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Orders and Observations Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: InformativeCompartments: Not linked to any defined compartments

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Generated Narrative: Task

Resource Task "example1"

identifier: id: 20170201-001 (OFFICIAL)

basedOn: : General Wellness Careplan

groupIdentifier: id: G20170201-001 (OFFICIAL)

status: in-progress

businessStatus: waiting for specimen ()

intent: order

priority: routine

code: Lipid Panel (Task Codes#fulfill)

description: Create order for getting specimen, Set up inhouse testing, generate order for any sendouts and submit with specimen

focus: ServiceRequest/lipid: Lipid Panel Request

for: Patient/example: Peter James Chalmers "Peter CHALMERS"

encounter: Encounter/example: Example In-Patient Encounter

executionPeriod: 2016-10-31T08:25:05+10:00 --> (ongoing)

authoredOn: 2016-10-31T08:25:05+10:00

lastModified: 2016-10-31T09:45:05+10:00

requester: Practitioner/example: Dr Adam Careful "Adam CAREFUL"

owner: Organization/1832473e-2fe0-452d-abe9-3cdb9879522f: Clinical Laboratory @ Acme Hospital "Clinical Lab"

reasonCode: The Task.reason should only be included if there is no Task.focus or if it differs from the reason indicated on the focus ()

note: This is an example to demonstrate using task for actioning a servicerequest and to illustrate how to populate many of the task elements - this is the parent task that will be broken into subtask to grab the specimen and a sendout lab test


target: ServiceRequest/physiotherapy/_history/1

recorded: Oct 30, 2016 10:25:05 PM


*author (originator) (ParticipationType#AUT)Practitioner/f202: Luigi Maas "Luigi Maas"


*1?? --> 2016-11-02T09:45:05+10:00


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