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Title:Diet Codes

Codes that can be used to indicate the type of food being ordered for a patient. This value set is provided as a suggestive example. It includes codes from SNOMED CT where concept is-a 182922004 (Dietary regime (regime/therapy))

Committee:Orders and Observations Work Group
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.385 (for OID based terminology systems)

This resource includes content from SNOMED Clinical Terms® (SNOMED CT®) which is copyright of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO). Implementers of these specifications must have the appropriate SNOMED CT Affiliate license - for more information contact or

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This expansion generated 16 Jun 2021

This value set contains 217 concepts

Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 31-Jan 2020

All codes from system

182922004 Dietary regime
38903004 Tube feeding by syringe method
50712000 Tube feeding by Barron pump
56948003 Tube feeding by drip method
61420007 Tube feeding of patient
182954008 Dietary prophylaxis
182955009 Low carbohydrate diet - prophylaxis
182956005 Low calorie diet - prophylaxis
182957001 Low salt diet - prophylaxis
182958006 Salt free diet - prophylaxis
182959003 Low protein diet - prophylaxis
182960008 Unsaturated fat diet - prophylaxis
183028005 Nasal tube feeding
223456000 Provision of a special diet
225373002 PEG - Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy feeding
225374008 Jejunostomy feeding
229912004 Enteral feeding
229913009 Oral tube feeding
229914003 Nasogastric feeding
229915002 Nasoduodenal feeding
229916001 Esophagostomy feeding
229917005 Gastrostomy feeding
284071006 Dietary treatment for disorder
289133003 Button gastrostomy feeding
310244003 Nasojejunal feeding
361231003 Prescribed dietary intake
386261001 Diet staging
404919001 Wheat-free diet
422972009 Advance diet as tolerated
425458000 Lactose-free diet
762104002 Modified fluid diet
765021002 Vegetarian diet
765022009 Lacto-vegetarian diet
765023004 Lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet
765024005 Atkins diet
765025006 Kosher diet
765052001 Hindu diet
765053006 Low fructose diet
765060000 Ketogenic diet
765063003 Cantonese diet
792805006 Fasting
1151000175103 Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet
435581000124102 Carbohydrate modified diet
435651000124106 Consistent carbohydrate diet
435661000124108 Galactose modified diet
435671000124101 Cholesterol modified diet
435681000124103 Dietary liquid consistency diet
435691000124100 Diet modified for specific foods or ingredients
435701000124100 Energy modified diet
435711000124102 Fat modified diet
435721000124105 Fiber modified diet
435731000124108 Liquid diet
435741000124103 Clear liquid diet
435751000124101 Full liquid diet
435771000124106 General healthful diet
435781000124109 Mineral modified diet
435791000124107 Protein modified diet
435801000124108 Texture modified diet
435811000124106 Vitamin modified diet
436661000124100 Lactose modified diet
436671000124107 Decreased lactose diet
436681000124105 Increased carbohydrate diet
436691000124108 Decreased carbohydrate diet
436701000124108 Decreased galactose diet
436711000124106 Decreased cholesterol diet
436721000124103 Increased energy diet
436731000124100 Decreased energy diet
436851000124101 Increased fat diet
436861000124104 Decreased fat diet
436871000124106 Monounsaturated fat modified diet
436881000124109 Polyunsaturated fat modified diet
436891000124107 Saturated fat modified diet
436901000124106 Trans fat modified diet
436911000124109 Increased monounsaturated fat diet
436921000124101 Decreased monounsaturated fat diet
436931000124103 Increased polyunsaturated fat diet
436941000124108 Decreased polyunsaturated fat diet
436951000124105 Decreased saturated fat diet
436961000124107 Decreased trans fat diet
436991000124104 Increased fiber diet
437001000124107 Decreased fiber diet
437011000124105 Soluble fiber modified diet
437021000124102 Insoluble fiber modified diet
437031000124104 Increased soluble fiber diet
437041000124109 Decreased soluble fiber diet
437051000124106 Increased insoluble fiber diet
437061000124108 Decreased insoluble fiber diet
437081000124103 Boron modified diet
437091000124100 Calcium modified diet
437101000124106 Chloride modified diet
437111000124109 Chromium modified diet
437121000124101 Cobalt modified diet
437131000124103 Copper modified diet
437141000124108 Fluoride modified diet
437151000124105 Iodine modified diet
437161000124107 Iron modified diet
437171000124100 Magnesium modified diet
437181000124102 Manganese modified diet
437191000124104 Molybdenum modified diet
437201000124101 Phosphorus modified diet
437211000124103 Potassium modified diet
437221000124106 Selenium modified diet
437231000124109 Sodium modified diet
437241000124104 Sulfur modified diet
