Vital Records Medicolegal Death Investigation (MDI) FHIR Implementation Guide
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Vital Records Medicolegal Death Investigation (MDI) FHIR Implementation Guide, published by HL7 International / Public Health. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 2.0.0-cibuild built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

MDI Content Transitions


Below are descriptions for each of the headers found in the transition tables. The tables are meant to describe changes to resources and their movements between IGs.

Field Name Description
Name Name of the resource (past or present)
Previous Version/Location Previous location of resource (links to past version)
Current Version/Location Current location of resource (links to current version)
Comments/Updates Description of changes specific to the resource

STU2 Profiles

Name Previous Version/Location Comments/Updates
BundleDocumentMDIToEDRS MDI -
BundleMessageToxToMDI MDI -
ObservationMDICauseOfDeathPart1 MDI Profile of VRDR version
CompositionMDIAndEDRS MDI -
DiagnosticReportToxicologyToMDI MDI -
MessageHeaderToxicologyToMDI MDI -
ObservationToxicologyLabResult MDI -
SpecimenToxicologyLab MDI -
MessageDefinitionToxicologySystem MDI -
DocumentReferenceMDIReport MDI -

STU2 Extensions

Name Previous Version/Location Comments/Updates
ExtensionTrackingNumber MDI -

STU2 Valuesets

Name Previous Version/Location Comments/Updates
ValueSetTrackingNumberType MDI -

STU2 Codesystems

Name Previous Version/Location Comments/Updates
CodeSystemMDI MDI -

Removed Profiles

Name Current Version/Location Comments/Updates
ObservationContributingCauseOfDeathPart2 VRDR -
ObservationDeathDate VRDR -
ObservationHowDeathInjuryOccurred VRDR -
ObservationMannerOfDeath VRDR -
ObservationDecedentPregnancy VRDR -
ObservationTobaccoUseContributedToDeath VRDR -
ObservationAutopsyPerformedIndicator VRDR -
ProcedureDeathCertification VRDR -
LocationDeath VRDR -
LocationInjury VRDR -

Removed Extensions

Name Current Version/Location Comments/Updates
n/an/a n/a

Removed Valuesets

Name Current Version/Location Comments/Updates
ValueSetCertifierTypes VRDR -
ValueSetContributoryTobaccoUse VRDR -
ValueSetDateEstablishmentApproach VRDR -
ValueSetDeathPregnancyStatus VRDR -
ValueSetMannerOfDeath VRDR -
ValueSetPlaceOfDeath VRDR -
ValueSetTransportationIncidentRole VRDR -
ValueSetYesNoUnknown VRCL -
ValueSetYesNoUnknownNotApplicable VRCL -

Removed Codesystems

Name Current Version/Location Comments/Updates
CodeSystemDeathPregnancyStatus VRDR -
CodeSystemLocalComponentCodes VRDR -