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Questionnaire: Influenza and COVID-19 Booster Vaccination 7 Day Review Questionnaire

Official URL: https://build.fhir.org/ig/tewhatuora/cinc-fhir-ig/Questionnaire/ActiveMonitoringDay7Survey Version: 0.1.6
Draft as of 2024-03-22 Computable Name: ActiveMonitoringDay7Survey
Other Identifiers: ActiveMonitoringDay7Survey (use: OFFICIAL, period: 7/19/23 --> (ongoing)), Questionnaire-ActiveMonitoring-Day7SurveyQuestionnaire (use: TEMP, period: (?) --> 7/19/23)

Usage:Workflow Setting: Vaccination Side Effect Questionnaire

Te Whatu Ora 7-day post Influenza/Covid-19 booster vaccination survey.

Survey of side effects and overall experience of Influenza/COVID-19 Booster vaccination after 7 days.

LinkIdTextCardinalityTypeDescription & Constraintsdoco
.. ActiveMonitoringDay7SurveyTe Whatu Ora 7-day post Influenza/Covid-19 booster vaccination survey.Questionnairehttps://build.fhir.org/ig/tewhatuora/cinc-fhir-ig/Questionnaire/ActiveMonitoringDay7Survey#0.1.6
... p01page 1. This is the first of two surveys about your vaccine experience. This survey will take approximately five minutes to complete. You will be asked for some demographic data and about any symptoms you have experienced. There is a section at the end for you to comment on any other parts of the vaccine experience.0..1display
... p02page 2. Vaccine Administration0..1group
.... p02-q01-VaccineTypepage 2 question 1. Which vaccine did you receive 7 days ago?1..1choiceOptions: 4 options
.... p02-q01-1-VaccineType.WhichArmpage 2 question 1.1. Were they both given in the arm?1..1choiceEnable When: p02-q01-VaccineType = Both
Options: 4 options
... p03page 3. Health Conditions0..1group
.... p03-q01-LongTermConditionsDo you have any long-term medical conditions?0..1choiceOptions: 3 options
.... p03-q01-1-LongTermConditions.SelectPlease select all the long term conditions that apply.0..*choiceEnable When: p03-q01-LongTermConditions = Yes
Options: 12 options
.... p03-q01-1-1-LongTermConditions.Select.OtherPlease explain any other long term medical conditions you have.0..1textEnable When: p03-q01-1-LongTermConditions.Select = Other
... p04page 4 question 1. Side Effects0..1group
.... p04-q01-SideEffectsDid you have any reactions following your vaccine? This includes any reactions your vaccinator told you to expect AND anything you did not expect that you think might be a reaction, no matter how minor.0..1boolean
... p05page 5 question 12.1. Side Effects Details0..1groupEnable When: p04-q01-SideEffects = true
.... p05-q01-InjectionSiteDisorderDid you experience any injection site reactions (pain, redness, swelling, itching at or near the injection site)?0..1boolean
.... p05-q01-1-InjectionSiteDisorder.SelectPlease select all in select all the injection site reactions that you experienced.0..*choiceEnable When: p05-q01-InjectionSiteDisorder = true
Options: 4 options
.... p05-q01-2-InjectionSiteDisorder.EntireArmDid you have swelling of entire arm?0..1booleanEnable When: p05-q01-InjectionSiteDisorder = true
.... p05-q02-LymphNodeDid you have swelling of lymph nodes under your arm/in the armpit?0..1choiceOptions: 4 options
.... p05-q03-FeverFever (a temperature of 38°C or higher)?0..1boolean
.... p05-q04-ChillsChills (shivering and feeling cold)?0..1boolean
.... p05-q05-RashDid you experience a rash, not near the injection site?1..1boolean
.... p05-q05-1-Rash.WhenStartedWhen did the rash appear?1..1choiceEnable When: p05-q05-Rash = true
Options: 3 options
.... p05-q05-2-Rash.HowLongHow long did the rash last?1..1choiceEnable When: p05-q05-Rash = true
Options: 3 options
.... p05-q05-3-Rash.LocationPlease indicate the location of the rash.0..1choiceEnable When: p05-q05-Rash = true
Options: 5 options
.... p05-q05-3-1-Rash.Location.OtherPlease explain where rash occurred.0..1textEnable When: p05-q05-3-Rash.Location = Other
.... p05-q06-AchesDid you experience headaches, muscle or body aches, or joint aches or pain?1..1boolean
.... p05-q06-1-Aches.SelectPlease select all that apply.1..*choiceEnable When: p05-q06-Aches = true
Options: 4 options
