Quality Measure STU2 for FHIR R4 Implementation Guide

Quality Measure Implementation Guide, published by Clinical Quality Information WG. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 2.1.0). This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/HL7/cqf-measures/ and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

7 Profiles

7.1 Capability Profiles

To support flexible representation and packaging of measure and library artifacts for different use cases, this implementation guide uses four general categories of profiles, aligned with the knowledge capabilities established by the CPG-on-FHIR implementation guide:

CodeSystemN/A (use base ShareableCodeSystem)N/A (no requirements)CQFMPublishableCodeSystemN/A (no requirements)
ValueSetN/A (use base ShareableLibrary)CQFMComputableValueSetCQFMPublishableValueSetCQFMExecutableValueSet

In addition, measures are required to conform to the appropriate measure profile based on their scoring type:

Scoring TypeProfile
Continuous VariableCQFMContinuousVariableMeasure

To support packaging, testing, and distribution of measure and library artifacts, this implementation guide defines the following additional profiles:

CQFMDeviceA software device used in the creation, validation, evaluation, packaging, and/or testing of a library or measure artifact.
CQFMLibraryBundleA bundle used to package a library artifact for distribution.
CQFMLibraryMeasureA bundle used to package a measure artifact for distribution.
CQFMQualityProgramA library profile used to establish a set of related quality improvement artifacts such as a measure program.
CQFMTestCaseBundleA bundle used to package a test case for distribution.

7.2 Alphabetical Listing

  • CPFMComputableLibrary
  • CQFMCohortMeasure
  • CQFMComputableMeasure
  • CQFMComputableValueSet
  • CQFMContinuousVariableMeasure
  • CQFMDevice
  • CQFMExecutableLibrary
  • CQFMExecutableValueSet
  • CQFMLibrary
  • CQFMLibraryBundle
  • CQFMMeasure
  • CQFMMeasureBundle
  • CQFMProportionMeasure
  • CQFMPublishableCodeSystem
  • CQFMPublishableLibrary
  • CQFMPublishableMeasure
  • CQFMPublishableValueSet
  • CQFMRatioMeasure
  • CQFMTestCaseBundle
  • Quality program release