Situational Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response
1.0.0 - STU Release

Situational Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response, published by HL7 International Public Health Workgroup. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.0.0). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

ConceptMap: HAvBED2 to FHIR Concept Map

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DRAFT (not intended for production usage). Published on 2020-03-24 by HL7 International Public Health Workgroup (,, Keith W. Boone:

This Concept Map provides mappings from terms used in the HAvBED2 specification to HL7 FHIR

Source Concept DetailsRelationshipDestination Concept DetailsComment
Code from Code from RoleCode
AdultICUis equivalent toICUIntensive care unitThese can support critically ill or injured patients, including ventilator support This category includes all major subtypes of ICU beds, including neurological, cardiac, trauma, or medical, with the exception that this category does not include burn ICU beds
PediatricICUis equivalent toPEDICUPediatric intensive care unitThis is similar to adult ICU beds, but for patients 17-years-old and younger.
NeonatalICUis equivalent toPEDNICUPediatric neonatal intensive care unitNeonatal ICU beds
EDis equivalent toEREmergency roomEmergency Department beds used for acute care
MedicalSurgicalis equivalent toHUHospital unitThese are also thought of as ward beds. These beds may or may not include cardiac telemetry capability
RehabLongTermCareis equivalent toRHURehabilitation hospital unitBeds designated as long term care rehabilitation. These do not include floor beds
Pediatricsis equivalent toPEDUPediatric unitThese are ward medical/surgical beds for patients 17-years-old and younger
Psychiatricis equivalent toPHUPsychiatric hospital unitWard beds on a closed/locked psychiatric unit or ward beds where a patient will be staffed by an attendant.
Burn(not mapped)
NurseryBeds(not mapped)
OperatingRooms(not mapped)
NegativeFlowIsolation(not mapped)
OtherIsolation(not mapped)
NONISO(not mapped)