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Official URL: http://hl7.org/fhir/packaging-type Version: 6.0.0-cibuild
active as of 2021-01-04 Computable Name: PackagingType
Flags: CaseSensitive, Complete. All codes ValueSet: Packaging Type OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.4.1966

This Code system is used in the following value sets:

A type of packaging.

This case-sensitive code system http://hl7.org/fhir/packaging-type defines the following codes:

100000073490 Ampoulebtn btn
100000073491 Applicatorbtn btn
100000073492 Automatic injection devicebtn btn
100000073493 Bagbtn btn
100000073494 Balling gunbtn btn
100000073495 Barrelbtn btn
100000073496 Blisterbtn btn
100000073497 Bottlebtn btn
100000073498 Boxbtn btn
100000073499 Brushbtn btn
100000073500 Brush applicatorbtn btn
100000073501 Cannulabtn btn
100000073502 Capbtn btn
100000073503 Cartridgebtn btn
100000073504 Child-resistant closurebtn btn
100000073505 Cupbtn btn
100000073506 Dabbing applicatorbtn btn
100000073507 Dartbtn btn
100000073508 Dredging applicatorbtn btn
100000073509 Dredging containerbtn btn
100000073510 Drench gunbtn btn
100000073511 Dropper applicatorbtn btn
100000073512 Dropper containerbtn btn
100000073513 Fixed cryogenic vesselbtn btn
100000073514 Gas cylinderbtn btn
100000073515 High pressure transdermal delivery devicebtn btn
100000073516 Implanterbtn btn
100000073517 Inhalerbtn btn
100000073518 In-ovo injection devicebtn btn
100000073519 Injection needlebtn btn
100000073520 Injection syringebtn btn
100000073521 Internal graduated calibration chamberbtn btn
100000073522 Intramammary syringebtn btn
100000073523 Jarbtn btn
100000073524 Measuring devicebtn btn
100000073525 Measuring spoonbtn btn
100000073526 Metering pumpbtn btn
100000073527 Metering valvebtn btn
100000073528 Mobile cryogenic vesselbtn btn
100000073529 Mouthpiecebtn btn
100000073530 Multidose containerbtn btn
100000073531 Multidose container with airless pumpbtn btn
100000073532 Multipuncturerbtn btn
100000073533 Nasal applicatorbtn btn
100000073534 Nebuliserbtn btn
100000073535 Needle applicatorbtn btn
100000073536 Nozzlebtn btn
100000073537 Oral syringebtn btn
100000073538 Pipettebtn btn
100000073539 Pipette applicatorbtn btn
100000073540 Pouchbtn btn
100000073541 Pour-on containerbtn btn
100000073542 Pre-filled gastroenteral tubebtn btn
100000073543 Pre-filled penbtn btn
100000073544 Pre-filled syringebtn btn
100000073545 Pressurised containerbtn btn
100000073546 Prick test applicatorbtn btn
100000073547 Sachetbtn btn
100000073548 Scarifierbtn btn
100000073549 Screw capbtn btn
100000073550 Single-dose containerbtn btn
100000073551 Spatulabtn btn
100000073552 Spot-on applicatorbtn btn
100000073553 Spray containerbtn btn
100000073554 Spray pumpbtn btn
100000073555 Spray valvebtn btn
100000073556 Stab vaccinatorbtn btn
100000073557 Stopperbtn btn
100000073558 Strawbtn btn
100000073559 Stripbtn btn
100000073560 Tablet containerbtn btn
100000073561 Tubebtn btn
100000073562 Vaginal sponge applicatorbtn btn
100000073563 Vialbtn btn
100000075664 Administration systembtn btn
100000116195 Calendar packagebtn btn
100000116196 Needle-free injectorbtn btn
100000116197 Roll-on containerbtn btn
100000125779 Multidose container with pumpbtn btn
100000137702 Containerbtn btn
100000137703 Oral applicatorbtn btn
100000143554 Multidose container with metering pumpbtn btn
100000143555 Packbtn btn
100000163233 diskbtn btn
100000163234 plungerbtn btn
100000164143 infusion portbtn btn
100000166980 Valvebtn btn
100000169899 Jerrycanbtn btn
100000173982 Oral applicatorbtn btn
100000173983 Dose dispenserbtn btn
100000174066 Unit-dose blisterbtn btn
100000174067 Pre-filled injectorbtn btn
100000174068 Pre-filled oral syringebtn btn
100000174069 Pre-filled oral applicatorbtn btn
100000174070 Dose-dispenser cartridgebtn btn
200000005068 Penbtn btn
200000005585 Wrapperbtn btn
200000010647 Lidbtn btn
200000011726 Capsule for openingbtn btn
200000012539 Child-resistant sachetbtn btn
200000013191 Tamper-evident closurebtn btn
200000024874 Tablet tubebtn btn


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Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

LevelA few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. See Code System for further information.
SourceThe source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
CodeThe code (used as the code in the resource instance). If the code is in italics, this indicates that the code is not selectable ('Abstract')
DisplayThe display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
DefinitionAn explanation of the meaning of the concept
CommentsAdditional notes about how to use the code