
PractitionerPractitionerA person who is directly or indirectly involved in the provisioning of healthcare.PractitionerPracticante / Profesional执业人员Praticien
PractitionerRolePractitionerRoleA specific set of Roles/Locations/specialties/services that a practitioner may perform at an organization for a period of time.PractitionerRoleRolProfesional执业人员角色
ProcedureProcedureAn action that is or was performed on or for a patient, practitioner, device, organization, or location. For example, this can be a physical intervention on a patient like an operation, or less invasive like long term services, counseling, or hypnotherapy. This can be a quality or safety inspection for a location, organization, or device. This can be an accreditation procedure on a practitioner for licensing.ProcedureProcedimiento操作项目ProceduraProcédure
ProvenanceProvenanceProvenance of a resource is a record that describes entities and processes involved in producing and delivering or otherwise influencing that resource. Provenance provides a critical foundation for assessing authenticity, enabling trust, and allowing reproducibility. Provenance assertions are a form of contextual metadata and can themselves become important records with their own provenance. Provenance statement indicates clinical significance in terms of confidence in authenticity, reliability, and trustworthiness, integrity, and stage in lifecycle (e.g. Document Completion - has the artifact been legally authenticated), all of which may impact security, privacy, and trust policies.ProvenanceProcedencia出处ProvenienzaProvenance
QuestionnaireQuestionnaireA structured set of questions intended to guide the collection of answers from end-users. Questionnaires provide detailed control over order, presentation, phraseology and grouping to allow coherent, consistent data collection.QuestionnaireCuestionario调查问卷QuestionarioQuestionnaire
QuestionnaireResponseQuestionnaireResponseA structured set of questions and their answers. The questions are ordered and grouped into coherent subsets, corresponding to the structure of the grouping of the questionnaire being responded to.QuestionnaireResponseRespuestaAlCuestionario调查问卷答复RispostaQuestionarioRéponseQuestionnaire
RegulatedAuthorizationRegulatedAuthorizationRegulatory approval, clearance or licencing related to a regulated product, treatment, facility or activity that is cited in a guidance, regulation, rule or legislative act. An example is Market Authorization relating to a Medicinal Product.RegulatedAuthorization
RelatedPersonRelatedPersonInformation about a person that is involved in the care for a patient, but who is not the target of healthcare, nor has a formal responsibility in the care process.RelatedPersonPersonaRelacionada相关人员PersonaCorrelataPersonneEnRelation
RequestGroupRequestGroupA group of related requests that can be used to capture intended activities that have inter-dependencies such as "give this medication after that one".RequestGroupGrupoDeSolicitudes请求分组GruppoDiRichieste
ResearchStudyResearchStudyA process where a researcher or organization plans and then executes a series of steps intended to increase the field of healthcare-related knowledge. This includes studies of safety, efficacy, comparative effectiveness and other information about medications, devices, therapies and other interventional and investigative techniques. A ResearchStudy involves the gathering of information about human or animal subjects.ResearchStudyEstudioDeInvestigacion调查研究
ResearchSubjectResearchSubjectA physical entity which is the primary unit of operational and/or administrative interest in a study.ResearchSubjectSujetoDeInvestigacion研究主题
ResourceResourceThis is the base resource type for everything.ResourceRecurso资源
RiskAssessmentRiskAssessmentAn assessment of the likely outcome(s) for a patient or other subject as well as the likelihood of each outcome.RiskAssessmentEvaluacionDeRiesgo风险评估ÉvaluationRisques
ScheduleScheduleA container for slots of time that may be available for booking appointments.ScheduleAgenda日程安排
SearchParameterSearchParameterA search parameter that defines a named search item that can be used to search/filter on a resource.SearchParameterParametroDeBusqueda搜索参数ParametroDiRicercaParamètreRecherche
ServiceRequestServiceRequestA record of a request for service such as diagnostic investigations, treatments, or operations to be performed.ServiceRequestPeticiónServicio服务项目请求RichiestaDiServizioDemandeService
SlotSlotA slot of time on a schedule that may be available for booking appointments.SlotHueco / Zocalo / Espacio槽位Slot
SpecimenSpecimenA sample to be used for analysis.SpecimenEspecimen标本CampioneSpécimen
SpecimenDefinitionSpecimenDefinitionA kind of specimen with associated set of requirements.SpecimenDefinitionDefinicionDeEspecimen标本定义DefinizioneCampione
StructureDefinitionStructureDefinitionA definition of a FHIR structure. This resource is used to describe the underlying resources, data types defined in FHIR, and also for describing extensions and constraints on resources and data types.StructureDefinitionDefinicionDeEstructura结构定义DefinizioneStrutturaDéfinitionStructure
StructureMapStructureMapA Map of relationships between 2 structures that can be used to transform data.StructureMapMapaDeEstructura结构映射
SubscriptionSubscriptionThe subscription resource describes a particular client's request to be notified about a SubscriptionTopic.SubscriptionSuscripción订阅SottoscrizioneSouscription
SubscriptionStatusSubscriptionStatusThe SubscriptionStatus resource describes the state of a Subscription during notifications.SubscriptionStatus
SubscriptionTopicSubscriptionTopicDescribes a stream of resource state changes identified by trigger criteria and annotated with labels useful to filter projections from this topic.SubscriptionTopicTema de Suscripción话题Souscription Sujet
SubstanceSubstanceA homogeneous material with a definite composition.SubstanceSustancia物质SostanzaSubstance
SubstanceDefinitionSubstanceDefinitionThe detailed description of a substance, typically at a level beyond what is used for prescribing.SubstanceDefinition
SubstanceNucleicAcidSubstanceNucleicAcidNucleic acids are defined by three distinct elements: the base, sugar and linkage. Individual substance/moiety IDs will be created for each of these elements. The nucleotide sequence will be always entered in the 5’-3’ direction.SubstanceNucleicAcid
SubstancePolymerSubstancePolymerProperties of a substance specific to it being a polymer.SubstancePolymer
SubstanceProteinSubstanceProteinA SubstanceProtein is defined as a single unit of a linear amino acid sequence, or a combination of subunits that are either covalently linked or have a defined invariant stoichiometric relationship. This includes all synthetic, recombinant and purified SubstanceProteins of defined sequence, whether the use is therapeutic or prophylactic. This set of elements will be used to describe albumins, coagulation factors, cytokines, growth factors, peptide/SubstanceProtein hormones, enzymes, toxins, toxoids, recombinant vaccines, and immunomodulators.SubstanceProtein
SubstanceSourceMaterialSubstanceSourceMaterialSource material shall capture information on the taxonomic and anatomical origins as well as the fraction of a material that can result in or can be modified to form a substance. This set of data elements shall be used to define polymer substances isolated from biological matrices. Taxonomic and anatomical origins shall be described using a controlled vocabulary as required. This information is captured for naturally derived polymers ( . starch) and structurally diverse substances. For Organisms belonging to the Kingdom Plantae the Substance level defines the fresh material of a single species or infraspecies, the Herbal Drug and the Herbal preparation. For Herbal preparations, the fraction information will be captured at the Substance information level and additional information for herbal extracts will be captured at the Specified Substance Group 1 information level. See for further explanation the Substance Class: Structurally Diverse and the herbal annex.SubstanceSourceMaterial
SupplyDeliverySupplyDeliveryRecord of delivery of what is supplied.SupplyDeliveryEntrega de Suministro供应交付Supply Livraison
SupplyRequestSupplyRequestA record of a request for a medication, substance or device used in the healthcare setting.SupplyRequestSolicitud de Suministro供应请求Demande d'approvisionnement
TaskTaskA task to be performed.TaskTarea任务
TerminologyCapabilitiesTerminologyCapabilitiesA TerminologyCapabilities resource documents a set of capabilities (behaviors) of a FHIR Terminology Server that may be used as a statement of actual server functionality or a statement of required or desired server implementation.TerminologyCapabilitiesCapacidadTerminologica术语服务能力
TestReportTestReportA summary of information based on the results of executing a TestScript.TestReportReporteDePrueba测试报告RapportTest
TestScriptTestScriptA structured set of tests against a FHIR server or client implementation to determine compliance against the FHIR specification.TestScriptScriptDePrueba测试脚本ScriptTest
ValueSetValueSetA ValueSet resource instance specifies a set of codes drawn from one or more code systems, intended for use in a particular context. Value sets link between [[[CodeSystem]]] definitions and their use in [coded elements](terminologies.html).ValueSetConjuntoValores / ConjuntoDeValores取值集合EnsembleValeurs
VerificationResultVerificationResultDescribes validation requirements, source(s), status and dates for one or more elements.VerificationResult
VisionPrescriptionVisionPrescriptionAn authorization for the provision of glasses and/or contact lenses to a patient.VisionPrescriptionPrescripcionDeVision视力处方PrescriptionVision

