Implementation Guide CH VACD
2.1.0 - STU 3 Ballot

Implementation Guide CH VACD, published by HL7 Switzerland. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 2.1.0). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions


All significant changes to this FHIR implementation guide will be documented on this page.

STU 3 Ballot

The issues in an overview for this ballot can be found here

ValueSet issues

  • Issue 126: review and update of CH-VACD value sets including translations
  • Issue 116: additional HPV-vaccination ch-vacd-ch-vaccination-plan-immunizations-vs (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 115: additional HPV vaccine ch-vacd-vaccines-snomedct-vs (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 114: Change English display name to “Rotavirus disease” ch-vacd-targetdiseasesandillnessesundergoneforimmunization-vs (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 113: additional concept “Anaphylaxis caused by component of vaccine product (disorder)” ch-vacd-immunization-allergyintolerances-vs (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 106: Define CH Recommendation Forecast Status CodeSystem/ValueSet
  • Issue 103: Terminology - Nuvaxovid in Value Sets ergänzen (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)

Fixes and Typos

  • Issue 128: Rename tab ‘Documents’
  • Issue 127: Update title of the profiles
  • Issue 125: Improve Slicing that info entry[1] warnings are not shown
  • Issue 123: Examples: Fix GLN Numbers in examples after failing checks by CH CORE profile
  • Issue 122: Typo: communication:languageOfCorrespondance
  • Issue 105: CM wrong direction of source / target (Roeland Luykx (RALY GmbH))

Profile issues

  • Issue 129: warning: Found multiple matching profiles
  • Issue 124: CH VACD Recommendation Profile - remove the profile without sense
  • Issue 121: Profile Definition for “Basic Immunization done”
  • Issue 119: map or remove ATC value set – ch-vacd-vaccines-atc-vs (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 118: do we need it? CH VACD Pregnancy Profile (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 117: Really needed? CH VACD Other Relevant Observations (Condition) (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 112: Specify presentation requirements of Immunization Administration Document (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 111: absent or unknown immunization leads to unlogic constraints – CH VACD Immunization Profile (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 110: Provide Minimal Data Set or Must Support (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 109: Terminology - replace urn:oid uri (Roeland Luykx, RALY GmbH)
  • Issue 108: Immunization Profile - Vaccine code VS have to be extensible in place of requrired (Roeland Luykx, RALY GmbH/HCI)
  • Issue 107: CH VACD Recommendation Patient Profile - reduce restriction for name (Roeland Luykx (in name of HCI))
  • Issue 104: CH VACD Medication For Immunization Profile (Oliver Egger, ahdis)
  • Issue 101: CH VACD Other Relevant Observations: add short explanation about the resource type Condition

STU 2 Ballot

Added Missing Parts


Changed and Updates


  • Issue 66: Immunization Certificate - Missing Sections in Picture (Roeland Luykx, RALY GmbH)

Open features

  • Issue 52: Revision of the code systems
  • Issue 69: Travel information – Immunization Recommendation Request (Annatina Foppa, eHealth Suisse)
  • Issue 88: Usecase from hospital environment to report vaccination documentation to authorities (Daniel Ratschiller, Cistec AG)
  • Issue 99: Expert review of valuesets and translations