.... p05-q07-DigestiveDisorderDid you experience any gastrointestinal symptoms?1..1boolean
.... p05-q07-1-DigestiveDisorder.SelectPlease select all that gastrointestinal symptoms that apply.1..*choiceEnable When: p05-q07-DigestiveDisorder = true
Options: 6 options
.... p05-q07-1-1-DigestiveDisorder.Select.OtherPlease specify any other gastrointestinal symptoms you experienced.0..1stringEnable When: p05-q07-1-DigestiveDisorder.Select = Other
.... p05-q08-FatigueDid you experience fatigue or tiredness?1..1boolean
.... p05-q09-ChestDid you have any of these Chest Symptoms? - Please select all that apply0..*choiceOptions: 5 options
.... p05-q09-1-Chest.OtherPlease specify other chest symptoms you experienced.1..1textEnable When: p05-q09-Chest = Other
.... p05-q10-HeartDid you experience any of the following heart symptoms? Please select all that apply.1..*choiceOptions: 3 options
.... p05-q10-1-Heart.OtherPlease specify any other heart symptoms you experienced?1..1textEnable When: p05-q10-Heart = Other
.... p05-q11-BreathingDid you experience any difficulty breathing?1..1boolean
.... p05-q12-OtherSymptomsDid you experience any symptoms that were not listed above?1..1boolean
.... p05-q12-1-OtherSymptoms.ExplainWhat other side effects did you experience?0..1textEnable When: p05-q12-OtherSymptoms = true
... p06page 6 question 3.1.1. Symptom Relief0..1groupEnable When: p04-q01-SideEffects = true
.... p06-q01-MissingDaysDid any of the symptoms you reported cause you to miss work, study, or normal daily activities?1..1boolean
.... p06-q01-1-MissingDays.HowManyHow many days did you miss?1..1choiceEnable When: p06-q01-MissingDays = true
Options: 4 options
.... p06-q02-SymptomReliefDid any of the symptoms cause you to seek advice or care from a healthcare professional?1..1boolean
.... p06-q02-1-SymptomRelief.SelectPlease select the type of advice or care you sought.1..*choiceEnable When: p06-q02-SymptomRelief = true
Options: 4 options
.... p06-q02-1-1-SymptomRelief.Select.OtherPlease explain any other advice or care you sought.1..1textEnable When: p06-q02-1-SymptomRelief.Select = Other [Please explain]
.... p06-q03-MedicinesDid you take any over the counter medications to relive the pain/discomfort?1..1boolean
.... p06-q03-1-Medicines.SelectPlease specify what medication you took.1..*choiceEnable When: p06-q03-Medicines = true
Options: 3 options
.... p06-q03-1-1-Medicines.Select.OtherPlease specify any alternate medications you took.1..1textEnable When: p06-q03-1-Medicines.Select = Other
... p07page 7 question 2.1. Vaccine Experience0..1group
.... p07-q01-ExperienceHow would you rate your overall experience getting the vaccine?1..1choiceOptions: 5 options
.... p07-q02-CommentsDo you have any comments about your vaccine experience?1..1boolean
.... p07-q02-1-Comments.ExplainPlease Explain0..1textEnable When: p07-q02-Comments = true
... p08page 8. Thank you for completing the Day 7 survey, your answers have been submitted. You will receive your Day 42 survey in 35 days. Your responses will help contribute to the safety monitoring of the Influenza vaccine. The information you provide is protected by the Privacy Act 2020. Please remember this is a survey only and your answers will not result in a medical response. If you have any concerns about your health, ring Healthline at 0800 611 116 or speak to your healthcare professional. If you experience any of these symptoms of myocarditis and pericarditis: tightness, heaviness, discomfort, pressure or pain in your chest or neck; difficulty breathing or catching your breath; feeling faint, dizzy, or light-headed; fluttering, racing, or pounding heart, or feeling like it’s ‘skipping beats,’ seek medical help promptly and mention your vaccination.0..1display

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Option Sets

Answer options for p02-q01-VaccineType

  • null#null ("Flu")
  • null#null ("COVID Booster")
  • null#null ("Both")
  • null#null ("Don't Know")

Answer options for p02-q01-1-VaccineType.WhichArm

  • null#null ("Same arm.")
  • null#null ("Different arms.")
  • null#null ("Don't Know.")
  • null#null ("No.")

