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ConceptMap: NUCC to SNOMED Care Team Member Function Map

Official URL: http://hl7.org/fhir/us/davinci-hrex/ConceptMap/NUCC-CareTeamMemberFunction Version: 1.1.0-preview
Standards status: Trial-use Maturity Level: 2 Computable Name: NUCCCareTeamMemberFunctionMap
Other Identifiers: OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.

A mapping between the US Core 3.1.1 and 6.1.0 PractitionerRole.code value sets

Mapping from US Core Provider Role (NUCC) to Care Team Member Function

ACTIVE. Published on 2024-04-15 15:15:46+0000 by HL7 International / Clinical Interoperability Council (http://www.hl7.org/Special/com...).

A mapping between the US Core 3.1.1 and 6.1.0 PractitionerRole.code value sets

Group 1 Mapping from http://nucc.org/provider-taxonomy to SNOMED CT (all versions)

Source CodeRelationshipTarget CodeComment
101Y00000X (Counselor)is equivalent to224595007 (Professional counselor (occupation))
102L00000X (Psychoanalyst)is equivalent to224600003 (Psychoanalyst (occupation))
102X00000X (Poetry Therapist)(not mapped)
103G00000X (Clinical Neuropsychologist)is equivalent to611621000124105 (Clinical neuropsychologist (occupation))
103K00000X (Behavior Analyst)(not mapped)
103T00000X (Psychologist)is equivalent to59944000 (Psychologist (occupation))
104100000X (Social Worker)maps to wider concept224598009 (Trained social worker counselor (occupation))
106E00000X (Assistant Behavior Analyst)(not mapped)
106H00000X (Marriage & Family Therapist)narrower224596008 (Marriage guidance counselor (occupation))Marriage & Family is more than marriage and therapist is more specific than counselor
106S00000X (Behavior Technician)(not mapped)
111N00000X (Chiropractor)is equivalent to3842006 (Chiropractor (occupation))
122300000X (Dentist)is equivalent to106289002 (Dentist (occupation))
122400000X (Denturist)maps to wider concept59317003 (Dental prosthesis maker and repairer (occupation))
124Q00000X (Dental Hygienist)is equivalent to26042002 (Dental hygienist (occupation))
125J00000X (Dental Therapist)narrower159035003 (Dental auxiliary (occupation))Therapist is more specific than auxiliary
125K00000X (Advanced Practice Dental Therapist)(not mapped)
125Q00000X (Oral Medicinist)is equivalent to1259964002 (Oral medicine specialist (occupation))
126800000X (Dental Assistant)is equivalent to4162009 (Dental assistant (occupation))
126900000X (Dental Laboratory Technician)is equivalent to160008000 (Dental technician (occupation))
132700000X (Dietary Manager)(not mapped)
133N00000X (Nutritionist)is equivalent to768827000 (Nutritionist (occupation))
133V00000X (Dietitian, Registered)is equivalent to159033005 (Dietitian (occupation))
136A00000X (Dietetic Technician)(not mapped)
146D00000X (Personal Emergency Response Attendant)(not mapped)
146L00000X (Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic)narrower453121000124107 (Emergency department healthcare professional (occupation))Technician, paramedic is more specific than healthcare professional
146M00000X (Emergency Medical Technician, Intermediate)narrower453121000124107 (Emergency department healthcare professional (occupation))Technician, intermediate is more specific than healthcare professional
146N00000X (Emergency Medical Technician, Basic)narrower453121000124107 (Emergency department healthcare professional (occupation))Technician, basic is more specific than healthcare professional
152W00000X (Optometrist)is equivalent to28229004 (Optometrist (occupation))
156F00000X (Technician/Technologist)maps to wider concept224606009 (Technical healthcare occupation (occupation))
163W00000X (Registered Nurse)is equivalent to224535009 (Registered nurse (occupation))
