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Patient Care Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: Informative
Defines common extensions used with or related to the AllergyIntolerance resource
allergyintolerance-resolutionAgeresolutionAge :

The estimated patient age at which the allergy or intolerance resolved. Should be specified only if the status is resolved.

allergyintolerance-reasonRefutedreasonRefuted :

A code capturing the explanation of why the allergy or intolerance has been refuted. Should be specified only if the status is refuted.

allergyintolerance-durationduration :

The amount of time that the Adverse Reaction persisted.

allergyintolerance-substanceExposureRisksubstanceExposureRisk :

A complex extension allowing structured capture of the exposure risk of the patient for an adverse reaction (allergy or intolerance) to the specified substance/product.

allergyintolerance-certaintycertainty :

Statement about the degree of clinical certainty that the specific substance was the cause of the manifestation in this reaction event.

allergyintolerance-assertedDateassertedDate :

The date on which the existence of the AllergyIntolerance was first asserted or acknowledged.

allergyintolerance-abatementabatement :

The date or estimated date that the allergy or intolerance resolved. This is called abatement because of the many overloaded connotations associated with resolution.