JohnMoehrke Consent with Segmented data
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This is an experimental IG, and does not contain constraints or guidance. This publication is expressing a set of use-cases with example services and data.

This IG focuses on a use-case where a Patient is allowed to express Consent rules based on data segmentation. Specifically some cases:

  1. that an EHR has data on the Patient
  2. that the data can be segmented into some sensitivity classifications (e.g. ETH, PSY)
  3. that the EHR has organizational rules related to PurposeOfUse, Role Based Access Control.
  4. that the Patient has expressed a Consent with segmentation provisions.
  5. when data are Used or Disclosed the access is limited to the authorized data
Process ReleationshippatientConsentsuserUserAppAccessControlOrg policies & ConsentsEHRSLSAccessEnforcementpatient specific rulesaccess dataIs any access allowed?Yes, but only non sensitiveGet patient specific rulesRequest data givenAccessControl tokenrequest to tag search resultstagged dataallowed data


Defined Actors

overall actor interfaceAny AppElectronic Health RecordAccess Control DecisionAccess Control EnforcementConsent RepositorySecurity Labeling Service[1] check authorization[2] any relevant consents[3] get data w/ token[*] data tagging[4] given tagged data, enforce token[5] deliver authorized data


You can also download:

The source code for this Implementation Guide can be found on John Moehrke GitHub

Cross Version Analysis

This is an R4B IG. None of the features it uses are changed in R4, so it can be used as is with R4 systems. Packages for both R4 (johnmoehrke.consentwithsegmentation.r4) and R4B (johnmoehrke.consentwithsegmentation.r4b) are available.

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