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Raw JSON (canonical form + also see JSON Format Specification)

General Condition Example

  "resourceType": "TerminologyCapabilities",
  "id": "example",
  "text": {
    "status": "generated",
    "div": "<div xmlns=\"\">\n\t\t\t<p>The EHR Server supports the following transactions for the resource Person: read, vread, \n        update, history, search(name,gender), create and updates.</p>\n\t\t\t<p>The EHR System supports the following message: admin-notify::Person.</p>\n\t\t\t<p>The EHR Application has a \n        <a href=\"\">general document profile</a>.\n      </p>\n\t\t</div>"
  "url": "urn:uuid:68D043B5-9ECF-4559-A57A-396E0D452311",
  "version": "20130510",
  "name": "ACME-EHR",
  "title": "ACME EHR capability statement",
  "status": "draft",
  "experimental": true,
  "date": "2012-01-04",
  "publisher": "ACME Corporation",
  "contact": [
      "name": "System Administrator",
      "telecom": [
          "system": "email",
          "value": ""
  "description": "This is the FHIR capability statement for the main EHR at ACME for the private interface - it does not describe the public interface",
  "kind": "instance",
  "software": {
    "name": "TxServer",
    "version": "0.1.2"
  "implementation": {
    "description": "Acme Terminology Server",
    "url": ""
  "codeSearch": "explicit"

Usage note: every effort has been made to ensure that the examples are correct and useful, but they are not a normative part of the specification.