Specialty Medication Enrollment
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Specialty Medication Enrollment, published by HL7 International - Pharmacy. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 2.1.0). This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/HL7/fhir-specialty-rx/ and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Error handling

Failure or non-execution of an individual search within a Query

If a Data Source system…

  • is unable to execute an individual search included in a Query message


  • encounters a non-fatal exception when executing an individual search

the system SHALL include a searchset Bundle entry containing the search string and an OperationOutcome describing the issue as a query-result parameter in the Query Response message. The search.mode of this entry SHALL be set to the value, outcome.

      "fullUrl" : "http://example.org/MyEHR/Bundle/987654",
      "resource" : {
        "resourceType" : "Bundle",
        "id" : "987654",
        "meta" : {
          "profile" : [
        "type" : "searchset",
        "timestamp" : "2020-03-11T13:10:17-05:00",
        "total" : 0,
        "link" : [
            "relation" : "self",
            "url" : "AllergyIn?patient=patientEHR"
        "entry" : [
            "fullUrl" : "http://example.org/MyEHR/OperationOutcome/100",
            "resource" : {
              "resourceType" : "OperationOutcome",
              "id" : "100",
              "issue" : [
                  "severity" : "error",
                  "code" : "processing",
                  "diagnostics" : "Unknown resource type 'AllergyIn'"
            "search" : {
              "mode" : "outcome"

Full Query Response example containing a failed search

Error preventing the return of a Query Response

When a Data Source system encounters an error that prevents it from responding to a Query message with a Query Response, it SHALL respond by returning a Error message containing an OperationOutcome resource that describes the nature of the failure.

The OperationOutcome:

  • SHALL contain a definition of severity in the OperationOutcome.issue.severity field.
  • SHALL contain a definition of the type of error in the OperationOutcome.issue.code element.
  • SHOULD provide additional diagnostic details of the error in OperationOutcome.diagnostics property
  • SHOULD contain details of the error in the OperationOutcome.issue.details.coding.display field.
  • SHOULD contain an OperationOutcome.issue.details.coding.code value.