PACIO Functional Status Implementation Guide
1.0.0 - STU 1

PACIO Functional Status Implementation Guide, published by HL7 Patient Care Work Group. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.0.0). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Underlying Technologies

Based on the HL7 FHIR standard, this implementation guide uses terminology, notations, and design principles that are specific to Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources

Implementers should be familiar with some of the basic principles of FHIR as well as general guidance on how to read FHIR specifications. Readers who are unfamiliar with FHIR are encouraged to read the following prior to reading the rest of this implementation guide.

This implementation guide supports the R4 version of the FHIR standard and builds on the US Core Implementation Guide, and implementers need to familiarize themselves with the profiles in that guide.