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Questionnaire: SDOHCC Questionnaire Hunger Vital Sign

Official URL: Version: 2.2.0
Standards status: Informative Computable Name: SDOHCCQuestionnaireHungerVitalSign

Generated Narrative: Questionnaire SDOHCC-QuestionnaireHungerVitalSign

LinkIDTextCardinalityTypeDescription & Constraintsdoco
.. SDOHCCQuestionnaireHungerVitalSignQuestionnaire
... /88122-7Within the past 12 months we worried whether our food would run out before we got money to buy more.0..1choiceOptions: 4 options
... /88123-5Within the past 12 months the food we bought just didn't last and we didn't have money to get more0..1choiceOptions: 4 options
... /88124-3Food insecurity risk0..1choiceOptions: 2 options
.... /88124-3-helpAn answer of "often true" or "sometimes true" to either or both of the Hunger Vital Sign™ questions identifies a patient as at risk for food insecurity (FI).0..1display

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Options Sets

Answer options for /88122-7

  • ("Often true")
  • ("Sometimes true")
  • ("Never true")
  • ("Don't know/refused")

Answer options for /88123-5

  • ("Often true")
  • ("Sometimes true")
  • ("Never true")
  • ("Don't know/refused")

Answer options for /88124-3

  • ("At risk")
  • ("No risk")