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Example DeviceRequest: DeviceRequest insulin pump

Generated Narrative: DeviceRequest

Resource DeviceRequest "insulinpump" Version "5" Updated "2020-08-10 02:34:37+0000"

Profile: PAO Device Request

identifier: id: ip_request1.1

instantiatesCanonical: http://motivemi.com/artifacts/PlanDefinition/low-suicide-risk-order-set

basedOn: : Homecare - DM follow-up

priorRequest: : CGM ambulatory

groupIdentifier: id: ip_request1

status: active

intent: order

priority: routine

code: External ambulatory enfusion pump for insulin (Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®)#E0784)

subject: Patient/example1 " SHAW"

encounter: : Ambulatory

occurrence: 2013-05-08 09:33:27+0700

authoredOn: 2013-05-08 09:33:27+0700

requester: Practitioner/practitioner-1: Dr.Ronald Bone " BONE"

performerType: Nurse ([not stated] "Qualified nurse")

performer: : Nurse Rossignol

reasonCode: gastroparesis ()

reasonReference: : Gastroparesis

supportingInfo: : Previous results

note: this is the right device brand and model

relevantHistory: : Request for unspecified device