164W00000X (Licensed Practical Nurse)is equivalent to442251000124100 (Licensed practical nurse (occupation))
164X00000X (Licensed Vocational Nurse)is equivalent to442251000124100 (Licensed practical nurse (occupation))
167G00000X (Licensed Psychiatric Technician)(not mapped)
170100000X (Medical Genetics, Ph.D. Medical Genetics)narrower159141008 (Geneticist (occupation))Not all PHDs in genetics will be geneticists
170300000X (Genetic Counselor, MS)is equivalent to310189009 (Genetic counselor (occupation))
171000000X (Military Health Care Provider)(not mapped)
171100000X (Acupuncturist)is equivalent to450044741000087104 (Acupuncturist (occupation))
171M00000X (Case Manager/Care Coordinator)is equivalent to768832004 (Case manager (occupation))
171R00000X (Interpreter)is equivalent to40570005 (Interpreter (occupation))
171W00000X (Contractor)(not mapped)
172A00000X (Driver)(not mapped)
172M00000X (Mechanotherapist)(not mapped)
172P00000X (Naprapath)(not mapped)
172V00000X (Community Health Worker)maps to wider concept23278007 (Community health physician (occupation))
173000000X (Legal Medicine)is equivalent to721940004 (Legal medicine specialist (occupation))
173C00000X (Reflexologist)(not mapped)
173F00000X (Sleep Specialist, PhD)is equivalent to720503005 (Sleep medicine specialist (occupation))
174200000X (Meals)(not mapped)
174400000X (Specialist)is equivalent to69280009 (Specialized physician (occupation))
174H00000X (Health Educator)is equivalent to409974004 (Health educator (occupation))
174M00000X (Veterinarian)(not mapped)
174N00000X (Lactation Consultant, Non-RN)is equivalent to225726006 (Lactation consultant (occupation))
174V00000X (Clinical Ethicist)(not mapped)
175F00000X (Naturopath)is equivalent to1255370008 (Specialist in naturopathy (occupation))
175L00000X (Homeopath)is equivalent to1255371007 (Specialist in homeopathy (occupation))
175M00000X (Midwife, Lay)is equivalent to445531000124104 (Lay midwife (occupation))
175T00000X (Peer Specialist)(not mapped)
176B00000X (Midwife)maps to wider concept5191000124109 (Private midwife (occupation))
176P00000X (Funeral Director)(not mapped)
177F00000X (Lodging)(not mapped)
183500000X (Pharmacist)is equivalent to46255001 (Pharmacist (occupation))
183700000X (Pharmacy Technician)is equivalent to159040006 (Pharmacy technician (occupation))
193200000X (Multi-Specialty)(not mapped)
193400000X (Single Specialty)(not mapped)
202C00000X (Independent Medical Examiner)is equivalent to440051000124108 (Medical examiner (occupation))
202K00000X (Phlebology)(not mapped)
204C00000X (Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine)(not mapped)
204D00000X (Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine & OMM)(not mapped)
204E00000X (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)(not mapped)
204F00000X (Transplant Surgery)is equivalent to309385005 (Transplant surgeon (occupation))
204R00000X (Electrodiagnostic Medicine)(not mapped)
207K00000X (Allergy & Immunology)is equivalent to721943002 (Clinical immunology and allergy specialist (occupation))
207L00000X (Anesthesiology)is equivalent to88189002 (Anesthesiologist (occupation))
207N00000X (Dermatology)is equivalent to18803008 (Dermatologist (occupation))
207P00000X (Emergency Medicine)maps to wider concept309294001 (Emergency department physician (occupation))
207Q00000X (Family Medicine)is equivalent to62247001 (Family medicine specialist (occupation))
207R00000X (Internal Medicine)is equivalent to39677007 (Internal medicine specialist (occupation))
207T00000X (Neurological Surgery)is equivalent to45544007 (Neurosurgeon (occupation))
207U00000X (Nuclear Medicine)is equivalent to80933006 (Nuclear medicine specialist (occupation))
