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Example MedicationDispense/meddisp008 (Narrative)

Pharmacy Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: InformativeCompartments: Encounter, Patient, Practitioner

This is the narrative for the resource. See also the XML, JSON or Turtle format. This example conforms to the profile MedicationDispense.

Generated Narrative: MedicationDispense

Resource MedicationDispense "meddisp008"

status: completed



code: capecitabine 500 MG Oral Tablet [Xeloda] (RxNorm#213293)

subject: Patient/pat1: Donald Duck "Donald DUCK"


*Practitioner/f006 "Rob VAN DEN BERK"

authorizingPrescription: MedicationRequest/medrx0309


sequence: 1

timing: 2 per 21 days

route: oral administration of treatment (SNOMED CT#394899003)


Generated Narrative: Medication #medexample015

code: capecitabine 500 MG Oral Tablet [Xeloda] (RxNorm#213293)



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