Release 5 Preview #2


FHIR Infrastructure Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: InformativeCompartments: Not linked to any defined compartments

This is the narrative for the resource. See also the XML, JSON or Turtle format.

Fetch a subset of the CapabilityStatement resource

OPERATION: Fetch a subset of the CapabilityStatement resource

The official URL for this operation definition is:

This operation asks the server to return a subset of the CapabilityStatement resource - just the REST parts that relate to a set of nominated resources - the resources that the client is interested in

URL: [base]/CapabilityStatement/$subset

URL: [base]/CapabilityStatement/[id]/$subset



The canonical URL - use this if the subset is not invoked on an instance (or on the /metadata end-point)


A resource that the client would like to include in the return


The subsetted CapabilityStatement resource that is returned. This should be tagged with the SUBSETTED code



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