207V00000X (Obstetrics & Gynecology)is equivalent to309367003 (Obstetrician and gynecologist (occupation))
207W00000X (Ophthalmology)maps to wider concept159021000 (Ophthalmic optician (occupation))
207X00000X (Orthopaedic Surgery)is equivalent to22731001 (Orthopedic surgeon (occupation))
207Y00000X (Otolaryngology)is equivalent to309372007 (Ear, nose and throat surgeon (occupation))
208000000X (Pediatrics)is equivalent to82296001 (Pediatrician (occupation))
208100000X (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)maps to wider concept309360001 (Rehabilitation physician (occupation))
208200000X (Plastic Surgery)is equivalent to8724009 (Plastic surgeon (occupation))
208600000X (Surgery)is equivalent to304292004 (Surgeon (occupation))
208800000X (Urology)is equivalent to24590004 (Urologist (occupation))
208C00000X (Colon & Rectal Surgery)is equivalent to309379003 (Colorectal surgeon (occupation))
208D00000X (General Practice)is equivalent to309394004 (General practitioner principal (occupation))
208G00000X (Thoracic Surgery (Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery))is equivalent to309369000 (Cardiothoracic surgeon (occupation))
208M00000X (Hospitalist)is equivalent to768837005 (Hospitalist (occupation))
208U00000X (Clinical Pharmacology)is equivalent to310173006 (Clinical pharmacologist (occupation))
209800000X (Legal Medicine)is equivalent to721940004 (Legal medicine specialist (occupation))
211D00000X (Assistant, Podiatric)is equivalent to309435000 (Podiatry assistant (occupation))
213E00000X (Podiatrist)is equivalent to159034004 (Podiatrist (occupation))
221700000X (Art Therapist)is equivalent to309410006 (Arts therapist (occupation))
222Q00000X (Developmental Therapist)(not mapped)
222Z00000X (Orthotist)is equivalent to309428008 (Orthotist (occupation))
224900000X (Mastectomy Fitter)(not mapped)
224L00000X (Pedorthist)maps to wider concept59169001 (Orthopedic technician (occupation))
224P00000X (Prosthetist)is equivalent to1276561000168102 (Prosthetist (occupation))
224Y00000X (Clinical Exercise Physiologist)narrower309349005 (Clinical physiologist (occupation))Not all physiologists are exercise physiologists
224Z00000X (Occupational Therapy Assistant)is equivalent to224587008 (Occupational therapy helper (occupation))
225000000X (Orthotic Fitter)narrower309428008 (Orthotist (occupation))Orthotists may do more than fitting
225100000X (Physical Therapist)is equivalent to36682004 (Physiotherapist (occupation))
225200000X (Physical Therapy Assistant)is equivalent to309404006 (Physiotherapy helper (occupation))
225400000X (Rehabilitation Practitioner)is equivalent to309360001 (Rehabilitation physician (occupation))
225500000X (Specialist/Technologist)(not mapped)
225600000X (Dance Therapist)is equivalent to309411005 (Dance therapist (occupation))
225700000X (Massage Therapist)is equivalent to1172950003 (Massage therapist (occupation))
225800000X (Recreation Therapist)(not mapped)
225A00000X (Music Therapist)is equivalent to309412003 (Music therapist (occupation))
225B00000X (Pulmonary Function Technologist)(not mapped)
225C00000X (Rehabilitation Counselor)is equivalent to309366007 (Rehabilitation psychiatrist (occupation))
225X00000X (Occupational Therapist)is equivalent to80546007 (Occupational therapist (occupation))
226000000X (Recreational Therapist Assistant)(not mapped)
226300000X (Kinesiotherapist)(not mapped)
227800000X (Respiratory Therapist, Certified)narrower442867008 (Respiratory therapist (occupation))Respiratory therapists may or may not be certified
227900000X (Respiratory Therapist, Registered)narrower442867008 (Respiratory therapist (occupation))Respiratory therapists may or may not be registered