Additional Language Displays

ClaimClaimReclamación / FacturaRéclamation赔单
DetectedIssueDetectedIssueProblema-Detectado /ProblemaDetectadoProblème DétectéProblemaRilevato已发现问题
ImagingStudyImagingStudyEstudioImagen / EstudioImagenEtudeImagerie成像检查
ImmunizationRecommendationImmunizationRecommendationRecomendaciónInmunización /RecommendationImmunisation免疫接种建议
LinkageLinkageEnlace / Conexión / Vinculo / Acoplamiento 链接关系
MedicationMedicationMedicación /MedicamentoMédication药物
MedicationAdministrationMedicationAdministrationAdministraciónMedicación / AdministracionMedicamentoAdministrationMédicaments药物施用
MedicationDispenseMedicationDispenseDispensaciónMedicación /DispensacionMedicamentoDispensationMédicaments药物配发
MedicationRequestMedicationRequestPrescripciónMedicaciónTODO /PrescripcionMedicamentoPrescriptionMédicamenteuseTODO药物请求
PractitionerPractitionerPracticante / ProfesionalPraticien执业人员
SlotSlotHueco / Zocalo / EspacioSlot槽位
SubscriptionTopicSubscriptionTopicTema de SuscripciónSouscription Sujet话题
SupplyDeliverySupplyDeliveryEntrega de SuministroSupply Livraison供应交付
SupplyRequestSupplyRequestSolicitud de SuministroDemande d'approvisionnement供应请求
ValueSetValueSetConjuntoValores / ConjuntoDeValoresEnsembleValeurs取值集合


See the full registry of value sets defined as part of FHIR.

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

LvlA few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. For value sets, levels are mostly used to organize codes for user convenience, but may follow code system hierarchy - see Code System for further information
SourceThe source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
CodeThe code (used as the code in the resource instance). If the code is in italics, this indicates that the code is not selectable ('Abstract')
DisplayThe display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
DefinitionAn explanation of the meaning of the concept
CommentsAdditional notes about how to use the code