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ValueSet: Swiss Occupation Risks For Immunizations

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Active as of 2024-05-23 Computable Name: SwissOccupationRisksForImmunizations
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Copyright/Legal: CC0-1.0

The occupation exposition risks used in Switzerland.


Logical Definition (CLD)

This value set includes codes based on the following rules:

Additional Language Displays

CodeDeutsch (Schweiz) (German (Switzerland), de)English (United States) (English (United States), en)French (Switzerland) (fr)Italian (Switzerland) (it)rm
373068000 Nicht bekannt Undetermined (qualifier value) Indéterminé Indeterminato Nunenconuschent
61246008 Spezialist / Spezialistin für Labormedizin Laboratory medicine specialist (occupation) spécialiste en médecine de laboratoire specialista in medicina di laboratorio spezialista u spezialist per medischina da labor
159653008 Rekrut / Rekrutin Trainee - armed forces (occupation) recrue recluta recruta u recrut
160157004 Kanalisationsarbeiter / Kanalisationsarbeiterin Sewerman (occupation) agent d'entretien des canalisations persona addetta alla manutenzione delle fognature lavuranta u lavurant da chanalisaziun
265940000 Beschäftigt im Veterinärwesen Animal health occupation (occupation) profession en santé animale professione in ambito veterinario occupada u occupà en ils fatgs veterinars
1186914001 Betreuungsperson von geistig Behinderten Intellectual disability nurse (occupation) auxiliaire de vie de personnes vivant avec un handicap mental persona che assiste disabili mentali persuna che assitsa persunas cun impediments spiertals
223366009 Gesundheitsfachperson Healthcare professional (occupation) professionnel de la santé professionista della salute persuna spezialisada dal sectur da sanadad
100002 Sozialarbeiter, Gefängnispersonal, Polizei mit häufigem Kontakt zu Drogenkonsumenten Social workers, prison staff, police with frequent contact with drug users Travailleurs sociaux, personnel des prisons et de la police en contact fréquent avec des consommateurs de drogues Social workers, prison staff, police with frequent contact with drug users Social workers, prison staff, police with frequent contact with drug users



Expansion based on:

This value set contains 8 concepts

  373068000 (qualifier value)
  61246008 medicine specialist
  159653008 - armed forces
  265940000 health occupation (occupation)
  1186914001 disability nurse (occupation)
  223366009 professional
  100002 workers, prison staff, police with frequent contact with drug users

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