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Event Pattern HL7 Extensions

FHIR Infrastructure Work GroupMaturity Level: N/ABallot Status: Informative
This profile defines extensions that can be used to provide alignment with the Event workflow pattern data elements for concepts that may be generally applicable but may be sufficiently uncommon that they are more appropriate to include as extensions than as core properties of the resource. See the workflow module for more discussion about this specification that are typically involved in workflow.


event-definitiondefinition :

A protocol, guideline, orderset or other definition that was adhered to in whole or in part by this event.

event-partOfpartOf :

A larger event of which this particular event is a component or step.

event-performerRoleperformerRole :

Describes the type of participation (e.g. a responsible party, author, or verifier). Indicates who or what participated in producing the result.

event-OnBehalfOfOnBehalfOf :

The organization the practitioner was acting on behalf of.

event-reasonCodereasonCode :

Describes why the event occurred in coded or textual form.

event-reasonReferencereasonReference :

Indicates another resource whose existence justifies this event.

event-notDonenotDone :

If true, indicates that the described event (combination of code, timing, performer, etc.) did not actually occur.