229N00000X (Anaplastologist)(not mapped)
231H00000X (Audiologist)is equivalent to309418004 (Audiologist (occupation))
235500000X (Specialist/Technologist)(not mapped)
235Z00000X (Speech-Language Pathologist)maps to wider concept159026005 (Speech/language therapist (occupation))
237600000X (Audiologist-Hearing Aid Fitter)is equivalent to309421002 (Hearing aid dispenser (occupation))
237700000X (Hearing Instrument Specialist)(not mapped)
242T00000X (Perfusionist)maps to wider concept721942007 (Cardiovascular perfusionist (occupation))
243U00000X (Radiology Practitioner Assistant)(not mapped)
246Q00000X (Specialist/Technologist, Pathology)(not mapped)
246R00000X (Technician, Pathology)(not mapped)
246W00000X (Technician, Cardiology)(not mapped)
246X00000X (Specialist/Technologist Cardiovascular)is equivalent to56545009 (Cardiovascular surgeon (occupation))
246Y00000X (Specialist/Technologist)(not mapped)
246Z00000X (Specialist/Technologist)(not mapped)
247000000X (Technician)(not mapped)
247100000X (Radiologic Technologist)is equivalent to66862007 (Radiologist (occupation))
247200000X (Technician)(not mapped)
251300000X (Local Education Agency (LEA))(not mapped)
251B00000X (Case Management)is equivalent to768832004 (Case manager (occupation))
251C00000X (Day Training)(not mapped)
251E00000X (Home Health)maps to wider concept768730001 (Home health aide (occupation))
251F00000X (Home Infusion)maps to wider concept453081000124105 (Infusion pharmacist (person))
251G00000X (Hospice Care)(not mapped)
251J00000X (Nursing Care)(not mapped)
251K00000X (Public Health or Welfare)maps to wider concept26369006 (Public health nurse (occupation))
251S00000X (Community/Behavioral Health)maps to wider concept23278007 (Community health physician (occupation))
251T00000X (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Provider Organization)(not mapped)
251V00000X (Voluntary or Charitable)(not mapped)
251X00000X (Supports Brokerage)(not mapped)
252Y00000X (Early Intervention Provider Agency)(not mapped)
253J00000X (Foster Care Agency)(not mapped)
253Z00000X (In Home Supportive Care)maps to wider concept768731002 (Home helper (occupation))
261Q00000X (Clinic/Center)(not mapped)
273100000X (Epilepsy Unit)(not mapped)
273R00000X (Psychiatric Unit)(not mapped)
273Y00000X (Rehabilitation Unit)(not mapped)
275N00000X (Medicare Defined Swing Bed Unit)(not mapped)
276400000X (Rehabilitation)(not mapped)
281P00000X (Chronic Disease Hospital)(not mapped)
282E00000X (Long Term Care Hospital)(not mapped)
282J00000X (Religious Nonmedical Health Care Institution)(not mapped)
282N00000X (General Acute Care Hospital)(not mapped)
283Q00000X (Psychiatric Hospital)(not mapped)
283X00000X (Rehabilitation Hospital)(not mapped)
284300000X (Special Hospital)(not mapped)
286500000X (Military Hospital)(not mapped)
287300000X (Christian Science Sanitorium)(not mapped)
291900000X (Military Clinical Medical Laboratory)(not mapped)
291U00000X (Clinical Medical Laboratory)(not mapped)
292200000X (Dental Laboratory)(not mapped)
293D00000X (Physiological Laboratory)(not mapped)
302F00000X (Exclusive Provider Organization)(not mapped)
302R00000X (Health Maintenance Organization)(not mapped)
305R00000X (Preferred Provider Organization)(not mapped)
305S00000X (Point of Service)(not mapped)
310400000X (Assisted Living Facility)(not mapped)
310500000X (Intermediate Care Facility)(not mapped)
311500000X (Alzheimer Center (Dementia Center))(not mapped)
311Z00000X (Custodial Care Facility)(not mapped)
313M00000X (Nursing Facility/Intermediate Care Facility)(not mapped)
314000000X (Skilled Nursing Facility)(not mapped)
315D00000X (Hospice)(not mapped)
