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Example Bundle: Test Case C 05: Document Patient with Past Illness Entries

Immunization Administration

Id: C-D6-P-C1-Composition

Identifier: urn:ietf:rfc:3986#urn:uuid:73d0abee-843e-437f-9f52-aeeff8ba758d

Status: Final

Code: Immunization record (

Patient: Patient/TC-patient Wegmueller Monika

Date: October 6, 2021


Patient/TC-patient Wegmueller Monika

Confidentiality: null Normal (qualifier value) (


Previous illnesses

Previous illnesses

Code: Hx of Past illness (



Additional Document Content

2. (Patient/TC-patient)

Monika Wegmueller Female, DoB: 1967-02-10 ( Medical record number: 12345678)

3. (Organization/TC-ORG1)

Generated Narrative: Organization

Resource Organization "TC-ORG1"

Profile: CH Core Organization EPR

identifier: GLN/7601777777718

name: Gruppenpraxis Müller


*ph: tel:+, fax: fax:+,, http://www.gruppenpraxis.chGrabenstrasse 2 Zürich ZH 8005 CH

4. (Condition/TCC05-UNDILL1)

Generated Narrative: Condition

Resource Condition "TCC05-UNDILL1"

Profile: CH VACD Past Illness

identifier: urn:oid:2.16.756.

clinicalStatus: Resolved (Condition Clinical Status Codes#resolved)

verificationStatus: Unconfirmed (ConditionVerificationStatus#unconfirmed)

code: Measles (disorder) (SNOMED CT#14189004)

subject: See above (Patient/TC-patient)

onset: 2015-07-30

recordedDate: 2015-07-30