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Example Observation: Observation social history smoking Example

Page standards status: Informative

Generated Narrative: Observation

Resource Observation "SmokingExample1"

Profile: IPA-Observation

status: final

category: Social History (Observation Category Codes#social-history)

code: Smoking History (LOINC#72166-2 "Tobacco smoking status"; SNOMED CT#365980008 "Finding of tobacco use and exposure (finding)")

subject: Patient/PatientExample1: Test, Patient FHIR " LUFHIR"

effective: 2009-01-01 --> (ongoing)

issued: May 11, 2021, 5:00:00 AM

performer: Practitioner/PractitionerExample1: Dr. FHIR " SEEGER"

value: Every Day (SNOMED CT#449868002 "Smokes tobacco daily")


code: Type (LOINC#81228-9 "Tobacco product")

value: Cigarettes (SNOMED CT#65568007 "Cigarette Smoker")


code: Type (LOINC#81228-9 "Tobacco product")

value: Chew (SNOMED CT#81703003 "Chews Tobacco")


code: Cigarette pack-years (observable entity) (SNOMED CT#401201003)

value: 3.72 {PackYears} (Details: UCUM code {PackYears} = '{PackYears}')


code: Years Used (LOINC#88029-4 "Tobacco use duration")

value: 12.4 Years Used (Details: UCUM code a = 'a')


code: Packs/Day (LOINC#8663-7 "Cigarettes smoked current (pack per day) - Reported"; SNOMED CT#266918002 "Tobacco smoking consumption (observable entity)")

value: 0.3 Packs/Day (Details: SNOMED CT code 228963008 = 'packets/day')