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Terminology Infrastructure icon Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: Informative
Core profiles and extensions defined for the ValueSet resource
ShareableValueSetEnforces the minimum information set for the value set metadata required by HL7 and other organizations that share and publish value sets
PublishableValueSetDefines and enforces the minimum expectations for publication and distribution of a value set, typically as part of an artifact repository or implementation guide publication
ComputableValueSetDefines a computable value set as one that SHALL have an expression-based definition (i.e. a value set defined intensionally using expressions of the code systems involved) and MAY have an expansion included. The expression-based definition SHALL be represented in only one of three ways; using the compose element, using the expression extension, or using the rules-text extension to provide a step-by-step process for expanding the value set definition
ExecutableValueSetDefines an executable value set as one that SHALL have an expansion included, as well as a usage warning indicating the expansion is a point-in-time snapshot and must be maintained over time for production usage. The value set expansion specifies the timestamp when the expansion was produced, SHOULD contain the parameters used for the expansion, and SHALL contain the codes that are obtained by evaluating the value set definition. If this is ONLY an executable value set, a computable definition of the value set must be obtained to compute the updated expansion.