International Patient Access
1.0.0 - STU1 International flag

International Patient Access, published by HL7 International / Patient Care. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.0.0 built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

IPA ImplementationGuide Resource

Official URL: Version: 1.0.0
NPM package name: hl7.fhir.uv.ipa ComputableName: InternationalPatientAccess
Copyright/Legal: Used by permission of HL7 International, all rights reserved Creative Commons License  

This IG describes how an application acting on behalf of a patient can access information about the patient from an clinical records system using a FHIR based API. The clinical records system may be supporting a clinical care provider (e.g. a hospital, or a general practitioner), or a health data exchange, including a national health record system.

Cross Version Analysis

This is an R4 IG. None of the features it uses are changed in R4B, so it can be used as is with R4B systems. Packages for both R4 (hl7.fhir.uv.ipa.r4) and R4B (hl7.fhir.uv.ipa.r4b) are available.

IG Dependencies

This IG Contains the following dependencies on other IGs.

.. International Patient Accesshl7.fhir.uv.ipa#1.0.0R4
... HL7 Terminology (THO)hl7.terminology.r4#5.3.0R4Automatically added as a dependency - all IGs depend on HL7 Terminology
... FHIR Extensions Packhl7.fhir.uv.extensions.r4#1.0.0R4Automatically added as a dependency - all IGs depend on the HL7 Extension Pack
... SMART App

Package hl7.fhir.uv.extensions.r4#1.0.0

This IG defines the global extensions - the ones defined for everyone. These extensions are always in scope wherever FHIR is being used (built Sun, Mar 26, 2023 08:46+1100+11:00)

Global Profiles

There are no Global profiles defined


This publication includes IP covered under the following statements.

Parameter Settings

The following IG Parameters are set for this Implementation Guide:

  • code: copyrightyear
    value: 2022+
  • code: releaselabel
    value: STU1
  • code: path-resource
    value: input/resources
  • code: path-resource
    value: fsh-generated/resources
  • code: path-pages
    value: input/pagecontent
  • code: path-pages
    value: input/intro-notes
  • code: path-pages
    value: fsh-generated/includes
  • code: apply-contact
    value: true
  • code: apply-jurisdiction
    value: true
  • code: apply-publisher
    value: true
  • code: apply-version
    value: true
  • code: show-inherited-invariants
    value: false
  • code: usage-stats-opt-out
    value: true
  • code: excludexml
    value: false
  • code: excludejsn
    value: false
  • code: excludettl
    value: true
  • code: excludemap
    value: true
  • code: excludeexample
    value: true
  • code: generate
    value: xml
  • code: generate
    value: json
  • code: logging
    value: progress
  • code: logging
    value: tx
  • code: logging
    value: context
  • code: logging
    value: init
  • code: path-history