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Patient Administration Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: InformativeSecurity Category: Individual Compartments: Practitioner

This table lists profiles and extensions for the Practitioner resource. For background information, see Profiling Resources and Extensibility. Additional profiles and extensions may be found in published Implementation Guides , or in the Conformance resource registry .

No Profiles defined for this resource

practitioner-animalSpecies Practitioner animalSpecies for Practitioner HL7 Extensions
Extensions for all resources or elements
resource-pertainsToGoal pertainsToGoal for Resource HL7 Extensions

Extensions that reference this resource:

consent-Transcriber Transcriber for Consent HL7 Extensions
consent-Witness Witness for Consent HL7 Extensions
cqf-initiatingPerson initiatingPerson for Clinical Reasoning Extensions
cqf-receivingPerson receivingPerson for Clinical Reasoning Extensions
goal-acceptance acceptance for FHIR Core Goal Profile
procedure-directedBy directedBy for Procedure HL7 Extensions
questionnaireresponse-author author for Core extensions for QuestionnaireResponse
questionnaireresponse-reviewer reviewer for Core extensions for QuestionnaireResponse
task-candidateList candidateList for Task HL7 Extensions
Extensions that refer to Any resource
cqf-relativeDateTime relativeDateTime for Clinical Reasoning Extensions
event-basedOn basedOn for Event Pattern HL7 Extensions
event-partOf partOf for Event Pattern HL7 Extensions
flag-detail detail for Flag HL7 Extensions
relative-date Relative Date Criteria for General Extensions for use by FHIR Implementers
replaces replaces for General Extensions for use by FHIR Implementers
request-replaces replaces for Request Pattern HL7 Extensions
workflow-supportingInfo supportingInfo for Workflow Pattern HL7 Extensions
No Search Extensions defined for this resource