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Mobile Privacy Policy Retrieve [PPQ-5]


This transaction is used by the Policy Consumer to retrieve policy sets. The only HTTP method which SHALL be supported is GET.


Interaction Diagram for [PPQ-5]Policy ConsumerPolicy RepositoryQuery by Patient IDHTTPGET[baseUrl]/Consent?patient:identifier=urn:oid:2.16.756.|[epr-spid]HTTP responsePayload: Bundle / OperationOutcomeQuery by Policy Set IDHTTPGET[baseUrl]/Consent?identifier=[uuid]HTTP responsePayload: Bundle / OperationOutcome
Figure 6: PPQ-5: HTTP Method GET

Trigger Events

The Policy Consumer sends this message to retrieve existing policy sets from the Policy Repository.

Request Message

The request body SHALL be empty.

The request SHALL be sent:

  • For querying by patient ID — to [baseUrl]/Consent?patient:identifier=urn:oid:2.16.756.|[epr-spid].
  • For querying by policy set ID — to [baseUrl]/Consent?identifier=[uuid].

Expected Actions

Upon receiving the HTTP GET request, the Policy Repository SHALL create a PPQ 5 response according to the transaction outcome.

Response Message

The PPQ 5 response SHALL be created according to the section of the FHIR R4 specification. If the response body is a Bundle, then it SHALL comply to the PpqmRetrieveResponseBundle profile.

Security Considerations

TLS SHALL be used. For user authentication and authorization, the IUA profile with extended access token SHALL be used as described in the Amendment mHealth of Annex 5, Section 3.2. Consequently, the Mobile Privacy Policy Retrieve [PPQ 5] transaction SHALL be combined with the Incorporate Access Token [ITI-72] transaction of the IUA profile.

The involved actors SHALL record audit events. The Policy Consumer SHALL use the ATNA FHIR Feed option thereby, the Policy Repository SHALL use either the ATNA FHIR Feed option or the ATNA TLS Syslog option.

The audit records correspond to the ones of PPQ 2, with the following adaptations:

  • EventTypeCode SHALL be set to EV("PPQ-5", "e-health-suisse", "Mobile Privacy Policy Retrieve").
  • The Destination User ID SHALL be the FHIR endpoint URI of the Policy Repository.