Da Vinci Health Record Exchange (HRex)
1.1.0-preview - STU R1 United States of America flag

Da Vinci Health Record Exchange (HRex), published by HL7 International / Clinical Interoperability Council. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.1.0-preview built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/HL7/davinci-ehrx/ and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Example Bundle: HRex Task polling response

Bundle task-poll-response of type searchset

Entry 1 - fullUrl = https://example.org/fhir/r4/Task/c94fb961-310c-41f1-a54f-fc5f2dba49ee

Search:Mode = match

Resource Task:

Generated Narrative: Task

Resource Task "c94fb961-310c-41f1-a54f-fc5f2dba49ee"


intent: ORDER

code: data request task (HRex Temporary Code System#data-request)

for: http://example.org/ehr/fhir/Patient/pat1

authoredOn: 2020-07-30 20:07:15-0600

requester: http://example.org/new-payer/fhir/Organization/hl7pay

owner: http://example.org/provider/fhir/Organization/hl7prov


*data code input (HRex Temporary Code System#data-code)OP Note (LOINC#34108-1)


*data values output (HRex Temporary Code System#data-value)http://example.org/ehr/fhir/DocumentReference/287Q73J237

Entry 2 - fullUrl = https://example.org/fhir/r4/DocumentReference/c94fb961-310c-41f1-a54f-gd5325dgds7

Search:Mode = include

Resource DocumentReference:

Generated Narrative: DocumentReference

Resource DocumentReference "c94fb961-310c-41f1-a54f-gd5325dgds7"

status: CURRENT

type: History and physical note (LOINC#34117-2)

category: Hospital Admission history and physical note (LOINC#47039-3)

subject: http://example.org/ehr/fhir/Patient/pat1

date: Jul 1, 2013, 1:11:33 PM

author: http://example.org/ehr/fhir/Practitioner/pract1

description: Physical