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ConceptMap: BirthAndFetalDeathFinancialClass Concept Map

Official URL: Version: 2.0.0-Preview1
Draft as of 2024-07-24 Computable Name: BirthAndFetalDeathFinancialClass
Other Identifiers: OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.

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A mapping between NCHS IJE and FHIR BirthAndFetalDeathFinancialClass Value Sets

To help implementers map from IJE to FHIR Vocabulary

Generated Narrative: ConceptMap BirthAndFetalDeathFinancialClassCM

Mapping from (not specified) to Birth and Fetal Death Financial Class

DRAFT. Published on 2024-07-24 18:51:15+0000 by HL7 International / Public Health (HL7 International / Public Health:

A mapping between NCHS IJE and FHIR BirthAndFetalDeathFinancialClass Value Sets

Group 1 Mapping from Placeholder Code System for IJE in Vital Records to (Source of Payment Typology)

Source CodeRelationshipTarget Code
1 (Medicaid)is equivalent to2 (MEDICAID)
2 (Private Insurance)is equivalent to5 (PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE)
3 (Self-pay)is equivalent to81 (Self-pay (Includes applicants for insurance and Medicaid applicants))
4 (Indian Health Service)is equivalent to33 (Indian Health Service or Tribe)
5 (CHAMPUS/TRICARE)is equivalent to311 (TRICARE (CHAMPUS))
6 (Other Government (Fed, State, Local))is equivalent to38 (Other Government (Federal, State, Local not specified))
8 (Other)is equivalent to99 (No Typology Code available for payment source)
9 (Unknown)is equivalent to9999 (Unavailable / No Payer Specified / Blank)