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Title:SNOMED CT Drug Therapy Status codes

This value set includes some taken and not taken reason codes from SNOMED CT - provided as an exemplar

Committee:Pharmacy Work Group
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.369 (for OID based terminology systems)

This value set includes content from SNOMED CT, which is copyright © 2002+ International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), and distributed by agreement between IHTSDO and HL7. Implementer use of SNOMED CT is not covered by this agreement

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This expansion generated 15 Jan 2021

This value set contains 120 concepts

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182862001 Drug not taken - dislike taste
182863006 Drug not taken - dislike form
182864000 Drug not taken - side-effects
182865004 Drug not taken - inconvenient
182867007 Drug not taken - pat disbelief
182868002 Treatment stopped - alternative therapy undertaken
182869005 Drug not taken - patient lost tablets
182870006 Drug discontinued - reason unknown
182871005 Drug discontinued - patient fear/risk
182872003 Drug discontinued - too expensive
182873008 Drug treatment stopped - patient ran out of tablets
182874002 Treatment stopped - patient unable to concentrate
266711001 Drug not taken - problem swallowing
275929009 Tablets too large to swallow
134390006 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor not indicated
134397009 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor declined
135799002 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor indicated
161646004 H/O: high risk medication
161647008 H/O: anticoagulant therapy
161648003 H/O: steroid therapy
161649006 H/O: insulin therapy
161650006 H/O: anticonvulsant therapy
161652003 H/O: hormone replacement (HRT)
161653008 H/O: chemotherapy
170622002 Oral steroids started
170624001 Oral steroids stopped
170688000 Lithium stopped
170689008 Injectable phenothiazine stopped
170821007 B12 injections started
170826002 B12 injections stopped
170919001 Warfarin therapy stopped
170954008 Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) contraindicated
170955009 Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) started
170958006 Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) stopped
182834008 Drug course completed
182840001 Drug treatment stopped - medical advice
182841002 Dr stopped drugs - ineffective
182842009 Doctor stopped drugs - side effect
182843004 Dr stopped drugs -inconvenient
182844005 Doctor stopped drugs - patient dislikes
182845006 Doctor stopped drugs - avoid interaction
182846007 Doctor stopped drugs - medical aim achieved
274512008 Drug therapy discontinued
309841001 Thyroxine treatment stopped
312451002 Aspirin prophylaxis contra-indicated
315023008 Aspirin prophylaxis refused
315062004 Beta blocker contraindicated
315364008 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors contraindicated
390914001 Thrombolytic therapy refused
391158008 Antibiotic prophylaxis recommended
391159000 Antibiotic prophylaxis not recommended
394888000 Hormone replacement therapy requested
394987009 Angiotensin II receptor antagonists contraindicated
395006008 Medication stopped - interaction
395007004 Medication stopped - ineffective
395008009 Medication stopped - contra-indication
395009001 Medication stopped - side effect
401084003 Angiotensin II receptor antagonist declined
401244004 H/O: prolonged corticosteroid therapy
407572003 Angiotensin II receptor antagonist not indicated
408339001 Thrombolysis therapy not indicated
408354007 Drug treatment still needed
408355008 Drug treatment no longer needed
412782003 Inappropriate medication stopped
413555000 Antibiotic prophylaxis indicated
413558003 Anticoagulation contraindicated
413559006 Anticoagulation declined
413560001 Anticoagulation not indicated
416404000 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor target dose not achieved
417576009 Deferred antibiotic therapy
430279008 Drug treatment stopped at end of clinical trial
438553004 H/O: drug therapy
439631004 H/O: statin therapy
440935004 H/O: beta blocker therapy
440991005 H/O: nitrate therapy
441186000 H/O: antiplatelet agent therapy
441195008 H/O: angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor therapy
441196009 H/O: angiotensin II receptor antagonist therapy
441899004 History of therapy with ototoxic medication
473151000 History of tuberculosis chemotherapy
698428006 Angiotensin II receptor antagonist indicated
698449007 Antibiotic therapy indicated
698459008 Antidepressant drug treatment stopped
698460003 Antiviral therapy declined
698468005 Bisoprolol contraindicated
698758004 Nebivolol therapy refused
698985001 Long term dual antiplatelet drug therapy indicated
699008007 History of fenfluramine therapy
699137009 Carvedilol therapy declined
700110004 Bisphosphonate prophylaxis suspended
700384008 Antibiotic prophylaxis not indicated
702542006 Incretin mimetic therapy started
703989007 Teriparatide therapy declined
703991004 Raloxifene therapy declined
703996009 Teriparatide not indicated
703997000 Teriparatide contraindicated
703999002 Raloxifene contraindicated
704000000 Raloxifene not indicated
704033005 Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor not indicated
704047009 Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor declined
707298000 Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor contraindicated
708000007 Insulin treatment stopped
710159007 Long-term current use of immunosuppressive drug
710814002 Long-term current use of drug therapy
710815001 Long-term current use of insulin
710816000 Long-term current use of steroid
710817009 Long-term current use of inhaled steroid
711149003 Long-term current use of antibiotic
711150003 Long-term current use of anticoagulant
711370000 Oral steroids used since last encounter
711436000 Inhaled steroids used daily
712985002 Chemotherapy not done
106511000119106 Long-term current use of mycophenolate
106521000119104 Long-term current use of cyclophosphamide
106631000119102 Long-term current use of infliximab
106691000119103 Long-term current use of etanercept
133621000119103 Long term current use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug
134651000119108 History of estrogen therapy
134671000119104 History of systemic steroid therapy
140561000119102 Long-term current use of azathioprine


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