315P00000X (Intermediate Care Facility)(not mapped)
317400000X (Christian Science Facility)(not mapped)
320600000X (Residential Treatment Facility)(not mapped)
320700000X (Residential Treatment Facility, Physical Disabilities)(not mapped)
320800000X (Community Based Residential Treatment Facility)(not mapped)
320900000X (Community Based Residential Treatment Facility)(not mapped)
322D00000X (Residential Treatment Facility)(not mapped)
323P00000X (Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility)(not mapped)
324500000X (Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Facility)(not mapped)
331L00000X (Blood Bank)(not mapped)
332000000X (Military/U.S. Coast Guard Pharmacy)(not mapped)
332100000X (Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Pharmacy)(not mapped)
332800000X (Indian Health Service/Tribal/Urban Indian Health (I/T/U) Pharmacy)(not mapped)
332900000X (Non-Pharmacy Dispensing Site)(not mapped)
332B00000X (Durable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies)(not mapped)
332G00000X (Eye Bank)(not mapped)
332H00000X (Eyewear Supplier)(not mapped)
332S00000X (Hearing Aid Equipment)maps to wider concept309421002 (Hearing aid dispenser (occupation))
332U00000X (Home Delivered Meals)(not mapped)
333300000X (Emergency Response System Companies)(not mapped)
333600000X (Pharmacy)(not mapped)
335E00000X (Prosthetic/Orthotic Supplier)is equivalent to1276571000168108 (Orthotist and prosthetist (occupation))
335G00000X (Medical Foods Supplier)(not mapped)
335U00000X (Organ Procurement Organization)(not mapped)
335V00000X (Portable X-ray and/or Other Portable Diagnostic Imaging Supplier)(not mapped)
341600000X (Ambulance)(not mapped)
341800000X (Military/U.S. Coast Guard Transport)(not mapped)
343800000X (Secured Medical Transport (VAN))(not mapped)
343900000X (Non-emergency Medical Transport (VAN))(not mapped)
344600000X (Taxi)(not mapped)
344800000X (Air Carrier)(not mapped)
347B00000X (Bus)(not mapped)
347C00000X (Private Vehicle)(not mapped)
347D00000X (Train)(not mapped)
347E00000X (Transportation Broker)(not mapped)
363A00000X (Physician Assistant)is equivalent to449161006 (Physician assistant (occupation))
363L00000X (Nurse Practitioner)is equivalent to224571005 (Nurse practitioner (occupation))
364S00000X (Clinical Nurse Specialist)is equivalent to224570006 (Clinical nurse specialist (occupation))
367500000X (Nurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered)is equivalent to405278004 (Certified registered nurse anesthetist (occupation))
367A00000X (Advanced Practice Midwife)is equivalent to445521000124102 (Advanced practice midwife (occupation))
367H00000X (Anesthesiologist Assistant)(not mapped)
372500000X (Chore Provider)(not mapped)
372600000X (Adult Companion)(not mapped)
373H00000X (Day Training/Habilitation Specialist)(not mapped)
374700000X (Technician)(not mapped)
374J00000X (Doula)is equivalent to768825008 (Doula (occupation))
374K00000X (Religious Nonmedical Practitioner)narrower64220005 (Religious worker (member of religious order) (occupation))Not all workers are practitioners
374T00000X (Religious Nonmedical Nursing Personnel)narrower64220005 (Religious worker (member of religious order) (occupation))Not all workers are nuring personnel
374U00000X (Home Health Aide)is equivalent to768730001 (Home health aide (occupation))
376G00000X (Nursing Home Administrator)(not mapped)
376J00000X (Homemaker)(not mapped)
376K00000X (Nurse's Aide)is equivalent to73265009 (Nursing aid (occupation))
385H00000X (Respite Care)(not mapped)
390200000X (Student in an Organized Health Care Education/Training Program)maps to wider concept398130009 (Medical student (occupation))
405300000X (Prevention Professiona)(not mapped)