SDOH Clinical Care
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SDOH Clinical Care, published by HL7 International / Patient Care. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 2.1.0 built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

STU2 Ballot Changes

Page standards status: Informative

Jira Tickets – all applied – see changes below

  1. FHIR-34237 – Replace Task with a Task for Referrals and one for the Patient, and add documentation
    • Patient task should support surveys, documentation, and contact information
  2. FHIR-34238 – Add Draft observations for race and ethnicity that support the identification of “source” and “method” of collection and add documentation – need US core exceptions from CPWG for observations – submitted variance request to CPG and was approved (see profiles)
  3. FHIR-34242 – Change ServiceRequest and Procedure profiles to use US core value set for .code
  4. FHIR-34243 – Change Condition profile to use US Core .code value set and provide guidance on the use of both SNOMED-CT and ICD-10 (as codings)
  5. FHIR-34244 – Add profile for HealthcareService and Location to use in the Patient Task to indicate contact information
  6. FHIR-34246 – Add Service order detail in the ServiceRequest to indicate that the service organization is not to call the patient/client
  7. FHIR-34255 – Define workflow with patient involvement
  8. FHIR-34256 – Define workflow with multiple services organization
  9. FHIR-34257 – Add additional examples for each of the new / changed profiles /requirements
  10. FHIR-34236 – Update profiles must support and element definitions based on feedback from implementers
  11. FHIR-34233 – Add support for external terminologies as part of ServiceRequest and Procedure.
  12. FHIR-34339 – Add Guidance on relationship between new Race and Ethnicity Observation with US Core

This ballot is focused on a number of additions and corrections based on feedback from addresses several additions, modifications, technical corrections, errata, clarifications listed below.


Added values and notes FHIR-34237, FHIR-34238, FHIR-34246

Value Sets

Adopted US Core Value Sets FHIR-34233

Removed Values Sets (no longer required) FHIR-34233

Added Value Sets for Race/Ethnicity Observation Profile FHIR-34238

Added Value Sets for Patient Task FHIR-34237

Added values and notes FHIR-34233


US Core FHIR-34233

  • Updated from 3.1.1 to 4.0.0

Updated Profiles FHIR-34233

  • SDOHCC Condition FHIR-34243

    • Added guidance on use of SDOH value sets
  • SDOHCC Goal FHIR 34233

    • Added guidance on use of SDOH value sets in VSAC
    • Make Goal.value due date MS
  • SDOHCC Procedure FHIR-34233, FHIR-34242

    • Procedure.code.coding – added slice for example of social services taxonomy (e.g. 211 LA) as Must Support
  • SDOHCC ServiceRequest FHIR-34246, FHIR-34233, FHIR-34242

    • ServiceRequest.status –- updated guidance
    • ServiceRequest.code – removed slices and added reference to US Core Procedure value set
    • ServiceRequest.code.coding – added slice for example of social services taxonomy (e.g. 211 LA) as Must Support
    • ServiceRequest.reasonReference – added guidance
    • ServiceRequest.orderDetail – added order detail to indicate that the service organization is not to call the patient/client

Added new profiles

New Draft Observation Profiles for Race and Ethnicity



Changed name and updated content

Added CapabilityStatement



  • Many of the examples have been renamed, updated, or added to appropriately provide examples of the changes noted above FHIR-34257