Answer options for p03-q01-LongTermConditions

  • null#null ("Yes")
  • null#null ("No")
  • null#null ("Prefer not to answer")

Answer options for p03-q01-1-LongTermConditions.Select

  • http://snomed.info/sct#85828009 ("Autoimmune conditions (eg. arthritis)")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#32709003 ("Alcohol or other drug addictions")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#195967001 ("Asthma")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#363346000 ("Cancer")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#82423001 ("Chronic pain")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#13645005 ("Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#73211009 ("Diabetes")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#770924008 ("Gout")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#56265001 ("Heart disease")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#74732009 ("Mental health condition")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#414916001 ("Obesity")
  • null#null ("Other")

Answer options for p05-q01-1-InjectionSiteDisorder.Select

  • null#95388000 ("Pain")
  • null#95380007 ("Redness")
  • null#213340005 ("Swelling")
  • null#95379009 ("Itching")

Answer options for p05-q02-LymphNode

  • null#null ("Yes, under one arm.")
  • null#null ("Yes, under both arms.")
  • null#null ("No")
  • null#null ("Don't know")

Answer options for p05-q05-1-Rash.WhenStarted

  • null#null ("Within 1 hour after vaccination")
  • null#null ("Within a day after vaccination")
  • null#null ("More than a day after vaccination")

Answer options for p05-q05-2-Rash.HowLong

  • null#null ("Less than 30 minutes")
  • null#null ("30 minutes to 24 hours")
  • null#null ("More than 24 hours")

Answer options for p05-q05-3-Rash.Location

  • null#null ("Face")
  • null#null ("Body")
  • null#null ("Arms")
  • null#null ("Legs")
  • null#null ("Other")

Answer options for p05-q06-1-Aches.Select

  • http://snomed.info/sct#25064002 ("Headache")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#68962001 ("Muscle/body aches")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#57676002 ("Joint pain")
  • null#null ("Pain/irritation of the mouth and throat")

Answer options for p05-q07-1-DigestiveDisorder.Select

  • http://snomed.info/sct#422587007 ("Nausea")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#422400008 ("Vomiting")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#62315008 ("Diarrhoea")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#21522001 ("Abdominal Pain")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#79890006 ("Loss of appetite")
  • null#null ("Other")

Answer options for p05-q09-Chest

  • http://snomed.info/sct#29857009 ("Chest Pain")
  • null#null ("Chest Heaviness")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#23924001 ("Chest Tightness")
  • null#null ("Chest Discomfort")
  • null#null ("Other")

Answer options for p05-q10-Heart

  • http://snomed.info/sct#80313002 ("Palpitations")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#248648003 ("Heart racing or pounding")
  • null#null ("Other")

Answer options for p06-q01-1-MissingDays.HowMany

  • null#null ("Less than 1 day")
  • null#null ("1 day")
  • null#null ("2 days")
  • null#null ("3 days or more")

Answer options for p06-q02-1-SymptomRelief.Select

  • null#null ("Phone advice from a helpline (e.g. Healthline)")
  • null#null ("Care from a GP clinic (including the clinic nurse, a doctor, or a phone call with a person at the GP clinic).")
  • null#null ("Visit to a hospital emergency department")
  • null#null ("Other")

Answer options for p06-q03-1-Medicines.Select

  • http://snomed.info/sct#387517004 ("Paracetamol")
  • http://snomed.info/sct#387207008 ("Ibuprofen")
  • null#null ("Other")

Answer options for p07-q01-Experience

  • null#null ("Very Poor")
  • null#null ("Poor")
  • null#null ("Average")
  • null#null ("Good")
  • null#null ("Very Good")