437251000124102 Zinc modified diet
437261000124100 Increased calcium diet
437271000124107 Decreased calcium diet
437281000124105 Increased chromium diet
437291000124108 Increased copper diet
437301000124109 Decreased copper diet
437311000124107 Increased iodine diet
437321000124104 Decreased iodine diet
437331000124101 Increased iron diet
437341000124106 Decreased iron diet
437351000124108 Increased magnesium diet
437361000124105 Decreased magnesium diet
437371000124103 Increased phosphorus diet
437381000124100 Decreased phosphorus diet
437391000124102 High potassium diet
437401000124100 Decreased potassium diet
437411000124102 Increased sodium diet
437421000124105 Decreased sodium diet
437431000124108 Increased zinc diet
437441000124103 Decreased zinc diet
437451000124101 Consistent protein diet
437461000124104 Increased protein diet
437471000124106 Decreased protein diet
437481000124109 Amino acid modified diet
437491000124107 Arginine modified diet
437501000124104 Glutamine modified diet
437511000124101 Histidine modified diet
437521000124109 Increased homocysteine diet
437531000124107 Isoleucine modified diet
437541000124102 Leucine modified diet
437551000124100 Lysine modified diet
437561000124103 Methionine modified diet
437571000124105 Decreased phenylalanine diet
437581000124108 Threonine modified diet
437591000124106 Tryptophan modified diet
437601000124103 Decreased tyramine diet
437611000124100 Tyrosine modified diet
437621000124108 Valine modified diet
437631000124106 Decreased casein diet
437641000124101 Decreased gluten diet
437651000124104 Gluten free diet
437661000124102 Increased arginine diet
437671000124109 Decreased arginine diet
437681000124107 Increased glutamine diet
437691000124105 Decreased glutamine diet
437701000124105 Increased histidine diet
437711000124108 Decreased histidine diet
437721000124100 Increased isoleucine diet
437731000124102 Decreased isoleucine diet
437741000124107 Increased leucine diet
437751000124109 Decreased leucine diet
437761000124106 Increased lysine diet
437771000124104 Decreased lysine diet
437781000124101 Increased methionine diet
437791000124103 Decreased methionine diet
437801000124102 Increased threonine diet
437811000124104 Decreased threonine diet
437821000124107 Increased tryptophan diet
437831000124105 Decreased tryptophan diet
437841000124100 Increased tyrosine diet
437851000124103 Decreased tyrosine diet
437861000124101 Increased valine diet
437871000124108 Decreased valine diet
438001000124106 Biotin modified diet
438011000124109 Folic acid modified diet
438021000124101 Niacin modified diet
438031000124103 Pantothenic acid modified diet
438041000124108 Riboflavin modified diet
438051000124105 Thiamine modified diet
438061000124107 Vitamin A modified diet
438071000124100 Vitamin B6 modified diet
438081000124102 Vitamin B12 modified diet
438091000124104 Vitamin C modified diet
438101000124105 Vitamin D modified diet
438111000124108 Vitamin E modified diet
438121000124100 Vitamin K modified diet
438131000124102 Increased biotin diet
438141000124107 Decreased biotin diet
438151000124109 Increased folic acid diet
438161000124106 Decreased folic acid diet
438171000124104 Increased niacin diet
438181000124101 Decreased niacin diet
438191000124103 Increased pantothenic acid diet
438201000124100 Decreased pantothenic acid diet
438211000124102 Increased riboflavin diet
438221000124105 Decreased riboflavin diet
438231000124108 Increased thiamine diet
438241000124103 Decreased thiamine diet
438251000124101 Increased vitamin A diet
438261000124104 Decreased vitamin A diet
438271000124106 Increased vitamin B12 diet
438281000124109 Decreased vitamin B12 diet
438291000124107 Increased vitamin B6 diet
438301000124108 Decreased vitamin B6 diet
438311000124106 Increased vitamin C diet
438321000124103 Decreased vitamin C diet
438331000124100 Increased vitamin D diet
438341000124105 Decreased vitamin D diet
438351000124107 Increased vitamin E diet
438361000124109 Decreased vitamin E diet
438371000124102 Increased vitamin K diet
438381000124104 Decreased vitamin K diet
439021000124105 Dietary liquid consistency - nectar thick liquid
439031000124108 Dietary liquid consistency - honey thick liquid
439041000124103 Dietary liquid consistency - spoon thick liquid
439061000124104 Fluid restricted diet
439071000124106 Increased fluid diet
439081000124109 Dietary liquid consistency - thin liquid
439101000124101 Easy to chew diet
439111000124103 Mechanically altered diet
439121000124106 Pureed diet
445341000124100 Modification of nutritional regime
445351000124103 Modification of schedule of oral intake


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LvlA few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. For value sets, levels are mostly used to organize codes for user convenience, but may follow code system hierarchy - see Code System for further information
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